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Forums: Ideas: 'Banned User' Comment.

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    [1]Nov 7, 2010
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    Hello Everyone,

    Although I have been a member of the site for 18 months and have contributed heavily in various ways, I haven't really taken the time until the last couple of weeks to browse through and look at the profiles of some of the people who have been here for a very long time and have, therefore, risen very highly through the ranks.

    While I was browsing at some of the aforementioned profiles, I came across something that I found a little strange and I was wondering if we might be able to do something to change it?

    On my 'travels', I saw four people who had, according to their profiles, been banned from the site. What concerned me was not the fact that they were banned, (I'm sure there were excellent reasons for this) but the wording on the profiles. 'Banned User: This user has been naughty.' To me, that choice of words seems just a little childish given the severity of what it actually means. The word 'naughty' just appears trite andout of place. Could we perhaps change it to something like 'Banned User: This user has been banned from the site for a serious violation of the Terms of Service.' The phrase 'This user has been naughty' just gives the actual warning far less impact and makes it seem as though it could be a joke. (I know it is NOT a joke to either breach the TOS or be banned), but that phrase, in my opinion, needs to be more 'adult', not only so that the site appears more professional, but also, so that those who read such things will know how serious it is for a user to break the rules to the point where they are banned.

    Just my opinion, (idea) of course.

    Thanks very much for your time.



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    Unfortunately, this site often doesn't seem to be concerned with being professional. Actually, though, we're lucky we have even that. There was a time when if a user was banned, nothing appeared on their profile page. You had to check their account at someplace like GameSpot to see if they were banned, because if they were banned there, then that was true here too (the sites were all connected.)

    In principle, I agree, though, changing it wouldn't be a bad idea.
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