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    I couldn't say for sure, but I'll bet these two ideas have been submitted before:

    1.) Adjusted point values for submissions to existing episodes. Why should someone get full credit correcting a single mis-spelled word, in a 1000-word recap? That's so incredibly unfair! Same story if someone changes a title, an air date, or episode number. No full credit, unless they're submitting a completely new episode!

    2.) Allow experienced Editors to delete unneeded episodes. It seems to take forever, sometimes, to get an episode deleted, and somtimes it doesn't happen at all. Why not allow experienced Editors - Say... Level 20 or above - To delete episodes in their own guides?

    I figured it wouldn't hurt to bring these subjects up again.

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    There isn't a lot of points for episode corrections anyway and users can now submit deletions for editor/Mod consideration.

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