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Forums: Ideas: i am alone tv show idea

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    some day I was watching, i am legend movie, then that got me an idea about wonderfully of loneliness

    so im start to imagine the whole idea first i made one lead character as middle age man then my thoughts made me wonder way adult way not a child and i change it to lead male child character its not easy but its touchable and meaningful

    so the story is

    male child character in a beautiful day with his family then he want to do something and its stupid so they wont let him to do and he wish he was alone ,( he want to buy a gun )

    so days end everyone go to sleep and he cant but he go to sleep then wakeup normaly do his qork wash his face brush his mouth then ready go to school without eating anything and walk to his school without notice anything the school was closed so he return to home walking without noticing anything in way to open home door he see his father car wondering dad home in home mom im back no answer dad where are you i need , mom im hungry then he goes up to bathroom go to mom and dad room no dad in kitchen no mom his brother on phone won't answer neither his sister whats happening everything quite neither his dog here go out nook neighbors door no one opening nothing its just him nothing elae

    so he wondering whole neighborhood gone return to home still no one there he goto asleep then he see his family and they okay but he can't ecen they asking him way you cant speak nothing and wakeup go to his dad room no one there and he figured the city quite clean from any creatures

    he goto sleep he can speak but he now dreaming aigan wakeup no one there,,,, some kind sreaching

    again asleep his mom talking with him he wondering what they talk about he go normally to school everything alright day end he go to sleep and find out it was dream

    so that pretty little awkward and confusing but its more than that odd script

    so i juast want opinions about th idea any one interested or else just help me !?

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