Forums: Ideas: Keeping track of new shows - Episode 1 of a season doesn't show up?

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    I just joined this website because I finally have a personal DVR to record all my shows, and need a tool to keep track of when new shows will air so that I can set the recordings. I'm still figuring it out, but I think I have a problem here. I made a list of shows I am watching at the moment using the "Shows I'm Watching List" and then I sort the list by "TV Listings". Successfully, it showed up when three new episodes of three different shows will be airing. But it is missing one episode.

    As shown above, "The Bachelor" isn't showing up in the list of new episodes. Why isn't it? Is it because season premieres don't show up in these lists? I know that it is on Monday. If I'm doing something wrong, let me know - if not, implementing the ability for season premieres to show up in this list is my idea.

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