Forums: Ideas: Printouts for Episode List(s) NOT Episode Guide List(s)

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    I would like to be able to printout Episode Listings and not Episode Guide Listings!

    It should have the option to use descending order of listing and to be able to remove column(s) that I don't need or want.

    Or have the option tocopy to some word processing app, like you once upon a time you could do.

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    Correct me if I'm not understanding the request. From the show page, click the "Episode Guide" tab. After that loads, you have the guide (with summary visible) then above the listings: you can chose "Newest First" or "Oldest First" and to the right of that are two buttons (the left one only will show the titles of shows). You can then print using your browser's print option (This will print the page as seen on the screen with the ads, etc.). This is how I do it in IE and usually only print the pages I actually want (first checking it in print preview).

    If you use the printable button above the previous buttons, the summary appears also (no way to eliminate). Cutting and pasting can be done, but is a mess with some of the formatting lost.

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