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    I am sure Tim is a wonderful person. But I have come here looking to see if a series might be to my liking several times, and unfortunately ran into reviews written by Tim. I have never watched "Revolution". Reading the recaps and reviews all i found out was that Tim stretched absolutely any information to show how badly the show was written. he disliked something because according to Tim a "professional" scientist that gets a result that he wasn't looking for shouldn't try to see if the result is useful in some way, but go work at McDonalds. Maybe in Mr Surretts view scientists get results by carefully working towards a cure for cancer, and steadily get better and better results, but in the real world most great scientific discoveries were nade by people looking for something completely different. A brilliant scientist is the one that realizes they have something good, even if its not what they started out to do. Like finding penicillin was an accident in part by people looking at how to improve pasturization. Its Ok to be wrong. But to laugh at someone else for being right is not good at all. Maybe he should give shows he dislikes for totally emoyional and illogical reasons the benefit of the doubt.

    Also, I saw his review of season ending of "Alphas". It was really just telling us how he would have written the show. It was sort of odd to hear that he wanted a very violent ending, seeing someone "crush the eye, and kick the balls" of a guy that the show didn't even portray as being all that evil. Just as a guy that was working to save his kind from predation by the government and was willing to cause bloodshed to do it. And the show definitely showed us that he had a reason to hate the government very strongly. Oh, and to avenge a daughter who actually killed herself.

    Now there is nothing wrong with wanting a show to be written differently. But when you review, you are supposed to be a bit more objective. Just enough maybe so people can find out about the show, instead of about the reviewer. This doesn't seem to happen when Tim does the writing. Maybe he needs to stick to shows he doesn't hate or want to take over.

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    I, for one, look forward to Tim's reviews -- whether they be for quality shows or the crapfests Revolution, Alcatraz and Terra Nova serve/d us. Reviews are subjective by definition. If you don't like Tim's take on things, find a reviewer whose style makes you more comfortable.
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    Naturally, you are fully entitled to your opinion. But I would claim that a lot of people, most even, enjoy Tim's reviews. They are appreciated for being funny and clever. It is never possible to be fully objective, the personality of the one writing comes through in the text. That's what makes reviews stand out from others. The job of a reviewer is to point out things that he thinks are good or bad, regardless of if someone agrees with him. You can't please everybody. A few weeks ago in the Totally Tubular podcast, Price and Tim talked about how difficult it sometimes is to write negative reviews when faced with a possible backlash from the readers. It's not always easy to be a reviewer.

    Oh, and allow me to disagree with you a little on scientific work. A lot of the time scientific discoveries are the result of meticulous, goal-oriented work. Overall science does progress at a steady pace gaining better and better understanding about the world. Only a few discoveries are the result of lucky "accidents". These discoveries that are accidents make for good stories, that's why we have heard about them. But most of the time the constant scientific progress that happens every day is the result of regular hard work towards certain goals. It's not like all kitchen appliances, computers, medical and building technology etc., are some by-products of other research. They have come about because people have actually worked towards finding them.

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    I personally like Tim's reviews. As far as I am concerned, he is the most interesting and active reviewer on here. Not that I agree with him on everything of course but he does well on his reviews of the Walking Dead.
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