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    Watching full episode CBS videos this season, the commercials pop up randomly throughout the program -- mid-scene, mid-sentence, right in the middle of a dramatic moment --not during the program's regular commercial breaks. This has happened just since the Fall season began. It appears to be a CBS problem, because it's occurred streaming videos from their site and from Is there any way you can pass the word up the chain to someone who can fix this?

    I'm a fan of many CBS shows, but if this continues to ruin the viewing experience for me, I'll stop watching CBS altogether. Hulu has managed to build an almost seamless viewerinterface, and that tells me that they care about my viewing enjoyment. Surely CBS can work out a better online viewing experience that says they value ALL of their fans, not just those with cable, a TV, or the money to buy DVDs or episodes of all their favorite shows.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks for the heads-up. The video team is investigating now.
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