Forums: Technical Support Board: I get so many errors with this new horrible redesign - can't rate, find writers

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    [1]Feb 4, 2012
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    i can't give thumbs up. i can't post a review. i've tried logging out and back in - sometimes it will work but most times not. i think this has something to do with yall's new partnership with The Facebook login. Please fix it. Until then - I'll be at - a site that actually works. And I say this as someone who's been a member of since it was TvTome! Why do yall keep making these redesigns WORSE instead of better? And can we lose the horrible light blue background color? Or at least give us the option to change it? Come on - get your #%*! together! Oh and many times now the writers of episodes are not being listed in the cast and crew section - you need to fix this too. Honestly I'd take the old TVTome page design from back in 2004 over the mess yall have going on here now.

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