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    [1]Nov 20, 2012
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    I subscribe to news by RSS through Google Reader. The news links provided in the RSS feed is in the format "" as with example "". This works as expected from a PC in any browser, but from any Android mobile in any browser you will receive a an error 404 not found. The reason for this being that the browsers receives a redirect from to" as with example "".

    When browsing "" the the links used for mobile browsers are "" as with example "".

    Can you please fix the redirect code on your servers so a mobile browser attempting to reach "" will either get the correct redirect link to "" or even simply the standard web page? Any improvement is better than getting the 404 error not found... :-)

    The error can be reproduced by entering the example link in any stock Android mobile with GB 2.x or ICS 4.0 operating system with default browser.

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    Where did you even find the RSS feeds?

    I would love to read more of the articles, but since I can't find an RSS feed, I never even know they've been published.

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