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    Hi guys, my LG 42" turns on with sound but no picture

    When i turn it on i can see the back light is working, and i can hear sound but no picture.

    Sometimes there is picture for a very short period (like 0.1 sec) but then it turns black again.

    Also there is the power light (red when off white when on like it should be) but when i click something like volume up or input it should blink for a sec (indicates the the tv reads the click) but now it just turns off (not the tv, the power light).

    I have done some research and opened the tv to look for some bad capacitors over the power board but the seem to look fine...

    What can cause this and is it repairable??

    I would really appreciate any sort of help

    Model: LG 42LC2R-ZH

    Main Board: 68709M9004 (PP62ABC/LP62ABC)

    Power Board: 6709900017A (YP4201) Rev 1.3

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