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    The listings of episodes for Season 10 of The Ellen DeGeneres Show at the URL,, lists both the episode which aired October 23, 2012 (With Portia de Rossi), and the episode which aired October 26, 2012 (With Halle Berry), as being Episode 31. After viewing the videos for both shows it seems that the October 23rd episode was actually Episode 31, and that the October 25th episode was actually Episode 34.

    The misnumbering of the episode aired October 26th as Episode 31, instead of as Episode 34, appears to have lead to the misnumbering of all subsequent episodes. Starting with the episode which aired October 29, 2010 (With Madonna), which is presently numbered as Episode 34, the episode numbers for all subsequent shows need to be incremented by 1 (Renumber existing 31 as 34, then 34 as 35, 35 as 36, and so on).

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