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    The purpose of the Technical Support forum is for discussion of website and customer service issues only. All other topics that are not in affiliation with, such as; your personal PC hardware issues as everything else will NOT be answered in this forum. Read the following guidelines to ensure that you are posting in the correct forum:

    BUG/GLITCH: A bug is an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault found on that prevents it from working correctly or produces an incorrect result. If this is your problem then post your question in this forum. Keep in mind though that due to the recent site redesign, many bugs/changes were introduced, and any issues directly related to the redesign should be directed to the Redesign Feedback forum. In an effort to keep all fixes related to the redesign in one place, Jaxiecracks has created the Official Redesign Reported Bugs List to allow users to track their reported bugs. The older Fixes and Features list compiled and updated by Missribs in 2006/7 can be found here.

    HOW-TO: If you have a question on how to use the site, this is not the forum to post your question in. Please visit the Welcome New Users forum.

    ENHANCEMENT: An improvement of an existing component or feature. Please visit the Ideas forum.

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