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    I have a 32" Memorex TV Model MLT3221. The TV is a hand me down, so I'm guessing that it is at least three years old, probably older. Recently the screen will go black while the blue power light stays on (no audio, no picture). Generally the remote and side controls stop working at this point.

    If I do a soft reboot (power off, 5 seconds, power on), the problem continues. If I do a hard reboot (unplug, 30 seconds, replug), the problem is resolved until the next time the screen blacks out. It's blacking out with increasing frequency.

    I use the TV as my computer monitor. I can't figure out how the input source would cause any issues. Please reassure me that this has nothing to do with it. I tried adjusting the video and audio setting to be less resources intensive (lower contrast, lower brightness, lower base). The screen just went black even faster.

    I've been using the hard reboot solution to extend the life for about a week. Is there anything else that can be done? I found a Memorex repair kit on Amazon for $15, but I want to know how optimistic I should be about this. Technically I'd rate myself as a power user. I'm not particularly familiar with electronics, but I can probably grasp the basics.

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