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    Yesterday I made several contributions to a show that does not have an editor. I added a new episode. When it was accepted, I added a guest star to it and wrote a full recap for it. These were also accepted. Then I watched the show on pause and cross-referenced it with the show's official site to add a full crew listing, followed by a full cast listing. I then added the latest episode, added a note and something else for the for the previous episode that I added.

    The last set of contributions were all rejected, with the same note about requiring a source. I believe what happened was that the staff member who processed these saw that I had provided a crew listing and a cast listing without providing a source (though I had provided a source last season when I added production info), and then just rejected and copied/pasted the note for the remaining contributions, even though the last three did not require a source.

    First of all, I need a source to provide the line producer or casting director of an episode? What, you think I just made that up and pulled it out of my, uh, ear?

    Second, now I have a bunch of contributions that were rejected incorrectly, which is now in my denied stat for nothing. Worse, to re-submit them, I would have to spend another 20 minutes clicking through and typing all that stuff for the crew and cast lists, just because I didn't copy and paste a single 20-character line again?

    Blerg! So what now? Is there an easier way to handle this than just wasting a bunch of time?

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    As far as I know watching the episode is an acceptable source. I just put that in the comments section (ex. Source: Watched episode credits on DVD, Time stamp 34.05). If I've watched the episode from my DVR, DVD or tape I always put the time stamp as part of the source. As for the submissions that were rejected the only thing I know to do is to resubmit and add the "Watched Episode" as your source.

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    People certainly can make up crew listings: sometimes they just assume that the same person who was in a position a previous episode is in the next one. They're not always correct.

    It's unlikely the same staff person who handled a sub last season is the same one who processed your subs now (or remembers it if they did). Or knew what subs to check from the last season to see if you were using the same source. So including a source, or saying "From end credits" is always good. Providing a hulu link or something is also handy, if the show is officially online somewhere.
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