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    I know there was a post/news story earlier about removing the ability for users to add TV show episodes (the merits of which are highly debatable) but I can't seem to find it any more. Do you people (the staff) have some sort of magic list of air dates and episode summaries that updates regularly? Because if you do it's not working right, and if you don't then maybe you should let users update your site.

    The episode guide of the show "Rick & Morty" ( goes from episode 7 to episode 9 and completely skips tonight's episode 8. It would take me less that five minutes to add it myself but someone apparently thinks

    The entire point of this post is to ascertain what options you have available for users like me who want to keep things updated nice and orderly because, to put it simply, you people can't do everything.

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    The announcement post is here:

    Where you report problems is here:
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