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Forums: TV.com User Submission Support: Can't copy episode summary from official source but other episodes are copied...

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    Currently, the page for "Tokyo Ravens" (http://www.tv.com/shows/tokyo-ravens/) is missing episode 5. I tried adding episode 5 with the proper information, but my submission was rejected because the summary was not "in my own words." Which is true, they weren't. They were copied from the official FUNimation website for the show, which I'd assume would be a valid source and better than some 3rd party fan-written summary. However, upon looking through the other episodes currently on the Tokyo Ravens, it appears every single other episode's summary is also copied word for word from FUNimation's site. I'd simply like to know why mine was rejected for "not being in my own words" when all of the other episode summaries currently on the page are copied from the exact same place where I got my info. If it was because some sort of official "trusted" contributor from FUNimation posted them, I could understand that. However, if that's the case, I'm curious why episode 5 was skipped at all. The episode list jumps from 4 to 6...

    Copied episode summaries from FUNimation:











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    You're best bet would be to PM a staff member directly like jessicakroeber. She handles submissions when a show doesn't have an editor, or knows who does.
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