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Forums: TV.com User Submission Support: Question about not yet aired episodes

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    [1]Aug 19, 2012
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    just wanted to know why is my submissions not accepted when i add crew and cast members to the episode that hasn't aired yet? the particular episode was released for a limited time, so i was able to see it online before the air date. so i added the cast and crew members from the episode credits but my submission was not accepted due to the fact that the episode hasn't aired on television yet, although i mentioned that i saw the episode. is it a rule or depends on the editor?

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    [2]Aug 19, 2012
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    Released by who? And was it rejected by staff or an editor?

    As long as you made it clear that you actually saw the episode, that the credits were the best-and-final, and the circumstances under which you saw it, it should normally be acceptable. I'd resubmit and provide a more complete explanation, and the old URL of where you saw it online.

    If you simply said that you saw it without further explanation in Comments, when the episode hadn't officially aired yet, it's understandable that it was rejected.

    If it was an editor, I'd PM them first and explain in more detail. If staff, you can contact nilla or etong.
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