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    Adding useful and readable cast and crew information is another essential part of submissions. All cast or crew should be added in one submission rather than be added one at a time.

    Adding New Persons

    When adding a new star at any level, make sure to check for existing duplicates. This can include alternate names without an Alias attached.

    For instance, if adding Frank B. Franklin, and the name doesn't come up in a search, try looking for Frank Franklin rather than creating a New Person named Frank B. Franklin.

    Particularly with common names, make sure the person you've found in a search is the one that you want to add. If you are adding individuals with obscure positions or relatively few roles, check in any case. Just because you find a Frank Franklin when adding a Gaffer or Key Grip, does not necessarily mean it is the Frank Franklin you're looking for. Right-click on their name and see what other roles and positions they have listed.

    If you do add a new person, make sure to add the name correctly. If you are creating a new person who matches an existing name, add a new differential tag at the end of their last name (Frank Franklin (II)).

    If you add a new person and then need to add them to more episodes, wait. How long should you wait? Until they come up in a new search. This process can take from a half hour to a day. If you don't wait for the newly added person to appear in the search results before trying to add a second credit, then you will be creating a duplicate ID.

    Adding Crew

    When adding Crew at any level, always delete the N/A from the Character Name field. At this time leaving N/A in corrupts the display on the person's bio page.

    N/A will show in the preview field after you add the crew person. Don't worry about this: it will not show up once you submit.

    Do not put "Self" in the Character Name field.

    Do not put an alias in the Details field for Crew. The alias does not belong there - it's a field to fill in if their role is not in the dropdown menu.

    Do not add a company as Crew.

    The only times you need to put anything in the Character Name field for a crew member are if they have a unique title that is not on the available pull-down list, or you wish to add more detail.

    For instance, adding "Los Angeles Casting" to the name field for a crew member, and selecting Casting from the pulldown field, is acceptable.

    If a position is not available on the pulldown list, please try to select one as close as possible to what you need and then put the specific title in the Character Name field.

    Any credited crew member is acceptable and should be accepted. Uncredited crew members should have an official source provided.

    Show Cast

    All Stars and Recurring Stars can and should be added at the show level. Adding Guest Stars, Special Guest Stars, and Cameos at the show level isn't necessary at this time.

    At the editor's discretion, season tags (i.e. "Seasons 1-5") may be added at the show level as part of the Role.

    Character names should be as complete as possible.

    Typically in American live action shows, the Show Stars are listed in the opening credits. Many animated and overseas shows do not follow this convention, listing everyone at the end and sometimes listing them in order of appearance regardless of the significance of their role. The editor has discretion in determining which actors should be considered Show Stars. At the very least, if there isn't a clear listing at the episode level, a Show Star should appear in half of the episodes of a given season.

    Show Crew

    Show Crew should be used primarily for recurring crew. A Composer or Second Unit Director who worked on a single episode doesn't need to be added. Various Producer types, Directors, Writers, Main Theme composer, etc., can be and should be listed at the show level.

    Importing Cast and Crew

    The import function is a powerful feature that can greatly reduce the time spent on submissions. A few things to keep in mind:

    If a crew member has multiple roles, there is currently a bug that may override your pulldown choice and replace it with another one. Simply edit the now-incorrect entry.

    To avoid accidentally hitting the Back button or keystroke when doing an Add Crew/Cast, it is safest to right-click on the link and create a new window.

    As necessary, the Character Name field can be edited after importing and before clicking Add.

    Episode Cast

    Only individuals who appear in the episode should be listed as Cast. Video footage is not a "Guest Star" unless it was filmed exclusively for that episode, such as a live satellite interview.

    Special Guest Stars and Cameos currently do not show up on the episode's primary page but will appear if you list or edit all cast.

    At this time, Cameo is a discretionary selection and should be used with care. Usually listing the person as a Guest Star is sufficient.

    Typically five appearances of the same character constitute a Recurring Role. All appearances by that character should be listed as Recurring Role, up to and including the first five. Editors may use a different number at their discretion.

    Season tags at the episode level are at the editor's discretion. If there is no editor, it's not necessary to delete or add them.

    An actor may be listed multiple times if they have different types of roles. A Star actor who appears in an episode performing another role can be listed both as Star and Guest Star.

    "Uncredited" can be added to the Character Name in parentheses.

    "Voice" can be added to the Character Name in parentheses if necessary. For animated shows where all actors are voice actors, it is not necessary to add this identifier.

    Episode Crew

    Any and all crew at the episode level should be added. Additions should be as complete as you can make them.

    Other then for story/writer credits, individuals who were not actually alive and part of the crew should not be listed. It's not necessary to list Beethoven as Additional Music, Music, or Score if his works are used. Notes would be the place to include this information.

    Again for crew, the alias does not belong in the Detail Field - it's a field to fill in if their role is not in the dropdown menu.

    Animal Stars

    An animal that plays a role or roles on different shows, can be listed as an actor. An animal that appears as itself, typically on a reality-type program, talk show, or talent program, does not get listed as an actor.


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