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    Welcome to the the User Submission Support forum at TV.com

    The User Submission Support forum is for users to gain help and support on any aspect of submitting information to the TV.com guides. This includes questions requesting information on why a submission to an editorless guide was not accepted.

    The following do not belong in this forum:

    Technical Issues - Please post these in the TV.com Technical Support Forum

    Site redesign questions/comments - These comments should be posted in the Redesign Feedback Forum.

    Moderation Questions - As a first step, please check the Terms of Service - this will answer many of your questions. If you still have a question, post in the Ask the Mods board.

    Editor Questions - If you are a non-editor and want to address relevant questions to TV.com's editor community at large, please use the Ask the Editors forum.

    Editor Discussion - If you are an editor and have a question or concern you want your fellow editors to address, please use the Editor's Lounge forum.

    How to improve the submission process - Constructive ideas on how to improve the site go to TV.Com Ideas.
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