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    It has been fifty years since the events in Japan involving Hell's Gate. One day, Hell's Gate vanished without any explanation and the people celebrated. However, this peace was shattered years later when a mysterious event occurred in Europe that shut it off from the outside world. This event came to be known as Purgatory's Gate, named after the similar phenomena that occurred in South America and Japan. Fifteen years have passed since that day and contractors have begun to spring up again, most joining the Neo Syndicate to act as mercenaries and assassins. The police force PROMETHEUS has been established to deal with and exterminate these contractors.

    Rules: There is no limit to the number of characters you can use, but try to cut it off at seven. Characters can either be human or contractors as well as part of the NS, PROMETHEUS, or their own allegiance. If you choose to control a contractor, you need to havea payment for using their powers. Aside from that, feel free to do as you wish.







    Power [contractors only]

    Payment [contractors only]

    Back-story [doesn't need to be long]


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