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What's your favorite show out of these 5?

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    It all started about 56 years ago, the resources of our planet began to fail and government became even harsher than before. They took all of the men from the ages of 17 to 50 and made them leave their families. As for the women, the only uses the government had for them was slaves and wives. Girls from the age of 16 to 28 were selected by the government to marry. The women 53 and up were put to work in cooking and raising the children. Most of the the other women from the ages of 14 to 52 were made into slaves. Some of the men from the ages of 19 to 34 were put to work on keeping crops and live-stock.

    As far as they know, there are very few rebels out there and they are not succeeding. But really, we really are succeeding. We have men and woman that have managed to get away to our safe place. We have a safe-zone under the Palaces, and the only way to get there, is for one of us to take you there. Our ages vary here, for the men, the ages go from 12 to 29. And for the woman 13 to 27. Although the people here are still quite young, there are a few that go beyond the ages that are listed. The Elders watch over us and keep us safe.

    I don't have much more time before I have to leave on a few errands but I hope to be able send more notes later on. Be careful not to be found.

    -Rune Savan

    This is a basic underground society RP. I'm new to this site but have plenty of experience in RP's I actually run a small RPGing website myself. My style may be different than what you're used to.

    Here is a skeleton:

    NAME: Any.

    RACE: Assassins, Humans, Monsters, or Sift-shapes.

    AGE: 10-60. (I may make an exception)

    GENDER: Male or female.

    SIDE: Good Monsters(with rebels), Evil Monsters(against rebels), Banned one, Loner, Rebels, Governor, follower of the government, paid worker, or self-Assassin.

    OCCUPATION: Optional according to Race and Side, please make sure it makes sense.

    APPEARANCE: Any according to Race. Assassins are mostly human-like, the only differences in appearance are their eyes are cat-like, they are usually naturally better built, and they usually much taller or much shorter than ordinary humans. Humans are humans... that is that. Monsters are mutated creatures, they are their own race but the Unified Palaces will not except them because of their savage looks, Monsters are usually lizard-like when they're male, and cat-like when their female, use your imagination think of something different, just because they usually are, doesn't mean that they have to be. Shift-shapes are able to shift to whatever form they wish, they can change their appearance easily, and if they have seen another race, they can change into that race for up to 4 days at a time.

    PERSONALITY: Assassins are usually somewhat dark and swift but there is the occasional difference, they usually have a need for constant exercise and they want to use their abilities to get what they want, but other than that, it's your choice. Humans are optional but are either Loners, Governors, Followers, or Rebels, so you need to make their personality fit the side that they are on. Monsters are usually serious and short tempered other than that it is somewhat optional. Shift-shapes are usually power hungry and seek to be in charge, they use their abilities to be deceitful, but there are some that are different.

    BIO: Optional according to the rest of the character's info and what position they are in.

    Here is my character: you are able to have 2 if you wish.

    NAME: Rune Savan(means secret and moon).

    RACE:Assassin with Shape-shift from her father's side (but she only has a few Shape-sifting abilities such as hair color, eye color, skin tone,and she can sometimes temporarily change to a different race if she needs to).

    AGE: 14

    GENDER: Female.

    SIDE: Half-time Loner, part-time self-Assassin, and full-time Rebel.

    OCCUPATION: Because she is only 14, Rune helps those that are banned or trying to escape from the Government of the Unified Palaces. She also assassinates but who she assassinates for is unknown to anyone but herself.

    APPEARANCE: Long hair that changes color according to her mood(but it is usually silver, black, or light or dark brown), piercing cat-like eyes that change color according to her mood(but they are usually icy blue, pitch black, or green with yellow around the pupils), she is always 5'7" and a half because she can't change it, and she usually keeps her skin with a slightly above average tan. She normally wears a solid black cloaks, normal black Rebel clothes under her cloak, black boots that come three quarters of the way up to her knees, and she almost always has the hood up over her head.

    PERSONALITY: Rune took her looks from her mother's side and her abilities from her father's side. She gets her ways mostly from her mother's side though. She is somewhat dark with a gentle but deadly swiftness. She thinks like a deadly assassin, she is deceitful, but she has learned to be kind and loving. Rune knows for a fact that she cannot be trusted; she is willing to stab you in the back if you get on her bad side or get in her way. She really wants to save people from the government because of what they did to her in her past.

    BIO: Rune was born into the government but always hated her father's ways. Rune's mother died when she was only 4 years old and that was when her father lost his sanity; he just wasn't the same after she died. He became so cruel and would treat rune worse than his own slaves. When Rune turned 9, she had decide that she had had enough; her father lost his temper with her and began to beat her. But when he nearly broke her neck she fought back. After she realized that she was different from the ordinary children, Rune demanded that her father told her why she was different. That was when she out that she was not human like her father had claimed; she was half Assassin from her mother, and half Shape-shift. After she found out all the truth to all the lies, Rune nearly killed her father. Because of this, the rest of the government leaders banned her from the Unified Palaces making her run for her life and go to Vlandak, the leader of the Rebel villages.

    I also need someone to make an elder that leads the underground village. I need it to be a man named Vlandak and no one knows his last name.

    Here is my evil person:

    NAME: Kayak Savan.

    RACE: Shape-shift.

    AGE: 48.

    GENDER: Male.

    SIDE: Government.

    OCCUPATION: Government leader.

    APPEARANCE: Kayak is a master of shape-shifting, when he is in the office, he has straight, golden hair that comes down past his shoulders. He is usually 6 feet tall on the dot. (I will post the rest if no one claims him by this Wendesday.)

    PERSONALITY: Kayak is a full fledge, clasic, Shape-shift. (I will post the rest if no one claims him by this Wendesday.) He was not evil before his wife died.

    BIO: Kayak was deeply in love with his wife, but when she had a little girl and died 4 years after, he blamed his daughter and beat her repeatedly. One night, while Kayak was beating his daughter, he nearly broke her neck and that was when Rune began to fight back. She began to demand that he tell her why she was different, and when he told her the truth, Rune lost it and nearly killed him. After the guards pulled Rune off Kayak, the rest of the government leaders and advisers told him that the best way to gain the respect of his people was to ban his own 9-year-old daughter. Kayak did so, and he hasn't seen or heard of Rune ever since. Kayak is now the leader of the government because he had betrayed his brother when he was only 23. After Kayak betrayed his brother, forcing him to go into exile, and took over, the rest of the governors began to suggest that he be more strict, thus, the condition of the world now.

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    (Sounds interesting, what show is it though?)
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    Um, I don't remember the name and I couldn't find it anywhere on here. I doubt you waould've heard of it though because when I learned about it, it took me FOREVER to find it.
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    Name: Jarrad Monroe

    Race: Human

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Side: follower of the government

    Occupation: A captain for the government, in charge of many troops for the palace.


    Personality: Very aware of his surroundings, some say he has the sight and hearing of an assasin. does as what he is told with no questios asked. is more of a quiet one unless is deeply interested in something. very smart but doesn't show it much since of his quietness. Girls are always all over him but he is to devoted to work to give them the time of day. always has a blank, consentrated look on his face. much stronger then he looks, which makes him a nightmare for enemies.

    Bio: At the age of 14 his parents both died in an assasin slaughter. he was forced to watch and they gave him a scar to perce his heart. luckily the boy had an accident at birth and his heart was 3 inches more the the left of his chest. he survived this fatal attack. later he returned to his sister, being them the only ones left of his family. then the goverment seperated them. his sister though fought back escaped while Jarrad was taken into the government. Later Jarrad was given many tasks along his life. he obeyed them all and did a better job then them all. he then got promoted to captain, becoming the youngest captain in history at the age of 19.

    (I may make another person but for now i will just leave it as is.) (oh and by the way, nice rpg)

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