30 Rock

Season 6 Episode 15

Nothing Left to Lose

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2012 on NBC



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    • Pete: Do you know what was under my hair? A birthmark. (turns around)
      Jack: Good God, it looks like a swastika made out of penises.

    • Jack: I can't fill this out because there's a question I don't know how to answer. "Where do you see yourself in five years?" For the first time in my career, I don't know. I could wind up anywere: running this company; making couches; serving as mayor of New York. Or, I could be six feet under#hellip; in the subterranean paradise we built to escape the poor.

    • Jenna: You know what they say, boys. "If you can't stand the heat, get off of Mickey Rourke's sex grill."

    • Jenna: You're the man who took professional boudoir photographs and then tried to mail them to Parade Magazine columnist Marilyn vos Savant.
      Toofer: I happen to think that smart is sexy. Our foreplay would be puzzle-solving.

    • Jack: This is the gym of the New York Racquet Club, Pete. Theodore Roosevelt was a member here. In fact, many of the animal heads mounted downstairs were shot by TR.
      Pete: Including the one that looked like a terrified Asian man?
      Jack: It was a different time, Pete.

    • Tracy: (Dr. Spaceman pulls something from his nostril) My Buck Rogers decoder ring!
      Liz: How long has that been in there? Those things are from the 70s.
      Dr. Spaceman: You know what else is from the 70s? Women staying quiet.

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