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    • 11.04.12
      Season 201211 - Episode 1104
      Steve Kroft discusses his impossible interview with Senate leaders who can't reach a compromise; Also, in 1995, Ed Bradley brought nine disgruntled Senators together for a frank discussion about the dysfunction in the U.S. Senate; And, what do Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough and a young staffer at 60 Minutes have in common? Turns out, a lot!moreless
    • 10.28.12
      Season 201210 - Episode 1027
      60 Minutes doesn't show up unannounced very often. Here's why Bob Simon decided to surprise Barry Landau on his doorstep; Also, Morley Safer goes inside the MAD world of Alfred E. Neuman in his 1987 profile of the magazine every kid's mother loved to hate; And, you've just spent $770 million to buy an NFL team. What's next? If you're Shad Khan, you drop $3 million more in an unlikely place.moreless
    • 10.21.12
      Season 201210 - Episode 1020
      The making of "Lincoln" with actor Daniel Day-Lewis, composer John Williams, and director Steven Spielberg; Also, we revisit Ed Bradley's profile of Steven Spielberg from 20 years ago; And, what's next for medical marijuana? Hint: it doesn't involve a match, pipe or rolling papers. Some of it doesn't even get you high.moreless
    • 10.14.12
      Season 201210 - Episode 1013
      Living up to the James Bond fantasy isn't easy, but Anderson Cooper gives it a shot on 60 Minutes; Also, in 1999, Steve Kroft asked Sean Connery about being an international sex symbol; And, first-time 60 Minutes correspondent, Clarissa Ward, and her producer prepare to confront a dangerous militant Islamist on his turf in Syria.moreless
    • 10.06.12
      Season 201210 - Episode 1006
      Steve Kroft revisiting espionage stories in the 60 Minutes archives; And, producer Michael Gavshon grew up in South Africa, where Rodriguez' songs were "the anthem to a generation."
    • 09.30.12
      Season 201209 - Episode 0928
      Lesley Stahl on asking Arnold Schwarzenegger the hard questions about his infidelities; Also, we revisit Morley Safer's 1977 interview with Arnold - his first appearance on 60 Minutes; And, an interview that took months to make happen: A Taliban commander talks with Lara Logan in Afghanistan.
    • 09.23.12
      Season 201209 - Episode 0923
      Take a look back at the 60 Minutes profiles from 2007 of then-Senator Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and see how much the presidential candidates have changed over the years.
    • 09.16.12
      Season 201209 - Episode 0915
      "Anderson Cooper gets full access to British pop star Adele\'s life - she tells Anderson how she feels about her body image, gives him a tour of her house and treats him to an a cappella version of "Rolling in the Deep"; And, Drew Rosenhaus is the fast-talking, fast-texting inspiration for the film "Jerry Maguire." This week on Overtime, watch as our 60 Minutes team tries to keep up with this NFL super agent.moreless
    • 09.09.12
      Season 201209 - Episode 0909
      "Mark Owen, the pen name for one of the Navy SEALs who shot Osama bin Laden tells Scott Pelley how a whisper from his teammate saved the mission; Also, watch how disguises have evolved on 60 Minutes; Plus, 60 Minutes producer Henry Schuster on the Navy SEAL raid that exposed the private world -- and closet -- of Osama bin Laden; And, in 1992, Mike Wallace investigated Red Cell, a team of Navy SEALs tasked with exposing military security lapses. Why was its leader, a founding member of SEAL Team 6, prosecuted?moreless
    • 11.11.12
      Season 201211 - Episode 1110
      David McCullough reads a passage from his book "1776" about the moment that, he says, saved the fate of our country; And, Belle Harbor had just been devastated by Hurricane Sandy when it was hit by a powerful Nor'easter. One 60 Minutes staffer was there.
    • 11.18.12
      Season 201211 - Episode 1118
      "Shoelace," aka quarterback Denard Robinson, on college football as a full time job. Producer Draggan Mihailovich explains; Also, outtakes from a psychology professor's lab in which children had to choose between fairness and chocolate; And, mysterious "semi-submersible" boats are being used by Colombian cartels to move large amounts of cocaine. Could terrorists use them for WMDs?moreless
    • 01.27.13
      Season 201301 - Episode 0127
      A look at how Lance Armstrong went from hero to fraud over 13 years on 60 Minutes; Also, our first report that something fishy was going on in the sport of cycling from April 10, 2001; And, Steve Kroft's 1992 profile of Hillary and then-Governor Bill Clinton.
    • 01.13.13
      Season 201301 - Episode 0112
      60 Minutes goes to a remote beach in the Bahamas where locals believe a free-diving hole was dug by the devil; Also, an appreciation of the robots we met on assignment for 60 Minutes; And, as we await a ruling on affirmative action, the two minority Supreme Court justices, Sotomayor and Thomas, are deeply divided.moreless
    • 01.06.13
      Season 201301 - Episode 0105
      Join Charlie Rose for a home tour with IDEO's David Kelley, an innovator who's changing the world through "design-thinking"; Also, in 1973, Mike Wallace checked in with scientific researchers who study psychics and the mystery of psychic phenomena; And, could Barcelona's famed soccer academy, La Masia, be a model for America to nurture future superstars, as Spain did with Lionel Messi?moreless
    • 12.30.12
      Season 201212 - Episode 1228
      Scott Pelley meets "Robo Sally," an incredible robot from the Applied Physics Laboratory that's fun to drive -- and can save lives in the battlefield; Also, Lara Logan introduces us to two Westerners who converted to Islam and joined the terrorist movement; Plus, Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow discuss their old roomie days; And, actor Seth Rogen relives his teenage audition for "Freaks and Geeks."moreless
    • 12.23.12
      Season 201212 - Episode 1223
      Adele sings "Rolling in the Deep" a cappella for Anderson Cooper, Detroit singer-songwriter Rodriguez performs his best-known song, "Sugar Man," in an intimate performance for 60 Minutes, and Taylor Swift on writing "Love Story" -- Taylor says there are seven ways a boyfriend can make you feel sad, and all seven are the makings of a great song.moreless
    • 12.16.12
      Season 201212 - Episode 1216
      Rare and eerie images shot on board the Costa Concordia - the half-sunken passenger ship marooned off the coast of Tuscany; Also, 60 Minutes' seminal story, titled "Mind of the Assassin," on U.S. Secret Service research aimed at stopping assassins before they strike.
    • 12.09.12
      Season 201212 - Episode 1208
      Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman battle it out -- fencing, acting and singing -- in "Les Miserables"; And, 60 Minutes transports viewers by plane, by boat, and on foot to a magical island filled with bizarre creatures.
    • 12.02.12
      Season 201212 - Episode 1201
      Anderson Cooper profiles Shin Dong-hyuk, who escaped Camp 14 - a secret prison in North Korea. Shin explains the hunger, the beatings and the horrifying conditions of his captivity, as well as his new-found life in America since his escape.
    • 11.25.12
      Season 201211 - Episode 1124
      Learn the relationship secrets of married wildlife filmmakers Beverly and Dereck Joubert, who live in extreme isolation in the African bush; Also, go behind-the-scenes on Lara Logan's perilous trip to Africa, where she met the couple; And, dancers from the NYC Ballet demonstrate classical ballet steps pre- and post-Balanchine, in a master class with Peter Martins.moreless
    • 09.02.12
      Season 201209 - Episode 0902
      "Neurosurgeon and 60 Minutes correspondent Sanjay Gupta attempts a third job: teaching; Also, behind the scenes, a 60 Minutes producer faces the kindergarten conundrum; And, in 2007, Ann Romney and Mitt sat down with Mike Wallace to talk family, the dark side of campaigns, and Ann\'s battle with multiple sclerosis.
    • 08.26.12
      Season 201208 - Episode 0825
      "Watch stunning footage of the world\'s best polo ponies and players, and hear from the 60 Minutes cameramen who struggled to film them; Also, Andy Rooney takes on national political conventions; And, where\'d they hide the cameras? Watch a behind-the-scenes breakdown as the 60 Minutes crew sets up a surprise interview.moreless
    • 08.19.12
      Season 201208 - Episode 0818
      What in the world is it like to hang out with Steven Tyler and the band Aerosmith? Lara Logan dishes for 60 Minutes Overtime; Also, Steve Kroft discusses his team's five-year-long effort to unravel the financial mess of 2008; And, when Morley Safer interviewed Helen Gurley Brown, the iconic editor of Cosmopolitan, for 60 Minutes in 1974, he described her as "the woman women love to hate."moreless
    • 08.12.12
      Season 201208 - Episode 0812
      Is Tiger back? Or, is that championship form and frame of mind gone forever?; Also, go to the heart of the Congo with 60 Minutes to search out an amazing amateur symphony orchestra in the poorest country in the world; And, it's illegal in this country to discriminate on the basis of sex, race or age -- but are there any protections for the long-term unemployed?moreless
    • 08.05.12
      Season 201208 - Episode 0804
      "Face blind" people can't recognize faces. "Super-recognizers" are the opposite. Take the "Before They Were Famous" test to find out if you're a "super-recognizer"; Also, Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses new research showing that sugar is toxic to the human body and what families can do about it; Plus, Arthur Miller discusses his marriage to Marilyn Monroe; And, Mike Wallace's provocative 1975 interview with literary icon Gore Vidal.moreless
    • 07.29.12
      Season 201207 - Episode 0728
      Join Morley Safer for a virtual journey through the paintings of Vincent van Gogh; Also, in 1995, Lesley Stahl reported on the dark underside to one of the most popular Olympic sports: women's gymnastics; And, unemployment in central Florida is so acute that some families are now living in their cars. So how did Scott Pelley's team track down people without addresses?moreless
    • 07.22.12
      Season 201207 - Episode 0721
      It wasn't that long ago that the Olympics reflected the Cold War played out on sporting fields and in swimming pools. And nobody played better, or perhaps more unfairly, than the East Germans; Also, four years ago, Anderson Cooper challenged Michael Phelps to a one-lap race-and lost badly. This week, they met again. Can Anderson win one for Team 60 Minutes?moreless
    • 07.15.12
      Season 201207 - Episode 0714
      Hear Steve Jobs talk candidly about Bill Gates, Microsoft, the Google guys, and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. Who did he like? Who did he loathe?; Also, until his death, few of us knew much about Steve Jobs' home life, wife, and kids. Jobs' biographer gives 60 Minutes a rare look inside the family's photo album - on an iPad, of course; And, Temple Grandin explains what life is like living with autism.moreless
    • Video: 60 Minutes Overtime, 07.01.12
      Video: 60 Minutes Overtime, 07.01.12
      Season 201206 - Episode 0630
      Stuxnet-inspired hackers have already begun designing computer viruses that could destroy critical U.S. infrastructure; Also, no matter how you say it, chances are you're pronouncing "Qatar" wrong; Plus, Scared to try cooking with truffles? Here's a wonderfully simple truffles recipe you can try at home; And, we revisit Bob Simon's profile of rap music mogul Jay-Z from more than 10 years ago.moreless
    • Video: 60 Minutes Overtime, 07.08.12
      Video: 60 Minutes Overtime, 07.08.12
      Season 201207 - Episode 0707
      Behind the scenes, a 60 Minutes producer faces the kindergarten conundrum; And, the stomach-turning experience of talking to Jack Abramoff about how he bribed and influenced legislators; Also, Inside the amazing mind of Magnus Carlsen, the number one chess player in the world.
    • 02.10.13
      Season 201302 - Episode 0209
      Steve Kroft and his team share tips with the average consumer: What to do if you think you have an error on your credit report; Also, three survivors of the Algerian attack grapple with what to say to loved ones in phone calls and texts as al Qaeda was closing in; And, we revisit Steve Kroft's 2010 profile of superstar Beyonce.moreless