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60 Minutes Overtime - Season 201208

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Episode Guide

  • 08.26.12
    Episode 0825
    "Watch stunning footage of the world\'s best polo ponies and players, and hear from the 60 Minutes cameramen who struggled to film them; Also, Andy Rooney takes on national political conventions; And, where\'d they hide the cameras? Watch a behind-the-scenes breakdown as the 60 Minutes crew sets up a surprise interview.moreless
  • 08.19.12
    Episode 0818
    What in the world is it like to hang out with Steven Tyler and the band Aerosmith? Lara Logan dishes for 60 Minutes Overtime; Also, Steve Kroft discusses his team's five-year-long effort to unravel the financial mess of 2008; And, when Morley Safer interviewed Helen Gurley Brown, the iconic editor of Cosmopolitan, for 60 Minutes in 1974, he described her as "the woman women love to hate."moreless
  • 08.12.12
    Episode 0812
    Is Tiger back? Or, is that championship form and frame of mind gone forever?; Also, go to the heart of the Congo with 60 Minutes to search out an amazing amateur symphony orchestra in the poorest country in the world; And, it's illegal in this country to discriminate on the basis of sex, race or age -- but are there any protections for the long-term unemployed?moreless
  • 08.05.12
    Episode 0804
    "Face blind" people can't recognize faces. "Super-recognizers" are the opposite. Take the "Before They Were Famous" test to find out if you're a "super-recognizer"; Also, Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses new research showing that sugar is toxic to the human body and what families can do about it; Plus, Arthur Miller discusses his marriage to Marilyn Monroe; And, Mike Wallace's provocative 1975 interview with literary icon Gore Vidal.moreless