Season 1 Episode 12

Hello, Goodbye, Amen

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2009 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Adrianna's Contacts:

      Akiko 323-555-0167
      Ally 310-555-0134
      Annie 323-555-0123
      Danny 323-555-0132
      Kelly 310-555-0169
      Lilly 818-555-0181
      Marty 323-555-0126
      Mom 323-555-0163
      Navid 323-555-0177
      Ralphie 310-555-0156

      Since Adrianna's contacts are all in alphabetical order, it seems odd that her best friend Naomi isn't listed among them. It's also strange that Kelly's number is listed under her first name, since Adrianna always refers to her as "Ms. Taylor". Finally, the fact that the mysterious Ralphie's number appears in every phone list we've seen to date (Brenda's, Annie's, and now Adrianna's) is quite odd since it hardly seems likely that teachers and students mingle with the same group. It's also strange that in Annie's contact list Ralphie's number is 310-555-0169 - which according to Adrianna's list is Kelly's number.