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  • 2010
    • 5/18/10
      Shot throughout Brooklyn over a 2 day span. The only money spent making this video was a couple subway fares and a few shots at the bar.Not famililar with Redding Hunter. You may know him better from Peter and Ze Wolf Owl. Check em out and tell em 99 dollar music videos sent ya! Â Directed By: Rob Czar Afterfx:Iain Browne Special Thanks 2: Milo,The Bushwick Country Club,Anthony,Meg,Shivonna,Corinne,Dejon,Barret,MikeyJ,Ryan,Erik and the city of Brooklyn for the backdrop. Âmoreless
    • One Eyed Doll - Zero Budget Rockumentary - Trailer
      Filmmaker davidjr.com, aka David Bruce Bates, Jr., discusses making his film "One-Eyed Doll: A Rockumentary". See the entire film (for free) @ http://davidjr.com/oneeyeddollPunk rock meets poetics in an intimate view of Austin, Texas underground rock star, Kimberly Freeman, a beauty with an irresistible voice, magnetism and moves, who delivers a range of soulful original songs that reflect on her personal story and have a transforming influence on her fans.moreless
  • 2009
  • Season 1