All My Children

Season 42 Episode 183

Ep. #10712


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    Loved the episodes of All my Children it touched all aspects of family life, the highs, lows and different sorts of familys. Really showed how life is. Well done to the cast and crew you made a great show !!!
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    This is what All My Children is all about. The families, the friendships, the pregnancies and the marriages. It did its best to sum up 41 years in one hour and what I really liked is that they did not make it a big lovefest as we still had at least one villain in JR, and possibly David Hayward returning to his ways.

    I think that ending with a gunshot, and presumably a death is a bit of a gloomy and depressing way to end the show's run on ABC and start on the internet, but hopefully it keeps us guessing until the show begins in January. I'm guessing it is JR who shot himself, but we'll see.

    This was a great way to end a classic show though. Much better than As the World Turns did last September.