All My Children

Season 36 Episode 92

Ep. #9105

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Ep. #9105
Maria and Anita tell Sam that Bobby is his birth father, and that his birth mother is Joe Martin's granddaughter, Kelsey. Greenlee and Lily both push Jack to marry Erica and much to their surprise, he agrees. Kendall confronts Ryan with his decision to have a vasectomy and tries to convince him he is worth saving.moreless
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    Sarah Michelle Gellar

    Sarah Michelle Gellar

    Kendall Hart

    Ara Celi

    Ara Celi

    Raquel Dion Santos (#2) (1999)

    Tom Wright

    Tom Wright

    Eugene Hubbard (1984-1985)

    Karen Lynn Gorney

    Karen Lynn Gorney

    Tara Martin Jefferson (#1; #3; #7) (1970-1974; 1976-1977; 1995; original cast)

    Mark Dawson

    Mark Dawson

    Ted Brent (1970-1971; original cast)

    Lynne Thigpen

    Lynne Thigpen

    Grace Keefer (1993-2000)

    William Christian

    William Christian

    Derek Frye (1991-1996; recurring otherwise)

    Recurring Role

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      • Greenlee: No, no, no. No deals. I'm probably going to regret saying this, but I'm here to beg you to marry Erica.

      • Phoebe's Will: "Thaddeus Martin. Never did a more lovable rogue inhabit Pine Valley. You've left a string of broken hearts in the wake of your boyish charm, including my stepdaughter's, Hillary. But you've been a staunch support to my beloved Brooke and a wonderful father to my great-nephew Jamie. These years without Dixie have been difficult and restless. Know she's looking down on you, as I am, charmed as ever and ready to rap your knuckles if you step out of line. And should you go looking for love again, try not to be such a blooming cad."

      • Phoebe's will: "Brooke, my dear, since the day you rode into my life on that motorcycle, there's never been a dull moment between us. And that's exactly how I liked it. You filled my life with more laughter than tears, and I'm grateful for every fight, every embrace. In the face of tragic losses, you've showed a spirit that's inspired me. I've never questioned your ability to rise up and carry on, which is what you must do now that I've pulled up a cloud and am beating the shroud off Langley at bridge. Please help yourself to any sentimental pieces of my jewelry or whatever will keep me alive in your heart. Since you took that nasty Adam Chandler to the cleaners in your divorce settlement, I know your financial future is secure. All you need now is love, my darling. Jamie, it's true life's been testing you. You've failed some of them but passed others of great significance. You're a young man with a large and generous heart. It's my will to reward that by doing something for you. But first you must pass your most challenging test yet, and I believe your brother, J.R., will approve."

      • Phoebe's will: "All I leave to you, Jamie -- the money, my connections to get you into the top schools, a richer life than you ever dreamed of -- rests on one critical condition. The poison must be leeched from your life. You must have nothing more to do with that trashy, babynapping tramp Babe Carey Chandler. If you choose to defy my wishes and marry that strumpet, you forfeit all claim to my estate in perpetuity. That means forever, young man."

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