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All My Children

Season 39 Episode 6

Ep. #9786

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Ep. #9786
Greenlee and Kendall arrive at the Falls just as Hannah slips, but Zach manages to catch her hand. The girls, along with Aidan and Zach, urge Hannah to hold on, but Hannah intentionally lets go of Zach's hand. The police arrives and the search team starts looking for Hannah's body. Zach has to deal with yet another loss, and Greenlee reminisces about the pain she felt when she lost Leo. Erica and Jack argue while being locked in the closet, but Julia comes to their rescue. Erica doesn't hide her animosity against Julia or her family. Richie plays the role of victim in front of Babe again, while a jealous J.R. takes care of Little A. Ryan continues surprising Annie with his odd behavior, as they make love on the balcony and then discuss future plans.moreless
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      • Zach Slater: I'm sorry for what my dad did to you. I'm sorry I wasn't there. I'm here now. Believe me.
        Hannah Nichols: I believe you, Zach.
        Zach Slater: (grunts) ARGH! I'm sorry. So sorry.
        Hannah Nichols: It's alright Zach. Everything is just the way it should be. (looks down at water) Goodbye.
        Zach Slater: You hold on to me!!
        (calls up to Aidan, Kendall and Greenlee) Hurry up!
        Hannah Nichols: Goodbye.
        Zach Slater: Hannah!!
        (Hannah lets go of Zach's hand)

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