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  • Season 43
    • Ep. #10755
      Episode 43

      Jesse thinks of a new career path. JR works on a plan. David reminds Colby of where her loyalties should lie. Dimitri and Brooke try to resolve their attraction.

    • Ep. #10754
      Episode 42

      Dixie witnesses Dr. Anders struggling with the demons of his past. JR makes a threat to Cara. Lea wants to know what Zach wants out of life. Celia and Pete share an eventful evening.

    • Ep. #10753
      Episode 41

      Jesse finds himself on the edge. Cassandra is released from the hospital. Colby wants Pete all for herself, while Pete tries to get closer to Celia. Miranda decides to move out of the Chandler mansion to distance herself from AJ.

    • Ep. #10752
      Episode 40

      Colby and Opal team up as a dynamic duo to cause mayhem in Pine Valley. Cara confronts JR about stealing her perscription scripts. Pete ups the romance with Celia.

    • Ep. #10751
      Episode 39

      JR and AJ go head to head over his use of steroids. Will JR’s rage lead him to destroy someone close to him? Dimitri and Brooke get closer. David shares a moment with Oliver.

    • Ep. #10750
      Episode 38

      A drunken Jesse crashes the Gala looking to confront someone. Celia and Colby argue. J.R. and Cara are put through a test.

    • Ep. #10749
      Episode 37

      Jesse finds support in someone he's least expect. J.R. has his presentation at the Chandler Media Gala. Miranda and Zach have a heart to heart talk about A.J.

    • Ep. #10748
      Episode 36

      Dimitri is impressed by Brooke's look at the Gala. A mysterious bidder wins a date with Pete. Cara is concerned when David is found close to Oliver. Mirands finds her date for the gala.


    • Ep. #10747
      Episode 35

      Opal serves as a hostess for the gala. J.R.'s behavior takes a drastic turn while under the influence of steroids. A.J. and Miranda's friendship is put to a test.


    • Ep. #10746
      Episode 34

      David drops a bomb on Jesse as they argue over Angie. Miranda chooses a date for the gala, and A.J. decides to attend with Heather. Colby makes a move that turns Celia's night at the gala upside down.


    • Ep. #10745
      Episode 33

      Colby shows her vulnerable side when Cassandra needs emotional support. Angie wants to stop Cassandra from what she intends to do. Bail is posted for Jesse, but with a catch. Miranda drifts further away from A.J.


    • Ep. #10744
      Episode 32

      Dixie and Billy Clyde give each other gifts they won't soon forget. Brooke issues a special assignment to Opal for the Chandler Media Gala. Colby and Cassandra connect on a deeper level.


    • Ep. #10743
      Episode 31

      Colby shocks Celia by revealing a tidbit about her relationship with Pete. Miranda and A.J. try to spend some time together, but unexpected guests interrupt their time at the beach. A Pine Valley bachelor is auctioned off for a once-in-a-lifetime date.


    • Ep. #10742
      Episode 30

      Colby comes up with a new way to raise money for the Miranda Center. Dimitra tells Brooke to pack her bags. Zach learns that Jesse had a hand in framing him for murder, putting their friendship up to a test.


    • Ep. #10741
      Ep. #10741
      Episode 29

      Angie finds herself all alone during her hour of need. Zach and Lea are tempted to finally give in to the passion building between them. Miranda and Bianca reflect on their life together.


    • Ep. #10740
      Episode 28

      J.R. gives Cara a surprise that she won't forget. Jesse tries to end his partnership with Uri, but it might be a little too late. Kendall makes an appearance.


    • Ep. #10739
      Episode 27

      Colby tricks Celia into helping her plan a gala for Chandler with a secret motive behind her move. Heather has to deal with A.J. and Miranda's close friendship. Zach and Lea learn more about Uri's mysterious 'death'.


    • Ep. #10738
      Episode 26

      Angie delivers devastating news to Cassandra, changing her life for good. J.R. expresses his feelings for Cara. David gives his side of the story on Talk Tempo.


    • Ep. #10737
      Episode 25

      Lea and Zach chase a lead they have on the Koslov case in order to prove Zach's innocence. Miranda and A.J. find themselves in a close moment. Jesse crosses the line with Uri. Dixie wonders about Carter's past.


    • Ep. #10736
      Episode 24

      Miranda's life at school becomes even more problematic when a disturbing picture of herself and another person is revealed. Colby has a surprise in store for David. Brooke tries to make it clear to J.R. that she is charge of everything that has to do with Chandler Enterprises, but J.R. has plans of his own.

    • Ep. #10735
      Episode 23

      Dixie informs Joe of Billy Clyde Tuggle's presence in Pine Valley, prompting Joe to go see him. Lea lets Jesse know that Cassandra being delivered back to the house is a statement. Colby thanks David for helping her with her money problems.


    • Ep. #10734
      Episode 22

      J.R. arranges for Cara to receive a big surprise. Opal is surprised when her realtor suggests she sell the Cortlandt Manor. Upon learning that Pete has rented his own places, she begins thinking of accepting the idea. Lea is convinced there is something more happening after Cassandra returns home. Meanwhile, Jesse is in further trouble with Uri.

    • Ep. #10733
      Episode 21

      Billy Clyde has a big makeover in hopes of shoving the folks of Pine Valley that he is a forced to be reckoned with. Opal walks into Pete's bedroom to find something she shouldn't have seen. Heather and A.J. realize they share a bond. Lea confronts Zach about his lingering feelings for Kendall.

    • Ep. #10732
      Episode 20

      Pete and Colby end up in bed together. Brooke meets with Dimitri Marick to discuss business. Celia thinks Pete has moved on. J.R. tries to speed up his recovery by taking steroids.

    • Ep. #10731
      Episode 19

      Jesse finds himself in grave danger. Zach is the suspect in a murder mystery. David is pleased by J.R.'s fall. Celia talk to Miranda about her relationship with Pete, and then receives a surprise from him.


    • Ep. #10730
      Episode 18

      Jesse makes a deal with the devil.

    • Ep. #10729
      Episode 17

      Brooke makes David an offer he can’t refuse.

    • Ep. #10728
      Episode 16

      Miranda finds comfort in a new friend. Opal receives a surprise visitor.

    • Ep. #10727
      Episode 15

      Zach manages to unlock a secret password. David tries to get his job back.

    • Ep. #10726
      Episode 14

      A.J. receives a present that might change his life. Brooke delivers unwanted news.

    • Ep. #10725
      Episode 13

      Celia and Pete go on an adventure. J.R. holds Cara's fate in his hands.

    • Ep. #10724
      Episode 12

      Dixie expresses her concern to Brooke by having J.R. recover since it might trigger some memories. Jesse and Angie work hard to find Cassandra, by pin pointing what Amy told them about hearing a freight train. David offers to Pete to invest in the relaunch of Cortlandt Electronics, something he takes under consideration. Miranda tells Bianca that J.R. came out of his coma. Celia tells Evelyn that she thinks she's falling in love with Pete, but Evelyn say the decision to leave for Europe has been decided. Yuri tells Cassandra she will participate in the adult movie or else. Brooke tells J.R. she will remain in control of Chandler Enterprises. Pete comes dressed as a chauffer and he drives off with Celia. J.R. tells Cara he knows that her baby is alive, and not dead as she claims.

    • Ep. #10723
      Episode 11

      Dixie tries to get A.J. to come to the hospital so J.R. can make things right with him. Zach tells Jesse about the strip club, not before getting arrested by and F.B.I. agent, Jesse explains that the case involves sex trafficking. Opal goes to Bramwell, and lets it slip to Evelyn that Pete sneaked Celia back in after curfew. David plots a reinvention. Yuri gives Cassandra a pill, which she takes out of her mouth after he leaves. Amy tells Angie she remembers dark rooms, and going out at night to work. Celia tells Brooke that she was wrong about Pete and is the man he said he was. A.J. lays into J.R. about what was he thinking by bringing a gun which led to Marissa's death. Evelyn tells Celia she will be spending the remainder of the spring abroad.

    • Ep. #10722
      Ep. #10722
      Episode 10

      A.J. storms out after J.R. doesn't recognize him, causing him to lash out. Jesse tells Angie question Amy to who did this to her. Yuri instructs Cassandra to go out and dance or else another girl will be punished. Miranda consoles A.J. after he lashed after visiting his father. David tells J.R. he's going to prison for the murder of Marissa, Dixie steps in telling him to get out. Angie breaks down after thinking her daughter could end up dead or even worse.

    • Ep. #10721
      Episode 9

      Miranda thanks A.J. for the best night of her life, and that she has a chance to make things right with his father. Cara reveals to David that she did have an abortion. Cassandra pleads with Yuri to let her go. J.R. asks Dixie who it was that shot him. Angie has a revelation from Jesse that Cassandra was taken by sex traffickers. Bianca asks Zach for his help with Miranda, to explain to her that she was a child of rape before finding out from someone else. J.R. asks Dixie why Marissa hasn't been to see him in the hospital. Griffin is good that Cara stuck with the lie she told David. Jesse tells Angie he wants to question the patient alone first.

    • Ep. #10720
      Episode 8

      Dixie rushes and tells Angie that J.R. has woken up. Vlad brings more girls joining Cassandra in her room. Celia realize it was a big misunderstanding what she overheard him and Dylan talking. Zach and Jesse discover an unconscious girl in the dumpster, and realizes Angie has to be told. Miranda is told by A.J. to put it on an come downstairs, and surprises her with Hot Chelle Rae who sing their song "Hung Up" . Griffin asks Cara why she told David about the baby, she says he didn't buy what she said. Dixie informs J.R. he's been in a coma for the past five years. Pete asks Celia if he can see her tomorrow. David overhears Cara thinking she had an abortion.

    • Ep. #10719
      Episode 7

      Dixie is surprised to find A.J. visiting J.R., and says he is to blame for ruining everybody's life since that night, he has an encounter with David in the hallway. Angie sees Zach and Jesse all secretive and can tell it has something more then the case he's working on. Opal asks Pete how his night with Celia went, but says she didn't show. Cara finally comes clean to David about what happened to their baby, and tells him to move on. Pete tries contacting Celia, but she doesn't want to speak to him. A.J. has an idea on how to cheer up Miranda. Celia has a brief run in with Pete at Jane's Addiction. Zach and Jesse check out a possible lead at a nail salon. David tells Angie he feels Cara is hiding something from him. J.R. speaks and Dixie turns around stunned.

    • Ep. #10718
      Episode 6

      Bianca tells Adam she feels it's her fault with what happened to Miranda last night. Celia tells Brooke the flowers are from Pete Cortlandt. Zach and Jesse keep searching for clues to Cassandra's whereabouts. Miranda apologizes to Bianca for the things she said to her, and says she doesn't want to go back to that school. Adam tells an irate A.J. that he's been suspended from school for what he did to Hunter. J.R. opens his eyes slightly, but Dixie misses it as Joe comes in the room wishing Tad wasn't out on an assignment. Celia overhears Peter talking with Dylan, but storms out before hearing the whole story. Dixie tells Adam that David was in J.R.'s room, the reason for extra security. Yuri apologizes to Cassandra for Vlad's abuse and it won't happen again.

    • Ep. #10717
      Episode 5

      Angie informs Cara about David being let out of prison. Cara wants a permanent position at the hospital staff. Dixie freaks out after seeing David in J.R.'s room and she accuses him of trying to kill J.R., but David claims he was only checking his pulse after seeing J.R.'s hand twitch. Jesse argues with the FBI about finding Cassandra. Jane breaks up a fight between A.J. and Hunter. Zach questions Bianca about Kendall. Celia and Pete share coffee together. A.J. comforts Miranda, who blames her mother for what had happened. Zach tries to find out more about the Koslovs. Celia thinks she sees a man behind her while looking in the mirror. Jesse, Angie, David and Dixie argue over arresting David. Meanwhile, J.R. begins to wake up.

    • Ep. #10716
      Episode 4

      David asks Cara why she didn't come visit him to tell him their baby died. Celia tells Brooke her guardian disapproves of her working at the Miranda Center. Angie informs Zach and Jesse that David is out of prison, and she's the reason that he got released. Bianca visits Marissa's grave wishing she was still with her. David sees JR lying in a coma and sees an opportunity to pull the plug and then sees his hand moving and isn't going to let him wake up. A.J. steps in punching Hunter embarrasses Miranda, who then storms out. Celia sees the surprise that Pete has for her. Vlad cautions Cassandra not to try anything.

    • Ep. #10715
      Episode 3

      Celia talks to Evelyn about needing more freedom. Opal meets Celia. Pete's business meeting goes awry. Cara sees David passing by and talks to Griffin about it. She mentions a baby and then thinks of leaving town. Angie talks to David about making a plea for him during his parole. David learns about Cara still being in town and walks in on a conversation between Cara and Griffin. Jesse and Zach try to locate Cassandra, while Cassandra is being held hostage by a thug.

    • Ep. #10714
      Episode 2

      Brooke tells A.J. to keep Dixie caught up with the stuff going on in his life. Evelyn wants answers from Celia as to why she found a condom in her purse. Bianca realizes that Miranda is interested in going to a dance with a boy, after blowing off a concert. Angie gets a visit from Joe Martin, thinking it's her surprise from Jesse. Pete tells Opal he has an idea to expand his software app to the young demographic. Dixie doesn't hold back her tears when telling Brooke how much she misses him. Jesse looks at surveillance footage and calls Zach telling him the car that picked up Cassandra was registered to his casino. Dixie visits the coma patient, and after she leaves the monitors go off and his hand starts to move.

    • Ep. #10713
      Episode 1

      Adam comforts Brooke after she has a nightmare about their engagement party. Opal welcomes Pete home and suggests that he resurrect Cortlandt Electronics, but he says that's impossible. Dixie breaks down after looking at a picture of her and Tad. Jesse arranges for Cassandra to surprise Angie, but learns she never boarded the plane. Cara and Griffin make a promise not to reveal the identity of the comatose patient. David is released from prison and visits a grave saying he's gonna make certain people pay.

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