All My Children

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    • Ep. #9004
      Ep. #9004
      Season 35 - Episode 249
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    • Ep. #9005
      Ep. #9005
      Season 35 - Episode 250
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    • Ep. #9008
      Ep. #9008
      Season 35 - Episode 253
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    • Ep. #8968
      Ep. #8968
      Season 35 - Episode 213
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    • Ep. #9035
      Ep. #9035
      Season 36 - Episode 22
      Bianca is questioned on the witness stand. Babe reveals the results of the DNA test she had conducted on James/Ace. Greenlee confesses to Ryan that she doesn't trust Jonathan. Kendall refuses to help Zach, who wants Ethan to distance himself from the Cambias family. Maggie admits to Jonathan that Bianca kissed her. Marian leaves Miranda alone with Jonathan.moreless
    • Ep. #9006
      Ep. #9006
      Season 35 - Episode 251
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    • Ep. #9003
      Ep. #9003
      Season 35 - Episode 248
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    • Ep. #8844
      Ep. #8844
      Season 35 - Episode 89
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    • Ep. #9772
      Ep. #9772
      Season 38 - Episode 248
      Richie is shocked when Ryan arrives at Babe's place and he tries to play mind games with her, but she just wants him out of her life to make room for peace and her kids. The police arrives and takes away Richie. Ryan tells Babe that it's surprising to see how much Richie cares for Babe since he didn't seem to show compassion for anyone else. J.R. is angry at himself for not being able to regain total memory of the night Zach was ran over. Adam receives a visit from Father Clarence who suggests Adam should use the DVD and the adoption papers as perfect Christmas gifts, but Adam refuses to listen to the priest's advice. J.R. goes to Dixie's grave and finally regains his memory. He then visits and confronts Amanda. Aidan, Kendall and Quentin manage to get Zach and Greenlee out of the shelter. They drive to the hospital, where the family receives good news about Zach, but Greenlee is in a very bad shape.moreless
    • Ep. #9770
      Ep. #9770
      Season 38 - Episode 246
      After another fight, Aidan and Kendall make love, and immediately regret it. Greenlee and Zach fear that they won't make it out of the shelter in time. Tad is surprised when Julia compares Tad's lawsuit against Krystal to something that Adam would usually do. Opal reads a Christmas story to the kids at the Miranda Center. Adam gives advice to Krystal on how to handle the lawsuit situation. Babe questions J.R. about what he remembers of the night Zach was run over, and he admits that he didn't hit Zach. Amanda enjoys her time at the yacht. Babe is surprised to find Richie at her condo.moreless
    • Ep. #9771
      Ep. #9771
      Season 38 - Episode 247
      Krystal rejects Adam's help in winning the custody of Jenny. Tad accidentally ends up at the chapel with Jenny and they run into Father Clarence, who gives Tad advice about life. Krystal arrives there too and both Krystal and Tad realize that the need to stop the lawsuit and do what's best for Jenny. Erica spends some time at Adam's mansion while waiting for her car to be fixed. Annie tells Ryan that he doesn't have to hire police investigator and that she'd like to kill Richie because it seems to be the only way to get rid of him, but Ryan convinces her otherwise, and then reads a Christmas story to Emma and Ian. Richie tries to convince Babe to believe him, but she's already sick of his mind games. Kendall and Aidan finally locate Greenlee and Zach, both is terrible state. Aidan fears for Greenlee's life because he can't find a pulse. Quentin helps them out, and later manages to get Kendall in the shelter to help out Zach. They are about to be taken out when a part of the wall collapses.moreless
    • Ep. #9774
      Ep. #9774
      Season 38 - Episode 250
      Family and friends are relieved when Greenlee awakes. A stunned Adam tells Opal and Ruth about Krystal and Tad's marriage. They go on to explain to Adam how they got married, and Adam then decides not to tell them about who Kathy really is. Myrtle visits Zach. Zach thanks Josh for keeping his kids safe while he was missing. Kendall tells Greenlee that she isn't the one to blame for Spike's deafness. Greenlee starts crying, and Kendall tells her that she's glad she's alive. The entire family reunites in the hospital hall, where they are surprised by a visit from Bianca and Miranda. Erica makes a touching speech followed by singing and dancing.moreless
    • Ep. #9548
      Ep. #9548
      Season 38 - Episode 24
      Zach interrogates Raymond Jenkins, who tells him that Amelia adored her sons but that their father was ultimately responsible for her death. Erica is furious to learn of Emma and Ryan's relationship. Zoe tries to comfort Babe after she tells her about her dilemma. Maggie returns to Paris alone. Babe asks Kendall about the night she walked into Kendall and JR's conversation.moreless
    • Ep. #10711
      Ep. #10711
      Season 42 - Episode 182

      Jack is frustrated when a business offer from Kit to Erica interrupts their planning for the wedding yet again. This time, Jack says he doesn't want to live like that anymore. Erica gets a difference of opinion on the matter from the rest of the family. Greenlee and Ryan spend quality time together at the park. JR learns of Dixie and Tad getting engaged and congratulates them, then announces that he's decided to leave town. Dixie helps him see AJ one last time. Scott and Madison agree to move in together again. Adam and Brooke rush to the hospital and learn that Stuart is still alive. The others feel grateful to David for saving yet another life. Adam apologizes to Stuart for shooting him, but Stuart says there is nothing to forgive. Scott informs Marian of the news.

    • Ep. #9416
      Ep. #9416
      Season 37 - Episode 147
      Tad finds Di and Aidan in an inept position. Adam scolds Colby after discovering her with an older man, but Colby defended saying that she only wanted to make friends. Josh and Babe are headed for trouble when Josh tells her that fuel is running low. Dixie and Zach bump into Erica and Zach. Lily is too afraid to go home.moreless
    • Ep. #9199
      Ep. #9199
      Season 36 - Episode 186
      Mimi and Derek agree to allow Tad and Di a few moments to speak to Julia before they take her in, and Di inadvertantly reveals that The Dragon is in town. When Danielle confronts Garret, he makes it clear exactly what he wants from her. Greenlee wonders if Zach cares for Kendall more than he will admit when she realises he's defering to Kendall in his decision-making process. Jonathan wakes up from his surgery, but both his thoughts and his words are jumbled. Kendall goes to the clinic to make sure the eggs are still viable after the power outage.moreless
    • Ep. #9497
      Ep. #9497
      Season 37 - Episode 228
      Kendall is furious when she learns that the Valley Inn has banned her family from celebrating Thanksgiving there, but Zach promises to make Spike's first Thanksgiving as memorable as possible. Annie visits with Emma. Erica is packing to return home until she finds that Jack has sent all of her stuff to the hotel. When Babe visits JR, he throws a fit and begins calling her a whore; meanwhile Jeff congratulates Josh for saving JR's life. Just as Annie and Ryan return from seeing Emma, Kendall cries for help when she fears that Spike had swallowed a loose button. Zach invites Erica to Thanksgiving dinner. Jack invites Brooke to Thanksgiving dinner.moreless
    • Ep. #9800
      Ep. #9800
      Season 39 - Episode 20
      A shocked Annie realizes that Ryan forgot the previous four years of his life. Kendall, Zach, Aidan and Jack watch as Angie and Joe try to stabilize Greenlee, who then has an out-of-body experience and fights for her life while seeing her loved ones around her, encouraging her to fight. Tad visits Frankie and talks to him about his father. He then suddenly sees Jesse, who quickly hides, as Tad rushes to get him. Ryan and Annie consult with Joe about Ryan's memory loss. J.R. apologizes to Babe. Stuart advises Adam to stop eavesdropping on J.R. and get the courage to confront his son, but Adam refuses to do so.moreless
    • Ep. #9799
      Ep. #9799
      Season 39 - Episode 19
      Adam learns about Krystal's and J.R.'s agreement and angrily burns Kate's adoption record in the fireplace. Sam Woods phones to Erica saying that he isn't interesting in being on her show, and Erica immediately asks Pam to book him. Greenlee decides to take a chance and try a new treatment although Angie warns her that it's a long shot. Jesse visits Frankie again and almost runs into Angie. The following morning, Angie is surprised when the treatment doesn't any good to Greenlee. Erica and Jack wake up next to each other. Richie is surprised to learn that Emma can't test to be a donor for him. Annie is shocked when Ryan doesn't remember her and Emma at all.moreless
    • Ep. #10710
      Ep. #10710
      Season 42 - Episode 181

      Maria tends to a patient that is convinced she is Erica Kane's daughter. Tad, Opal, Krystal, Dixie, Amanda and Jake welcome Ruth, Jamie and Joe back for a visit. Dixie asks Tad to marry him, and the family celebrates their engagement. A vision of Babe convinces JR to change his ways. Adam and Brooke explain to JR why Adam cut him out of his will. David tends to his mystery patient - a very much alive Stuart.

    • Ep. #9773
      Ep. #9773
      Season 38 - Episode 249
      Adam fights with his conscience, revisits his past mistakes, and finally realizes that he needs to tell Tad that Kathy is actually Kate. Colby, Jenny, Babe, Little A, Julia and Kathy arrive at Tad and Krystal's for a Christmas feast. Adam arrives trying to tell them the truth, but Tad interrupts him by telling everyone that he and Krystal got married last night. J.R. confronts Amanda about the secrets she's been hiding, and she confesses to selling a DVD of his confession to Adam. Derek arrives at the yacht and finally clears J.R. of having anything to do with Zach's accident. Sean, Lily, Jack, Aidan, Erica and others wait to learn if Greenlee's condition is improving. Lily is having hard time adapting to the hospital. Kendall and Zach make up. Father Clarence shows up giving advice to Aidan, who is having hard time dealing with Greenlee's bad condition. Jack, Erica and Kendall arrive in Greenlee's room just as things get tough. At the last minute, Greenlee manages to show sings of life. Myrtle visits Zach.moreless
    • Ep. #9929
      Ep. #9929
      Season 39 - Episode 149
      Annie goes to an ultrasound. Aidan saves Greenlee's life. Adam, Tad and Samuel try to convince Jesse to change his opinion about the teens. Kendall tries to persuade Ryan to find out what does the key open. Tad learns more about Krystal's involvement in the case.
    • Ep. #9957
      Ep. #9957
      Season 39 - Episode 177
      Kendall tries to convince Greenlee that Annie faked getting beat up to control Ryan, but Greenlee won't listen and instead, she suggests that Kendall should just stay out of it. Richie continues taunting Annie. Jake tells Tad that he chose to stay in town and Tad immediately realizes it's about a girl. Jake admits he's dating Amanda and Tad suggests a double date. Angie tells Frankie that she thinks Taylor has been putting ideas in his head about leaving to Iraq. She suggests a few ideas of how Frankie could stay home, but Frankie is keen on leaving. Angie vows that she won't let her family be broken up again. Amanda questions Taylor about her attraction to Jake, but Taylor tells her that there is none. Angie asks Randi for help to keep Frankie in Pine Valley. Angie confides in Tad that she thinks someone might be coming after Jesse due to all the hangups. Ryan tells Zach that he feels guilty for all the bad stuff that has been happening to his friends. Randi tells Frankie that she won't let him leave. Kendall confronts Annie about her lying and the confrontation results in Annie getting stomach pains. Annie learns that she lost the baby and she breaks down, ready to admit her crimes to Ryan.moreless
    • Ep. #9509
      Ep. #9509
      Season 37 - Episode 240
      Amanda stopped by ConFusion with gifts for the bartenders and Jonathan. Josh is horrified when he discovers Erin's body on the rooftop. Zach makes the decision to try to hide Erin's murder from Kendall for as long as he can. Annie admits that she is starting to have feelings for Ryan. Zach recieved a from Josh, and later called Ryan and told him that something happened on the roof of confusion. Jonathan called Erin, but couldn't reach her. The police arrived at ConFusion and Jonathan followed them up to the roof. Josh called to check on Babe, and Colby answered the phone. Bianca read Simone's will and saw she left Ethan's inheritance to Miranda. Ryan arrived at ConFusion and went up to the roof, where he did his best to comfort Jonathan.moreless
    • Ep. #10158
      Ep. #10158
      Season 40 - Episode 127
      Randi makes an important decision. Kendall makes it seem like she's giving up. Aidan is caught trying to frame Annie.
    • Ep. #10060
      Ep. #10060
      Season 40 - Episode 29
      Ryan thinks that Zach is having an affair with Reese. Reese and Bianca make an important decision regarding their wedding. Aidan desperately tries to save Annie, who later confronts Ryan in the car. Even though Opal warns her not to go anywhere, Greenlee wants to warn Zach and goes on a motorcycle, only to be kicked off the road by Kendall.moreless
    • Ep. #9987
      Ep. #9987
      Season 39 - Episode 207
      Krystal and Tad are stunned to see David back in town. Zach blames Jake for what happened to Kendall and he goes to attack him, but accidentally hurts Taylor in the process. Annie and Ryan get bad news concerning Emma. Angie demands to know the truth from her husband.
    • Ep. #9982
      Ep. #9982
      Season 39 - Episode 202
      Annie keeps trying to find Emma. Kendall tries to reach Zach, but their call gets disconnected. The tornado hits Zach's car and Annie tries to help, but Zach urges her to find Emma. Zach barely makes it to safety. While Colby helps out a hurt Petey, Ryan tries to make sure that Greenlee is okay. Zach returns to the house and tries to find Kendall, but can only locate their kids. He's shocked when he uncovers Bianca's body under the rubble. The Hubbards, Martins, Careys and others seek shelter at The Comeback. The tornado completely destroys The Comeback, and JR is shocked to find Babe trapped under a beam.moreless
    • Ep. #9970
      Ep. #9970
      Season 39 - Episode 190
      Frankie asks Randi to move in with him. Erica tries to get more info out of Adam. Aidan finds out that Greenlee lied to him about Ryan. Annie confronts Kendall and Greenlee. Amanda won't listen to Babe as she suspects Bella could be contaminated.
    • Ep. #9928
      Ep. #9928
      Season 39 - Episode 148
      Kendall and Ryan argue about Annie. Zach watches as Annie faces her guilt. Babe learns about Colby's drinking problem. Jesse confronts Dre and Cassandra. Adam turns on J.R. again.
    • Ep. #9781
      Ep. #9781
      Season 39 - Episode 1
      Ryan is rushed to the hospital after being shot by Hannah. Aidan finds the rifle that Hannah used, but has no idea who shot Ryan. Richie and Annie are surprised when the doctor tells them that there might be a chance to save Richie's life. Babe comforts Richie. Joe informs Ryan's friends that Ryan will be okay. Hannah surprises John by confessing that she was working as a double agent, secretly stealing for Adam. She knocks him out and ties him to a chair. When he regains consciousness, he tries to reason with her, but she continues rambling on about how she plans to kill both Zach and Josh at the same time. Kendall and Zach arrive in front of Josh's door.moreless
    • Ep. #9777
      Ep. #9777
      Season 38 - Episode 253
      Kendall confesses to Derek that she is the guilty one for everything that happened to her family, and Hannah overhears Derek talking about it on the phone. Jack and Erica realize that they still love each other. Krystal and Tad start making out, but Colby interrupts them. Greenlee faints while talking to Zach, and Joe explains that Greenlee is hyperglycemic. Kendall goes to the police station and turns herself in. Lily visits Richie in the psych ward. Annie and Ryan spend New Years Eve together making love. Hannah visits Zach, but he doesn't want her company.moreless
    • Ep. #9639
      Ep. #9639
      Season 38 - Episode 115
      Today is the day when all the Pine Valley residents dream a little dream. Krystal dreams about getting back together with Adam. Colby dreams of Sean releasing himself from prison and embracing her. Babe dreams of Jamie handing her a diploma and kissing her. Julia dreams of Jamie being a doctor who tells her she doesn't have a baby, and that he doesn't have a life. She wakes up realizing Jamie isn't ready to be a father. Jonathan dreams of telling Lily he is going to rebuild her tree house. She tells him she only needs him and they kiss. Then suddenly she turns into Ava. He wakes up confused. Greenlee has a nightmare of Zach pushing her, and then later a dream of Spike and Ryan disappearing. She wakes up realizing what she actually wants at court. Annie dreams of a perfect life with Ryan. Kendall dreams of being friends with Greenlee again, and Fusion being named #1 cosmetics brand in the world. Erica dreams of being in a reality show, and then kissing Jack. After waking up and talking to Jack, Erica tells Pam that she has a new idea for the show. J.R. has a nightmare of Adam telling him he won't pay the ransom and that he isn't his son. Adam dreams of J.R. dying on the floor. When he wakes up, the kidnapper calls and requests $100 million dollars or J.R. will die within 36 hours.moreless
    • Ep. #9778
      Ep. #9778
      Season 38 - Episode 254
      Babe and J.R. share presents, and J.R. is touched by Babe's gift. He then proceeds to question her about her involvement with Richie. Hannah finished her job for Adam, as she hands over all of Chandler Enterprises back to him, and then enjoys talking about how she tricked Zach and took over the company behind his back. Adam offers her partnership, but she rejects him. Jack tells Greenlee that he'll defend Kendall in court. Aidan is still bothered by his affair with Kendall. Greenlee and Joe make an agreement so she'd be able to get out of the hospital and rest home. Richie lets his prison psychiatrist know that he tricked him and that Babe is getting all the insurance money. J.R. pays a little visit to Richie and threatens him to forget about Babe. Zach is angry at Kendall for turning herself into the police, but they make up by making love.moreless
    • Ep. #9779
      Ep. #9779
      Season 38 - Episode 255
      While having breakfast with Jenny, Krystal and Tad spar over J.R. and Adam, who are having breakfast across the room. Adam wants to get back on father-and-son basis with J.R. and even offers him money to win his trust back. Richie hatches a silly plan to get Annie to the psych ward, but while trying to do it, Babe interrupts them. Joe won't let Greenlee go to the courthouse for Kendall's hearing, but Zach wheels her there anyway. The judge sees Greenlee's appearance as a good sign for Kendall. The hearing ends with the judge sentencing Kendall to 5 years of probation, with a $50,000 fine and a 5,000 hours of community service.moreless
    • Ep. #9780
      Ep. #9780
      Season 38 - Episode 256
      Hannah acts odd while talking to Josh. He finds it strange how she managed to sell the Chandler portfolio, but still has no idea what she had done. She refuses to go out with him. Kendall, Ryan, Zach and Aidan bring Greenlee home, and for once, they all share a friendly conversation. Hannah takes a rifle, dresses up and takes aim on the happy company. Babe interrupts Richie's perfect plan to set up Annie, so he rushes her away, as she leaves in tears. Annie refuses to stay at the hospital, but Richie cleverly makes her stay and then proceed with his crazy plan, but the doctor interrupts them. Babe arrives at Greenlee's place, as Hannah continues aiming. Ryan realizes that Kendall is in danger and he rushes to save her, and ends up shot!moreless
    • Ep. #9631
      Ep. #9631
      Season 38 - Episode 107
      Babe tells Krystal she is ready to go back to high school and get her diploma. However, she is concerned about how will she make it through financially. Colby arrives and tells the two women about how disappointed she is in Sean. Adam pretends not to care about J.R.'s surname being changed, but when J.R. says that he'd change Little A's surname too, Adam finally reacts and shows his anger. The two men fight for a while and then J.R. leaves the mansion, but promises not to move out until he makes sure Colby is free of Adam. Sean tries to talk to Colby, but she ignores him. J.R. informs Babe about his war against Adam, but doesn't mention the name change. Kendall is surprised when Greenlee lets her know that she will sue Zach. Greenlee blames Zach for everything that went wrong in her life, and warns Kendall that Zach will betray her again. Annie is surprised when Zach admits that he was the one that caused the blackout. She is mad because he kept the secret, and even Ryan confronts Zach for telling the truth. He says Zach shouldn't have said anything about the blackout. Zach tells Kendall that the Greenlee thing isn't her fault, it's his. Greenlee comes to the penthouse, where Josh comforts her. When he leaves, Greenlee goes to sleep crying.moreless
    • Ep. #6724
      Ep. #6724
      Season 27 - Episode 10
      Maria learns from Dr. Khadamie that there is a procedure that could allow her to have children. Amanda questions Gloria about her child, which only brings back ugly and painful memories for Gloria. At the ceremony, Liza accidentally spills a drink on Erica. Enid tries to coax Marian Colby over to her side on the "Get Michael Outta Town" issue, but surprisingly, Marian is totally against the idea.moreless
    • Ep. #9918
      Ep. #9918
      Season 39 - Episode 138
      Annie lashes out on Greenlee. Jesse and Tad try to find a clue in Richie's murder investigation. Adam threatens Petey. Erica learns she will be released today.
    • Ep. #9795
      Ep. #9795
      Season 39 - Episode 15
      Ryan snaps at Richie for convincing Annie to test as a possible donor match. Annie worries about Ryan's constant changes of heart and convinced him to go see a doctor. Babe and Amanda call a truce. Richie continues trying to win over Babe. Opal visits Frankie. Joe, Julia, Zach, Aidan, Angie and Kendall reunite at the hospital to take care of Greenlee, who is having serious health problems. Erica wants to know about Jack's relationship with Julia, but he claims they are only friends, and Erica doesn't believe him. He kisses her, but she backs away. Jesse suddenly arrives to Frankie's room.moreless
    • Ep. #9784
      Ep. #9784
      Season 39 - Episode 4
      Colby and Dre bond while talking about their parents. Babe and J.R. spend quality time with Little A as a family, and Babe agrees to be J.R.'s friend again. Sean is shocked to find out who Hannah actually is when he turns on the TV. Erica suspects that there might be something going on between Kendall and Aidan, but Kendall convinces her that it's nothing. Zach informs Aidan that he's meeting Hannah. Jack worries about Greenlee's health as Joe makes a check-up. She then leaves to the Slater house with Jack. Sean informs Jack about spending the night with Hannah, and Aidan admits that Zach went to meet her. Zach hikes to the top of Miller's Falls, as Hannah waits for him on the top.moreless
    • Ep. #9775
      Ep. #9775
      Season 38 - Episode 251
      J.R. confronts Adam about the DVD and then leaves the mansion keen on never returning again. Bianca and Kendall catch up on what's been going on in their lives lately, and Kendall thinks of telling her about sleeping with Aidan, but she doesn't say anything. Zach learns from Derek that J.R. didn't run him over. Jack wants the police guard to leave the hospital, but they can't because the charges against Greenlee still haven't been dropped. Erica tries to talk to Jack, but he avoids her company. Jack and Greenlee bond. Kendall overhears Zach apologizing to Greenlee for the plot he hashed against her. Aidan and Kendall agree on keeping their 'little affair' a secret. Bianca encourages Erica not to give up hope on Jack.moreless
    • Ep. #9776
      Ep. #9776
      Season 38 - Episode 252
      Bianca and Babe bond over talking about their love lives. Adam and Erica talk about Krystal and Tad's surprising marriage. Julia and Jack bond while Julia is taking Jack's blood at the hospital. Tad and Krystal are welcomed at The Comeback by a group of friends who make them celebrate their marriage, but privately, neither of them are happy about it. Kendall admits to Greenlee that she was the one who plotted against her, and Greenlee feels like a fool. Greenlee wants to fight for freedom and court and renew their friendship. Zach reassures Aidan that he'll take care of Greenlee. Ren, Corrina, Colby and Sean witness yet another outburst from Dre, followed by the appearance of an unknown man who's working for Dre's father. Greenlee and Kendall discuss about Zach and Aidan, and Kendall is having hard time dealing with what she did. At the same time, Aidan thinks about the 'little affair' he had with Kendall, while talking to Zach. Kendall throws Hannah out of the hospital. Miranda and Bianca say goodbye to Erica.moreless
    • Ep. #9919
      Ep. #9919
      Season 39 - Episode 139
      Annie is convinced that her pregnancy will solve all of her problems. Ryan is stunned to hear that Annie is pregnant. Adam blackmails Krystal. Kendall worries about Annie's mental health. Colby and Petey make a deal.
    • Ep. #10740
      Season 43 - Episode 28

      J.R. gives Cara a surprise that she won't forget. Jesse tries to end his partnership with Uri, but it might be a little too late. Kendall makes an appearance.


    • Ep. #9109
      Ep. #9109
      Season 36 - Episode 96
      Greenlee sets a trap for Zach in Boca Raton, hoping to stop him and Kendall from getting married. Kendall is devastated to see that Ethan is Bianca's guest to Erica's wedding.
    • Ep. #10708
      Ep. #10708
      Season 42 - Episode 179

      Angie celebrates getting her sight back. Jesse informs the rest of the family of the good news. Krystal tells JR that she doesn't think Babe is alive. Marissa and Bianca fight with JR. Cara confides in Liza about being pregnant with David's baby, and her plans to raise the baby alone. Angie goes to see David and he's happy that she has her sight back. Griffin wants to leave Pine Valley, but Cara is against it. Colby gives Maya advice regarding Lucy. Angie celebrates the good news with her family.

    • Ep. #9217
      Ep. #9217
      Season 36 - Episode 204
      Krystal tries to remind Tad just how much Di loved him and his boys, as later all Dixie's friends and family gather together at Di's request. Ryan wants to explain to Greenlee why he did what he did, but she doesn't want to hear it. Babe stops Amanda from using Jamie's bank card, only to have Jamie tell her and Amanda that Amanda is welcome to his money. After talking to Lily, Kendall realizes that Zach knew about Ryan all along.moreless
    • Ep. #9231
      Ep. #9231
      Season 36 - Episode 218
      Ryan agrees to save Kendall first but then goes back to get Greenlee. Greenlee is convinced that Ryan will walk away now that he knows Kendall is having their baby, but Ryan assures her that he is there to stay. Di and Zach stop their kiss, both realising they're doing it for the wrong reasons, and while Zach rushes off to see Kendall after learning of the fire, Di goes to see Del to tell him she's sticking around. Lily withdraws after seeing Jonathan, and Sam gets a gun when he learns Edmund's killer is back in town. Talking the rap for J.R. doesn't improve his attitude toward Babe.moreless
    • Ep. #10707
      Ep. #10707
      Season 42 - Episode 178

      Zach has a surprise in store for Kendall. Brooke returns to Pine Valley and crosses paths with Erica. Dixie and JR discuss the possibility of Babe being alive. David has an assignment for Griffin. Cara visits David in prison.

    • Ep. #10698
      Ep. #10698
      Season 42 - Episode 169

      Erica is confused about Zach protecting David and she tries to find out what is David hiding, but Zach won't budge. Opal confides in Krystal about Sam Brady wanting to reunite with her. Angie isn't happy when she learns Jesse canceled her surgery due to her stress level. Tad and Cara say their goodbyes as she comes to take her stuff. Angie orders David to perform surgery on her.

    • Ep. #10734
      Season 43 - Episode 22

      J.R. arranges for Cara to receive a big surprise. Opal is surprised when her realtor suggests she sell the Cortlandt Manor. Upon learning that Pete has rented his own places, she begins thinking of accepting the idea. Lea is convinced there is something more happening after Cassandra returns home. Meanwhile, Jesse is in further trouble with Uri.

    • Ep. #10702
      Ep. #10702
      Season 42 - Episode 173

      Cara is shocked when she receives the results of her test. Zach warns Ryan to stay out of David's business. Jesse wants Ryan to stop with his anger towards David.

    • Ep. #10701
      Ep. #10701
      Season 42 - Episode 172

      Madison apologizes to Scott for running away from him. Marissa offers legal help to JR as he faces a problem with remaining in the Chandler house. Dixie surprises Tad by appearing in a chicken suit, and they get in trouble with the law because of it. David and Cara spend time together, prompting concern in Amanda and Jake.

    • Ep. #10735
      Season 43 - Episode 23

      Dixie informs Joe of Billy Clyde Tuggle's presence in Pine Valley, prompting Joe to go see him. Lea lets Jesse know that Cassandra being delivered back to the house is a statement. Colby thanks David for helping her with her money problems.


    • Ep. #9236
      Ep. #9236
      Season 36 - Episode 223
      Derek continues to question Amanda about her accident, and Amanda finally points the blame right at Babe. Lily goes to the jail to confront Jonathan and is confused when she sees how truly troubled he is by what he has done. J.R. is flabbergasted when Babe says she's falling in love with him again, and pulls her in for a kiss. Jamie wonders if Amanda started the fire at the Roadside as a way to hurt Babe.moreless
    • Ep. #9237
      Ep. #9237
      Season 36 - Episode 224
      Jamie is shocked to see Amanda's mother in the room with her, and doesn't know what to say when she talks about Amanda and Jamie's 'young love'. Kendall is astonished to learn from Anita that Zach did come to see her in the hospital even though Greenlee swore he didn't. Zach eavesdrops as Ryan demands answers from Jonathan, who swears over and over that he did not start the fire. Babe is happy to hear that J.R. won't be leaving Pine Valley after all, and tells Krystal her plan is working. Greenlee and Kendall are both consumed with their own guilts.moreless
    • Ep. #9240
      Ep. #9240
      Season 36 - Episode 227
      J.R. is frantic when he finds Babe lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs, and calls for help. When Babe wakes up and tells the group that she was pushed, both J.R. and Jamie look to Amanda who, at the top of the stairs in her wheelchair, has a smug smile on her face. Derek gathers Zach, Julia, Aidan, Sam and Jack in the courtroom after shots are fired at Jonathan. Greenlee panics when she realises that the baby is Rh positive, because both she and Ryan are Rh negative. Kendall tells Erica that she's gotten her wish, she and Zach are divorcing, and Erica realises her daughter has fallen in love with her husband.moreless
    • Ep. #9427
      Ep. #9427
      Season 37 - Episode 158
      David witnesses Zach and Dixie's performance as a couple. Kendall tells Josh that Erica won't give up on him; meanwhile, Erica tells Babe that she will never forgive her because of what Babe has done to her family. Ryan tells Livia to do whatever she can to make sure that Zach and Dixie are not guilty, but Livia warns Ryan that she will not break any ethnical rules as an attorney. Jonathan makes a decision after Jack refuses to drop the incompetency petition. Simone and Danielle try to hide Kendall from a TV news story featuring Zach and Dixie kissing.moreless
    • Ep. #9428
      Ep. #9428
      Season 37 - Episode 159
      Erica arrives home to a teenage, summer party filled with nearly-nude teenagers, courtesy of Jack's nephew Sean. As Jonathan reveals the truth to Lily, she becomes emotionally unstable, because she was lied to and tricked again -- the difference is that she was deceived by her husband. A furious Kendall goes to the casino with reporters and trades nasty aspersions with Dixie. Colby and Sydney dispute over who Sean will like more. With Lily gone from his life, Jonathan grieves with Amanda beside him.moreless
    • Ep. #9445
      Ep. #9445
      Season 37 - Episode 176
      Kendall finds Zach holding Spike, meanwhile Dixie is asked to leave by Zach's security guards. Jamie tells Tad he is leaving Pine Valley. Colby is disappointed to find that her party has not been set up yet. Babe's surprise visit by Jordan Pruitt for Sydney dampens Colby's birthday party mood, but she is rejuvenated when Jesse McCartney shows up to sing to her. Sean helps Lily escape her protectors, neither realising that it's Terry waiting for Lily by a special tree. Amanda comforts Jonathan and then kisses him. After Zach's attempts to convince Kendall that he was not lying fail, he leaves. Jamie tells Tad he has changed his mind about leaving.moreless
    • Ep. #10736
      Season 43 - Episode 24

      Miranda's life at school becomes even more problematic when a disturbing picture of herself and another person is revealed. Colby has a surprise in store for David. Brooke tries to make it clear to J.R. that she is charge of everything that has to do with Chandler Enterprises, but J.R. has plans of his own.

    • Ep. #10706
      Ep. #10706
      Season 42 - Episode 177

      Frankie and Randi spend some time with Maya and Lucy. Tad doesn't want Jesse to give up on Angie. JR thinks of leaving town. Madison talks to Scott about his family problems. Cara reveals that she's pregnant to Griffin, and he advises her not to tell David. AJ and JR spend time together after not seeing each other for awhile.

    • Ep. #10463
      Ep. #10463
      Season 41 - Episode 182
      Marissa trashes a room out of anger. Asher has to bash Caleb over the head when he's almost caught snooping. Tad wants Liza to help with Kendall's court date. Kendall and Bianca set out to help Marissa.
    • Ep. #9418
      Ep. #9418
      Season 37 - Episode 149
      Jack makes an important decision concerning his daughter that would forever change his life. Livia is surprised to see her son, Jamal at ConFusion. Colby meets a new friend, Sydney. Jeff, Erica, Krystal, JR, Jamie worry for Josh and Babe.
    • Ep. #10709
      Ep. #10709
      Season 42 - Episode 180

      JR tries to force Griffin to reveal who the mystery patient is, prompting Griffin to stop the confrontation by all means. David receives a visit from JR who tries to threaten him into revealing if Babe is alive, but David won't tell JR anything. Ryan and Zach start a new partnership in honor of Myrtle with Jack's help. Bianca tries to get Kendall to see a different side of Erica's book. Erica opens up in front of the camera about her relationships with her daughters. The Slaters host a family barbecue in honor of Erica. JR attempts to see AJ without permission and ends up getting thrown out. Later on, JR is shocked when he faces Babe.

    • Ep. #9301
      Ep. #9301
      Season 37 - Episode 32
      Julia tells Di to go home becuse she is tired. Josh hears Erica mentioning about him being her son again. Jonathan and Lily are rescued. Krystal has little life left in her and at the hospital, Adam finds out that Krystal was dead on arrival, which turns out not to have been correct. Kendall wonders if she made the right decision in cutting Ryan out of her life and suggests that she and Ryan be a couple again. Zach begs for forgiveness as Ethan continues to die slowly. Babe is rescued by an unlikely ally, Janet.moreless
    • Ep. #9313
      Ep. #9313
      Season 37 - Episode 44
      David ends up knocking Tad out, then finally getting Tad to see some harsh truths, not only about himself but Dixie as well. Dixie tries to convince Zach that she has to find Janet, whom she knows is holding Babe and Little Adam. Zach agrees to help her and when they see a light Dixie is convinced that Janet is up ahead, not realising that it's Tad. J.R. shows up at Tad's office demanding answers from Amanda. Jamie protects Amanda, but while the two are bonding in the hallway, Amanda sees a magazine cover about fishing and remembers Trevor's fishing cabin. Janet tells Babe that they'll stay in the cabin forever and raise Little Adam, but Babe nearly blows it when the close proximity of Trevor's frozen body has her calling Janet crazy.moreless
    • Ep. #9337
      Ep. #9337
      Season 37 - Episode 68
      Lily and Jack discuss the future of being with Jonathan, with Jack standing strong on a "no." Babe and JR join Di and Tad on the beach, only after JR receives a text message from Janet. Dr. Greg Madden is rushed into the hospital, after Josh successfully revives his father. Erica's plot to murder Greg is known to Ryan. She also tells Ryan about what Greg did to her and that Josh is her son. Dixie reveals more about what Greg Madden did to her and Zach is determined to help her find Kate.moreless
    • Ep. #9787
      Ep. #9787
      Season 39 - Episode 7
      Adam asks Colby to help him plan a wedding reception for Krystal and Tad, and he assures her that he only wants to bury the hatchet and move on with his life. Krystal is reluctant to go on a real honeymoon with Tad, but she later surprises him in a Hawaiian costume and suggests they should start doing what married people do, but Colby interrupts them. Erica rants to her masseur about her love problems. Zach is having hard time dealing with losing Hannah. Kendall comforts him and they make love. Greenlee confides in Aidan about Leo and they return to the apartment, and then make love.moreless
    • Ep. #9712
      Ep. #9712
      Season 38 - Episode 188
      Adam apologizes for his behavior while on a fishing trip with Colby. Sean is trying to take a photo of the hip hop group, and Dre is the only one who refuses to show his face on the picture. Tad and Krystal talk about Krystal's undying love for Adam, and Tad explains that he professed his love only to mess with Adam's head. Ryan convinces a scared Annie to run away with him to a tropical island, where they can hide from her brother. A person breaks into their condo later. Aidan keeps Jack busy while a disguised Greenlee goes undercover as the dead man's wife to pick up his stuff. Jack catches them. Adam is crushed when Krystal tells him that she doesn't ever want to see either Stuart or him.moreless
    • Ep. #9676
      Ep. #9676
      Season 38 - Episode 152
      A fight between Greenlee and Kendall is broken when Zach realizes that something is wrong with Spike. While waiting for the prognosis, Ryan tells Greenlee to get out of his life. Joe then informs Zach, Kendall, Ryan and Annie that Spike is deaf! Somebody kidnaps Greenlee at the hospital. Erica visits Adam and asks him to leave Zach alone, but Adam won't give in. Then Erica starts talking about Spike and Ian, and she breaks down to tears. Adam comforts her, and after she leaves, he informs a person to continue working on the plans to take back Chandler Enterprises. Jonathan and Lily talk about Ava. Amanda is disappointed to learn that J.R. still hasn't found the missing money, but J.R. surprises her by inviting her to spend some time with him on a yacht. Ava convinces Lenny to pull out the drugs, but her plan is ruined when J.R. and Amanda arrive at the beach. J.R. starts suspecting that something is wrong and he won't leave them alone. Soon, Lenny realizes that Ava is wired, so he takes her hostage and drags her to a shack on the beach.moreless
    • Ep. #9667
      Ep. #9667
      Season 38 - Episode 143
      An injured Greenlee pulls herself out of the wrecked car and finds Spike, who was thrown out of the car during the accident, and realizes he is injured. Kendall's condition is still very serious and everyone is on the edge because they don't know where Greenlee or Spike are. Jack refuses to believe that Greenlee took Spike away, but Erica thinks Greenlee is capable of everything. Jonathan vows to make Greenlee pay for what she did. Tad convinces Ryan not to give up hope. Kendall goes into labor when Ryan tells her about Spike.moreless
    • Ep. #9701
      Ep. #9701
      Season 38 - Episode 177
      J.R. finds and sends the photos of Ava and Jonathan naked on the beach to the Fusion girls, who are shocked by the footage. Zach comforts Kendall who, once again, blames herself for Spike's problems. Ryan confronts Greenlee about Dr. Hilliard, and he informs her about having a few guys tracking her every step to prevent her from coming close to either Kendall or Spike. Tad, Josh, Jack and the rest of the gang reminisce about 9/11. Kathy and Julia also join them. J.R. tries to make a business deal with Jonathan, but he refuses. Ava suspects she might be pregnant.moreless
    • Ep. #9641
      Ep. #9641
      Season 38 - Episode 117
      Greenlee is overcome as she holds Spike for the first time and bolts from the room. Annie tells Ryan their honeymoon is off, as she doesn't want to spend her marriage with Greenlee as a fifth wheel, but Ryan convinces her to change her mind. Sean tries to manipulate Ava into telling the truth about the drugs, but she sees through him. Lily gives Jonathan some momentos from their wedding, then runs into trouble when she's mistaken for Ava. Jamie and Julia sadly realise that their relationship is not meant to be. Di worries that they haven't heard from Amanda for a few days, but Del plays her voicemail message for the others. J.R. stops Amanda from intervening with the kidnappers.moreless
    • Ep. #9682
      Ep. #9682
      Season 38 - Episode 158
      A sympathetic Bianca phones home to talk to Kendall, and she notices that Kendall has been spending more time with Spike rather than with Ian. Kendall doesn't want to talk to Jack when he refuses to arrest Greenlee. Aidan punches Wheeler and forces him to leave the bar. Greenlee wonders why is Aidan still protecting her, and he gives her an advice about life. Kendall has a nightmare in which she stabs Greenlee, and then she wakes up to find Greenlee standing near. Annie informs Di about leaving Pine Valley for a while to meet "him." Zach and Ryan fight over who is the man that caused the pain to the family.moreless
    • Ep. #9645
      Ep. #9645
      Season 38 - Episode 121
      An impatient Adam is reunited with his beloved son J.R. and is glad to see him alive. J.R. is shocked to learn that Adam turned to Zach for help, and the money transfer already went through. Now Zach has the total control over Adam. Erica and Jack's kiss is interrupted by the camera crew. Jack gives Erica an ultimatum. Milla asks Tad out on a date, but he bails on her, and then later confronts Krystal, who accuses him of avoiding having a social life. Erica comes to an interesting idea and wants Tad to help her. Ava realizes Jonathan is drawn to Lily, and then Di confronts Ava about having feelings for Jonathan too. Jamie and Babe, during their study session, reminisce about their past.moreless
    • Ep. #9655
      Ep. #9655
      Season 38 - Episode 131
      Despite Adam's earlier reticence toward his son, the two finally decide to join forces to bring down Zach. Annie and Greenlee finally confront each other, and each go for the jugular. Erica tries to convince Ryan to fight for a future with Annie.
    • Ep. #9788
      Ep. #9788
      Season 39 - Episode 8
      Aidan finds out that Quentin is having health problems and he is forced to knock him out so he'd go to the hospital. Colby tells Dre that the private investigators seem to have left and that Dre can come out of hiding. Sean tells Colby that he slept with Hannah. J.R. confronts Sean about it. Annie, Amanda and Babe arrange a party for Greenlee. Amanda tries to talk to Babe, but Babe refuses to listen to her. Ava tells Amanda that she and Jonathan broke up. Kendall continues to feel guilty about sleeping with Aidan when she thought Zach was dead. Josh visits Ryan. J.R. leases a condo next to Babe's. Richie is confused when Ryan acts different around him. Kendall is surprised when Ryan kisses her. Richie urges Annie to help him out.moreless
    • Ep. #9786
      Ep. #9786
      Season 39 - Episode 6
      Greenlee and Kendall arrive at the Falls just as Hannah slips, but Zach manages to catch her hand. The girls, along with Aidan and Zach, urge Hannah to hold on, but Hannah intentionally lets go of Zach's hand. The police arrives and the search team starts looking for Hannah's body. Zach has to deal with yet another loss, and Greenlee reminisces about the pain she felt when she lost Leo. Erica and Jack argue while being locked in the closet, but Julia comes to their rescue. Erica doesn't hide her animosity against Julia or her family. Richie plays the role of victim in front of Babe again, while a jealous J.R. takes care of Little A. Ryan continues surprising Annie with his odd behavior, as they make love on the balcony and then discuss future plans.moreless
    • Ep. #9704
      Ep. #9704
      Season 38 - Episode 180
      Kendall takes time so think and resolve her complicated life, and after some reminiscing and talking to Spike, she realizes what she must do next. Greenlee justifies her actions to Zach. Ryan is shocked to learn that Annie's brother Richie was released from prison. Annie finds the mysterious pocket watch in her purse. Aidan tries to persuade Annie to let him protect her and find the attacker, but she is reluctant. Zach is shocked to find Hannah in his office.moreless
    • Ep. #9797
      Ep. #9797
      Season 39 - Episode 17
      Jack is grateful to Erica for donating blood for Greenlee and Frankie, and they kiss. Pam tries to convince Erica to get Samuel Woods to guest on her show. Ryan visits Greenlee at the hospital. Kendall is surprised when Ryan doesn't recall who Annie is. Joe and Angie finally inject the serum to Frankie's blood, and he has a bad reaction to it by daydreaming of Jesse's return home. Richie puts a weird idea in Emma's head, and both Annie and Ryan are appalled by it. Babe and Krystal give their blood at the hospital. Babe is convinced that J.R. is making a big mistake by moving back to Adam's mansion, but Krystal fills her in on her request. Adam gives J.R. a high-priced ring, and later listens to J.R. and Krystal's phone conversation.moreless
    • Ep. #9714
      Ep. #9714
      Season 38 - Episode 190
      Kendall breaks into Greenlee's apartment, keen on fulfilling her revenge, but after seeing pictures and reminiscing about the past, she realizes she can't go through with it. Hannah tries to come up with a plan for Zach to separate Kendall from Greenlee away from each other once and for all. Lily suggests using J.R. for their plan. Zach approaches J.R. Annie and Ryan try to relax on the secret location, but Ryan ruins the moment by questioning Annie about her childhood. Wes and Babe spend quality time together. J.R. is trying to get his deal going by approaching Jonathan, but he refuses the offer. Aidan and Greenlee believe that someone is framing Annie, and after finding a picture of Richie, they e-mail the photo to Ryan. Ryan uses a photo program to find out how Richie really looks like and when he removes the details it turns out to be Wes!moreless
    • Ep. #9699
      Ep. #9699
      Season 38 - Episode 175
      Erica and Jack's night at the marina is interrupted by Greenlee. She tries to leave, but Jack convinces her to stay and make peace with Erica. At dinner, the tension rises as Jack tells Erica that Greenlee wants to make up for what happened to Spike. Jack lets it slip about Dr. Hilliard, and Erica angrily storms off. Ryan is surprised when Annie reveals that her mother killed herself after Annie did something to her brother, and that her father always blamed her for her mother's suicide. Then she reveals that she was the one who put her brother Richie in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Ryan tells Annie that he loves her, and he promises to protect her from her past. Kendall and Zach get cozy, but their romantic time together is interrupted when Spike reacts and Kendall is sure that Spike can hear again. Adam worries that Krystal may realize that he is posing as Stuart. He then questions her about her feelings. J.R. reassures Amanda that he'll resolve the financial situation soon. Amanda tries to convince him to ask Adam to return his shares of the company. J.R. catches Adam in Stuart's clothes. Greenlee finds Annie's watch on the beach. Erica bursts into Dr. Hilliard's office and it's obvious that they know each other.moreless
    • Ep. #9694
      Ep. #9694
      Season 38 - Episode 170
      Opal, Ruth, Joe, Krystal, Babe, Amanda and others are decorating The Comeback for Tad's surprise birthday party. J.R. tries to persuade Tad to go to The Comeback with him, but Tad keeps refusing the offer, and he suspects something might be going on. Ava wants to go to New York, but Jonathan changes her mind. Babe gives Wes, a new bartender, a grand tour of the club. Kendall finally convinces Dr. Hilliard to take Spike as a patient. Erica visits Ian at the hospital and Zach talks about his future plans for Ian. Then they all decide to go to Tad's birthday party. Annie finally reveals more secrets about her past and Ryan promises to help her. Annie is scared when she has a vision of Ryan knocked out of a window. J.R. arrives at club without Tad, and everyone wonders where he might be.moreless
    • Ep. #9652
      Ep. #9652
      Season 38 - Episode 128
      Colby stands up for Krystal when she comes under fire for working at the Comeback, and later faces some pointed questions from Krystal about Sven. Kendall tries to help Annie and Ryan find a way to deal with their Greenlee problem so they can save their marriage. Aidan warns Amanda that if she continues her involvement with J.R. it will only lead to pain. Di warns Ava not to toy with Aidan, then Jonathan prepares Ava for a job at the Comeback. J.R. admits to Adam that he staged his own kidnapping, which leads to Adam walking away from his son.moreless
    • Ep. #9880
      Ep. #9880
      Season 39 - Episode 100
      Angie's and Jesse's wedding turns into a hostage situations, as Roberts fights to escape and starts shooting at the wedding guests, as a sad Dixie looks at the tragedy.
    • Ep. #9644
      Ep. #9644
      Season 38 - Episode 120
      Kendall and Greenlee work together on the new Fusion project, and it seems like their closeness is finally back. Ryan comforts an insecure Annie, and reassures her that she is the one he wants. Sean doesn't want Colby involved in the drug charges, so he decides to take her mind off it by taking her to the part to a concert. They kiss in the boathouse. With the cameras on, Erica and Tad attend a dinner at the same place as Jack and Milla. Jack is furious at Erica. Jonathan and Ava rekindle their friendship.moreless
    • Ep. #9810
      Ep. #9810
      Season 39 - Episode 30
      Krystal convinces Angie to take a train, while Tad tries to guilt Jesse into staying in Pine Valley. Angie arrives at the station and sees Jesse through the window. The train leaves, but then suddenly goes backwards. Angie is in shock as Jesse steps off the train. Jack wants Erica to distance herself from a shady character like Samuel Woods. Aidan advises Josh to find a woman. Erica is thrilled when Kendall informs her that the pregnancy test was negative. Erica kisses Jack. Annie tells Greenlee to stay away from Ryan. Ryan angrily confronts Zach about all the changes that happened at Cambias and Pine Valley in general, and Zach fights back, urging Ryan to move on with his life. Greenlee and Kendall take the center stage to present the Fusion fashion show. Jack isn't happy to see the sparks between Erica and Samuel.moreless
    • Ep. #9295
      Ep. #9295
      Season 37 - Episode 26
      The surprises at the Mardi Gras Ball continue to rock the citizens of Pine Valley. Jack yells at Jonathan as he sees Jonathan kissing Lily, which causes Lily to run away. Jamie, Greg, Erica, and Josh continue their conversation about who drugged Erica upstairs. Babe and J.R. continue to dance around their love for each other. After discovering that Josh was the real criminal that drugged Erica, Erica fires him. With everyone gone, Tad tells Erica that Josh is her son. J.R. tells Adam that he is going to marry Babe.moreless
    • Ep. #9671
      Ep. #9671
      Season 38 - Episode 147
      Although they'd rather be with Kendall in the hospital, the girls of Fusion have to continue running the place, and with Ava's help, Di, Amanda and Babe come to an interesting new idea. Jack asks Erica not to put Greenlee between them. Josh takes Greenlee back to the penthouse after Ryan kicks her out of Spike's room. Kendall, Annie, Ryan and Zach are trying to deal with the illness of their children. Myrtle leaves an encouraging message to Zach, who seems to be breaking down by the minute. Erica comforts a heartbroken Kendall.moreless
    • Ep. #9669
      Ep. #9669
      Season 38 - Episode 145
      Spike and Greenlee are rushed to the hospital. Kendall finally gives birth to a boy, but the baby is in a very fragile state and is being kept alive by the machines. The doctor talks to Zach about the consequences of premature birth. Zach is shocked when Erica suggests they should christen the baby boy in case something happens to him. Joe informs the family about Spike's dangerous operation. The operation ends good, but Spike's condition is still very serious. Jack is taken aback when he learns that Greenlee was heading out of Pine Valley with Spike. Krystal is concerned for Adam.moreless
    • Ep. #9211
      Ep. #9211
      Season 36 - Episode 198
      Garret is shot accidentally as he and Julia struggle over the gun, but Julia's second shot, which finishes him off, is no accident. J.R. apologizes to Kendall for his attitude at the party, but Kendall understands his angst and supports her friend, then surprises Jamie by giving him carte blanche to reunite with Babe. While in Nova Scotia, Greenlee is shocked to see Jonathan but after demanding the nurses tell her where he is, realizes that the person she saw wasn't him after all. Erin encourages Ryan to go back to his wife.moreless
    • Ep. #9668
      Ep. #9668
      Season 38 - Episode 144
      A heavily injured Greenlee manages to call Ryan and inform him about the accident, but she passes out before she can tell him where she is located. Aidan finds a way to track down the mobile phone, and soon they find Greenlee and Spike. Meanwhile, Kendall's condition is worse when her water breaks, and the life of her unborn baby is in serious danger. Di and Jonathan find out that a strange woman is causing a scene at the boathouse, and they suspect it's Ava. Adam finds Ava drugged up and she falls into the water. Adam is forced to save her life when Ava can't swim, and then he leaves before anyone can see him. Krystal learns about what Adam did. Livia reminds Jack about the divorce deadline.moreless
    • Ep. #9806
      Ep. #9806
      Season 39 - Episode 26
      Angie faints when she sees Jesse at the cemetery, and when the medics arrive Jesse hides. At the hospital, Angie claims that Jesse is alive, but Joe doesn't believe her. Joe tells Tad about the offer he made for Angie to stay at PHV. Jesse informs Tad about seeing Angie, and Tad asks him to stay in town. Zach asks Ryan to talk to his wife, but he makes yet another stupid comment, so Annie leaves. Ryan holds Spike and talks to him, although Zach reminds him that Spike can't hear him. Ryan apologizes to Annie. Kendall worries that she might be pregnant. Aidan returns to the hospital and surprises Greenlee.moreless
    • Ep. #9679
      Ep. #9679
      Season 38 - Episode 155
      Stuart tries to cheer up Adam and make him realize that he can still fix his life, but Adam is hopeless. Suddenly, Stuart comes to an idea---Adam will pretend to be Stuart while painting at Tad's house. Babe wants J.R. to watch out and never put himself in danger again. Adam (as Stuart) enters the house and overhears a conversation between Krystal and Tad in which Krystal admits that she still has feelings for Adam. Kendall isn't happy when Ryan agrees with Dr. Norton to keep Spike in the hospital longer and then later go to Dallas to pick up the equipment for Spike. Zach saves the day by ordering someone to pick up the merchandise and bring it to Pine Balley. Once again, Erica puts the subject of Greenlee between herself and Jack.moreless
    • Ep. #9076
      Ep. #9076
      Season 36 - Episode 63
      Ethan seeks J.R. for help with Zach Slater. Kendall tries to convince Jonathan to give up his gun. Greenlee tries to break a lock so that she and Lily could escape from the mine shaft. David continues to question Di. Jamie comforts Babe but also alerts her about her dad, David. Zach's next stop after being free is where Tad and Ryan are. David suspects that Di is Dixie.moreless
    • Ep. #9769
      Ep. #9769
      Season 38 - Episode 245
      Ava and Jonathan fight over J.R. and Lily, as they both realize their engagement is in danger. Zach comforts Greenlee when she starts to panic due to lack of air in the shelter. Kendall runs through the woods yelling out Zach's name, but Aidan calms her and brings her back to Sylvester's place, where he tells her that he think they won't find Greenlee and Zach alive. Amanda and J.R. argue about the past and when J.R. tells Amanda that he remembers a part of the night he was drunk, she quickly runs away from the mansion. Annie visits Richie at the psych ward but their conversation turns into a game of blame and guilt. Just as she's about to leave, Janet helps Richie escape.moreless
    • Ep. #10712
      Ep. #10712
      Season 42 - Episode 183

      Scott is overjoyed as he watches Marian and Stuart reuniting. Adam learns that Brooke bought the Chandler house, and the family celebrates the event. David finally gets his due when his enemies recognize his efforts to bring back the people everyone thought were dead. Opal desperately tries to convince Erica to choose Jack over her career. Jamie catches up with JR as JR prepares to leave Pine Valley. Dixie and Tad arrive to inform JR of Stuart being alive, and JR doesn't believe them. Randi tells Frankie and the rest of the family that she might be pregnant. Erica attempts to make things right with Jack, but Jack refuses to back down for the sake of her career. They part ways. As everyone reunites at the party, Jack refuses to listen to Erica, Adam proposes to Brooke and she accepts, and JR points a gun and it goes off.

    • Ep. #9789
      Ep. #9789
      Season 39 - Episode 9
      Richie tries to manipulate Annie. Ryan's odd behavior continues to alarm Annie. Greenlee and Zach become closer while talking about Hannah and the bomb shelter experience. Greenlee takes an interest in Kendall's book. Babe wonders if J.R. leased the condo next to hers to prevent her from getting closer with Richie. They fight, but Krystal and Tad interrupt them, and then advise them separately to apologize. Kendall is surprised by Ryan's behavior. Palmer is alarmed when he hears Adam asking Erica to marry him again, and Erica convinces Palmer that she doesn't have any intention in doing so. The surprise party for Krystal and Tad continues as Adam follows an angry Krystal and then locks everyone else in the dining room.moreless
    • Ep. #9768
      Ep. #9768
      Season 38 - Episode 244
      Erica comforts Kendall when Joe informs them that Greenlee isn't the one to blame for Spike's deafness. Josh is surprised to learn that Ryan has given up hope on ever finding Zach. Quentin and Aidan continue searching for Greenlee and Zach. Aidan is stunned to learn from Kendall about the fact that Greenlee is innocent. Zach and Greenlee are crushed when a part of the shelter collapses, and they try to think positive by telling jokes to each other. Julia asks Lily to talk to Kathy about losing her parents. Julia and Jack get comfortable while talking and Erica catches them holding hands, and then informs Jack about Greenlee's innocence. Adam tries to make Tad drop the lawsuit against Krystal in exchange for info on Kate, but Tad refuses the offer.moreless
    • Ep. #9664
      Ep. #9664
      Season 38 - Episode 140
      Babe finds herself, once again, in the middle of Kendall and Greenlee's fight. Tad is glad when Krystal agrees to move in with him. Kendall feels pain. Amanda realizes how much Jonathan cares for Ava. Krystal decides not to rehire Ava. J.R. tries to prove to Adam that he wants to fix everything and save their business, but Adam feels betrayed by him. Erica and Jack inform Sean and Lily about getting back together.moreless
    • Ep. #9647
      Ep. #9647
      Season 38 - Episode 123
      Greenlee's happiness is cut short when Ryan and Annie return from their honeymoon. Annie refuses to be bullied by Greenlee at Fusion. A shocked J.R. learns that Zach is taking over Chandler Enterprises due to a deal he made with Adam. Amanda lies to an FBI agent to cover the story that J.R. made up. Amanda wants Aidan to help her find Seamus Wong. Krystal gives Ava a job at The Comeback. Ava refuses to confess that she had something to do with Sean's drug charges. J.R. contacts Seamus.moreless
    • Ep. #9620
      Ep. #9620
      Season 38 - Episode 96
      Annie wants Ryan to finally talk things over with Greenlee. Both Greenlee and Ryan are surprised when they learn stuff about each other that they hadn't known about. Zach wants to help Kendall resolve her problems with Greenlee. Hannah informs them about moving on with her life, and then Kendall wants her to stay in Pine Valley. Tad arrives just in time to attend a special dinner at the Yacht Club with Erica, Jack and Barbara, while the cameras are recording everything for the reality show. Erica and Tad surprise everyone by kissing. Ava and Jonathan kiss during an argument. Once she is rejected by both Aidan and Jonathan, Ava is determined to seduce Sean. Erica and Jack catch Sean and Ava making out.moreless
    • Ep. #9700
      Ep. #9700
      Season 38 - Episode 176
      Wes congratulates Babe on getting her high school diploma. Babe suspects Ava might be pregnant. Erica bursts at Dr. Hilliard, whom she knows from the Betty Ford clinic, and she promises to bring him down. Kendall is convinced that Spike can hear again, but when Dr. Norton realizes Spike is having an allergic reaction, he manages to revive Spike, who stopped breathing. Joe makes an examination on Spike to determine if the vitamins might have caused the allergic reaction. Erica informs everyone that Greenlee was the one who hired Dr. Hilliard. Stuart defends Adam's action in front of J.R. Greenlee blames Aidan for spilling her secret to Jack, but he insists that Greenlee was the one who told Jack about it. J.R. pitches that idea about to Adam, but he isn't interested and instead, he makes him a partnership offer to help him take back what Zach stole from him. However, J.R. refuses the offer.moreless
    • Ep. #9783
      Ep. #9783
      Season 39 - Episode 3
      Aidan and Kendall are still having hard time being around each other considering what happened between them. Ryan dances with Erica in his hospital room. He notices the tension between Erica and Julia, and Julia explains that it's because of Jack. Richie admits to Annie that he intended to frame her for murder on the day she visited him at the psych ward, and then he asks for a second chance, but Annie refuses. Jack and Greenlee talk about Greenlee's illness and Jack's love life while talking a walk out in the park. Greenlee's illness takes a turn for worse when she has a dizzy spell followed by hearing problems. Zach confronts Adam about Hannah's whereabouts, but Adam has no idea about it. Hannah calls Zach and asks for a meeting.moreless
    • Ep. #9805
      Ep. #9805
      Season 39 - Episode 25
      Angie reminisces about her past with Jesse, and remembers that today would be Jesse's birthday. Joe asks Angie to come work for the hospital full-time, but she says she can't. Jesse quickly escapes from the hospital before anyone can see him, and he runs to the cemetery. Angie decides to go to the cemetery. Zach tries to cheer up Annie with a pillow fight. Ryan and Greenlee reminisce about the old times, and then Ryan seeks answers from Greenlee. She suggests he should give Annie a chance. Aidan tells Kendall that he's working on a case. They soon begin talking about their night, and Kendall is frightened that someone might overhear.moreless
    • Ep. #9807
      Ep. #9807
      Season 39 - Episode 27
      Erica is furious to learn that her bank accounts have been frozen. Pam surprises her by bringing Samuel Woods for an interview. Angie and Frankie discuss about the possibility of Jesse still being alive, but Angie quickly dismisses the idea, although she has suspicions. Tad urges Jesse to stay at his place, but Jesse is keen on leaving. Joe releases Greenlee from the hospital, and she happily plans a future with Aidan. Zach surprises Kendall at her book singing in Chicago and immediately notices something weird is going on. Kendall accidentally drops the pregnancy test out of her purse. Krystal confides in Babe about Tad's strange behavior. Richie tells Babe about the donor refusing to help Richie. Babe asks Krystal to help her break into Joe's office and find out who the donor match is. Adam isn't happy to learn that J.R. lost the ring he gave him. Colby gives J.R. the real ring that she found at The Comeback, and J.R. realizes that there is a microphone in it. Krystal and Babe break into Joe's office and learn that J.R. is a possible donor for Richie.moreless
    • Ep. #9678
      Ep. #9678
      Season 38 - Episode 154
      Kendall and Ryan spend the night looking over Spike and talking about Greenlee. At the yacht club, Greenlee confronts Aidan about taking her away from the hospital against her will. He informs her about Spike's deafness and they talk about a way that Greenlee could regain the trust of the people that she hurt. Adam sees a report about Lenny and instantly claims that it's another of J.R.'s planned situations. Jonathan questions Amanda about her relationship with J.R. Babe, Krystal, Colby, Sean and Tad arrive at the beach after learning about the kidnapping. Babe worries about J.R. and then reassures Amanda that it's all going to be okay. Jonathan is worried about Ava. Adam arrives at the beach and Jack immediately reports that Adam was behind the drug charges, so Derek goes after Adam, and Adam soon experiences a sharp pain and almost falls over. In the shack, Ava and J.R. start arguing. Lenny tries to control the situation, but Ava and J.R. come up with a plan to start fighting. Soon, Lenny and J.R. end up fighting for the gun. Krystal and Colby are trying to take care of Adam, but he refuses to let them help him. Suddenly, a shot is heard from inside the shack. Lenny and Ava exit and J.R. is behind them with a gun. The police arrests Lenny. Lily rushes to Ava and the girls hug.moreless
    • Ep. #9686
      Ep. #9686
      Season 38 - Episode 162
      Aidan is heartbroken after the breakup, but Greenlee keeps on rubbing salt in his wound. She is happy that someone else's life is apparently going wrong. She tries to make him play a game with her, but instead he leaves her to pay the check. Annie is freaked out by the mysterious phone call, and after calling the day camp, she realizes that a man took Emma, but her concern is over when Jonathan comes home with Emma. Suddenly the phone rings again, but Annie won't let Jonathan answer it. Joe counsels Zach about the problems with Ian. Kendall talks to Dr. Hillard about the treatment for Spike.moreless
    • Ep. #9689
      Ep. #9689
      Season 38 - Episode 165
      Zach helps Lily learn how to feed Ian. Kendall is unhappy when Ryan comments on her bad decision to talk to Dr. Hillard, and then she calls him a quitter for trying to learn more about cochlear implants and sign language. Ryan suggests taking Spike to his home and although reluctantly, Kendall has to let go. Annie goes to work with Emma, and ends up talking about life with Greenlee. She spots rose petals and suddenly has an asthma attack, but Greenlee calms her down and offers to take her home. Babe is having hard time adjusting to changes in her life. J.R. questions Babe about Ava's business contract. Krystal gives some advice about Erica and Greenlee to Jack.moreless
    • Ep. #9713
      Ep. #9713
      Season 38 - Episode 189
      Wes takes Babe talk about their recent friendship, and then Wes takes her to the batting cage. J.R. and Ava continue flirting. He wants her to find a way to quit her contract with Fusion. Kendall and Erica discuss Kendall's plans for the revenge on Greenlee, and Erica warns Kendall that Greenlee won't be able to keep their friendship secret for long. Aidan promises to Jack that he won't Greenlee in his work again. Aidan and Greenlee realize that Eddie had a check from Annie in his briefcase and they trace a phone call to Annie's cell too. Hannah has a secret plan against Zach.moreless
    • Ep. #9815
      Ep. #9815
      Season 39 - Episode 35
      Kendall, Aidan, Zach and Greenlee learn that the man found in the bomb shelter is John Remington, a police cop that was suppose to be shot on the day Jesse was killed. Babe and J.R. make love. Afterwards, Richie's goons kidnap J.R. Babe informs Richie about J.R. being a donor match, and Richie pretends to be surprised. Jesse tells Frankie the story about his exit from Pine Valley years ago, and Frankie eventually believes his father. He slaps him and then hugs him. Angie thanks Tad and Krystal for helping Jesse. Krystal, Tad, Angie and Frankie manage to convince Jesse to stay in town and fight. Meanwhile, at an unknown location, two men are looking through tapes of Pine Valley hospital and learn that Jesse is alive.moreless
    • Ep. #9705
      Ep. #9705
      Season 38 - Episode 181
      Aidan and Ryan are worried when Annie suddenly disappears, but she returns soon and covers for her brief exit. Ryan informs her about Richie's release from prison, and it only upsets her more. Wes saves Babe from a robber at The Comeback and she asks him out on a date. Kendall and Greenlee make a deal to finally put the fights behind them, but Kendall wants Greenlee to keep their conversation a secret. Zach realizes Hannah isn't pregnant, and she convinces him that she wants to stay in Pine Valley.moreless
    • Ep. #9340
      Ep. #9340
      Season 37 - Episode 71
      JR and Babe talk about trust issues. Jack and Erica argue. Josh reveals to Greg how Erica is guilty of drugging him. Zach comforts Simone over Ethan.
    • Ep. #9811
      Ep. #9811
      Season 39 - Episode 31
      Erica opens the fashion show. Aidan is surprised when Greenlee confides in him about the possibility of Kendall being pregnant. Jack is annoyed by Samuel's presence at the show. Krystal wants Adam to reveal the info he has on Kate, but Tad interrupts her. Babe talks to J.R. about the possibility of revisiting their wild days. Ryan refuses to believe to Greenlee when she confirms that Ryan walked away from Cambias. Kendall informs Aidan that she isn't pregnant. As the fashion show comes to an end, Samuel sends cops to arrest Erica on the stage. Angie is shocked to realize that Jesse is alive, and after they go to a safe place, Jesse tries to explain what happened to him, but Angie only wants to hold him and enjoy the fact that he's alive.moreless
    • Ep. #9796
      Ep. #9796
      Season 39 - Episode 16
      J.R. tries to break in Adam's safe but he has to cover for himself when Adam catches him snooping around. When he assures himself that Adam doesn't suspect anything J.R. returns to the safe, unaware that Adam is watching him from the next room. Annie is worried when Ryan forgets who Emma is. Ryan later comforts Emma who had a bad dream. Annie finds out that she is not a donor match for Richie. Richie continues trying to seduce Babe, but she wants to keep things on a friendly level. Annie informs Richie about the test results. Joe tells Zach that the virus that infected Greenlee and Frankie is mutating and that it can't be stopped. Kendall calls the people of Pine Valley to donate blood for Greenlee and Frankie. Greenlee is having trouble breathing, and later suffers a seizure. Kendall comforts Greenlee and they reminisce about the moments they spent together. Jesse apologizes to a sedated Frankie for leaving when he was a kid. Frankie is convinced that he had seen his father, but Angie thinks he's only hallucinating. Joe warns Angie about the conflict of interest concerning the treatment for Frankie.moreless
    • Ep. #9751
      Ep. #9751
      Season 38 - Episode 227
      Kendall shows Derek a picture of J.R., Babe and Little Adam that she found at the scene of the accident. Colby tries to convince Adam and Tad to call a truce long enough to enjoy Thanksgiving together. Annie suggests to Ryan they use Richie's feelings for Babe to discover his true agenda. Richie flirts with Babe. Kendall confronts J.R., who doesn't remember anything about the night before, so she decides to take him to the crash site. Greenlee has to tend to a heavily injured Zach. J.R. wants his car removed so nobody would know that blood was in it.moreless
    • Ep. #9367
      Ep. #9367
      Season 37 - Episode 98
      Dixie tries to convince J.R. to take responsibility for his actions, but Ryan is more interested in threatening his life. After refusing David's offer to help her find Kate, Dixie goes to see Tad. Zach continues to block access to Kendall but allows Julia into the room, which leads to Erica trying to force her way in and ending up at the end of Zach's gun. Terry does his best to seduce Lily but is interrupted by Jonathan, who then hits his head during an altercation with Terry. Ryan continues to worry whether or not he's making the right decision choosing Kendall over the baby.moreless
    • Ep. #9708
      Ep. #9708
      Season 38 - Episode 184
      Babe orders J.R. to stay away from Ava because she's on contract with Ava. Ava wants J.R. to help her break off the contract and win back her fame. Zach and Josh discuss about Hannah and Chandler Enterprises. Annie reassures Ryan that she didn't send the locket to herself and then explains how Ryan has always been one step ahead of her. Derek informs them that a body of a man similar to Richie has been found dead. Krystal is convinced that Adam is impersonating Stuart, so she invites Stuart to The Comeback and starts seducing him. She kisses him and then realizes that it's the real Stuart. Erica surprises Kendall by introducing a deaf boy on New Beginnings.moreless
    • Ep. #9709
      Ep. #9709
      Season 38 - Episode 185
      Stuart admits to Krystal that Adam has been posing as him for awhile, and Krystal finds herself confused about her feelings again. Tad warns Adam to stay away from Krystal, Jenny and Colby, and Krystal overhears Tad saying that he loves Krystal. Kendall isn't happy when Erica introduces a deaf boy to her. Wes and Babe identify a dead body of a robber. Wes leaves before Annie arrives at the police station. Annie and Ryan arrive too and Annie is shocked when she sees the dead body.moreless
    • Ep. #9691
      Ep. #9691
      Season 38 - Episode 167
      Jack confronts Erica after receiving a contract with a show through mail. She admits singing him to a new show, and explains that Jack will be involved in a show that will explore real life situations, such as Spike's deafness. Greenlee begs Dr. Hillard not to reveal her to Aidan, and the man suddenly realizes that Greenlee is the woman who kidnapped Spike. Aidan pretends to be a man with a shoulder injury, but Dr. Hillard spoils his cover and sends him out. Then later, he writes a check to Greenlee, saying that he doesn't want to be involved in her games. Annie is concerned about Spike living with Ryan and her. Ryan is suspicious of Annie's new behavior, and he's sure that Annie is hiding something. Zach finds Kendall trying to hold a baby of an unknown woman. Annie stuns Zach, Kendall and Ryan by suggesting a solution for the Spike problem -- they should all live together in Zach and Kendall's place. Aidan realizes that Greenlee is the one who contacted Dr. Hillard.moreless
    • Ep. #9685
      Ep. #9685
      Season 38 - Episode 161
      A frustrated Jack lashes out at Greenlee. Zach learns that Ian needs brain surgery as soon as possible. Aidan and Di break up when Di informs him about moving to New York City. Kendall is optimistic when Dr. Hillard explains how to handle Spike's situation, but Zach isn't as convinced as Kendall is. Ryan is proud of Annie trying to help Spike. However, she refuses to talk about her past. Annie is disturbed when she receives a mysterious phone call of a children's nursery rhyme. Jack refuses to star in another show with Erica, but she lies to the network and decides to go through with it.moreless
    • Ep. #9683
      Ep. #9683
      Season 38 - Episode 159
      Di covers for Annie when Ryan questions her about Annie's whereabouts. She tells him that Annie is doing research on deafness, but Ryan senses that something is going on. Meanwhile, Annie visits her deaf father Walter and seeks help, but Walter refuses to have anything to do with his daughter. However, he gives her the address of the person that helped him with his deafness. Annie breaks down in tears when she learns that the address is actually a graveyard with her mother's grave. Ava enjoys playing a celebrity at the Youth Club, while Jonathan hopes for a great future between them. Babe questions Di about Annie. Kendall bursts at Greenlee and makes it clear that she will never forgive her for what she's done.moreless
    • Ep. #9706
      Ep. #9706
      Season 38 - Episode 182
      Ava is convinced that J.R. could have made her a star, and she's worried that the operation might have cost her the fame. Jonathan then tells her that he won't ever have a child because of his past, but she encourages him to put the past behind him. J.R. delivers a tabloid headline with Ava and Jonathan as The Beauty and the Beast and then says he's no longer interested in Ava. Julia and Tad discuss Kathy and Kate. Tad warns Dre to stay away from Adam. Adam invites Colby to return to the mansion, while J.R. declines his offer. J.R. realizes Adam is trying to win Krystal back by fixing his mistakes, but it seems like Krystal isn't that interested in what Adam has to say. Colby refuses to move in with Adam or quit her job at The Comeback, but she agrees to spend more time with him. Tad invites Julia to live in his new house. Erica and Jack play another fight on their show. Annie and Ryan decide to move out of the house, but they ask Kendall and Zach to take care of Emma for awhile. "Richie" watches them secretly.moreless
    • Ep. #9672
      Ep. #9672
      Season 38 - Episode 148
      Babe and Di corner Greenlee, trying to make her admit what she did, but Greenlee won't admit anything. Amanda tries to stop the girls from fighting, but things seem to be getting out of hand. When a reporter calls asking for a story on Spike, Greenlee lies about saving Spike, and it makes the girls even more mad. Annie gives a word of advice to Zach while visiting with Emma. Kendall, Zach, Ryan and Annie finally get good news on the babies' health. Jack wants Ava to help him clear Sean's name by catching the drug dealers, but Ava is reluctant. She eventually agrees to the deal, but asks Jack not to say anything to Lily. Ava then lies to Lily about the drug charges. Sean informs Colby about Jack's plans. Adam, Tad and Jack fight. Zach and Kendall name their baby Ian.moreless
    • Ep. #9515
      Ep. #9515
      Season 37 - Episode 246
      Pine Valley gathers to mourn at the memorial service before going back to Fusion. Livia tries to convince both Jack and Erica to reconcile, and Erica finds a gift from 'J'. Zach asks Tad to investigate him. Jonathan feels like he is taking advantage of Amanda, but she tells him she would help any of her friends who were in a similar situation. Josh manages to get DNA samples for both Emma and Ryan at the Fusion remembrance for Simone and Erin. Kendall tells Josh she doesn't want him to run the tests now, but he tells her he has what he needs to do it.moreless
    • Ep. #9626
      Ep. #9626
      Season 38 - Episode 102
      Ryan tells Annie about Greenlee, and she is ready to give him a chance to back out of their marriage, but he convinces her that she is the only woman he wants to be with. At Fusion, Greenlee makes silly comments on Babe's expense and hurt the woman by talking about never graduating from high school. Then Babe, Annie and Kendall comment on how they are all mothers, and Greenlee still isn't. Josh is convinced that Zach slept with Hannah before she left Pine Valley. Kendall senses that Zach is somewhat affected by Hannah's surprising departure. Babe isn't ready to tell Krystal about losing the Fusion shares, but she talks to Jamie about it. During their conversation which turns into an embrace, J.R. witnesses a close moment between the two. Ryan gives Jonathan a chance to join him in a new company he is starting, and then later warns Jonathan about Ava.moreless
    • Ep. #9630
      Ep. #9630
      Season 38 - Episode 106
      After catching them making out on the yacht, an angry Colby confronts Sean and Ava about it, and they enter a hasty discussion about what Sean really wants and needs. Ava claims Sean turned to her because he wanted sex, and that's something Colby can't give him. Sean assures Colby that the time he spent with her means much more to him. The girls continue fighting. Tad tries to convince Adam to leave The Comeback after Adam saw Krystal and Derek kissing, but Adam won't. The others try to do the same thing, but then Krystal tells them that Adam can stay if he wants. Krystal tells Derek she'll tell him when she's ready to start dating again. Del realizes that the roof in the bar is leaking. Tad and J.R. continue insulting Adam. When a new karaoke bar is brought in, Krystal decides to try it out. When she turns it on and starts singing, the roof starts to come down, and it's clear that Krystal's project isn't what she thought it is. Adam enjoys looking at the fallen investment, and Krystal wants to join forces with her friends to fix the roof. Opal realizes something is wrong with Julia, and they both come to a conclusion that Julia might be pregnant. Amanda is worried that J.R. might say something to Babe about their night together. J.R. shocks Adam by saying that he is ready to take Tad Martin's name. The people at Spike's party are forced to spend the night there due to the thunderstorm. Greenlee is having tough time at the party, and during a moment of sadness, Kendall comforts her. Kendall promises that Greenlee will get her life back on track, and then Greenlee surprises her by saying that she is going to sue Zach for destroying her eggs back in the past.moreless
    • Ep. #9703
      Ep. #9703
      Season 38 - Episode 179
      Greenlee finds an unconscious Aidan and suspects Ryan might have knocked him out. Kendall holds Ian for the first time. Adam tries to get his house back from Zach. J.R., Lily and Joe fail, so Jonathan finally convinces Ava to go through with the surgery. J.R. tips a reporter about Jonathan and Lilys failed marriage. Aidan and Greenlee confront Ryan and he convinced them that he had nothing to do with the attack. Ryan then reveals the truth to Aidan, and he promises to watch over Greenlee and Annie. Annie is worried that her brother might have attacked Aidan.moreless
    • Ep. #9666
      Ep. #9666
      Season 38 - Episode 142
      Joe and his team work hard to help Kendall, to stop premature labor. Zach stands by Kendall's side, and they learn that the baby is a boy. Babe and Ryan realize that Greenlee has disappeared with Spike and immediately issue an Amber Alert. Nobody knows that Greenlee suffered a car accident with Spike. Aidan and Krystal learn about J.R.'s relationship with Amanda. Jonathan tries to talk to Ava, but she won't listen to him. She meets with a drug dealer and then takes a pill. Amanda consoles Jonathan, who later gets into a fight with J.R.moreless
    • Ep. #9680
      Ep. #9680
      Season 38 - Episode 156
      The family is overcome with emotion while the doctors test Spike's hearing. Kendall pushes a crib against a wall while trying to deal with the situation. Erica is also having hard time dealing with the sudden tragedy. Aidan takes Greenlee back to the crash site, where he tries to make her deal with what she did.moreless
    • Ep. #9809
      Ep. #9809
      Season 39 - Episode 29
      Angie is about to leave Pine Valley when she realizes she's missing her wallet and her ticket. Krystal learns that Tad has been helping Jesse, and then tries to talk about it to Angie. Jesse buys a one-way ticket to Toronto, but when he falls asleep, Tad changes his destination. Ryan is angry at Annie for not telling him that Erin was murdered. Amanda questions Babe about J.R. Greenlee asks Aidan if he's noticed anything different about Kendall lately. Erica asks Kendall if she's pregnant, and Kendall confides in her about how she slept with Aidan. J.R. learns that Adam rejected the hospital's offer to be a donor for Richie in his name, and then shows Adam the ring that was bugged. Ryan is shocked to find out that Cambias isn't the workplace he used to know.moreless
    • Ep. #9817
      Ep. #9817
      Season 39 - Episode 37
      Erica, Val and Pam clear out the New Beginnings office. Jack, Erica and Sam discuss about a possible agreement on Erica's case and Jack comes up with an idea, only to get rejected by both Sam and Erica. Sam makes up his own terms and gives them a day to think about it. Annie wonders if Hannah killing Ryan would have been a better option than having him lose his memory. Ryan tries to find possible solutions to his memory loss by talking to Joe. Maksim from Dancing with the Stars teaches the Fusion girls how to pole dance. Ryan arrives and Annie notices that he is focused on Greenlee and Kendall the entire time. Zach makes another job offer to Aidan.moreless
    • Ep. #9581
      Ep. #9581
      Season 38 - Episode 57
      Zach finally admits to Kendall that he pushed Ethan away because he didn't want his son to fall victim to the Cambias curse. Bianca is pleased to see the special music box that Zoe had made for Miranda for her birthday. Annie is upset when Julia tells her that she has chicken pox.moreless
    • Ep. #9553
      Ep. #9553
      Season 38 - Episode 29
      The Careys and Chandlers mourn Babe on Valentine's Day. Julia throws a Valentine's Day party where the guests write messages to their loved one and attach them to helium balloons. Zach offers Kendall a game of bowling and a new necklace for Valentine's Day. Bianca gets a card from Maggie.
    • Ep. #9792
      Ep. #9792
      Season 39 - Episode 12
      Kendall keeps ranting about the possibility of Greenlee and Zach sleeping together in the bomb shelter and she won't listen to Aidan, who claims that nothing could have happened. Greenlee and Zach bond while talking about the time they spent in the bomb shelter, and then they return back to their loved ones. Colby is disappointed after being dragged into yet another of Adam's plots. He promises not to use her anymore and they make up. Krystal asks J.R. to move back into Adam's mansion so he'd be able to get info on Kate, and J.R., although reluctantly, agrees to help her. Angie catches up with Frankie, but their reunion is short-lived when Frankie's condition takes a turn for the worse. Angie and Julia discuss the rare medical case.moreless
    • Ep. #9693
      Ep. #9693
      Season 38 - Episode 169
      Babe gives Amanda advice about how to handle Ava. Kendall is shocked when Dr. Hillard refuses to take Spike as a patient. She takes her anger out on Ryan, who then tries to convince Dr. Hillard to help out, but he refuses again. Kendall pretends not to care anymore, but then she decides to confront the doctor one more time. Annie confides in Babe about having problems, and Babe wants her to be honest with Ryan. Zach bonds with Ian while he's undergoing a medical procedure. Greenlee is acting strange under the influence of medication.moreless
    • Ep. #9623
      Ep. #9623
      Season 38 - Episode 99
      Zach reveals to Greenlee that he was the one that caused the blackout, only to stop Greenlee from having Ryan's child, and to protect Kendall. Greenlee is stunned to meet Spike. Kendall is worried to see Greenlee with Spike. Then later, Greenlee decides to take a little time off, so she goes to ConFusion and gets drunk. Kendall, Babe, Di, Annie and Ryan are embarrassed to run into her. Hannah tries to lie to Josh, but he knows something isn't right, so she finally admits that she wants the life she wasn't able to have with her baby. Krystal finds Sean at Colby's place, but doesn't say anything. Sean tells Colby about the message Ava sent him, and assures her that Ava is just messing around. Adam wants to enter a battle with Krystal, but she refuses to be engaged in his little games.moreless
    • Ep. #9707
      Ep. #9707
      Season 38 - Episode 183
      Greenlee, once again, doesn't trust Aidan, and she confronts him, but then changes her mind later. Annie continues reminiscing about her dark past. Hannah and Josh talk about Hannah's sudden return, and she explains that she isn't interested in Zach anymore. Amanda, Babe, Di, Greenlee and Kendall are on yet another cold Fusion staff meeting. J.R. makes an amazing business deal to Ava, who becomes excited about it and kisses J.R., but then explains it meant nothing. Richie continues snooping around the Lavery house.moreless
    • Ep. #9696
      Ep. #9696
      Season 38 - Episode 172
      Aidan and Greenlee make love. Later, they agree not to mention the night they spent together ever again. Krystal wants to slow things down with Tad. Colby, Tad, Sean and Krystal are surprised to learn that a garage band is practicing next door, and then they meet the members of the team-Dre, Corrina and Ren. Zach comforts Kendall. He later finds the vitamins from Dr. Hilliard. In Chicago, Annie begs Walter to stop calling her, and then later Walter meets Ryan.moreless
    • Ep. #9656
      Ep. #9656
      Season 38 - Episode 132
      Jonathan sadly realises that Lily is in his past. After encountering Ava, who has recently been told she doesn\'t have what Fusion is looking for, he kisses her passionately. Jamie figures out that J.R. was involved in his own kidnapping as Babe learns to understand that J.R. and Amanda are getting involved. Greenlee has to accept that Ryan has moved on with Annie, as Annie promises Ryan their marriage is strong.moreless
    • Ep. #9657
      Ep. #9657
      Season 38 - Episode 133
      Colby tries to push Krystal and Adam together by exposing J.R.'s kidnapping hoax, and later is touched when Sean admits his feelings for her. Jonathan and Ava make love. Josh stops things before they go too far with Greenlee. Lily admits to Di that it is hard to see Jonathan with Ava. Kendall is pleased to learn what Zach did to J.R. and Adam.moreless
    • Ep. #9659
      Ep. #9659
      Season 38 - Episode 135
      Barbara tries to expose Jack and Erica's reunion, but Sean sabotages his mother's efforts. Aidan isn't pleased that Jonathan and Ava are getting involved. The Martins and the Careys gather to christen baby Jenny as Adam watches, and Krystal asks Colby to be her godmother. Kendall realises that Amanda and J.R. are growing closer and tries to warn the younger woman about him.moreless
    • Ep. #9690
      Ep. #9690
      Season 38 - Episode 166
      A party is underway in The Comeback. Tad and Aidan enjoy a night out, where Aidan tries to forget Di and concentrate on moving on. Krystal entertains them. Aidan mentions a new woman in his life. Ava is bored by Amanda, so she decides to spice up the night by drinking and catching any guy she can. In a moment of boredom and wish for stardom, Ava grabs Amanda and kisses her, and the cameras catch the entire thing. Kendall is having hard time trying to accept the fact that her children are sick. Ryan warns Greenlee to stay away from his family. Annie is nervous when Ryan tells her that Spike will now be with them. Greenlee wants Dr. Hillard to do something about Spike, but he can't do anything because Ryan doesn't trust him. When Greenlee leaves, Dr. Hillard receives a patient -- Aidan.moreless
    • Ep. #9798
      Ep. #9798
      Season 39 - Episode 18
      The doctors work on Frankie's case, as Angie fears for her son's life. Julia wonders why Greenlee and Frankie are having different reactions to the illness. Zach, Aidan, Jack and others support Greenlee, as her condition takes a turn for the worse. Joe comforts Angie. Amanda questions Babe about Richie. Kendall meets with the book publisher.moreless
    • Ep. #9303
      Ep. #9303
      Season 37 - Episode 34
      J.R. searches for Babe, when Krystal rushes in and tells him an E.M.T. worker saw Babe outside of the mansion. Janet takes Babe to Trevor's old fishing cabin, where she's keeping Little Adam. Amanda has flashbacks involving Janet and when she stopped taking her medication, where Janet makes Amanda promise that she will never put her in the hospital again. Tad goes to Di and discusses his feelings for Dixie, while Dixie overhears the whole conversation. Julia comforts Simone after Ethan passes away. Ryan takes Kendall home, and comforts her as well. Zach visits Ethan in the morgue and mourns his loss.moreless
    • Ep. #9681
      Ep. #9681
      Season 38 - Episode 157
      The doctors inform Kendall, Ryan and the rest of the family about Spike's hearing, and the family has to deal with the truth. Greenlee tries to talk to Kendall, but Josh and Jonathan won't let her. Zach tries to persuade Kendall to agree on surgery for Spike, but she refuses to accept it. Jack and Erica fight over Greenlee again. Ava makes a deal with a shady manager which promises her a great career, and then Colby confronts Ava about her lies. Krystal refuses to serve alcohol to Greenlee, so she finds company in a guy named Wheeler and then refuses to accept Aidan's word of advice about the guy.moreless
    • Ep. #9688
      Ep. #9688
      Season 38 - Episode 164
      Annie won't confide in Ryan about her problems, and when she eventually does, she doesn't reveal much to him. Ava talks to Spike and makes a few life conclusions, although he can't hear her. Zach vents at Kendall for taking more time for Spike rather than Ian. He visits Ethan's grave, and then later returns to the hospital and embraces Kendall. Babe is having hard time dealing with the fact that Jamie is leaving Pine Valley. J.R. joins Jamie and Babe and they all reminisce about the past moments between them.moreless
    • Ep. #9460
      Ep. #9460
      Season 37 - Episode 191
      At the trial, Jamie blasts Tad, who tries to get him to stay quiet. Tad is sequestered while Livia questions Daniel Kagan, a security guard from the airport, who can prove Tad was in a locked room at the airport the entire night. Tad is recalled to the stand, and ends up blasting Dixie for keeping him away from Kate and breaking his heart. Annie and Jonathan talk, and after learning he's staying at a hotel, Annie insists that he move back into his bedroom, saying Emma will stay with her. Colby heads over to see Sean, and is upset that he doesn't seem more upset to see her. Krystal spends time with Emma, and later returns to the Chandler mansion to let Adam know he'll be a father soon.moreless
    • Ep. #9648
      Ep. #9648
      Season 38 - Episode 124
      Colby realizes she's being tailed and heads to Sean for help, then is surprised to learn from Derek that her tail is a bodyguard hired by her father. Erica enlists Josh's help while Livia reminds Jack that he doesn't have a lot of time to win Erica back before the divorce is finalized. Greenlee tries to convince Ryan that they will always be connected, but he reminds her that his allegience is to his wife and children. After J.R. tells her about how Zach played his father, Amanda tells Kendall that she's handing in her notice.moreless
    • Ep. #9489
      Ep. #9489
      Season 37 - Episode 220
      Josh managed to stop J.R.'s bleeding. Bianca wonders if she handled things the right way with Maggie. J.R.'s family and friends pray for his safety. Tad promises Dixie that if Emma is Kate she will be in their lives. Josh and Kendall came to the hospital. Josh asks Babe how J.R. was doing. Adam hits Josh. Babe takes the blame for what happened to J.R., and tells Josh she never wants to see him again. Julia had good news for J.R.'s family. Adam contacts his attorney to discuss potential custody battles where Little Adam and Krystal's unborn child are concerned.moreless
    • Ep. #9749
      Ep. #9749
      Season 38 - Episode 225
      After hitting Zach with his car, Richie drives him around, and then pushes him out of the moving vehicle. He confronts Tom Brennan and forces him to leave town immediately. Ryan and Jonathan find an empty place. Jack tries to force Aidan to give up Greenlee's location. Derek arrests them for obstructing justice. Erica and Kendall finds Zach's car and blood, but no Zach. Greenlee finds Zach and tries to help him, but they both end up in a hole.moreless
    • Ep. #9824
      Ep. #9824
      Season 39 - Episode 44
      Colby takes J.R. to the hospital, where Joe has to do a check up. He is reluctant to believe J.R. that he isn't drinking again. Richie is transferred to the Pine Valley hospital next to J.R.'s bed. Frankie offers his help to Angie. Colby and Frankie don't get along. Joe matches Frankie and Colby for an intern program. Angie and Jesse continue their investigation. Opal tries to banish Robert from Tad's house when she recognizes him, but when Rob explains that he is nothing like Ray, she agrees to talk to him. Opal then shares the history of the family with Rob. Tad tries to get Krystal to get out of town with Jenny for their safety, but Krystal refuses. Angie and Tad arrive at Remy's house to see his mother. Annie warns Babe about Richie.moreless
    • Ep. #9881
      Ep. #9881
      Season 39 - Episode 101
      Jesse manages to take control of the helicopter and throw Robert out. Greg convinces Opal that she isn't guilty for Rob's misdoings. Jesse and Angie land to the ground, where the police takes Rob into custody. Frankie and Jake tend to a wounded Tad. Greenlee kisses Zach while thinking about Aidan's affair with Kendall. Ryan jumps to Greenlee's side when Kendall tells him about Aidan. Adam takes Colby and Kathy back to the mansion, where Kathy can't stop asking about Julia. Joe tells a wounded Julia that the bullet hit her liver, and Julia immediately realizes that she's going to die. With her last efforts, Julia makes sure that Kathy will be okay, and then flat-lines.moreless
    • Ep. #9571
      Ep. #9571
      Season 38 - Episode 47
      Babe decides to take Little Adam and leave with Josh, as Erica decides to tell both Tad and J.R. that Babe is still alive. J.R. goes to find Babe, and is surprised to realize Erica was telling the truth. J.R. tells Babe he is a changed man. Adam accuses Krystal of deceiving him. Alexander continues driving Zach mad. Annie tells Julia and Di why she shouldn't marry Ryan, but they try to convince her otherwise. Kendall tells Zach about her pregnancy.moreless
    • Ep. #9720
      Ep. #9720
      Season 38 - Episode 196
      Richie gives Emma to a panicked Annie. Ryan and Aidan grab Richie and bring him to an old pump house, where they try to get the truth out of him, but Richie claims he didn't do anything, and that Annie is the crazy one. To make things worse, Aidan tries out a method that involves putting a rope around Richie's neck. The police enters the place just as Richie jumps off the chair to make it seem like the guys were going to kill him. Babe is shocked to hear the truth about "Wes." Krystal is surprised by Adam's new behavior. Zach admits to Kendall that Hannah wanted to have a baby with him, but that he didn't grant her wish. Josh wants to know the real reason why Hannah returned back home. Adam orders Hannah to put their plan into motion.moreless
    • Ep. #9555
      Ep. #9555
      Season 38 - Episode 31
      Pine Valley gathers for the funerals of Babe Carey Chandler and Dixie Cooney Martin. Bianca finds her mother in an adulterous position before she goes to the funeral. Janet reaches out to Amanda, but Jonathan gets her to see that Amanda needs time to heal. J.R. promises Krystal that he will keep her secret. Raymond says farewell to Zach. Before the funeral begins, Jackson tells Ryan that Greenlee contacted him. Zoe sings a touching song to honor Babe and Dixie. J.R. says goodbye to his mother and his wife.moreless
    • Ep. #9566
      Ep. #9566
      Season 38 - Episode 42
      Kendall is horrified to hear Alexander's plans for Spike. Colby figures out that Barbara's presence in town is bothering Sean. Krystal tries to convince Babe that J.R. is truly grieving for her. Di, Julia, and Annie tease each other over love.
    • Ep. #9559
      Ep. #9559
      Season 38 - Episode 35
      Bianca is shocked to realise that the button she found in the cemetary contains a very familiar crest. Jack is upset with Derek over his assumption that Zoe's beating was simply a hate crime and nothing more. J.R. and Krystal convince Adam to leave it alone when Bianca reveals during an argument that J.R. had been blackmailing Babe. Kendall worries that something is wrong with Zach when he strongarms the cemetary director into opening Alexander's grave.moreless
    • Ep. #9674
      Ep. #9674
      Season 38 - Episode 150
      Jonathan desperately tries to convince Ava that he wants her and that he can't be without her, but Ava thinks he only wants her in bed. Greenlee is shocked when Jack suggests she should leave Pine Valley, for the good of everyone. They continue fighting until Greenlee realizes she's all alone and that she even can't trust her father. Babe is surprised and shocked when Erica thanks her for the help with Kendall, and she puts aside the past. She also warns Babe to keep a close eye on Greenlee. Josh reconnects with Kendall, and he promises that Greenlee no longer exists for him. Adam and Zach talk about the baby but their conversation soon turns into business talk. Zach comforts Kendall. Ava meets with Lenny.moreless
    • Ep. #9803
      Ep. #9803
      Season 39 - Episode 23
      Adam sells a riverfront condo to Erica. Val informs Erica that her account has been frozen by the IRS. J.R. and Krystal discuss about Kate. Adam continues spying on his son. Krystal realizes that Babe is torn between J.R. and Richie. Little A accidentally drop Adam's ring in a hole at The Comeback. Annie tells Richie about Ryan's memory loss. Richie is about to leave to Mexico when he learns that a donor was found for him in Pine Valley. Ryan continues tries to get somewhere with Kendall, and Annie catches them hugging on the rooftop. She tells Ryan that it doesn't matter because he will eventually remember her. Greenlee and Zach discuss about Kendall.moreless
    • Ep. #9670
      Ep. #9670
      Season 38 - Episode 146
      Kendall wants to see her kids. Erica apologizes for bringing the chaplain to the hospital, and for trying to keep Kendall and Zach away from each other in the past. Annie comforts Ryan, as he tries to deal with Spike's accident. Derek question Greenlee in the hospital, and she makes up a few details. Erica blames Greenlee for everything that happened and tries to force Greenlee to admit the truth, but Jack takes Erica out of the room. Erica is surprised when Jack defends Greenlee, but he only wants to hear the entire truth before he can judge anyone. Jack tells Derek that Greenlee saved Spike's life, but Erica is still sure that Greenlee tried to run away with Spike. Greenlee visits Spike, but Ryan kicks her out. Krystal suggests that Babe should take care of Fusion while Kendall rests. Babe finds Ava in the hospital and tells that she wants Ava to return to her work. Ava rejects the offer, but then Babe starts yelling at her and orders her to help out.moreless
    • Ep. #9687
      Ep. #9687
      Season 38 - Episode 163
      Babe agrees to let J.R. and Amanda take Little Adam for a day trip. Ava arrives at Fusion with Andy Conway, her new manager, and everyone is surprised by her new look until they realize that Andy is a crook. Babe tears up Ava's contract with Andy and shows him the way out, and then convinces Ava that it's for the best. Ryan refuses to listen to Dr. Hillard. Lily gives Zach a gift for Ian. Dr. Delano informs the family about Ian's successful surgery. Zach is mad at Kendall for neglecting Ian. Jamie informs Tad about a new job opportunity in a new AIDS clinic in Africa, and Tad realizes he must let Jamie go. Jamie encourages Josh to give the Martin family a chance. Joe comforts his son. Jamie informs Babe about moving and she's having hard time letting him go.moreless
    • Ep. #9808
      Ep. #9808
      Season 39 - Episode 28
      Angie seeks comfort at the Martin household, where Tad does his best to hide Jesse. Angie reminisces about her past with Jesse, as he overhears her talking and reminisces about them too. Krystal invites Angie to be their house guest, and then accidentally locks Jesse in the basement. Annie fantasizes about Ryan. Later, they go out on a date, but he can't stop talking about Spike. Erica completes her interview with Samuel Woods. Kendall manages to hide the pregnancy test from Zach.moreless
    • Ep. #9658
      Ep. #9658
      Season 38 - Episode 134
      Stuart tries to convince Zach to sell the mansion back to him, and Zach agrees to consider the idea. Lily is devastated to realise that Jonathan and Ava slept together. Ryan and Annie revel in their reunion, but Annie is non-plussed when she believes that Josh and Greenlee are sleeping together. Ava learns that she is Fusion's newest model.moreless
    • Ep. #9651
      Ep. #9651
      Season 38 - Episode 127
      Jack and Erica continue to revel in their recent reunion, and Pam tries to convince the two that if they come clean with their reconciliation they\'ll be viewed as frauds. Erica is willing to consider keeping things quiet for now, until Pam reveals that a tabloid is about to expose the truth about her and Jack. Kendall is caught in an awkward position when Greenlee and Josh both begin comparing notes on how bad their love lives are, and is chagrined when the two reveal they were playing her. Adam challenged Zach to a game of baccarat while at the casino, and asks Slater to let him stay in the house for a month while he tries to figure out what to do with his family. Annie remains upset with Ryan, who tries to convince her that he told Greenlee she\'s out of his life, and she heads off to bed alone. Tad realises that J.R. was behind his own kidnapping.moreless
    • Ep. #9663
      Ep. #9663
      Season 38 - Episode 139
      Greenlee and Kendall fight over taking Spike on their trip to New York. The girls of Fusion are stunned when Ava arrives with a new look. Kendall fires Ava. J.R. is determined to do the right thing for the company, and learns about Josh's plans for the company. A hurt Colby leaves Adam alone after finding out about the scheme against Sean, and tells him she's moving in with Krystal. Adam is shocked to hear that they will all now live with Tad. Sean tries to convince Ava that he loves her for what she is, but she doesn't trust him.moreless
    • Ep. #9638
      Ep. #9638
      Season 38 - Episode 114
      Erica takes Zach's side when Zach wants Jack to take control of Greenlee. Erica is surprised to learn that Jack has hidden the custody suit from her. Stuart amuses Krystal by making fun of Adam. Krystal advises Colby to watch out for Sean. The girls at Fusion try to make a deal with Mr. Westin, and after a bit of bickering and a lot of hard work, they manage to convince the man to go along with their plan, and the only thing that the man wants is for Greenlee and Kendall to work on the project together. Erica asks the anonymous $1 million donor to accompany her to a function that would mark the beginning of her single life. Annie is shocked to learn about Ryan's idea to let Greenlee be a part of Spike's family. The couple starts fighting with the idea, and Annie realizes that Greenlee doesn't actually want Spike, she wants Ryan. Ryan wants to have a honeymoon with Annie and Spike. Kendall finds a picture of Spike's sonogram inside Greenlee's purse.moreless
    • Ep. #9569
      Ep. #9569
      Season 38 - Episode 45
      Bianca supports Zoe's attempts to rebuild her life as a woman. Both of them are surprised by J.R.'s apology. Zoe arrives at Dr. Massey's, where she learns of the transitional process, and is surprised to learn that she will have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation first. Then she attends a transgender group meeting. Kendall finally meets with Babe, and rushes Babe to decide what to do. J.R. confronts Krystal about talking to Little Adam about Babe. Erica listens to J.R.'s confession at an AA meeting. Kendall buys a pregnancy test. Myrtle tries to convince Zach that he isn't guilty for his father's sins. Erica overhears Babe and Josh's plan.moreless
    • Ep. #9785
      Ep. #9785
      Season 39 - Episode 5
      Ryan continues acting weird even when he is released from the hospital. Richie manages to charm the doctors into believing that he is cured and that he can continue living his life normally. He learns that Dr. Chambers was murdered in prison, and later thanks his friend for offing the doc. Babe is stunned when J.R. asks for a shot at a future with her, and then she agrees to start as friends and then see where the future leads them. Richie enters Babe's apartment just and finds J.R. wearing nothing but a towel. Kendall, Erica, Greenlee and Jack worry as Aidan leaves to get Zach. Sean tells Jack about his hookup with Hannah. Kendall locks Erica and Jack together in a closet. Greenlee confides in Kendall about how Aidan is drifting away from her. Zach finds Hannah and they have a touching conversation, as Aidan arrives there too. Hannah tells Zach about how Alexander used her and how she always hoped that someday Zach will save her, but now it's all lost. Greenlee and Kendall arrive just as Hannah slips over the edge of the rocks.moreless
    • Ep. #9447
      Ep. #9447
      Season 37 - Episode 178
      Terry continues to pose as Lily's friend while luring her to a cabin as Ryan learns the man in Ireland isn't Terry. Jesse McCartney sings for Colby Chandler at Colby and Sydney's sweet sixteen party. Amanda and Jonathan have sex. Jamal suggests that Annie leave Pine Valley. Zach beats up Tad.moreless
    • Ep. #9545
      Ep. #9545
      Season 38 - Episode 21
      Babe confesses to J.R. about her kiss with Josh, and is disappointed with his reaction; she also begs JR to keep Charlotte's paternity a secret. Zach and Kendall plan to lure the Satin Slayer out at the fundraiser for Amelia Cambias and the victims of the Satin Slayer. Tad comes to the Chandler mansion to ask Babe to go to the Cambias fundraiser party. Maggie senses there are feelings between Bianca and Zoe. JUlia wants to go to the party but Jamie convinces her not to; later Kathy and Emma play in the park and Annie forgives Julia. At the party, JR and Jamie see Babe giving Josh a goodbye kiss.moreless
    • Ep. #9752
      Ep. #9752
      Season 38 - Episode 228
      Celine Dion sings on Erica's show. Jack refuses to talk to Erica. Babe, Opal, Ruth, Tad, Adam, Amanda, J.R., Jenny, Julia, Kathy, Colby, Lily, Ren, Sean, Dre and others arrive at The Comeback to spend Thanksgiving together. Kendall tells Ryan that she suspects J.R. might have done something to Zach. Aidan, Jack, Derek and the rest of the police search for Zach and Greenlee through the crash site. Greenlee continues taking care of Zach, while Richie looks for Zach through the woods. Babe realizes that Annie and Ryan are trying to use her to get to Richie. Joe tells Erica and Kendall that Ian can go home soon. Amanda arrives at the mental hospital to visit her mother.moreless
    • Ep. #9014
      Ep. #9014
      Season 36 - Episode 1
      Erica and Tad bring Joe to a surprise party celebrating his 35th anniversary as a doctor at Pine Valley Hospital. Surrounded by family and friends Joe recounts precious memories of his many years in Pine Valley.
    • Ep. #9692
      Ep. #9692
      Season 38 - Episode 168
      Zach, Kendall and Ryan are shocked when Annie suggests they should all live together. Both Ryan and Zach think it's a bad idea, but they decide to do what's best for their women, although it seems like Ryan doesn't care about Kendall. Annie sympathizes with Kendall for the trouble she has been going through. At the beach, Greenlee and Aidan finally bond over their past, as they share past experiences and discuss hot dogs. Greenlee ends up choking on a hot dog, so Aidan performs a Heimlich on her and accidentally hurts her. Lily believes Ava is a lesbian after watching the photo of Ava and Amanda kissing, and Jonathan explains how Ava is trying to get attention to herself. Meanwhile, at the club, Amanda is furious at Ava for kissing her, and she decides to stop being Ava's handler. Krystal decides to make a special birthday party for Tad.moreless
    • Ep. #9622
      Ep. #9622
      Season 38 - Episode 98
      After getting legally married at the Bahamas, Ryan and Annie, along with Greenlee, return to Pine Valley, where Ryan assures Jonathan that Greenlee will no longer make problems in his life. Greenlee announces that she is the majority owner of the Fusion, so she is the owner and the leader of the place. Zach saves Kendall and Babe by giving Kendall the Cambias shares, so now Greenlee and Kendall are equal partners. Greenlee feels like Kendall is trying to steal everything away from her. Hannah breaks into Zach and Kendall's place. Zach talks to Josh about his suspicion concerning Hannah. Josh catches Hannah in Kendall and Zach's place. Sean hides before Adam can discover him in Colby's room. Adam gives Colby a lecture about boys. Meanwhile, Sean feels guilty when Ava sends him a text message.moreless
    • Ep. #9629
      Ep. #9629
      Season 38 - Episode 105
      Ava blackmails Sean into spending time with her at the yacht. Colby arrives at the yacht before them and hides in the closet, and then watches as Sean and Ava are kissing passionately. Adam insults Amanda by mentioning her crazy mother, and then later tells J.R. to stay away from her, and even makes a silly remark on J.R.'s expense. Greenlee is surprised when only Di comes to Fusion. Jack tells her that he won't be on her side if she chooses to go against her old friends. At the Slater home, the birthday party is underway, and everybody is having fun. Ryan and Annie have some time alone, Erica talks to Myrtle about the divorce, and then sends the reality-cameras away from the party. Zach gives Kendall a special gift. A thunderstorm approaches, so the party moves inside. Greenlee makes a late arrival at the party, and nobody wants to see her there, so each person tries to get her to leave, but she refuses. Meanwhile, the thunderstorm is getting worse by the minute. Babe, Krystal, Jamie, Opal, Tad, Del, Amanda and Palmer celebrate the opening of The Comeback, a new bar. Derek and Krystal start flirting and they kiss. Adam can't believe his eyes when he catches them together from afar. Amanda decides not to say anything to Babe about her wild night with J.R.moreless
    • Ep. #9634
      Ep. #9634
      Season 38 - Episode 110
      Annie admits that she empathizes with Greenlee. She is shocked when Ryan wants to cover for Zach and protect the family by going to prison instead of him. Josh continues consoling Greenlee, and then ends up giving her a new idea. Annie wonders if Ryan and her will ever be happy. Adam and J.R. continue the war against each other. Both Sean and Colby decide to go to prom alone, and then Sean tries to apologize to Colby for everything that happened. Ava continues scheming against Sean. She is, once again, surprised when Jonathan jumps at her defense, this time in front of Aidan and Di. Jamie finds a pregnancy test and thinks it's Di's. Then Julia questions him about how he'd feel if he was in Aidan's shoes, and ends up hearing something she might not have wanted to know.moreless
    • Ep. #9266
      Ep. #9266
      Season 36 - Episode 253
      Simone and Ethan attempt to convince Kendall to join them for New Year's but she refuses, citing work to do, but allows Zach to manipulate her into spending New Year's with him at the casino. J.R. and Babe run into Jamie and Amanda at the New Year's Eve party and have words, which are closely watched by Janet, working in disguise as a male waiter. Aidan, Ryan and Erin finally manage to locate Victoria, who backs up Jonathan's story. Kendall is shocked to learn that Zach has closed the casino to the public on New Year's Eve to be alone with her. Jonathan teaches Lily how to skate at the ice pond. Ethan promises Simone that he will be there for her when she admits how worried she is that he will turn out to be a jerk. Aidan asks Erin to be his New Year's date.moreless
    • Ep. #9366
      Ep. #9366
      Season 37 - Episode 97
      J.R. faces a request to do the right thing and admit to what he did, but his reaction could cost him everything. Derek orders Zach to open the door to Kendall's hospital room.
    • Ep. #9711
      Ep. #9711
      Season 38 - Episode 187
      Babe is angry at Amanda for inviting her and Wes to join Amanda and J.R.'s night out. She thinks Amanda is insecure about her relationship with J.R. Later, Babe and Wes enjoy their date alone. Jonathan suggests to leave J.R. out of Ava's deal and work on their own, but Ava realizes Jonathan isn't actually the best man to work with. Ryan isn't too comfortable seeing Aidan and Greenlee together on the beach. Aidan decides to continue helping Ryan find Richie, but he wants Ryan to call off the guards watching Greenlee. Erica is surprised with Kendall and Greenlee's renewed friendship, but Kendall reassures her that it's all a plan of hers to get revenge on Greenlee. Erica wants to help her, but Kendall refuses the offer. Lily makes a comment on Hannah and Josh's lovemaking in the office, but Hannah reassures both Lily, Josh and Zach that she returned to Pine Valley only to work. Later, in the yacht club, Josh visits Hannah, and they make love again.moreless
    • Ep. #9649
      Ep. #9649
      Season 38 - Episode 125
      Adam and Zach meet with the Chandler Enterprises company board and Adam pleads them to consider J.R. as a part of their board, and to fight against Zach, but the board doesn't like their idea. J.R. apologizes to Adam for ever doubting him. Amanda tries to persuade Zach to let her join him in his plans, but Zach refuses. Kendall learns about Zach's take-over and stands by her man. Aidan suspects Amanda and J.R. might be involved in a secret plan. Colby is shocked to hear that Krystal gave Ava a job, and soon she ends up in a girl fight with Ava. Krystal makes them apologize to each other. Jamie gives Babe a gift as a symbol of her studying success. Krystal is happy to learn that Babe is considering college, and then she realizes there is a spark between Babe and Jamie. Annie and Ryan end up in another fight caused by Greenlee, and this time Annie storms off angry and hurt. Greenlee is sure that Ryan and Annie will soon be over, as she toasts a drink with Josh.moreless
    • Ep. #9677
      Ep. #9677
      Season 38 - Episode 153
      Tad, Sean, Babe and Stuart help Krystal, Jenny and Colby to move into their new home. Tad and Sean bond while talking about girls. Kendall can't come to terms with Spike's deafness, while Erica surprises everyone by showing how much she cares for Spike. Annie comforts Ryan, and then makes a phone call asking someone for help. Dr. Delano lets Zach feed Ian for the first time, and then later Zach convinces Kendall to participate too. Jonathan and Amanda are angry at J.R. for ruining Ava's cover. Lenny negotiates with the police. J.R. enters the shack and tries to convince Lenny to trust him.moreless
    • Ep. #9697
      Ep. #9697
      Season 38 - Episode 173
      An angry Erica confronts Greenlee, and then Greenlee reminds Erica of all the wrongs she did in her life. Jack questions Aidan about his growing relationship with Greenlee, and Aidan doesn't reveal that he slept with her. On the plane back to Pine Valley, Annie refuses to talk about Walter, so Ryan starts researching Walter on the net. Annie has a nightmare. Later, she confronts Ryan about snooping into her past. Zach confronts Kendall about the vitamins from Dr. Hilliard. Kendall refuses to let Ryan participate in a meeting with the doctor. Julia and Josh bond while watching over Ian. Jack comforts Erica.moreless
    • Ep. #9621
      Ep. #9621
      Season 38 - Episode 97
      Greenlee is still convinced that Ryan loves her, and she refuses to accept the fact that he is happy with Annie. She pours her soul out to him, but he makes it clear there is nothing between them anymore. They finally sign the divorce papers. Jonathan confronts Di about knowing that Ava pretended to be Lily at the wedding. Di defends herself by saying that she knows how it feels to be an outsider. Adam refuses to let Sean enter the mansion, so Sean climbs to Colby's window to spend the night there. Colby wants Adam to take better care of his health. Erica and Jack continue arguing about Sean and Ava, and Jack finally admits he is partially guilty for the entire mess. After Jack leaves, Erica watches the secret footage of Jack after she left, and is left surprised.moreless
    • Ep. #9710
      Ep. #9710
      Season 38 - Episode 186
      Tad and Adam fight over Krystal, both claiming that they love her. Krystal and Adam can't hide the obvious attraction between them. Joe and Tad discuss Tad's love life. Jason explains how Kendall doesn't realize what being deaf really means. Zach talks to Kendall about the implants, but Kendall still can't accept something she thinks is giving up on Spike. Annie tells Derek and Ryan that the man in the morgue isn't Richie, and they soon learn that it was actually someone who was in jail at the same time Richie was. Annie opens all the doors and windows in the house and decides to finally confront her brother. Greenlee and Aidan walk down the beach and although Greenlee only wants to make out, Aidan is troubled by his attack, believing that Annie was the attacker. Ryan sees them together.moreless
    • Ep. #9660
      Ep. #9660
      Season 38 - Episode 136
      Jonathan is strongly affected when he sees Ava acting as Lily for part of the Fusion Green campaign. Adam asks Erica for a reunion, but she reminds him that it is Krystal that he loves. Sean and Colby grow closer. Tad suggests to Krystal that she and Jenny move in with him (platonically) so that they can raise their daughter together. Greenlee remains pained to see Ryan and Annie together.moreless
    • Ep. #9673
      Ep. #9673
      Season 38 - Episode 149
      Ava, Derek and Jack work on a plan to catch the drug dealer. At the beach, Aidan wants to know the truth from Greenlee, but she refuses to admit anything, and claims she did what was right for Spike. As the best solution to the entire situation, Jack suggests Greenlee should leave Pine Valley. Kendall, Ryan, Zach and Annie are happy when Spike regains consciousness. Annie comforts Zach. Ryan finally breaks down. Ava won't listen to Jonathan, but the man catches up with her at the beach, tells her that he wants her and kisses her.moreless
    • Ep. #9654
      Ep. #9654
      Season 38 - Episode 130
      Adam is unable to forgive J.R. for staging his own kidnapping and losing everything. Ava is thrilled when Jonathan asks her out for the evening. Zach continues to delight in punishing J.R. Kendall talks with Lily about modeling for Fusion.
    • Ep. #9567
      Ep. #9567
      Season 38 - Episode 43
      While Erica is over at the Chandler mansion, she receives a call from Kendall that everything was fine. Josh overhears Krystal tell Babe about Charlotte's true father. Alex Cambias Sr. continues to torment the boys even in police custody. After the phone call, Erica almost speaks about Babe's resurrection. When Krystal returns, Adam notices a change in attitude.moreless
    • Ep. #9580
      Ep. #9580
      Season 38 - Episode 56
      Lily meets Zoe and is confused because she looks like a man but dresses like a woman. Zoe explains that she always knew she was different. Annie is awestruck by the fairy tale that Ryan has created for Emma. Krystal and Adam both try, without success, to get Tad to leave, and only Colby's reminder that it's Little Adam's birthday creates a temporary detente.moreless
    • Ep. #9573
      Ep. #9573
      Season 38 - Episode 49
      Alexander is pleasantly surprised when Zach tells him he'll take over Cambias, but then Zach breaks off any connection he ever had with his father. Zach credits Kendall with being able to bring him out of the darkness. Kendall reminds Ryan that Annie doesn't know that Ryan can't have children. Babe and Bianca mend their friendship. J.R. assures Tad that he won't use the info he has on Babe.moreless
    • Ep. #9609
      Ep. #9609
      Season 38 - Episode 85
      Ava continues to push Jonathan's buttons after he confronts her about using Lily's credit card. Babe tries to convince Amanda that she is not responsible for what Janet does. Annie and Ryan celebrate their wedding shower.
    • Ep. #9900
      Ep. #9900
      Season 39 - Episode 120
      Myrtle gives Zach advice. Zach takes his frustration out on Richie. Greenlee and Ryan go sailing together. Frankie watches over Randi. Babe gives Kendall advice. Annie and Kendall argue.
    • Ep. #9608
      Ep. #9608
      Season 38 - Episode 84
      Krystal blames herself for the mess that she and Tad are in with baby Jenny because she was willing to raise her with Adam. Annie apologises to Jonathan, and asks him to come to the wedding party. Zach agrees to cover up Hannah's shooting of Alexander. Babe, J.R. and Sean are proud of Colby.moreless
    • Ep. #9606
      Ep. #9606
      Season 38 - Episode 82
      Despite their past animosities, Kendall's heart reaches out to Krystal, who is devastated with the loss of her daughter. Tad is furious with the Masons, the adoptive couple who had wanted to adopt Jenny, even though they are innocent of any wrongdoing. Annie is upset when Jonathan seems so cheered over Alexander's shooting.moreless
    • Ep. #9574
      Ep. #9574
      Season 38 - Episode 50
      Krystal risks everything to protect Babe when she prepares to tell Adam that the baby isn't his.
    • Ep. #9533
      Ep. #9533
      Season 38 - Episode 9
      Babe refuses to cease in her support of Zarf/Zoe. When the suspicious man that Amanda and Del realize may be the possible Satin Slayer returns for his credit card, Jonathan and Del force him to the police station, but he ultimately outwits Jonathan and escapes. Danielle wakes up for a brief moment and confirms that she can identify the Satin Slayer. Zach tells Kendall that he believes Zoe is innocent. Bianca realizes that she made a mistake. Jack is brought in as a special prosecutor because the DA is up for election.moreless
    • Ep. #9575
      Ep. #9575
      Season 38 - Episode 51
      Babe is frantic to get to Krystal before she ruins her future with Adam. Bianca and Zoe get closer. Colby and Sean bond over their troubles with their parents.
    • Ep. #9563
      Ep. #9563
      Season 38 - Episode 39
      Erica, fearing for Kendall's life, comes close to revealing Babe's secret resurrection to JR, but is ultimately stopped by Josh. Bianca is overjoyed to see her brother in Pine Valley. Babe begins to question her surroundings to a greater level. JR shares with Tad and Jamie what a bad husband he was to his wife. Ryan and Zach learn that Alexander Cambias Sr. and some staff at the hospital faked his death. Kendall attempts to manipulate the Satin Slayer.moreless
    • Ep. #9552
      Ep. #9552
      Season 38 - Episode 28
      Krystal is devastated to be told that Babe is dead. J.R. confesses his regret to Jamie for the way he treated Babe. Josh declares he's leaving Pine Valley. Bianca tells Zoe about Babe helping her deliver Miranda, and admits that despite everything, she still loved Babe. Derek agrees to consider Hannah Nichols as a possible contender for the Satin Slayer. Kendall hands Spike over to Ryan to care for.moreless
    • Ep. #9239
      Ep. #9239
      Season 36 - Episode 226
      Babe stops by to see Amanda in the hospital to try to put an end to the feud between them with no success, then later takes a tumble down the stairs, courtesy of Amanda. Jack tries to convince the judge to put Jonathan in jail, but the judge agrees with Summerhill's recommendation that Jonathan be freed. Greenlee asks David to help her find out exactly what Kendall and Greg are keeping from her. Tad is surprised when J.R. comes to him for advice on dealing with Babe, then watches as his former step-son invites Di to Thanksgiving. Shots are fired at the Laverys as they leave the courtroom together.moreless
    • Ep. #9849
      Ep. #9849
      Season 39 - Episode 69
      Jesse tells little Jenny the story about big Jenny. Greenlee asks Zach for his help. Jack visits Erica in jail. Annie makes yet another huge decision about her life.
    • Ep. #9960
      Ep. #9960
      Season 39 - Episode 180
      Carmen enjoys her birthday and her suddenly full life, but Adam tries to bring her down by saying that Jack will eventually notice she is a gold digger, but Carmen replies that she cares for Jack. Greenlee and Jack talk about Carmen's gift and Greenlee comments that Jack has never smiled with Erica as much as he does with Carmen. Kendall shows up at Erica's, asking her to seduce Adam so she'd be able to know more about his plans to take down Fusion. Erica advises Opal to move on from Palmer. Colby and Dre are irritated by Petey's presence at the mansion. Adam is irritated when he accidentally uses Petey's chemicals on Carmen and he decides to make the chemicals without Petey. Opal tells Jack that he should go back to Erica, but Jack tells her that Erica needs to move on. Carmen starts acting strangely under the influence of the chemicals. Erica tries to ruin Carmen's day, but it turns out great. She then puts her plan to seduce Adam into motion. Greenlee advises Kendall to stop wasting her time worrying about other peoples problems. Amanda catches Petey around the shipment of Bella.moreless
    • Ep. #9653
      Ep. #9653
      Season 38 - Episode 129
      Kendall organises a retreat for the women of Fusion, but things go badly when Greenlee cannot forget her animosity toward Annie. The women all stage makeovers, which go badly, except to give Babe an idea for a new product. Colby and Ava are catering the event at Kendall's request, and things continue to go badly between them, although Colby does feel sympathy for Ava after learning about her relationship with her mother. Ava wants to be the new face of Fusion, which Greenlee refuses to even consider. Kendall wonders if Lily could be a good bet as spokesmodel.moreless
    • Ep. #9915
      Ep. #9915
      Season 39 - Episode 135
      Greenlee tells Aidan that he is the only one for her. Annie won't say much to Jesse, and is later haunted by Richie's voice. Ryan plays with Emma. Cassandra and Colby confess about the hit-and-run to Adam.
    • Ep. #9662
      Ep. #9662
      Season 38 - Episode 138
      While talking to Di, Jonathan realizes how much he hurt Ava. Colby finds a hurt Ava at The Comeback and finds out that Ava actually set up Sean and that Adam payed her to do it. Lily breaks down while hearing about Jonathan and Ava. Erica is confused while seeing Greenlee with Spike, but Kendall reassures her that she has the control over Greenlee. Krystal thinks of moving in with Tad.moreless
    • Ep. #9698
      Ep. #9698
      Season 38 - Episode 174
      Ryan takes away Spike when Kendall admits giving him vitamins from Dr. Hilliard. Zach gives Annie advice about past life. Adam pretends to be Stuart again in front of Tad, Krystal, Colby and the rest of the teens. Amanda is annoyed by J.R.'s constant rambling about Ava, but when J.R. suggests an amazing business idea that could bring money, Amanda suddenly changes her mind. Jonathan and Ava spend time some together at the beach talking and eventually get naked, with paparazzi taking pictures of them.moreless
    • Ep. #9695
      Ep. #9695
      Season 38 - Episode 171
      Greenlee refuses Jack's invitation to Tad's birthday party, and then decides to have dinner alone, where she realizes she doesn't have anyone to trust. Tad reveals himself at the party and everyone starts to have fun. Kendall feels weird when people mention Spike. Sean and Colby learn about Tad's past. Greenlee eventually joins the party. Tad kisses Krystal. Julia arrives and questions everyone about Jamie. Ryan and Annie arrive in Chicago, and Annie meets with Walter. She threatens to repeat a thing from her past in case he doesn't stop with the threatening calls. Kendall gives Spike the vitamins from Dr. Hilliard.moreless
    • Ep. #9748
      Ep. #9748
      Season 38 - Episode 224
      Zach goes to see the country house that Lily has in her photo. Ryan worries that Richie has hacked into the company's e-mail accounts. He takes off with Jonathan to find Richie, who is on his way to confront Tom Brennan. Kendall waits for Zach to return home, but a tragedy stops Zach. Babe confronts Ryan and Annie for everything they've done to Richie. J.R. continues drinking. Greenlee admits she loves Aidan.moreless
    • Ep. #9564
      Ep. #9564
      Season 38 - Episode 40
      Zach faces losing Kendall forever when she takes matters into her own hands in her dealings with Alexander. Bianca and Zoe's friendship deepens over personal worries about Kendall's safety and Zoe's desire to discover more about Zoe. Barbara lets out the nasty truth about Erica and Jeff sleeping together to Jackson when Erica comes over to argue about going to Las Vegas to find Kendall. Ryan, unconscious because of Zach's punch, is discovered by Tad, but both men are soon locked up for murder.moreless
    • Ep. #9715
      Ep. #9715
      Season 38 - Episode 191
      Jonathan proposes to a shocked Ava, who then runs away. Zach makes an offer to J.R. and he accepts it. Annie ID's Wes as Richie and then worries about Emma, but Ryan can't reach Julia, who is watching over Emma in Pine Valley. Kendall takes a CD and secretly exits Greenlee's apartment while Aidan and Greenlee are working on identifying Richie. "Wes" and Babe continue bonding. Richie breaks into Ryan's apartment and finds a picture of Emma.moreless
    • Ep. #9568
      Ep. #9568
      Season 38 - Episode 44
      Josh has a plan of his own and finally puts it into motion. Babe, however, isn't sure if she should just leave Pine Valley. Josh suggests she could only be happy if she could just disappear and spend the rest of her life in peace, and Babe realizes that J.R. would probably win in court. Krystal almost blurts out about Babe to J.R. He vows to take care of Little Adam the way Babe would have wanted him to. Little Adam tells J.R. that he saw Babe. Zoe empathizes with Zach. Kendall defends Zach to Erica. Annie is surprised by Ryan's wedding proposal, and he tells her how Kendall's near-death experience changed his life.moreless
    • Ep. #9570
      Ep. #9570
      Season 38 - Episode 46
      J.R. uses Little Adam to talk to Tad. Krystal is stunned by J.R.'s life change. Josh rushes Babe to decide if she wants to run away, because rumors of her being alive might spread out. Krystal realizes Babe doesn't want to leave, but Babe convinces her otherwise. Erica learns more about Babe and Josh's plans to run away together. Bianca warns her to stay away from Josh's life. Kendall is happy to learn she's pregnant. Erica reveals a secret to J.R. and Tad. Zach stands up to Alexander, telling him that he can't control him anymore, but it seems like Alexander has another plan. Zoe attends the transgender group meeting.moreless
    • Ep. #9595
      Ep. #9595
      Season 38 - Episode 71
      Bianca goes to Josh looking for help on how to deal with her feelings for Zoe.
    • Ep. #9572
      Ep. #9572
      Season 38 - Episode 48
      J.R. tries to convince Babe that he's changed his ways and isn't the same jerk he was before. Erica tries to get Tad to help her find out what is J.R. using to blackmail Babe, but Tad refuses to go along with her plan. Annie still hasn't decided about Ryan's proposal. Kendall wants Ryan to help her get Zach to take over the Cambias offices.moreless
    • Ep. #9589
      Ep. #9589
      Season 38 - Episode 65
      Bianca realises she is starting to have feelings for Zoe.
    • Ep. #9537
      Ep. #9537
      Season 38 - Episode 13
      After JR leaves the jail, Zoe admits to Babe that Bianca believes her. Jonathan apologizes to Maggie. In order to interrogate Zach, Ryan brings Spike to the casino to spend time with his mother, Kendall. Then Josh injects Zach with a chemical dosage like a truth serum. Livia, Aidan, and the others prepare for the Satin Slayer. Adam and JR continue to conspire over the planned custody battle.moreless
    • Ep. #9556
      Ep. #9556
      Season 38 - Episode 32
      Bianca tells Zoe more about the complicated history between her and Babe, and Zoe assures her that Babe knew how Bianca really felt. Sean comforts Colby as she cries about Babe. Kathy tells Tad she wants him to be her daddy. Jonathan plays matchmaker with Annie and Ryan. Adam comforts Krystal. An awakened Babe sees Kendall and Josh. Later, Zoe is attacked at the graveyard after leaving Julia's party at Wildwind.moreless
    • Ep. #9560
      Ep. #9560
      Season 38 - Episode 36
      Bianca brings the button she found at the graveyard to Ryan, and he confirms what she suspected -- the button contains the Cambias crest. After bursting into Kendall's apartment with Erica to find her gone, Ryan begins going over things in his head. Zach and Kendall learn that Alexander Cambias Sr.'s grace was reportedly opened by Zach himself, and Zach convinces Kendall to stay behind as he goes to confront his father. J.R. goes to see Zoe in the hospital and although he is initially quite brusque, he pleads with Zoe not to reveal Babe's final secret. Erica continues to panic as she is unable to reach Kendall by phone. Tad rails at Aidan for not doing more regarding Dixie's death, but finally breaks down an apologises as Jamie and J.R. help the two look into the killings.moreless
    • Ep. #9731
      Ep. #9731
      Season 38 - Episode 207
      Adam believes he and Krystal are back together after having made love, but she tells her her first priority is her children. Aidan tells Greenlee he'll investigate her suspicions that perhaps her embryos weren't destroyed. Zach worries when Kendall tells him that she still wants nothing more than to get revenge on Greenlee. Amanda warns J.R. that she sees through his act, and she still wants the money that he owes her. He offers her a new job. Greenlee daydreams about a perfect life where she and Aidan, Zach and Kendall, and Annie and Ryan are all happy together.moreless
    • Ep. #9577
      Ep. #9577
      Season 38 - Episode 53
      Zach wants Ryan to stay on and manage Cambias with him, but Ryan is determined to start clean. Jamie is furious to learn that J.R. knew that Tad was the baby's father and heads to confront him. Krystal begs Adam not to throw away their marriage, but he issues her an ultimatum: Get rid of the baby, or they're finished.moreless
    • Ep. #9729
      Ep. #9729
      Season 38 - Episode 205
      Greenlee has to rapidly cover for herself after almost letting slip to Kendall that she could have her and Ryan's child, then goes to the hospital to do more research. Ryan gives Richie an ultimatum -- either work for him, or work for nobody, since no one in town is going to hire him. Annie panics when Emma tells her she doesn't feel good after eating a brownie that Richie gave her. Adam and Krystal can't keep their hands off each other, but neither wants to admit that they were wrong in their past. Aidan surprises Kendall.moreless
    • Ep. #9794
      Ep. #9794
      Season 39 - Episode 14
      Zach tells Julia that his health is perfect and that he isn't in danger of a disease from the bomb shelter. Greenlee and Kendall laugh after realizing how crazy Kendall's reaction was, and they share a drink. Julia arrives to get Greenlee back to the hospital, but she refuses to do so, until she can't seem to breathe. Zach joins Angie and Aidan in researching the woods area. Aidan learns that Sylvester was found dead. J.R. goes through with Krystal's plea to get closer to Adam so he'd be able to learn where Kate is. Ryan confides in Josh about trying to change his life. Annie goes through with the medical test that will show if she's a donor match for Richie. Ryan tries to stop her, but she decides to finish it. Krystal and Tad discuss about Adam and J.R. Krystal doesn't say anything about Kate.moreless
    • Ep. #9028
      Ep. #9028
      Season 36 - Episode 15
      Bianca is alarmed to learn Maggie plans on eloping with Jonathan that night. Maggie becomes angry when Bianca voices her misgivings about Jonathan. Jonathan turns cold when Maggie puts off making love with him and accuses her of wanting to be with Bianca. Bianca returns to Maggie's apartment and overhears Jonathan berating Maggie. Kendall convinces Greenlee not to dismiss Jonathan as a possible suspect in her drugging. Lily cracks a code which helps Aidan in his investigation of Jonathan. Babe, Jamie and Tad are held in the Pine Valley jail. Erica confronts Babe, who tries to defend her actions. Babe refuses to admit to JR that she has proof that James is his son. Tad won't tell Adam anything about Liza or Colby. At Adam's urging, Daniel Colson tells David he will help Babe in exchange for her turning against Jamie. David claims to Daniel that Jamie killed Paul Cramer.moreless
    • Ep. #9632
      Ep. #9632
      Season 38 - Episode 108
      Zach promises to take care of a little problem called Greenlee, and Kendall worries he might go too far to reach his goal. Pam wants Jack to help her boost the ratings of New Beginnings, and he agrees to go along with her plan. Zach tells Jack about what happened last night at their place, and Jack can't believe what Greenlee did. Greenlee arrives at Erica's office and suggests using her story for the show, but Erica refuses to do so, and Greenlee is surprised to learn that Erica knew about what Zach did. Sean informs Erica about the situation with Ava and Lily, and Erica gives him some love advice. At Fusion, Annie informs Di about Spike's birthday party. Livia teases Derek. Erica is surprised when Jack leaves her out of an interview. Kendall tries to convince Greenlee that she has no proof of Zach's crime, and that she should waste Derek's time. An uninterested Greenlee leaves to meet Derek and Livia. She tells them about what Zach did, and they ask her to give them proof, but Greenlee doesn't have anything. Derek leaves, but Livia may think of something that can help Greenlee. Kendall and the girls at Fusion are trying to solve a problem with a music rep. Greenlee keeps interrupting them. Then Zach arrives and confronts Greenlee again. J.R. informs Tad that he is leaving town for awhile, and then he tells him about his name change plans. Tad is worried, he thinks J.R. is only trying to have power over Adam, and that his plan might backfire. J.R. is angry and surprised to receive a new cover art for the annual report, a picture of Adam and J.R. as a baby.moreless
    • Ep. #9675
      Ep. #9675
      Season 38 - Episode 151
      Ava is nervous when the police team wires her up for the meeting with Lenny. She in anxious to get as much info from Lenny as she can, but Lenny keeps on dragging their meeting. He soon realizes there is something strange about Ava. Greenlee tries to write a letter to Kendall, but she realizes Kendall won't care for anything she has to say. Ryan wants to take Spike home, but Joe suggests that Spike should stay in the hospital at least a week longer for observation. Zach takes Kendall out to the hospital garden and tries to cheer her up. Kendall worries for her children, and she's afraid that she might not make a mother-son connection with Ian. Greenlee enters Spike's hospital room and talks to the boy. Suddenly, Kendall and Zach return to find Greenlee, and Kendall immediately grabs Greenlee. They start fighting and knocking over metal plates, but when they fall to the floor, Spike seems to totally unaware of it. Zach turns to Kendall and tells her that there's something wrong with their son.moreless
    • Ep. #9762
      Ep. #9762
      Season 38 - Episode 238
      Jonathan and Ryan pose as FBI agents to uncover more details about Richie. Richie is angry to learn that Walter is bonding with Emma, so he berates his father for siding with Annie, and Walter thanks him for the comment. Annie then confronts Richie about trying to remove Walter from her life. Tad confides in Julia about his hatred toward Adam. Tad and Adam have a little fight at the hospital. Aidan decides to let go and finally allow Kendall to help him look for Greenlee and Zach. Adam finally reads the adoption papers and realizes it's for Kate Mershon. Greenlee and Zach are shocked to find an old human hand in the dirt.moreless
    • Ep. #9587
      Ep. #9587
      Season 38 - Episode 63
      Lily wants an advance on her salary so she can find a long-lost relation. Hannah introduces herself to Ryan, then prods him for information about the Cambias men. Jamie declares war on Adam. Krystal again tells Tad she will not leave Adam.
    • Ep. #9558
      Ep. #9558
      Season 38 - Episode 34
      Bianca finds Zoe in the cemetary and brings her to the hospital but is upset when Derek marks it down as a hate crime rather than a near-killing by the Satin Slayer. J.R. tells Krystal he wants to keep her around the mansion because she's his last link to Babe. Kendall pretends to be Alexander's granddaughter as she grills the nurse for information about his death. Bianca is furious with J.R. for leaving Zoe alone in the graveyard after he found her.moreless
    • Ep. #9579
      Ep. #9579
      Season 38 - Episode 55
      Adam drags Erica down to the police station, determined to have her testify that Babe and Krystal are guilty of insurance fraud. After talking to Bianca, who reminds her that Josh will never forgive her if she puts Babe away, Erica lies for Krystal and Babe. Josh isn't interested in talking with her, but Zoe offers comfort to Erica. Sean enjoys helping Adam board up the secret tunnels into Wildwind, but J.R., Tad and the crew find a way in. Kendall congratulates Annie on dumping Ryan, then hires her on for a job.moreless
    • Ep. #9599
      Ep. #9599
      Season 38 - Episode 75
      Ava is forced to defend herself to Jack, Aidan and Erica, and Jack surprises the others by refusing to send Ava packing.
    • Ep. #9578
      Ep. #9578
      Season 38 - Episode 54
      Annie tells Ryan that she loves him, but she's not sure if they could make a marriage between them work. Tad goes to see Livia to find out how hard it would be to get custody of the baby when it's born. Adam has a suggestion for Erica as to how she can get Babe out of Josh's life once and for all.moreless
    • Ep. #9576
      Ep. #9576
      Season 38 - Episode 52
      Tad is thrown for a loop when Krystal finally admits that the baby belongs to him. Adam continues his tirade, and Colby begs her father to stop. J.R. and Josh again go toe-to-toe.
    • Ep. #9730
      Ep. #9730
      Season 38 - Episode 206
      Annie panics after being stuck in an elevator, worried that Richie has poisoned Emma and she won't be able to get out of there in time. Greenlee doesn't tell Zach her suspicions that he may not have destroyed her fertilised eggs when he runs into her at the hospital. Aidan finds Kendall searching Greenlee's penthouse, and doesn't buy her claims as to why she's there. Richie is amazed by Lily.moreless
    • Ep. #9733
      Ep. #9733
      Season 38 - Episode 209
      Tad and Hannah meet up at the Comeback and, after flirting for most of the night, leave together. They kiss. Krystal and Adam both know he's pretending to be Stuart, but she encourages him to return. Greenlee tells Jack about the possibility her embryos may have survived, and he agrees to support her. Erica learns that Kendall is still out for vengeance on Greenlee, and agrees to help. Aidan hacks into Zach's computer, and Zach knows about it.moreless
    • Ep. #9598
      Ep. #9598
      Season 38 - Episode 74
      Adam tries to convince Colby to return home, but she's had enough of his lifestyle and wants to stay with Krystal.
    • Ep. #9596
      Ep. #9596
      Season 38 - Episode 72
      Jack goes head to head with Alexander's lawyers, who are trying to prove that he is not competant to stand trial.
    • Ep. #9600
      Ep. #9600
      Season 38 - Episode 76
      Annie is pleased when Ryan tells her he's gone to see the doctor about reversing the vasectomy but initially worries he's only doing it to please her until he sets her straight. Erica convinces Zoe to appear on New Beginnings. Bianca approaches Zach with the idea of returning to the Paris office. Tad, J.R. and Joe search frantically for baby Jenny while an unaware Krystal shows off baby pictures to Opal. Adam, who has taken Jenny, calls an adoption broker.moreless
    • Ep. #9541
      Ep. #9541
      Season 38 - Episode 17
      The Satin Slayer strikes again. Dixie falls ill after tasting Babe's peanut butter and banana pancakes. Bianca shares some childcare tips with Julia, but discovers that Julia does not need any help when Julia shows love and support to Kathy. Ryan questions Annie for the reason she chose not to want to find out who was the anonymous donor. At the police station, Kendall is stunned to see a portrait of her with a dart in her neck. Zach tells Tad that Josh knows that he killed Greg. At the hospital, Dixie briefly speaks and sees Tad.moreless
    • Ep. #10630
      Ep. #10630
      Season 42 - Episode 101
      Cara and Jake get intimate. Kendall has a final showdown with Ricky. Bianca continues having flashbacks of Michael Cambias.
    • Ep. #9603
      Ep. #9603
      Season 38 - Episode 79
      Tad and Jamie interrupt the goodbye party Erica is throwing for Zoe and Bianca on the yacht with news that Adam may have Jenny on board. Amanda admits to Babe that Adam sprung her mother from the mental institution, but insists she doesn't know where she is. Adam refuses Colby's offer, telling her that she sided with the enemy.moreless
    • Ep. #9604
      Ep. #9604
      Season 38 - Episode 80
      Zach is upset when Alexander threatens Kendall. Jamie blasts Amanda, telling her that it's her fault Jenny is missing. Zoe and Bianca leave Pine Valley. Tad convinces Erica to air a televised plea for Janet to contact Amanda.
    • Ep. #9602
      Ep. #9602
      Season 38 - Episode 78
      Adam denies any knowledge of Jenny's kidnapping, but secretly makes plans for the baby to be adopted on the blackmarket. Erica defends Zoe on the air when a bigot in the audience verbally attacks her. Colby tells Adam that if he gives the baby back, she'll come home. Krystal has to be sedated.moreless
    • Ep. #9601
      Ep. #9601
      Season 38 - Episode 77
      Babe tries unsuccessfully to keep Krystal from realising that Jenny is missing. Zach demures when Hannah attempts to push him into attacking Alexander. Bianca worries that Erica will humiliate Zoe during her New Beginnings interview. Adam manipulates Janet into caring for baby Jenny.
    • Ep. #9879
      Ep. #9879
      Season 39 - Episode 99
      Greenlee angrily confronts Kendall and Aidan about their betrayal. Dixie dares Adam to reveal the secret. Jesse finally realizes who Robert is. J.R. and Babe become closer.
    • Ep. #9812
      Ep. #9812
      Season 39 - Episode 32
      Sam explains that Erica is being charged for insider trading, as the show goes off the air. Erica is taken to the police station where Jack tries to give her advice, but instead she fires him. She then tries to make a deal with Sam, who then charges her for attempted bribery of a public official too. Annie realizes that the only person in Ryan's mind is Kendall, and she angrily confronts him about it. Zach reminds Ryan to stay away from Kendall. Greenlee doesn't deny revealing Kendall's secret to Aidan. Ryan returns home to find Annie in a sexy outfit, but she's only reminding him of what he is missing. She then points to the suitcases that she packed and tells him to get out. Jesse tells Angie the truth about what happened 20 years ago, and then they make love.moreless
    • Ep. #9802
      Ep. #9802
      Season 39 - Episode 22
      Ryan and Annie talk to Kendall and Zach about Ryan's amnesia and all the changes that happened during the time. Ryan is hurt to see how close Kendall and Zach are, and he expresses that he loves Kendall. Angie and Greenlee talk about life. Kendall's editor Kelly urges Amanda to call Kendall to the book singing event at conFusion, and Greenlee urges Kendall to attend the event. Greenlee tells Zach that she knows that everyone is hiding something from her. Aidan tells Zach that he'll keep an eye on Ryan. Frankie wants Angie to tell him about how Jesse died. Tad wants answers from Jesse, but he won't say what actually happened to him. Tad covers for Jesse when Angie almost catches them. Ryan approaches Kendall.moreless
    • Ep. #9793
      Ep. #9793
      Season 39 - Episode 13
      Annie wants Richie to leave town for good if she is a match for a marrow transplant. Frankie questions Angie about his sister. Aidan and Greenlee have a small fight, but then Aidan takes Greenlee to the hospital to talk to Angie about Greenlee's treatment. Greenlee worries that she might end up like Frankie. She is forced to stay in the hospital, but as soon as she's left alone, Greenlee sneaks out. Ryan asks Zach to go to Africa with him for three months, but Zach refuses the idea. Aidan informs Zach that he needs to get tested to see if he got infected while being in the bomb shelter. Jack accidentally co-hosts Erica's show and they seem to be finally getting along again. Kendall freaks when she can't find her book, and Amanda and Babe help her look for it. She is shocked when a publisher appears at Fusion and offers to publish her book. Kendall confronts Greenlee.moreless
    • Ep. #9814
      Ep. #9814
      Season 39 - Episode 34
      Frankie shows up at Krystal and Tad's place looking for info on Angie, whom he hasn't heard from since she left town. Jesse shares more info about all the years he spent running. Tad and Krystal find the due at the cabin, and they all realize that Frankie is there too. Aidan and Greenlee start a little picnic on the Fusion rooftop, but they are interrupted by Babe who informs them about police with new info on the bomb shelter. Ryan and Annie separately arrive and Kendall and Zach's place where the doctor helps with Spike's cochlear implant. Everyone is happy when Spike is able to hear again. Ryan thinks of proposing to Kendall. Zach, Kendall and Greenlee are shocked when Derek informs them that the body found at the bomb shelter was murdered.moreless
    • Ep. #9605
      Ep. #9605
      Season 38 - Episode 81
      Janet is upset to realise that Adam has sent a couple to her in the hopes that they will adopt Jenny. Ryan defends Jonathan when Derek believes he may have been the person who shot Alexander. Krystal holds Adam at gunpoint as she demands that he return her daughter, and Colby tries desperately to convince the two to back down. Kendall faints after learning of Alexander's shooting.moreless
    • Ep. #9275
      Ep. #9275
      Season 37 - Episode 6
      After a discussion on romance in their Life Skills class, Jonathan asks Lily to be his girlfriend. Kendall figures out what Zach is up to, and the two disagree on what to do about Ryan. Ethan gives Simone an engagement ring, which she is only too pleased to accept. Janet kidnaps Opal.moreless
    • Ep. #9813
      Ep. #9813
      Season 39 - Episode 33
      Erica shares a prison cell with a hooker. Jack is frustrated when Erica can't keep quiet in front of a judge, who then sets bail for Erica in the amount of $1 million. Jack takes Erica home, where she has a dream of Sam rescuing her from Jack. J.R. and Babe play a game of poker and soon turn it intro strip poker. Their night turns passionate, as J.R. agrees to being Richie's donor. Kendall cries when she learns that her pregnancy test was negative. Greenlee and Aidan make love. Zach learns about Kendall's pregnancy suspicions. Richie breaks into the doctor's office and learns that J.R. is his donor match.moreless
    • Ep. #9850
      Ep. #9850
      Season 39 - Episode 70
      It's Jenny's birthday party, and Rob surprises the family by showing up. Annie tells Zach about Aidan's drunken confessions. Kendall decides to tell Zach the truth. J.R. and Adam make up. Greenlee tries to seduce Aidan.
    • Ep. #9262
      Ep. #9262
      Season 36 - Episode 249
      J.R. is bit by the Christmas bug as he extends a holiday invitation to Opal, Palmer and David, but that invitation does not extend to Di, as he throws her Christmas gift in the fire. Ryan and Kendall find themselves locked alone in the Church, and after both are reminded by their past, they agree to have the baby, although they do discuss giving him up for adoption when he is born. Bianca shocks Zach by telling him that Kendall is in love with him, and suggests he do something to keep her if he truly loves her in return. Derek arrests Jonathan on kidnapping charges, and he charges Erin with fulfilling Lily's Christmas list. Di shows up at an undisclosed location to wish Dixie a Merry Christmas.moreless
    • Ep. #8756
      Ep. #8756
      Season 35 - Episode 1
      Not only does Babe convince J.R. that he is the only one she loves, she forces him to grovel for forgiveness before they make love, while Jamie tells Maggie about his feelings for Babe. While José Alejandro plants a bomb, Edmund begins arrangements to escort Juan Pablo out of the country, and Maria has a nightmare about Edmund being hurt, then rushes to the lodge after waking. Ryan stops before he and Greenlee can make love, telling her that they can't do that simply because they're angry with the ones that they love. Krystal claims Babe was hiding her banking papers for her, and Tad seems to believe that story -- later, Tad makes love to Simone. Gunfire breaks out at the ski lodge.moreless
    • Ep. #9410
      Ep. #9410
      Season 37 - Episode 141
      Ryan does his best to convince Annie that she and Emma will be okay to stay at his place with all of the security. Josh brings Julia and Jamie up to task in front of Joe and Jeff, and both Julia and Jamie are furious when Joe dresses them both down but leaves Josh alone. J.R. and Erica encounter one another at a substance abuse meeting. Jeff uses his past with Mary to help Erica see why he wants Josh to know him. Babe has another run-in with Kendall, then encounters a wounded Josh, who tries to convince her to run away with him.moreless
    • Ep. #9540
      Ep. #9540
      Season 38 - Episode 16
      Ryan wakes up to Zach strangling him for conspiring with Josh. They get into an argument until Annie tells them that the kids can hear them. JR rolls in his bedroom to an unpleasant sight: Zoe and Babe in bed sleeping together. Tad asks Dixie out on a date. Josh lets Jamie know that he knows who killed Greg Madden.moreless
    • Ep. #9607
      Ep. #9607
      Season 38 - Episode 83
      Annie worries that the Lavery legacy of violence will harm Emma. Jamie begins to understand that his actions are connected to Adam's determination to destroy Tad. Derek tries to lure Zach into confessing by suggesting he won't go too harshly on whoever shot Alexander. Josh and Hannah have sex.
    • Ep. #9551
      Ep. #9551
      Season 38 - Episode 27
      Babe becomes the next victim of the Satin Slayer. Ryan, Tad, and Zach realise that they were manipulated by the Satin Slayer. J.R. is about to reveal the truth surrounding Krystal's baby when Krystal bursts in claiming that Babe has fallen victim to the Satin Slayer. Bianca shares her annoyance with Kendall about Erica questioning her friendship with Zoe. Erica is shocked to see Barbara at the Montgomery household.moreless
    • Ep. #9750
      Ep. #9750
      Season 38 - Episode 226
      Kendall worries Greenlee may have gone after Zach as Greenlee struggles to get help for Zach and herself. The police investigates the crime scene and they determine that the blood type found there is the same as Zach's. Erica is surprised to see Aidan and Jack arrested. J.R. bonds with Ava while talking about alcoholism. Richie tries to convince Annie that his feelings for Babe are real, but Ryan wants him out of their lives. J.R. finds his passenger seat covered with blood, and has no memory of the previous night.moreless
    • Ep. #9718
      Ep. #9718
      Season 38 - Episode 194
      A storm causes Babe, "Wes" and the kids to move into a cabin. Babe and Wes become closer, as he finally opens up about his family. Annie and Ryan panic when Greenlee recognizes Richie as Wes, the bartender. Kendall feeds Ian for the first time. Hannah confesses to Zach that she had a mental breakdown after the last time they saw each other. Kendall and Josh walk in on Zach and Hannah hugging.moreless
    • Ep. #9757
      Ep. #9757
      Season 38 - Episode 233
      Annie, Ryan and Babe visit Richie in the hospital. Annie fights with Walter over Richie's illness. Richie's prison psychiatrist pays him a visit at his hospital room. Ryan learns that the psychologist wasn't asked to come and see Richie, which leaves him suspicious. Emma meets her grandpa. Greenlee and Zach find a way to climb out of the shelter. Kendall breaks down when she receives a gift that Zach sent to her before he disappeared. Jack tries to make it clear to Erica that he doesn't want to be with her and that he doesn't want her help searching for Greenlee. Erica arrives to comfort Kendall, who refuses to accept help.moreless
    • Ep. #9538
      Ep. #9538
      Season 38 - Episode 14
      Babe talks to Krystal about having her mother become the legal guardian of little Adam if she falls in the hands of the Satin Slayer. JR and Bianca discuss forgiveness. Jamie and Tad investigate at the warehouse and discover a message left by the infamous Satin Slayer. Kenny is suspected to be the Satin Slayer when he visits Danielle after visiting hours. Kendall accuses Annie of using Emma to snag Ryan. A drugged Zach tells Ryan that Emma is his daughter.moreless
    • Ep. #9544
      Ep. #9544
      Season 38 - Episode 20
      Josh admits to Bianca that he would be destroyed if he were to lose Babe to the Satin Slayer. Maggie and Zoe finally come face to face. J.R. is shocked to learn that Babe knew Krystal was carrying Tad child's, and worries that in order to please one father, he'll have to destroy the other.moreless
    • Ep. #9726
      Ep. #9726
      Season 38 - Episode 202
      After meeting with Zach, J.R. goes to Greenlee with the 'evidence' that her fertilized eggs were never destroyed. Joe has some potentially bad news about Spike's chances where a cochlear implant are concerned. Annie, Ryan, Greenlee and Zach arrive at the hospital to hear about it. Richie offers Babe a valuable baseball card he was given after he rescued a little boy. Annie feels guilty after tricking Richie with Ryan's help. Aidan seeks info from a family whos son was Richie's best childhood friend.moreless
    • Ep. #9557
      Ep. #9557
      Season 38 - Episode 33
      After grilling Ryan over his father's last moments, Zach decides to take Kendall to Las Vegas to look for answers when he can't remember anything about his mother's death. J.R. finds Zoe beaten and bloody in the graveyard and leaves her there. Erica begs Tad to find her son. Babe's condition worsens when she realizes that she is not in a hospital.moreless
    • Ep. #9554
      Ep. #9554
      Season 38 - Episode 30
      Jack faces annoying baggage at home Barbara decides to plant a kiss on him and Erica stops by to talk to him just as she does so. Later after Jack refuses to assist her in finding Josh, Erica goes to Jeff and they both end up making love. Colby becomes a victim when she is berated by JR for wearing Babe's dress. Krystal is furious that J.R. tried to force Babe to give up her son to protect her secret, and tells him to go ahead and tell the truth. Annie has her bags packed and is ready to move to Whirlwind with Emma. Tad tries to discover more information about potential suspects from Zach; later Zach and Kendall ponder about Zach's past with Alexander Cambias Sr.moreless
    • Ep. #10685
      Ep. #10685
      Season 42 - Episode 156

      Maya tells Mookie that they're over. Marissa tells Bianca that she wants to spend the night with her. David congratulates Marissa on finding love. Angie is suspicious of David's project, while David reassures her that he will give her back her eyesight. Greenlee reassures Ryan that she wants to be with him. Kendall talks to Zach about what has been going on.

    • Ep. #9734
      Ep. #9734
      Season 38 - Episode 210
      Jack and Erica talk about the problems their daughters are having, and Erica admits that she wishes Greenlee would leave Pine Valley for good. Adam warns J.R. that he can't trust Zach as far as he can throw him, and he wants him to side with him. Aidan gives Greenlee the latest info on her embryos, and then Greenlee plans to meet Kendall. Richie and Ryan fight. Annie learns about her brother's current state.moreless
    • Ep. #9721
      Ep. #9721
      Season 38 - Episode 197
      Lily and Ava share a long conversation about Jonathan and his marriage proposal to Ava. Amanda tries to show Jonathan that proposing to Ava isn't his brightest decision. Aidan and Ryan are arrested after Richie makes it seem like they tried to strangle him. Greenlee offers support to Annie. Jack tells Greenlee that freeing Aidan and Ryan won't be easy after what they did. Babe tries to find out more about Richie in the hospital, and she has no idea who she should believe. Annie tries to talk to Richie, but a visit from her father pushes her away.moreless
    • Ep. #9732
      Ep. #9732
      Season 38 - Episode 208
      Hannah wants to stop working for Adam, but he warns her that if she tries to quit he will tell Zach about the affair she was having with his father. Hannah attacks him. Richie tries to convince Babe that he no longer wants revenge against Annie, but Babe is conflicted. Annie is horrified to learn that Ryan has hired Richie. Adam remains convinced he will win Krystal back. Lily tells Ava about meeting a 'nice man' named Richard. Tad and Krystal argue about her night with Adam.moreless
    • Ep. #9549
      Ep. #9549
      Season 38 - Episode 25
      Adam continues to spoil Krystal's unborn child. Krystal shares with J.R. that Adam has created a trust fund for harlotte. Erica announces to Josh and Bianca a family cruise to protect the lives of Bianca and Kendall. Kendall takes Spike back. When Jenkins informs Zach that he believes Alexander Cambias Sr., killed his mother, Zach grows furious. Ryan and Tad attempt to lure the killer. Babe is approached by a 'homeless' person. Zoe hatches a plan against J.R. Later, Zach is upset that Kendall brought Spike to the casino. Annie tells Ryan how she was annoyed by the Kane women. Krystal and Adam have a Lamaze lesson until the instructor calls Krystal's pregnancy geriatric. Erica meets Zoe. Babe calls J.R. to Chandler Enterprises.moreless
    • Ep. #9586
      Ep. #9586
      Season 38 - Episode 62
      Sean tries to reach Lily by leaving a number of messages on her voicemail. Erica surprises Jack and Barbara in bed, and later Barbara finds herself locked in the ship's stateroom. Babe wants to work out a custody arrangement with J.R. Aidan realises that the young woman he's talking to isn't Lily.moreless
    • Ep. #9561
      Ep. #9561
      Season 38 - Episode 37
      Zach comes face to face with his father, who knocks him out and then gets rid of the Amelia impersonator. Ryan, Tad, Aidan, Jamie and J.R. head to Las Vegas, looking to save Kendall and Zach, and make the Slayer pay for murdering their loved ones. Jack and Derek continue their investigation into the murders, and begin to realise that a relative of Zach's is responsible.moreless
    • Ep. #9212
      Ep. #9212
      Season 36 - Episode 199
      Derek and Livia tell Danielle that Garret Williams has been killed, and he was everything she said and more. Danielle is upset that Mimi didn't believe her. Jamie and J.R. are both there to welcome Di home, and Babe and Krystal are shocked to see that J.R. allows Jamie to hold Little Adam. Zach spirits Julia away to keep her from Garret's men, and both Anita and Sam welcome their sister back.moreless
    • Ep. #9414
      Ep. #9414
      Season 37 - Episode 145
      As a shocked Josh listens, Greg's final words from his coffin are played over the loudspeakers at ConFusion, revealing that he is Erica Kane's son. Greg's last will and testament leaves a very bitter legacy to Pine Valley's residents. Aidan and Di bungee jump from the top of the cliffs and end up wet for their trouble. Jonathan convinces Erin that she should go after Aidan to explain to him why she pushed him away, but when she arrives at the cliffs she finds Di and Aidan in a passionate embrace. Danielle is ticked off when the bartender won't serve her a chocolate martini, but is thrilled when Jamal reminds them who he is and of their connection, but asks her not to tell the family he's in town. Annie helps Ryan care for a fractious Spike when he has trouble calming the baby.moreless
    • Ep. #9369
      Ep. #9369
      Season 37 - Episode 100
      Tad has no sympathy for Dixie or her story about trying to find Kate without success, and tells her that she was wrong not to trust him. Bianca returns to Pine Valley for Kendall but tells Zach that she refuses to pick a side. Adam struggles with himself, to free his son or not and asks Krystal what he should do. Stuart takes J.R. around town to view his family in hopes of learning something, and J.R. gets a chance to see how much everyone in his life loves him. Greg faces a deadly David in his hotel room, but is saved by Amanda's arrival. She tells him she'd changed her mind about being a surrogate mother, but he changes it back for her.moreless
    • Ep. #9791
      Ep. #9791
      Season 39 - Episode 11
      At the stables, Annie and Ryan joke about Ryan's name slip. Just as Richie is about to take Emma away, Annie informs Richie that she will get tested for the transplant, and a satisfied Richie walks away from Emma. Aidan pulls Zach away from Adam, who then collapses. Quentin is determined to leave the hospital, but his condition gets worse. Angie tends to Adam, and Tad fills Angie on what happened while she was gone. Angie is shocked to realize that Quentin is actually her son Frankie. Krystal tries to reason with Adam, without a success. Dre and Colby agree that their kiss was just a friendly gesture. Kendall is worried that Greenlee and Zach might have slept together in the shelter. Greenlee finds Zach and manages to calm him down.moreless
    • Ep. #9823
      Ep. #9823
      Season 39 - Episode 43
      Ryan is having hard time dealing with the fact that he doesn't remember Annie. He lies to Annie about having a flashback of her, and then later tries to contact Kendall. Kendall has a nightmare about her attacker. Erica thanks Zach for lying to Kendall. She is later confronted by an unknown person who claims that what Erica did is a crime. Babe, Amanda and Greenlee aren't satisfied with their choice of models. Greenlee wonders why Ryan could have remembered Annie and he doesn't remember her. Colby and Adam are surprised when Dre turns out to be Sam's son. Dre tells Sam that he doesn't need him.moreless
    • Ep. #9684
      Ep. #9684
      Season 38 - Episode 160
      Zach helps Kendall feed Ian and everything is going fine until Kendall has visions of Greenlee with Spike, so she rushes to protect her child. Greenlee finds Dr. Hilliard, a doctor which could help Spike and then secretly arranges a meeting with him. Annie tells Ryan about the visit to her father. Ryan asks Annie to teach him sign language. Jack gives Erica the divorce papers. They soon get to lovemaking, but their fun is interrupted when a footage of their fight is played on the show.moreless
    • Ep. #9661
      Ep. #9661
      Season 38 - Episode 137
      The women of Fusion enjoy a little girl-bonding at a New York sleepover. Ava and Jonathan sleep together, and Ava realizes Jonathan probably thinks of her as Lily. Colby makes a wrong assumption whilst seeing Ava and Sean on the beach together. Erica and Jack spend some time together. Krystal confronts J.R. about the kidnapping scheme.moreless
    • Ep. #9943
      Ep. #9943
      Season 39 - Episode 163
      Jesse joins Frankie and Randi over dinner and they discuss about all the new opportunities in Randi's life. Jesse learns that Annie quit her job. Annie tries to convince Amanda to start a new company with her, but Amanda is irritated by Annie's presence since she's on a date with Jake. Annie is still haunted by Richie. Kendall convinces Greenlee to tag along and find the place that the key opens. The girls find a locker that contains an envelope. Adam learns a new detail that could help him in the war against Fusion. He also learns that Carmen has been seeing Jack. Babe decides to take over Fusion, but without Adam's help. Dre and Cassandra pack. Frankie refuses to steal stuff for Fletcher. Annie offers help to Adam. Kendall and Greenlee bring the letter they found to Ryan.moreless
    • Ep. #9736
      Ep. #9736
      Season 38 - Episode 212
      Ava wants Jonathan to get married even quicker. She also wants to quit her partnership with J.R. Tad thinks that he and Hannah should try dating again. Krystal tries to deal with her feelings. Aidan decides to support Greenlee on whatever road she chooses to take. Greenlee wants to talk to Ryan about her embryos, but instead, she runs into Kendall and Zach. Ryan tells Jonathan that he supports his upcoming marriage to Ava.moreless
    • Ep. #9562
      Ep. #9562
      Season 38 - Episode 38
      Ryan, Aidan, Jamie, JR, and Tad are furious to find that Kendall escaped her hotel room. Alexander holds Kendall hostage in an exact replica of the home that he used to share with Amelia. Erica gets a shock when she sees Babe, but she fears for Kendall's life, realizing that Kendall is now the target of the Satin Slayer.moreless
    • Ep. #9725
      Ep. #9725
      Season 38 - Episode 201
      Josh warns Zach that Hannah still seems to be hiding something, then agrees to help Zach gaslight Greenlee. Greenlee is pleased when Kendall invites her to spend time with Spike, but Kendall is upset when Greenlee starts signing to her son. Ryan watches as Annie takes the bullet intended for Richie and crumbles to the ground, accusing Richie of killing his wife. Amanda believes that J.R. is still hung up on Ava after he gives her a pair of expensive diamond earrings.moreless
    • Ep. #9728
      Ep. #9728
      Season 38 - Episode 204
      Kendall breaks down when Greenlee tells her that the last words Spike heard were Greenlee assuring him that he was going home to see his mother. Krystal spends time with Stuart, but both of them know that it's really Adam in disguise. Richie privately cheers as he realises he has Babe right where he wants her. Ryan and Tad are determined to protect their families.moreless
    • Ep. #9585
      Ep. #9585
      Season 38 - Episode 61
      J.R. calls an emergency board meeting, hoping to have Adam ousted from the board at Chandler Enterprises. Annie changes her mind about marrying Ryan. Lily is determined to get away from Barbara. Aidan spies a girl who looks a lot like Lily. Babe tries to convince Tad to let up on Krystal, then later tries to convince Krystal to let Tad be part of the baby's life.moreless
    • Ep. #9594
      Ep. #9594
      Season 38 - Episode 70
      J.R. kicks Adam out of Little Adam's life as Tad and Krystal name their new daughter -- Jenny Colby Carey.
    • Ep. #9550
      Ep. #9550
      Season 38 - Episode 26
      Ryan demands that Kendall return Spike, but their argument is stopped when Tad tells them the Satin Slayer has responded. Krystal and Adam vow to have a secret-free relationship. Erica goes to the police station to consult Jack about Kendall and Bianca. Janet offers Amanda and Jamie some advice. Zoe's plot to embarass JR is a success when Babe photographs Zoe's kiss on JR.moreless
    • Ep. #9702
      Ep. #9702
      Season 38 - Episode 178
      Babe realizes Annie is under a lot of stress. J.R. takes Ava to the hospital, where Dr. Joe diagnoses her with appendicitis. Lily comforts Ava, and then Ava loses consciousness. Aidan explains to an angry Greenlee that he did not say anything to Ryan, and then they actually spend some quality time together. Annie realizes Aidan has the pocket watch which she threw out. Later, an unknown person knocks out Aidan and takes the pocket watch. Wes is getting a crush on Babe. Jack and Erica fight during a new show, and Pam tapes their fight. Jack makes a brilliant idea to make their relationship work.moreless
    • Ep. #9825
      Ep. #9825
      Season 39 - Episode 45
      Greenlee and Zach confide in each other about the recent developments in their lives. Aidan and Kendall spend a romantic dinner together when the service brings them dinner for a couple instead of the usual diner. They start talking about their life and then end up playing a soccer game with pillows and chairs. Ryan tries to get the hotel clerk to give him the key of Kendall's hotel room and he eventually manages to convince her to do so. He enters Kendall's room just as Kendall and Aidan being wrestling. Tad and Angie try to convince Remy's mother to listen to them, but she threatens Angie with a shot gun and rushes her out of the house until Tad convinced her to listen to them. Later, as they exit the place, Tad realizes someone is following him and Angie. Frankie and Jesse bond while playing video games. Rob surprises Jesse.moreless
    • Ep. #9530
      Ep. #9530
      Season 38 - Episode 6
      Babe defends Zarf when Derek accuses him of murder. Danielle's situation remains precarious even once she's out of surgery. Josh blackmails Kendall into helping him get together with Babe. JR asks Dixie if she is keeping Krystal's secret. Jonathan is counseled by Annie.
    • Ep. #9524
      Ep. #9524
      Season 37 - Episode 255
      Aidan is shocked to learn that the woman that he and Di captured is really Zarf. When Zarf attempts to depart, Aidan dares him to continue to carry his act downstairs. Bianca has trouble making sense of the secret that Zarf confides in her and asks Leslie if she knew any transgendered people. Meanwhile, Josh refuses to leave Babe alone despite Babe crushing the Christmas present he gave her. Kendall realizes why Zach loves saving women. Colby and Sean get into trouble when the police catch them in an unathorized limosine. Ryan, Annie, Emma, and Jonathan ring in the New Year. Later, Zarf puts on an act in ConFusion, humiliating Bianca in the process.moreless
    • Ep. #9643
      Ep. #9643
      Season 38 - Episode 119
      Kendall and Greenlee bond while visiting Simone's grave. J.R. is angry at himself because someone trashed his perfect plan. Amanda comforts him. Krystal is granted a liquor license for The Comeback. Adam has to meet with the kidnappers, and Krystal realizes there is something wrong with him, but Adam won't confide to anyone about his problems. Jonathan and Di find Ava, who spent the night at the boathouse, and soon realize that she moved out, so Di invites her to move into Wildwind.moreless
    • Ep. #9758
      Ep. #9758
      Season 38 - Episode 234
      Annie realizes that no matter what happens to Richie, her relationship with her father will always be corrupted. Richie apologizes to Lily for missing their date, and she comes to a conclusion that he seems to have completely forgotten about her due to the medication he's been having. She then accidentally overhears Richie and Dr. Chambers talking about murder plans. Erica and Kendall try to join Aidan and Tad while planning a search, but Aidan tries to kick them out, which angers Kendall, who then sets out to find out the trace Aidan has. She learns that they think Zach and Greenlee might be lost somewhere together. Zach and Greenlee continue trying to get out of the shelter, but their plans are interrupted by Zach's rude comments on all the bad stuff Greenlee has done since she returned to Pine Valley, and he claims that Kendall could never think of her as a friend anymore. Julia and Jack discuss about their empty love lives. Jack finds Lily shaking from fear.moreless
    • Ep. #10684
      Ep. #10684
      Season 42 - Episode 155

      Cara wants Tad to move on with his life without her. Dixie desperately tries to reach out to JR due to his drinking problem, but he only wants to know when will she leave them next. Amanda tells Jake that she knows she no longer has cancer because she visited a special place. Kendall is shocked after learning that Zach is alive. Bianca advises Erica and Jack to stay put in Paris.

    • Ep. #10679
      Ep. #10679
      Season 42 - Episode 150
      Tad is confused when he sees Dixie, and is convinced she is just a vision, until he realizes she is really there. They get to catching up, and Dixie mentions David. Greenlee is shocked when she realizes Zach is still alive. He grabs her when she tries to find out why is he on IV. Jake won't let Amanda live with her mother. Amanda is touched when Janet has some sweet words for her. Opal and Krystal learn from Cara that Dixie is alive. Bianca wonders what Tad's reaction might be to finding out Dixie is still alive. Ryan and Griffin both confront David about Project Orpheus.moreless
    • Ep. #9542
      Ep. #9542
      Season 38 - Episode 18
      Father Clarence gives some helpful advice to Julia. Dixie's family grieves for the loss of a beloved mother and wife. Annie is shocked when Ryan tells her that Emma is his daughter. Josh tells Zoe that she is welcome to move in with him. Tad runs into Julia and Kathy in the park. A ghostly Dixie blows Kathy a kiss.moreless
    • Ep. #9536
      Ep. #9536
      Season 38 - Episode 12
      Erica is disappointed to see Bianca working with Maggie and Josh working with Babe. Ryan goes after the serial killer when he hears a suspicious noise on the Fusion rooftop. J.R. quizzes Zoe about her relationship with Babe. Julia tells Kathy that her mother, Linda, has died. Zach escapes the warehouse.moreless
    • Ep. #10663
      Ep. #10663
      Season 42 - Episode 134
      Angie learns that her stem cells are accepting the treatment. Erica opens up about her feelings to Ben. David makes an announcement.
    • Ep. #10713
      Season 43 - Episode 1

      Adam comforts Brooke after she has a nightmare about their engagement party. Opal welcomes Pete home and suggests that he resurrect Cortlandt Electronics, but he says that's impossible. Dixie breaks down after looking at a picture of her and Tad. Jesse arranges for Cassandra to surprise Angie, but learns she never boarded the plane. Cara and Griffin make a promise not to reveal the identity of the comatose patient. David is released from prison and visits a grave saying he's gonna make certain people pay.

    • Ep. #9755
      Ep. #9755
      Season 38 - Episode 231
      Annie tells Ryan, Babe and Joe that Richie asked her to help him kill himself. Babe comforts Richie as Joe calls a psychologist to have a talk with Richie. Annie learns from Joe that Richie may not survive another day. Adam offers to give an alibi to J.R., and he accepts his father's offer. Aidan confronts a man named Sylvester about Greenlee's whereabouts, and he learns that the man saw Richie in the woods. Greenlee continues taking care of a delusional Zach, who starts thinking that Greenlee is actually Kendall.moreless
    • Ep. #9746
      Ep. #9746
      Season 38 - Episode 222
      Hannah reveals the truth to Tad about her affair with Alexander Cambias and how Adam is blackmailing her, and Tad doesn't know how to react to this sudden confession. Kendall bursts at Zach, blaming him for everything that went wrong in their lives, and he walks out on her. Adam continues trying to be with Krystal, who reminds him that Tad will always be a part of their lives. Ava has a painful memory while seeing J.R. drunk.moreless
    • Ep. #9719
      Ep. #9719
      Season 38 - Episode 195
      Annie, Ryan, Greenlee, Aidan and others worry about the safety of their loved ones. Richie answers Annie's call, but doesn't say anything. Aidan and Ryan search through Richie's room. Adam makes an apology to Krystal. Babe starts having a bad feeling about staying in the cabin. Kendall and Josh walk in on Zach and Hannah hugging. Josh and Hannah make love. Babe and Richie return to Pine Valley.moreless
    • Ep. #9467
      Ep. #9467
      Season 37 - Episode 198
      Erica and Jeff rush to the police station to save Josh from jail. Meanwhile, Krystal and Babe try to get Sydney to clear Josh from a statutory rape charge. Ryan, Annie, and Emma enjoy breakfast at B.J.'s. David comes to Dixie's hotel room happily wanting to lead Dixie to Kate, but isn't happy when Tad appears. Adam, J.R., and Colby return. Then Babe and Krystal try to coerce Colby to confess the truth. Later Kendall overhears Babe feeling sorry for getting Josh in trouble.moreless
    • Ep. #9119
      Ep. #9119
      Season 36 - Episode 106
      Amanda sneaks Little Adam over for a visit with Babe and Jamie with ulterior motives, knowing that this is Babe's day to visit Krystal. Despite Maria's best efforts, neither of her children are softening toward her.
    • Ep. #9727
      Ep. #9727
      Season 38 - Episode 203
      Babe brings Colby and Corrina to be Fusion's young focus group, and Corrina is excited to meet Ava. Ava tries to make herself look unacceptable to get out of her contract, but Babe and Amanda warn her that they know exactly what she is doing and will not let her work with J.R. Greenlee demands answers from Josh about the possibility her eggs may be viable, and his answers are just enough to give her hope that she will have her own child with Ryan. Kendall's fury with Greenlee grows after Joe admits there is a possibility that a cochlear implant may never be a viable option for Spike.moreless
    • Ep. #9759
      Ep. #9759
      Season 38 - Episode 235
      Tad apologizes to Hannah for distancing away from her, and they share a conversation about their life and dealing with people that left them, particularly Ethan and Dixie. They kiss. Adam and Krystal discuss about Adam's reaction to J.R.'s refusal to accept Adam's alibi, and Krystal convinces Adam to stand by his child because the past has thought her to spend as much time supporting and caring for her kids. Ava smuggles alcohol to J.R.'s cell, but J.R. refuses to drink it, and the guard kicks out Ava. Kendall has a nightmare involving a wounded Zach and Greenlee with a gun, and she wakes up determined to find her husband. Aidan continues searching for Greenlee, and he stumbles upon a mysterious hole that turns out to be drug dealer's stuff. Kendall joins him later.moreless
    • Ep. #9593
      Ep. #9593
      Season 38 - Episode 69
      Jonathan isn't pleased when he learns that Ava is Lily's older half-sister.
    • Ep. #9583
      Ep. #9583
      Season 38 - Episode 59
      Kendall stands up for Zoe when a potential customer makes fun of her. Babe tries to talk to Tad, but he refuses to reconsider fighting Krystal for custody. Zach is impressed by Hannah's business sense and offers her a job at Cambias. Jamie and Adam exchange barbs.
    • Ep. #9546
      Ep. #9546
      Season 38 - Episode 22
      Zach realises that J.R.'s nurse, Raymond Jenkins, is the same man his mother was having an affair with when he was a child. After seeing Babe kiss Josh goodbye, J.R. offers to keep quite about Krystal's secret if she signs Little Adam over to him. Bianca agrees to help Zoe pursue her transformation.moreless
    • Ep. #9592
      Ep. #9592
      Season 38 - Episode 68
      Krystal begs Adam for help when she goes into labor, but he refuses to lift a finger.
    • Ep. #9743
      Ep. #9743
      Season 38 - Episode 219
      Opal realises that Erica is keeping something from her about the whole Greenlee situation. Ryan is mad to learn more about what Zach and Kendall did to remove Greenlee from their lives, but he is forced to keep it a secret. Greenlee is forced to lie to Jack about wanting to plead guilty because she has to protect Aidan's plan. Aidan wants Tad to help him with the plan. Jack appeals to Kendall on Greenlee's behalf. Erica holds Ian for the first time. Joe learns about Erica's plan against Greenlee.moreless
    • Ep. #9747
      Ep. #9747
      Season 38 - Episode 223
      Erica plays mediator between Zach and Kendall. Zach comes up with an idea while talking to Lily. Lily waits for a date with Richie, but he's spending time with Babe. Ryan is more worried than ever after learning new information from Tom Brennan about Richie's dangerous past. Krystal tries to determine whether her heart belongs to Tad or Adam. Tad refuses to make peace with Adam.moreless
    • Ep. #10451
      Ep. #10451
      Season 41 - Episode 170
      David reveals to Greenlee that he heard her plotting with Ryan. Asher tries to get a job with JR's help. David collapses.
    • Ep. #10482
      Ep. #10482
      Season 41 - Episode 201
      Natalia and Brot discuss about possible marriage. Colby is flabbergasted after learning what Scott has done. JR saves the day for Annie.
    • Ep. #9588
      Ep. #9588
      Season 38 - Episode 64
      Bianca tries to reach out to Zoe's mother. Tad and Jamie throw Adam into a locked attic. Babe asks for a peaceful divorce from JR.
    • Ep. #10662
      Ep. #10662
      Season 42 - Episode 133
      Bianca, Opal, Jack and Greenlee stage an intervention. Kendall wants Griffin to confide in her. Ryan continues collecting clues.
    • Ep. #10703
      Ep. #10703
      Season 42 - Episode 174

      Maya has to make a decision regarding her future. David, Zach and Ryan end up in a stand off and multiple secrets make their way out into the open. However, David refuses to reveal the identity of other people he saved from death. Erica decides to accept Kit Sterling's business proposal.

    • Ep. #10473
      Ep. #10473
      Season 41 - Episode 192
      Krystal wants to talk to Caleb about his involvement with Erica. Scott returns home to a shock, as Annie and JR get closer again. Erica and Jackson return from their trip. Greenlee apologizes to her father. Asher sneaks into Colby's room.
    • Ep. #10458
      Ep. #10458
      Season 41 - Episode 177
      The residents of Pine Valley attend David's funeral, while the murder investigation continues. Amanda and Bianca discuss about David. Madison is convinced that she knows who the murderer is, and Liza has a theory of her own. Jesse learns that David's fingerprints were the only ones on the glass.
    • Ep. #10664
      Ep. #10664
      Season 42 - Episode 135
      Griffin confronts David about Jane. David tries to handle Jane. Marissa talks about her feelings with Krystal. Maya feels close to Lucy.
    • Ep. #10443
      Ep. #10443
      Season 41 - Episode 162
      David attempts to comfort a heartbroken Marissa. Scott confesses to Annie. Marissa tries to force JR to admit that he doesn't really love her.
    • Ep. #10661
      Ep. #10661
      Season 42 - Episode 132
      Marissa does a rash action. Griffin lies to Ryan. Bianca wants love advice from Kendall.
    • Ep. #9584
      Ep. #9584
      Season 38 - Episode 60
      Erica tries to explain to Jeff why they don't have a future together. Barbara tries to convince Jack that she can help him 'ease' his pain. Zoe's mother begs her not to go through with her gender change, but Zoe tries to convince her mother that she's finally who she wants to be. Hannah visits Alexander in jail.moreless
    • Ep. #9529
      Ep. #9529
      Season 38 - Episode 5
      A worried Derek demands answers from Zarf about Danielle's poisoning. Ryan attempts to convince Kendall that she and Bianca should leave town with the children to be safe. Julia promises Linda that she will be there for Kathy no matter what. JR informs Adam that he will divorce Babe.
    • Ep. #10410
      Ep. #10410
      Season 41 - Episode 129
      Annie pays J.R. a visit at the cottage and the two spend time bonding. Madison finds a new place to stay - with Frankie and Randi, even though Randi doesn't know about it yet. Erica tries to trick Caleb into singing over his ownership, but he outsmarts her. Caleb decides to fight David for what he did to his house. Ryan informs Greenlee about David's shady business.moreless
    • Ep. #9238
      Ep. #9238
      Season 36 - Episode 225
      Krystal and Babe are both surprised when Janet shows up and, through her ramblings, threatens that Babe had better stay out of Amanda and Jamie's romance. Jamie warns J.R. not to trust Amanda as far as he can throw her, and J.R. then warns Amanda against threatening Babe. Kendall tries to get Zach to repeat what he said to her in the hospital, but Zach surprises her by claiming he won't contest a divorce. Ryan takes Greenlee to the boathouse and promises to always be there for her any the baby.moreless
    • Ep. #9611
      Ep. #9611
      Season 38 - Episode 87
      An irrational Janet 'interviews' Tad and Krystal to find out if they're fit to be parents. Kendall is shocked to realise that Greenlee is also being treated at the spa. Zach wants Josh to spy on Hannah. Joe tries to convince Colby that she is not responsible for Adam's heart attack.moreless
    • Ep. #9650
      Ep. #9650
      Season 38 - Episode 126
      Di and Babe comfort Annie, who is breaking under stress over Greenlee, and her work at Fusion. Ryan wants Greenlee out of his life immediately, but she refuses to do so. They begin a long discussion which ends with Greenlee saying she won't ever have anything do do with Ryan. Annie realizes Ryan had a meeting with Greenlee. Jack plays games with Erica in the hospital, and they end up making love. Amanda pretends to be a victim in front of Seamus' pilot. Aidan warns Amanda not to get too involved with J.R. Adam tries to persuade Zach to give him more time, but Zach is reckless. He wants what is his immediately. Colby is mad at Adam after learning about the loan. Alone at the beach, Greenlee promises not to stop fighting.moreless
    • Ep. #10596
      Ep. #10596
      Season 42 - Episode 67
      Kendall opens up to Ricky. Asher finds himself in a situation where he needs his father's help. Kendall tells Jesse about the missing drugs.
    • Ep. #9610
      Ep. #9610
      Season 38 - Episode 86
      Amanda is worried for baby Jenny after finding her in the warehouse. Erica attempts to convince Jack to take part in a New Beginnings special on divorce. Tad and J.R. don't believe Adam is having a heart attack after he faked having a stroke. Ava is eager to spend quality time with Sean.moreless
    • Ep. #9723
      Ep. #9723
      Season 38 - Episode 199
      Richie surprises everyone in court when he frees Aidan and Ryan, claiming that they didn't do anything to him. Once he's alone with Ryan, he makes it clear that nothing ca stop him, and Ryan answers by claiming that he isn't intimidated by him. Greenlee agrees to pair up with Aidan in the hopes that they'll be able to learn more information about Richie's past sins. Kendall envisions Greenlee and talks to her in the apartment while writing the forged letters. Jack tells Jonathan he hopes he'll be happy with Ava. Ava and J.R. almost give in to temptation, but Ava stops before it's too late.moreless
    • Ep. #9735
      Ep. #9735
      Season 38 - Episode 211
      Erica tries to convince Adam to help her get Greenlee committed so she can get her out of Kendall's life for good. Richie keeps his medical condition a secret. Ryan decides to find out the truth about it, while Babe finds herself wondering what her feelings for Richie are. Zach is surprised to find Kendall with a gun in the part, and he finally convinces her to drop the vendetta against Greenlee because she took things too far. J.R. makes an interesting offer to Greenlee in exchange for her embryos.moreless
    • Ep. #9520
      Ep. #9520
      Season 37 - Episode 251
      Kendall attempts to spend family time with Ryan and Spike but her plans are ruined when Annie and Emma arrive. It gets worse when Josh tells Kendall the DNA results. When Zach acts strangely, Bianca demands to find out why Zach is reacting the way he is reacting. Tad and Jamie try to cheer Kathy up as Julia talks to Linda about any relatives. Babe gets a scare at the parking lot, thinking that the Fusion serial killer is after her. Colby is upset that her spy-cam idea isn't working out the way that she had hoped. Zarf annoys JR.moreless
    • Ep. #9547
      Ep. #9547
      Season 38 - Episode 23
      Annie tells Ryan that she's moving into Wildwind, but does plan to tell Emma that he's her father. J.R. tells Babe that he wishes she was the one who had died instead of Dixie. Jamie and Julia's attempts to have a romantic night is interrupted by Kathy, who wants to sleep in the bed with them. Zach and Kendall destroy Cambias memorabilia, then make love.moreless
    • Ep. #9754
      Ep. #9754
      Season 38 - Episode 230
      Erica is shocked when Jack breaks up their relationship. He shows her the papers that he got from Joe and he walks out, disgusted by her plan to get rid of Greenlee. Joe informs Babe about Richie being in a hospital. Annie is shocked when Richie decides to confess all of his crimes and he asks her to help him die. Derek tells Kendall and Ryan that the police can't find J.R. Tad and Aidan talk while searching for Greenlee. Aidan finds Greenlee's cellphone. Zach and Greenlee are forced to work together to find a way to escape from the shelter.moreless
    • Ep. #9724
      Ep. #9724
      Season 38 - Episode 200
      Ava offers to call off the wedding after she almost cheats on Jonathan with J.R., but Jonathan assures her that he still wants to be with her. J.R. realizes that Adam still wants Krystal, and Adam tells J.R. to stay away from Ava. Kendall continues spinning Greenlee around her finger by making her quit her trip with Aidan. Annie and Ryan play around with death to teach Richie a lesson. Adam sees J.R. meeting Zach.moreless
    • Ep. #9717
      Ep. #9717
      Season 38 - Episode 193
      J.R. accepts Zach's business offer against Greenlee, and is impressed by Zach's style. Greenlee thinks that Aidan believes she still has feelings for Ryan when Aidan suddenly doesn't need her help in the cast anymore, and she accuses him of being jealous. Erica tries to convince Kendall to give up her revenge against Greenlee, but Kendall decides to remove her mother from the town for a little while by calling Bianca. Colby gives Adam advice about how to win Krystal back. Dre continues being a huge mystery to his friends. Hannah and Krystal form a friendship, and their conversation makes Hannah realize that she has to tell the truth to Zach.moreless
    • Ep. #9532
      Ep. #9532
      Season 38 - Episode 8
      Jack catches Jeff and Erica together. Maggie begs Bianca for another chance. Babe told Zarf to tell the truth. Lily ask Jonathan if his brain tumor was back. Zack told Zarf to start telling all that he knew. Babe told everybody that Zarf was innocent. A stranger was at Confusion.
    • Ep. #9859
      Ep. #9859
      Season 39 - Episode 79
      Frankie, Angie and Jesse watch as the cops dig out Jesse's coffin. Ryan confront his therapist. Kendall and Zach continue fighting. Erica gives a proposition to Jack and Samuel. Annie plots to get Ryan back.
    • Ep. #9543
      Ep. #9543
      Season 38 - Episode 19
      Babe admits to J.R. that she knows she was the killer's intended victim, but J.R. surprises her with a tender kiss. Annie and Ryan wonder how a future together will affect Emma. Zach and Kendall plan to lure the killer into a trap.
    • Ep. #9846
      Ep. #9846
      Season 39 - Episode 66
      Angie and Jesse are distracted while on their honeymoon. Jack and Zach find a clue to Carmen and Erica's whereabouts, while the women are busy hiding the tape recorder from Mondo and Louisa. Kendall confronts Aidan. Annie makes a huge decision.
    • Ep. #9801
      Ep. #9801
      Season 39 - Episode 21
      Kendall doesn't know how to deal with a lost Ryan, who is shocked to find out that Kendall married Zach. Angie admits to Jack that Greenlee might die. Aidan tells Angie that he'd like to get injected with the poison so the doctors could experiment on him, but his friends quickly reject the idea. Annie confides in Zach. Erica and Jack bond. Zach informs Kendall about Ryan's memory loss. Jesse walks up to Tad.moreless
    • Ep. #9525
      Ep. #9525
      Season 38 - Episode 1
      Josh shows brotherly love when he comes to check on Bianca after the Zarf humilating experience. Zarf is being interrogated by Derek while Jonathan, Aidan, and Di wait outside; however, when Derek releases Zarf, anger erupts inside of Jonathan. Zach goes to Myrtle to discuss the serial killer situation and Kendall's safety. Ryan tells Kendall that Spike will be staying with him because of the dangerous serial killer. When Kendall learns that Annie will assist in caring for Spike, Kendall takes the offensive, demanding that Spike returns to her.moreless
    • Ep. #9737
      Ep. #9737
      Season 38 - Episode 213
      Greenlee doesn't tell Ryan the truth that her embryos may still be viable. Richie faces some tough questions from Annie about his illness. Erica daydreams about putting Greenlee in a mental institution. Kendall knows that her mother is up to something, as Erica convinces herself that everyone will approve of her actions. Aidan is happy when Greenlee turns down J.R.'s offer. Kendall misunderstands Greenlee's words and she thinks Greenlee is still keen on getting Spike.moreless
    • Ep. #9716
      Ep. #9716
      Season 38 - Episode 192
      Ryan is impressed when Annie makes up a story to convince the coast guard to let them get to Pine Valley as soon as possible. Kendall is harsh at Greenlee in front of Babe and Amanda, and later she apologizes to Greenlee, who has no idea about the revenge that Kendall has going against her. Erica feels guilty after a talk with Jack, and she tries to pursue her daughter to give up the vendetta against Greenlee. Jonathan gives Ava time to decide if she wants to marry him. Hannah and Tad play pool together.moreless
    • Ep. #9753
      Ep. #9753
      Season 38 - Episode 229
      Richie finds the shelter and as soon as he learns that Zach is inside, he closes the shelter, as Zach and Greenlee worry about their survival. Kendall and Erica bring Ian home, and Myrtle welcomes them, along with Josh, who arrives later. Kendall worries about Zach and she hopes he'll return home soon. Aidan continues searching for Greenlee. The Thanksgiving celebration continues at The Comeback. Derek receives the results that confirm that Zach's blood was in J.R.'s car. Babe defends Richie while talking to Annie and Ryan. Jonathan questions Ava about J.R. Amanda and Janet share a conversation about their current lives, and Amanda becomes aware of the fact that Janet is losing her memory.moreless
    • Ep. #9597
      Ep. #9597
      Season 38 - Episode 73
      Amanda gives in to the pressure Adam is putting on her and gives him a box of Kathy's things to use against Jamie.
    • Ep. #9590
      Ep. #9590
      Season 38 - Episode 66
      Aidan wants to keep Lily and Ava apart, but Di thinks the half-sisters have the right to know each other.
    • Ep. #9885
      Ep. #9885
      Season 39 - Episode 105
      Tad wants to stay with Dixie, while Krystal begs Tad to return to her. Zach and Kendall celebrate Spike's birthday, and Greenlee arrives to spike the mood. Adam tries to make a deal with God.
    • Ep. #9804
      Ep. #9804
      Season 39 - Episode 24
      Annie does her best to spark Ryan's memory about the love they share, but he hurts her by saying that he feels nothing for her. Jesse reminisces about the past and promises himself that he won't put his family in danger. Zach tries to make Kendall relax, but she can't seem to stop thinking about Ryan's memory loss. Frankie is intrigued when Tad and Opal tell him stories about Jesse. Tad promises to Jesse, over the phone, that he won't revel his secret. Greenlee is grateful for being alive, and she makes plans for a future with Aidan. Tad asks Aidan to help him investigate a case. Greenlee calls Ryan to lunch. Aidan and Kendall are surprised when they find themselves on the same flight to New York. Jesse is a victim of a fight between an unknown man and a woman. Angie overhears the trauma call.moreless
    • Ep. #9665
      Ep. #9665
      Season 38 - Episode 141
      Feeling pain, Kendall realizes she must rush to Pine Valley to save her yet unborn baby, so she decides to let Babe drive her there, and she leaves Greenlee to take care of Spike and bring him back home. Ryan and Zach are stuck in traffic in NY. As soon as they learn about Kendall, they manage to get a helicopter to take them to Pine Valley. Tad advises Colby to turn to Krystal, and then wants Adam to leave Colby and J.R. to live their own lives. Krystal is surprised to learn how much sympathy Colby has for Ava. Amanda learns that J.R. is broke, but still, she wants to be with him.moreless
    • Ep. #9346
      Ep. #9346
      Season 37 - Episode 77
      Adam tries to convince Dixie to leave town before J.R. gets back, and tries to convince Tad to keep quiet. Julia and Joe are both impressed as they watch Josh talk with patients at the hospital. Aidan agrees to help Ryan search for Kendall. Greg isn't worried about Erica's threats.
    • Ep. #9433
      Ep. #9433
      Season 37 - Episode 164
      After learning that Ryan is baiting Terry to come back to Pine Valley, Jonathan goes to the Montgomerys to warn Jackson. Lily begins to fall for Terry who is pretending to be someone he really isn't. David and JR battle it out in Dixie's hotel room; JR ends up being injured badly. Krystal tells Babe to fire Josh. Colby, then Sydney visit Sean to seek his advice on how to get rid of the other.moreless
    • Ep. #9761
      Ep. #9761
      Season 38 - Episode 237
      Adam finds an adoption record under his sofa. Krystal tries to apologize to Tad after spending the night at the Chandler mansion, but he refuses to listen to her. She accidentally cuts her arm, so Adam takes her to the hospital. Ryan offers support to Kendall, and Erica visits too. Ava visits J.R. dressed like Colby, but Livia kicks her out, and then tells J.R. that Tad sent her to defend him in court. Colby later visits J.R. Kendall refuses to leave Aidan alone. Ava, Amanda and Babe argue about J.R. Amanda later finds a DVD that has J.R. talking about his case against Greenlee and she decides to have her revenge on him.moreless
    • Ep. #10700
      Ep. #10700
      Season 42 - Episode 171

      David reveals that he has two more patients to be revealed as alive. Opal prepares to meet Sam again with Krystal and Dixie by her side. Zach and Ryan are taken to the police station.

    • Ep. #10665
      Ep. #10665
      Season 42 - Episode 136
      Tad gets Dixie's diary in his possession. Dixie gathers energy to stand again. Griffin talks to Kendall about David.
    • Ep. #10738
      Season 43 - Episode 26

      Angie delivers devastating news to Cassandra, changing her life for good. J.R. expresses his feelings for Cara. David gives his side of the story on Talk Tempo.


    • Ep. #10667
      Ep. #10667
      Season 42 - Episode 138
      Jane is upset when she sees David and Greenlee bonding. Kathy sees Dixie. Jane is moved by Jack's passion.
    • Ep. #10668
      Ep. #10668
      Season 42 - Episode 139
      AJ is scared when he sees JR drunk. Jack throws a drink in David's face. Erica tries to deal with Jane.
    • Ep. #10737
      Season 43 - Episode 25

      Lea and Zach chase a lead they have on the Koslov case in order to prove Zach's innocence. Miranda and A.J. find themselves in a close moment. Jesse crosses the line with Uri. Dixie wonders about Carter's past.


    • Ep. #10676
      Ep. #10676
      Season 42 - Episode 147
      Maya tells Angie that the baby reminds her of her own. Jesse considers confessing to Angie. JR thinks Marissa is trying to turn AJ against him. Marissa gets a restraining order against JR. Asher decides to get his act together.
    • Ep. #10452
      Ep. #10452
      Season 41 - Episode 171
      David falls to his death, and there are various suspects. Someone breaks down.
    • Ep. #10529
      Ep. #10529
      Season 41 - Episode 248
      JR and Caleb share a special moment. JR tries to reassure Annie about eventually going public with their relationship. Madison changes her mind.
    • Ep. #10453
      Ep. #10453
      Season 41 - Episode 172
      David's body goes through an autopsy. A suspect surrenders to the police. Asher finds himself in trouble.
    • Ep. #10483
      Ep. #10483
      Season 41 - Episode 202
      Liza goes to the hospital. Erica wants to postpone her wedding with Jackson. Asher gives JR an intriguing piece of info that could help bring Caleb down.
    • Ep. #9528
      Ep. #9528
      Season 38 - Episode 4
      Josh and Babe find Danielle on the floor at Derek's and Josh works to save her life while Babe contacts the paramedics. Unable to face telling the truth, Zarf lies to Bianca, claiming that Zoe was an act. After Krystal talks to Colby about her own time in prison, Colby and Sean plead guilty and throw themselves on the mercy of the court.moreless
    • Ep. #9534
      Ep. #9534
      Season 38 - Episode 10
      When Zach has another nightmare, he goes to research more of his family's past. Danielle wakes up briefly again, but becomes too weak to identify the Satin Slayer. Amanda and Jonathan are convinced that a former Pine Valley attorney could be a possible suspect. Zoe convinces Josh that she is innocent. Bianca informs Kendall and Babe that their employees have resigned and that stores have cancelled orders for new Fusion products. Dixie bakes cookies for Jamie and JR.moreless
    • Ep. #9407
      Ep. #9407
      Season 37 - Episode 138
      Annie decides to tell Ryan the truth; Erin defends Annie despite Ryan not liking Erin's fugitive hiding idea. Jonathan and Lily face trouble from the ConFusion manager; later they enjoy a no-touching dance with each other. Amanda catches Terry atConFusion but does not suspect anything unusual. JR pleads with Babe telling her that someone is blackmailing him; JR further suggests that they reveal Josh's true parentage. Zach orders Erica to tell Kendall the truth about Josh. Julia finds Josh in despair.moreless
    • Ep. #9535
      Ep. #9535
      Season 38 - Episode 11
      Zach is more convinced than ever that Kendall is in danger of becoming the Satin Stalker's next victim. Adam catches J.R. looking into Krystal's purse; J.R. later talks to Dixie about the secret she is keeping from him. Erica and Jeff arrive at the police station. Tad talks to Jeff while Erica talks to Jack. Kendall refuses to give up on Fusion.moreless
    • Ep. #9527
      Ep. #9527
      Season 38 - Episode 3
      Ryan asks Zach what Kendall has against Annie. Babe requests Erica's help to rid Josh from her side. Josh agrees to take Kendall's deal -- Kendall will help Josh win Babe's heart in exchange for silence about Emma being Ryan's daughter. Tad tells Dixie to be careful because of her association with Zach. Linda asks Julia to be Kathy's mother. Danielle falls to the ground.moreless
    • Ep. #9822
      Ep. #9822
      Season 39 - Episode 42
      Angie and Jesse listen as Tad meets Robert Gardner, his so-called "uncle." When Robert leaves, the trio discusses about Remy. Babe is angry when Krystal continues defending J.R. Babe doesn't trust J.R., and he urges her to explain why she trusts Richie more than she trusts him. Richie learns that he'll have to stay at the hospital for a bit longer. Aidan comforts Kendall, who's trying to deal with the rush she felt during the attack. Krystal runs into Rob, and later Tad explains who Rob is.moreless
    • Ep. #9443
      Ep. #9443
      Season 37 - Episode 174
      Jamie tells Julia he is leaving the world of medicine and wants to travel the world with her, but she informs him that she is okay with him leaving the medical field, but that she loves her job and would stay in Pine Valley. Babe scolds Amanda, but later Babe makes up with Amanda and discovers that Amanda has a thing for Jonathan. Colby and Sydney fight over a dress causing JR to rip the dress in part. Lily continues to talk to her online friend, unaware that the innocent man behind the computer screen is none other than her potential rapist. Ryan shows Annie how to handle a gun. Krystal decides to buy both Sydney and Colby a new dress under her conditions. Jamal tells her mother about his involvement with an underground network.moreless
    • Ep. #9882
      Ep. #9882
      Season 39 - Episode 102
      Aidan apologizes to Jack for causing Greenlee pain. Ryan comforts Greenlee. Dixie watches as family arrives at the hospital to hear the news about Tad's condition and Julia's death. Adam takes care of Kathy, who keeps asking for Julia. Annie cries while holding a brochure about fertility problems. Kendall and Zach compromise.moreless
    • Ep. #9760
      Ep. #9760
      Season 38 - Episode 236
      At the hospital, Richie puts up a show in front of Babe, who can't seem to notice that Richie is fooling her and everyone else. Jonathan and Ryan continue investigating Richie's past. Kendall is keen on helping Aidan find Greenlee and Zach, but he keeps refusing her help, even after she admitted that she set up Greenlee. Meanwhile, Zach and Greenlee continue digging and trying to get out of the shelter. Julia offers help to Jack, who can't talk to Lily because she's shaken up because of something that happened, and neither of them know what it is.moreless
    • Ep. #9745
      Ep. #9745
      Season 38 - Episode 221
      Zach worries that Kendall is getting too invested in her plans to destroy Greenlee. Kendall fears that Greenlee, who has ran away, might hurt her boys. Julia finds Greenlee and Aidan, and she promises not to reveal their location. She tells Jack that Greenlee is okay. Aidan and Greenlee try to get out of Pine Valley. Richie tells Babe that Ryan had kidnapped him earlier. J.R. admits to Amanda that he slept with Babe. Ryan tells Annie that he saw Aidan taking Greenlee out of the courtroom. J.R. sees Babe with Richie.moreless
    • Ep. #9565
      Ep. #9565
      Season 38 - Episode 41
      Alexander forces Zach to beg him to save Kendall's life. Josh admitted to Babe that he, Jeff and Jack faked her death to keep her safe, and that Zach took her from the hospital to bring her to the casino. In Las Vegas, the divided men continue to investigate Kendall's whereabouts. Jack manages to set Tad and Ryan free. Josh visited Krystal to talk to her about Babe.moreless
    • Ep. #9582
      Ep. #9582
      Season 38 - Episode 58
      Sean tries to convince Erica not to divorce Jack. Zach is curious when Lily warns him that someone is stalking him. Krystal tries to keep Adam from being institutionalised.
    • Ep. #9744
      Ep. #9744
      Season 38 - Episode 220
      In court, Greenlee shocks everyone by pleading guilty. She decides to tell the entire truth. Aidan puts his plan into motion, and Ryan suspects something is about to happen. Joe isn't happy to learn about Erica's anger over Greenlee, and he wants Erica to tell Jack the truth before he does. Lily makes a date with Richie. J.R. is upset as Babe continues to reject his attempts at a reconciliation. Krystal gives a restraining order to Adam, but they end up in bed.moreless
    • Ep. #9766
      Ep. #9766
      Season 38 - Episode 242
      A snake bites Greenlee. Babe and Krystal discuss about the latest events in Krystal's life. Tad visits J.R. in jail and they discuss about Adam and Krystal. Amanda makes a deal with a reluctant Adam to exchange the DVD for money, and she ends up being the owner of J.R.'s yacht. J.R. then arrives to live at Adam's mansion again. Tad finds Krystal packing. Kendall realizes that Aidan is losing faith in finding Greenlee and Zach.moreless
    • Ep. #9591
      Ep. #9591
      Season 38 - Episode 67
      Erica is convinced that Kendall will not allow Ryan and Annie to go through with the wedding.
    • Ep. #9782
      Ep. #9782
      Season 39 - Episode 2
      J.R. tells Tad that he is seriously considering Adam's offer, although he promised himself that he won't. Ryan starts acting weird at the hospital. He wants out to be with Annie, but Julia doesn't allow it. Krystal makes Babe realize what is the actual problem in her love life. J.R. arrives at Babe's and asks to spend the night with her and their child. Dre shares a story about his family with Colby. Hannah manages to escape from Josh's place in time before Zach and Kendall burst inside. Hannah runs into Sean, seduces him, and they leave together.moreless
    • Ep. #8525
      Ep. #8525
      Season 34 - Episode 20
      After Isabella insists that Edmund call a doctor, he brings Jake to the mansion. He warns David that Jake took a sample of Maria's blood, then confesses to Maria that he gave her two doses of David's experimental drug. As soon as he leaves her alone, Maria begins packing. Meanwhile, Aidan and Morgan break into Wildwind, and into the safe, then pull their guns on each other. Kendall has the idea of giving out free samples of the Rioja Fusion lip products, which she, Mia, and Greenlee hand out to the students. When Maxie Berlin calls and asks the girls to get their products to Lacey's ASAP, Kendall admits to Greenlee that they're out of Rioja Fusion. Jack expresses his worry about Lily to Erica, who then comforts him. When he confesses that he has never loved anyone the way he has loved her, what starts out as a friendly kiss turns to passion.moreless
    • Ep. #8800
      Ep. #8800
      Season 35 - Episode 45
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Ep. #10680
      Ep. #10680
      Season 42 - Episode 151
      Greenlee tries to find out more about Zach's condition, but he seems to be out of his mind. Tad brings Dixie back home, where she reunites with Kathy, and later sees a picture of Tad and Cara together. David pays a little visit to Krystal. Angie receives new medicine from David.moreless
    • Ep. #10687
      Ep. #10687
      Season 42 - Episode 158

      Dixie and Tad talk about their future. David comes up with an alternative for Cara's life.

    • Ep. #10686
      Ep. #10686
      Season 42 - Episode 157

      A person is found dead. Tad tells Dixie more about his marriage to Cara. Greenlee demands answers from David.

    • Ep. #10459
      Ep. #10459
      Season 41 - Episode 178
      Tad agrees to help with David's murder investigation. Kendall stumbles upon an interesting piece of information. Annie decides to go up against JR. JR argues with Caleb. Marissa tries to convince Caleb that she's on his side.
    • Ep. #10457
      Ep. #10457
      Season 41 - Episode 176
      David's murder investigation continues, as Greenlee finds a vial in Ryan's jacket pocket. AJ runs away after overhearing JR and Marissa argue, and they track him down and try to talk to him. Angie has her family and friends by her side. Krystal tries to question Caleb about what his relationship with Erica is all about, but he attempts to avoid having to answer.moreless
    • Ep. #10487
      Ep. #10487
      Season 41 - Episode 206
      Greenlee comes to the conclusion that she can't fire her father. Kendall calls out Zach on his personal problems. Madison is shocked when Ryan confesses his true feelings for Greenlee on the stand, and she has to make a decision regarding her future.
    • Ep. #10484
      Ep. #10484
      Season 41 - Episode 203
      Annie comes to a realization that she needs to be strong for her daughter. Asher and Colby don't get along on how to deal with family drama. Madison takes the stand in court.
    • Ep. #10474
      Ep. #10474
      Season 41 - Episode 193
      An angry Scott throws Annie out of his life after finding her in bed with JR. Annie rushes to Amanda for comfort. Caleb overhears JR and Scott fighting. Marissa brings Caleb evidence.
    • Ep. #10705
      Ep. #10705
      Season 42 - Episode 176

      Colby wants Maya to move in with her and Liza. Dixie reacts to dreaming of the mystery woman, and both Dixie and Tad question David about the possibility of Babe still being alive. Maya makes a decision about her baby.

    • Ep. #10704
      Ep. #10704
      Season 42 - Episode 175

      Brot confesses to Natalia about his involvement in Jesse switching the babies, and Natalia supports his decision to change his life. Colby turns to her mother for support, and prepares to leave the mansion.

    • Ep. #10472
      Ep. #10472
      Season 41 - Episode 191
      Angie is pleasantly surprised with a warm welcome back to the hospital. Krystal tries to warn Colby about Asher. Caleb stumbles upon Asher trying to break into his house. Colby is confused about Asher and JR working together. Annie isn't happy about JR ruining her party.
    • Ep. #10699
      Ep. #10699
      Season 42 - Episode 170

      Ryan thinks David is trying to get people to forgive him by having him bring people back to life. Erica remembers more of the past she shared with Mike Roy. Verla Grubbs returns.

    • Ep. #10688
      Ep. #10688
      Season 42 - Episode 159

      Greenlee confides in Kendall about Leo. Cara goes missing.