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  • Realistic & Entertaining

    This soap has it all, realistic, entertaining storylines. I love it so much. It has talent like Susan Lucci, David Canary, Michael E. Knight, Finola Hughes, Michael Nader, Jill Larson, Linda Dano, etc.

    This is Number 1 in my book. I absolutely love it, it makes you come back for more.
  • Lose the swearing

    I agree the bad language threw me for a loop when they both returned, and it was rather offensive to be honest. In the weeks ahead the fans spoke out and the writers said there gonna be no more swearing. But recently Prospect Park pulled the plug on both AMC and OLTL.
  • I want all my children back on tv not online

    Can we please get all my children back on tv. Don't get me wrong I love watching the oldies on soapnet, but would love to see new episodes on tv.
  • Great show

    Love that All my Children is back soap opera ever. I love that Dr. Dave Hayward, Zack, Jessie and Angie are back, missing Tad though, and as ever missing Erica Kane, hooked again on the goings on in Pine Valley,
  • Lose the swearing

    I'm not a prude, but the swearing was never a part of the 40 year institution of AMC - why start now? Missing Lucci and some of the others. Bramwell element - not liking it, but suppose I will get used to all of the new look and feel at some point!
  • all my children

    I really love this show, I have not watched abc channel since took this show of .. I would like to know what time they going to show this show so I can get back into all my children . I will checking all day monday to see when it comming on. A real ally my children fan!!!! thank-you , Debra Dixon

    Cant believe they cancelled this series on a cliffhanger!! I am a late viewer to this series but have pain stackingly watched from beginning to end only to find that they discontinued it!! Why? Loved the episodes of All my Children it touched all aspects of family life, the highs, lows and different sorts of familys. Really showed how life is. Well done to the cast and crew you made a great show !!! They brought back Dallas so am sure they can bring back this!!
  • Can't believe they canceled this soap.

    Love the actors and story lines. Hated the way it ended.
  • All My Children is the best daytime soap ever.

    The network shouldn't ended All My Children. This daytime soap is and always be the best. The network has taken away my past time enjoyment, and ended the show with me sitting on the edge of my seat. Wondering will All My Children ever air again, who got shoot? And wanting more from the show. Please put All My Children back on the air. What do the viewers have to do to get our favorite daytime soap back on the air?
  • Dont cancel this show!


    Please dont cancel AMC I have watched it for 40 years and it has become a staple of my life. No other show in prime time or reality show comes close to being as good as AMC It is the best written and acted show on TV all networks included. Please will some other network pickup this show I dont care when or what channel its on.I look forward to this show every day!

  • Love It!!!

    I love all my children. At times I feel like the show doesn't get as much credit as it deserves. I have been watching this show since I was a little girl and now that I'm grown, I still love the show. I must admit that for a while the show was starting to become boring, but now with some new writers, its definitely picked up. The new additons to the show. . .Angie and Jessie Hubbard, Franklin and Cassandra, the new Colby Chandler and Jake Martin. .. WONDERFUL!!! They make the show even better. This show is a must see. You will be hooked!
  • Alicia Minshew (Kendall) needs a new writer for her character.

    It seems that for the past two weeks her script has remained the same and I can only imagine how challenging it must be for her to repeat the same thing, and try to make it interesting. I am so happy I TiVO it so I can fast forward whenever she opens her mouth. Come on, writers, don't treat your viewers like morons! That's why nobody got nominated for an Emmy this past year from AMC, because the storylines are good, but the interaction between characters is too unbelieveable. Zach would've pushed Kendall down a flight of stairs by now!
  • summary how about the characters are about the most attractive on tv

    one of the best soap operas on t v . i have watched this since almost the beginning and try to make sure that i am home or have someone tape for me on a daily basis. it's amazing how susa nlucci has stayed so attractive over the years. bringing back angie and jessie was a good idea i only wish that they could bring back dixie on a permanent basis. matter of fact how about maria and all that family too. a writer i am not and making me do 100 words is difficult i do how ever say keep up the good work. possibly you can start a nerw trend and have everyone be happy for awhile see how that works out
  • One of the most beloved soaps on daytime TV.

    All My Children focused on the lives and loves of many residents of the fictional town of Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. Since the show premiered on January 5, 1970, AMC has been going through a lot of changes over the years. But one character who haven't been changed is Erica Kane, played by the one and only Susan Lucci. Not only Erica was one of daytime TV's greatest leading ladies, but truly a legend. The soap has launched the careers of today's brightest stars, from Sarah Michelle Gellar to Kelly Ripa to Josh Duhamel, to name a few. Let's all hope a new generation of fans will likely to carry on All My Children's legacy.
  • Very warm harted. Susan Lucci is a very find actress. One of my all time episode is of Erica & Jackson wedding in florida. I think the soap is doing well. Keep on bring those storylines on.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The soap "All My Children" Is excellent. I record it watch it every day. The story lines are so heart warming. I'm very excited about the storyline of Ryan, Annie & Emma. The little girl playing Emma (Lucy Merriam) is a very good actress) I'm so excited for Tad & Dixie on finally reunited with their long lost daughter, Kate. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. All the little children that play on there (Miranda, little Adam (A) & Spike are so good and so cute. Their parents must be very excited for them. I love the holidays shows the best. Tad is going to be reunited with Kate very soon! Even by Christmas!! Maricles do happen. This will be the best for Tad! Kate is really Kathy....! YES, YES, YES!!!!!!
  • addicting, crazy, and fun

    This show is so much fun, although it is sometimes hard to follow. It is not realistic, but that is kind of its appeal. It is crazy and screwed up, but that is the main reason it is so good. It is interesting and compelling, and it always leaves you wanting more. It is the type of show that you can leave for a while and come back and quickly catch up on what you missed. The episodes are hit or miss, but the crazy antics and wild story lines always keep interest and bring in the viewers. It is a fun guilty pleasure to watch from time to time.
  • Well i just recentaly started to watch this show and so far it has been a great show........ Destinee

    Well this show as long as Days of are lives is a great show. Like i sayed i just recentaly started watching this show but so far it has been a wonderful show.... Well if you like soap popers then you will like this show for sure at least i think... Well i hope that you give it a try because it is a good show.... Like i sayed in my last soap popers movie i have always watched soap popers with my grandmas...... Well if you have any qustions please send me a message...... Thanks for your time it was very nice of you to stop and read this........ Destinee
  • Curse you All My Children!!!

    Because of this show, my mom sits in front of the television watching this and all the episodes that she taped of this, and it is ruining her brain! Too much TV kills brain cells and that's what is happening to my poor mother!!! And worse of all, I can never watch TV anymore because She Is Always Watching This! You know what else is weird? I watched how the actors act in this show and it is So Ridiculously Corny!!! How can my dear mother and all other fans watch this show? Seriously. Somebody please help my poor poor mother and help me get this show off the air!
    Um, how we are going to do that is another story... Dang it!
  • i like it.

    well this isnt my fav soap or anything but if its on i am watching it. i am like some super soap freak no matter what it is. i love days of our lives like you would never know. it is a phenomenon. i am here to talk about all my children though. it is really cool and passionaite and deep and inspiring. it gives me the chills sometimes. i really like it. you probably know that though. i have to jet on out of here so see you on the forums. well ahsta la vista baby. bye bye birdy!
  • A truly classic soap that continues to be true to the times.

    I began to watch this soap almost five years ago, and although there has been several changes that I would considered to be misguided, it is still a pleasure to watch the residents of Pine Valley. What began as a way to direct social issues of time, has become an escape to another world that, still can bring saddness and sorrow to its characters. The fact that some of its story lines are far fetched and impossible, is what makes watching half the fun, watching everyday to see romance, happiness, and even tragedy makes it worth it. Although I hope to see the writing improve and advance some of the secondary characters, I still watch, and hope that this will never end.
  • Greenlee comes back! YEA!???.....NO!!!

    I am so disappointed with the new Greenlee. She cannot act, she makes these ugly facial expressions. I really miss the first Greenlee. she was so pretty. How can they replace her with that? Her acting is not convincing. Please feel free to respond to my comment anyone, regardless if you agree with me or not.
  • All my children, one of the greatest soaps of all times.

    All my children is one of my personal favorites. I have been watching this show since I was at least 12 yrs. old. Now I'm 27 yrs. old. One of the reasons it's my favorite is it gets you away from your own problems and into someone else's. The situations are mostly like real life and shows you how to deal with it if your in the same situation. Some of my favorite characters are Bianca, Tad, Krystal, and Zach just to name a few. Their lives are interesting and when you think everything is o.k it blows up in your face again. So my conclusion is the soap is not real life but if it makes your problems disappear for an hour or more power to it
  • Set in Pine Valley.

    I just started watching All My Children, and I'm absolutely loving it. My decision to start watching All My Children came on the heels of the announcement that Passions has been canceled. Over the years, I have watched episodes of All My Children here and there, and I have liked it. Right now I'm not watching All My Children every day because I don't have the time to watch two soap operas every day. I'm just trying to watch it as often as I can so I familiarize myself with the show. Once Passions goes off the air, I will start watching All My Children every day. Passions used to be my favorite soap opera, but in recent weeks, I have started to see why it has been canceled. Now I'm simply watching Passions out of the loyalty since I've watched the show for so many years. I'm not really enjoying it anymore, but when I'm watching All My Children, I am enjoying it. It's very good. Passions is known for not being your typical soap opera, and when I've watched other soap operas I have usually found myself bored by them. That's not the case with All My Children. In my opinion, All My Children is the best "normal" soap opera on TV. All of characters are great, especially Erica, Bianca, Josh, Babe, J.R., Jonathan, Zach, Ryan and Krystal. The story lines are also great. All in all, All My Children is a great show, and I'm really glad that I started watching it.
  • love it but somethings need to be left alone. everyone needs to find something new in their lives.

    There are so many weird things on the show now that are pushing it down the hole. Babe is a tramp, love her or hate her, she's still a tramp. Let her finally settle down with Josh or JR or someone cause i'm tired of her going back and forth. hello? other people live in pine valley too who would like a life to be noticed every once in a while. I personally found Zarf very interesting at the beginning but as soon as they said he was a woman in a man's body who loves women that took it a step too far. I mean come on! I know people live like this in the real world but the drama of it is too much. Get surgery and get on with ur life. I know soaps are all drama and I love drama but these story lines are going way over board. Another thing that pushed me over the edge was killing Dixie out of the show. I mean how many more hits can JR and Tad take. No Dixie, no Kate and then to hide Babe. If i was JR i would tell everyone to back off then drink till i was too wasted to remember my own name. I mean he's only human. No one deserves that much pain in such a short time.

    PS. Jonathan needs to move on with his life. I know it was his beloved sister but he does have a brother who lost her too and he's doing fine. Its time to stop grieving and to start remembering all the good times and go play with your niece and nephew.
  • Long-time watcher here!!! Losing interest FAST!

    I am so turned off with All My Children. This is the only soap opera I've ever watched (for about twenty years mind you) and I see myself cutting the umbilical cord soon. How many times is JR going to turn on Babe? How many times is Babe going to run away with his son? When will someone smack the ish out of Erica? OMG, I swear I fast forward any scene thats she's in. Then they have the audacity to kill Dixie off! Before she even finds her daughter. Oh, who by the way is psychic! How does that little girl know Tad is her dad? We barely see him there. Why wouldn't she think Jamie was her father.... you know, being that's he's sleepy with her new "mother". I'm going to give up All My Children for a month. Lets see what I miss.
  • This show is horrible and I would NEVER recomend it to anyone. I would say to just change the channel and watch something else as I'm sure this show will only disappoint you in the long run!

    I was a fan of All My Children for over 15 years until the show decided that as a fan, I didn't matter. The show lured actress Cady McClain back to the show and fans, including myself, were ecstatic! Cady and her character of Dixie Cooney Martin were only on the show for a year when the powers that be decided to get rid of her and kill her character (The head writer said that she couldn't think of anything else to write for her...seems to me that should mean that the head writer goes, not the actress). Normally, I wouldn't be too upset...but the fact that All My Children and ABC advertised that there would be a reunion of Tad and Dixie and that they would find their daughter and NONE of that happened made me angry. This show tends to promote that something will happen ONLY to gain ratings. They, as a show, DO NOT care about their why should I, as a fan, care about them? I would recomend you find something else to watch during this time as I'm sure this show will only disappoint it has me time and time again.

    This show also has a tendancy to do EXTREMELY un-realistic story lines (I know this is a soap...but even a soap should have a limit!). Bottom line is that this show doesn't care about its audience and therefore I DO NOT recomend this show to anyone!
  • Being that im 20, i didnt quite get it when i was younger. But as soon as i graduated with my days free, i realized i've been missing out the whole time.

    I remember back in my dawson's creek days when i was "destined" to marry justin timberlake. Mother was always a fan of All my children. Holiday mornings (the sick, summer, and xmas break days) mom would be in the family room asking for no interupptions while her "stories" were on. I thought my mom was slipping away fast, my mom is very young and of course, "soaps are for OLD people" i use to say. After graduating in 2004, i was working at nights still with nothing to do during the days and mom finally got me addicted to it. At the time, it was in the middle of Babe Chandler stealing Bianca's baby. Really good stuff. I am now a fan of it, and Thanks to the person who invented DVR.

  • A true fan till the end...

    I will always be a tried and true fan of AMC. I have watched since I was just a baby (because of my mom), and I hope my daughter will follow our footsteps. AMC has had it's ups and downs but I will always watch. Yes, thank God for DVR sometimes with the really corny stuff, but it's what makes soaps what they are.....good indulgence!! I know a lot of people out there don't like Babe, but I must say she is better to watch than Kendall or Ryan(Mr. Self Righteous). Listening to the both of them complain all the time and think they are always right makes me want to vomit.
  • The show has gone down hill

    I've been a fan since 1980, but now I quit. The writers ruined my favorite show! The show has been going down the past couple of years. It became the BAbe and Ryan show and I really never forgave Babe. But I continued to watch because there were still some favorits. But the last straw for me was killing Dixie, especially before she got to be reunited with Tad and Kate.

    I really don't know why this has to be 100 words. I have nothing more to say. I am done with a show that I have watched for more than half my life.
  • All my children has been on for over 30 years. It's characters change and the plots get better over time.

    All My Children is a good soap opera in my opinion, but it does tend to get boring from time to time. I started watching it a few years ago. My sister and I watch it after school on our dvr. Some characters are more interesting than others and some of them make you want to throw things at the tv set. Overall, all my children is a good show. I would encourage everyone to watch one episode and you will get hooked on it just like I did. All My Children is a great soap with dramatic, sad, and funny storylines.
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