All My Children - Season 27

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  • Ep. #6725
    Ep. #6725
    Episode 11
    Pierce and Janet drift further apart. Laura informs Janet that Amanda is ill. Erica makes an amazing speech at the award ceremony, and rips into everyone's problems. She also announces that her marriage to Dimitri is over. Jonathan apologizes to Erica for not getting her off of her drugs and only making her addiction worse. He warns her that if she doesn't go into detox immediately, she'll die.moreless
  • Ep. #6724
    Ep. #6724
    Episode 10
    Maria learns from Dr. Khadamie that there is a procedure that could allow her to have children. Amanda questions Gloria about her child, which only brings back ugly and painful memories for Gloria. At the ceremony, Liza accidentally spills a drink on Erica. Enid tries to coax Marian Colby over to her side on the "Get Michael Outta Town" issue, but surprisingly, Marian is totally against the idea.moreless
  • Ep. #6722
    Ep. #6722
    Episode 8
    Kevin denies making a bet with Bobby in front of Anita. Bobby and Anita leave to Bobby's room, where a frightened Anita is ready to do anything in bed to keep her boyfriend. Noah urges Viv to testify to his innocence. Julia confronts Mateo for sleeping with Taylor. Dixie confronts Liza about kissing Tad.moreless
  • Ep. #6721
    Ep. #6721
    Episode 7
    Julia plops herself down in front of her mom and tells her that Taylor was destroying her and Noah's life. She reminds Viv of Taylor not wanting to tell Noah of her miscarriage. Taylor shows up at Mateo's door and hands him Noah's gun. Charlie and Cecily leave Pine Valley halfway through their wedding to head to California.moreless
  • Ep. #6720
    Ep. #6720
    Episode 6
    Scott walks into the cafe and overhears Anita talking about having sex with Bobby. Dimitri tells Erica that they should try and act civil to each other when they meet in public. He brings up Erica's pill addiction again and leaves her in the dust, although she tries to make peace between them.moreless
  • Ep. #6719
    Ep. #6719
    Episode 5
    Ruth returns just in time for Charlie's wedding and, in style of old, begins handing out her sought out advice. Erica slams the door in Adam's face and pops a few of her miracle pills to calm herself. Down at Pine Valley High, Michael's students make their promise a reality by protesting outside the school for Michael's reinstatement.moreless
  • Ep. #6718
    Ep. #6718
    Episode 4
    Hayley, not too keen on the idea of being called "screwed up," tells Matt that she doesn't want him and, in fact, she doesn't even want to see him. Liza tells her boss that she wasn't able to convince Erica to sign on for her own show. Dixie and Tad continue trying to avoid each other.moreless
  • Ep. #6717
    Ep. #6717
    Episode 3
    Jason finds Kevin, Laura, Scott, Anita, and Bobby at the Insomniac Cafe planning to help Michael get his job back. Scott leaves the brainstorming session mad at Michael and goes to Chandler Mansion because he doesn't want to go home to Stuart. Adam finds out that Scott was there and wants to find out what was bothering his nephew.moreless
  • Ep. #6716
    Ep. #6716
    Episode 2
    Taylor tells Mateo the truth about the gun and he finally believes she is telling the truth. He invites her to have some coffee with him. An agitated Hayley bothers Cecily. Tad confronts Dixie for not telling him Michael is gay. Gloria encourages Michael to stand up to the school board. Laurel and Trevor stand on Michael's side.moreless