All My Children - Season 31

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  • Ep. #7993
    Ep. #7993
    Episode 252
    Dimitri and Edmund thanked Ryan, Gillian and Dixie for making sure the Crystal Ball would happen. Rain was astonished by all the grandeur of the Crystal Ball and of the Marick estate. Jake was upset to see Ryan and Gillian together. Jack was angry with Erica after realising that she was trying to hide Bianca from the world. Leo apologised to Laura for what Greenlee had done to her. Mateo tried to convince Hayley that she had to do what she did to Arlene. Marcus asked Bianca to dance, which was witnessed by a happy Erica. Dixie kissed David back, but pulled away. As the New Year counted down, Donald Steele asked Erica how she felt about Bianca being gay.moreless
  • Ep. #7972
    Ep. #7972
    Episode 231
    Sarah tried to explain to Bianca why they could never be together, btu Bianca kept begging for a second change ... until Sarah's fiancé walked in. Erica called the Livingston home looking for Bianca, only for Sarah's mother Jennifer to explain that she had forbidden all contact between the two. Marian forged a letter to Hayley that Adam claimed had arrived from Amsterdam so that Hayley would go on with her life. Tad went looking for Dixie, who was talking with David, but found Leslie waiting for him instead.moreless
  • Ep. #7956
    Ep. #7956
    Episode 215
    Bianca feared her mother had learned about her sexuality when Erica told her Greenlee had spilled the beans, and was relieved to learn that Erica was talking about Bianca not wanting to represent Enchantment. Edmund was surprised to learn that Dimitri was the person who was offering to buy Wildwind. Ryan hit on Liza after she found him in bed with Rosette. Dixie confided in Gillian about her kiss with David, and Gillian warned her about the doctor, using her own history with him as an example.moreless
  • Ep. #7934
    Ep. #7934
    Episode 193
    Erica introduced herself to Bianca's friends at S.O.S., all of whom were very impressed by her famous mother. Bianca was not so thrilled. Mateo and Hayley made plans for adopting Arlene's baby, then Mateo agreed to help Edmund keep an eye on Dimitri. Gillian called Ryan and told him that she would spend the night with Jake then go to him, but when she went upstairs, she and Jake ended up falling into bed together. Elliot told Brooke that she would soon have temporary custody of Ricky, and apologised for hurting her.moreless
  • Ep. #7913
    Ep. #7913
    Episode 172
    Tad was upset to read about the Wall Street Journal's prediction of Col-Mar's doom. David ordered flowers for Dixie, but changed his mind about giving them to her. Marian and Opal called in Frederick, the psychic, to help them examine the lure and find out if Stuart was trying to contact them. Dimitri felt awful that his reappearance had hurt Edmund just as he and Alex were preparing to marry. Stuart had a trucker drop him off at the park, which Adam had just left.moreless
  • Ep. #7891
    Ep. #7891
    Episode 150
    Greenlee attacks Becca, accusing her of telling Leo that she set up the Virgin Victor website. Leo claims that he came up with that all on his own, and Greenlee reminds him that she was stranded on a desert island. Eliot told Brooke that he had been an inmate at Statesville, not a chaplain, and tried to tell her why he was there, but she got a phone call from camp. Eliot used his sway as a pastor to get her more information on Jamie's condition. Adrian wasn't initially interested in helping Gillian find Jake, because he felt she only wanted to hurt him more. Tina tried to delay a customer, Arnold, after her donated a fake bill but he caught on. Luckily Mateo saved her in the nick of time.moreless
  • Ep. #7870
    Ep. #7870
    Episode 129
    Edmund was surprised when Alex woke up and was all-business, not knowing that Charlotte and Quinn had implanted the suggestion in her mind the night before. David scolded Leo for sponging off Erica, but Erica assured David that Leo was there at her request. Tina was hurt when Adrian pushed her away, not realising it was part of his plot to get closer to Charlotte. Hayley and Mateo returned home from their honeymoon and Hayley went to the mansion to make sure Arlene was gone, only to discover that Adam and Arlene's marriage was apparently stronger than ever.moreless
  • Ep. #7848
    Ep. #7848
    Episode 107
    Ryan found Gillian's diary in the drawer where Greenlee had hidden it and realised that Gillian had pushed him away because she had thought he was cheating on her. Jack, David and Erica met to discuss Leo's defense, and Leo managed to manipulate Erica into giving him the spare keys to her house. Gillian confided in Eugenia about her feelings toward Ryan, and Eugenia encouraged her not to fall for Ryan's lines. Edmund and Alex nabbed Foster, an inspector from Scotland Yard, lurking around.moreless
  • Ep. #7825
    Ep. #7825
    Episode 84
    Leo laughed as Derek arrested him for Paolo's murder, pointing out that Palmer had just as good a reason to want the gigolo dead. Adam was inconsolable at the cabin fire, convinced that Stuart had perished in the blaze. Jack listened compassionately as Janet explained all about the 'awful woman in the mirror' that she had been dealing with for years. Esther told Stuart that she was his wife to get him to calm down and stay with her. Palmer called his lawyer, Walter Hines, in to defend Leo.moreless
  • Ep. #7805
    Ep. #7805
    Episode 64
    Tina stopped by to deliver Mateo and Hayley's mail, and they were horrified to see the interview by Arlene. John Vincent called Hayley, and she needed to do some fancy footwork to assuage him. Scorpio threw Alex as she was trying to ride him, and kicked Guy in the chest. Janet confronts Amanda with the necklace that she had discovered was stolen from the shop. Tad and Liza put their plan to ruin Adam into motion.moreless
  • Ep. #7782
    Ep. #7782
    Episode 41
    Erica claimed to have heart problems to get David to 'examine' her, and was upset when he had to interrupt their talk to assist a patient who was in real trouble. Hayley worried about the upcoming custody hearing, and told Mateo that Colby was really Adam's daughter. Marian stopped by Wildwind and was upset to realise that Jake and Gillian were the clients who wanted to see a house that she had the exclusive rights to list. When Jake left the room, Marian warned Gillian that she had better tell Jake the truth. Hayley walked out of her AA meeting after Arlene walked in. Edmund came to see David looking for Alex. Erica stopped by B.J.'s to see Jack and lamented on the loss of her closeness with Myrtle, and the problems in her relationship with David.moreless
  • Ep. #7761
    Ep. #7761
    Episode 20
    Palmer asked David to help him convince Leo to go off to college. David agreed, but for Leo's sake, not Palmer's. Dixie stopped by the congratulate Gillian on her engagement to Jake, and to impart some advice when it came to marrying Martin men. Leo's flippancy when it came to seeing David saddened Becca, who commented that she enjoyed the time she spent with her family. Liza begged Tad to talk Jake out of suing for custody of Colby, just as Leslie Coulson walked in with Jake's petition for custody.moreless