All My Children - Season 36

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  • Ep. #9269
    Ep. #9269
    Episode 256
    Jamie agrees with Babe's belief that her mother and herself were drugged. Erica discovers that her interview was wrecked, as well as her former alcoholic past being exposed by The Exposer. Di faces an interrogation from her boss, Dr. Greg Madden and is luckily saved by Tad. Kendall and Zach decide to keep their relationship a secret.moreless
  • Ep. #9268
    Ep. #9268
    Episode 255
    Julia suggests that she and Ryan get naked. Babe lashes at Amanda for the New Year's trick. Kendall doesn't believe that her relationship with Zach will work. Tad and Di break into Dr. Madden's office and find an interesting video. Ethan proposes to Simone.
  • Ep. #9267
    Ep. #9267
    Episode 254
    Janet drugs both Babe and Krystal. Krystal ends up popping out of the cake naked, and Babe winds up in a hotel room with Josh Madden. Zach makes one last ditch effort to win Kendall and just when he believes he's failed, Kendall tells him how much she loves him, and the two kiss. Ryan spends New Year's helping Julia study for the nurses' exam. Aidan and Erin's New Year's starts with ice fishing and ends with a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #9266
    Ep. #9266
    Episode 253
    Simone and Ethan attempt to convince Kendall to join them for New Year's but she refuses, citing work to do, but allows Zach to manipulate her into spending New Year's with him at the casino. J.R. and Babe run into Jamie and Amanda at the New Year's Eve party and have words, which are closely watched by Janet, working in disguise as a male waiter. Aidan, Ryan and Erin finally manage to locate Victoria, who backs up Jonathan's story. Kendall is shocked to learn that Zach has closed the casino to the public on New Year's Eve to be alone with her. Jonathan teaches Lily how to skate at the ice pond. Ethan promises Simone that he will be there for her when she admits how worried she is that he will turn out to be a jerk. Aidan asks Erin to be his New Year's date.moreless
  • Ep. #9265
    Ep. #9265
    Episode 252
    Zach correctly assumes that when Bianca asks him to stay away from Kendall it's because Erica told her to, and decides to make one last effort to rekindle his marriage. Babe is unsettled after Janet approaches her to make sure she understands that nothing is going to hurt her baby, but when J.R. encounters Janet he goes through a list of her past crimes. Amanda is confused when she overhears Josh bashing Erica to a reporter. Erica goes to see Greg to ask him for more information about his declaration of love, then has to answer questions from Jack. Kendall and Ryan see their 'son' for the first time at the clinic.moreless
  • Ep. #9264
    Ep. #9264
    Episode 251
    Erica demands answers from Bianca as to why she wants Zach and Kendall together, and tries to push her into a battle of Ryan v. Zach. Janet tells Amanda how they'll get Jamie together, and Amanda tells her mother this is something she has to do herself. Zach offers to buy Babe's Fusion shares from her to give to Kendall, but although Babe is sympathetic, she refuses to sell. Jonathan claims to have spent the day that the baby was kidnapped with a woman in the park named Victoria and Erin brings in Aidan so that they can look for her.moreless
  • Ep. #9263
    Ep. #9263
    Episode 250
    Di begs Dixie to return to her family, but Dixie makes Di promise not to tell anyone she's alive. Tad and Julia discuss what Dixie and Noah would have wanted for them. Kendall comes by for Christmas morning with Erica, Jack, Reggie, Lily, Bianca and Miranda. Everyone loves the gifts Lily got them, but after learning Jonathan was the purchaser, Erica drops the angel Lily gave her on the floor, where it shatters. Erin is horrified to learn that Jonathan spent the entire night in a chair at the police station handcuffed to a chair and never even saw a lawyer. Jamie offers to help Ryan find the real kidnapper. Amanda crashes into the mansion and demands J.R. and Babe clear her name. Babe gives J.R. a special Christmas gift -- a framed portrait of J.R. as an infant with Dixie -- and he invites her to spend New Year's with him. Janet plays out her numerous crimes against the citizens of Pine Valley with dolls as she makes plans for a horrible New Year.moreless
  • Ep. #9262
    Ep. #9262
    Episode 249
    J.R. is bit by the Christmas bug as he extends a holiday invitation to Opal, Palmer and David, but that invitation does not extend to Di, as he throws her Christmas gift in the fire. Ryan and Kendall find themselves locked alone in the Church, and after both are reminded by their past, they agree to have the baby, although they do discuss giving him up for adoption when he is born. Bianca shocks Zach by telling him that Kendall is in love with him, and suggests he do something to keep her if he truly loves her in return. Derek arrests Jonathan on kidnapping charges, and he charges Erin with fulfilling Lily's Christmas list. Di shows up at an undisclosed location to wish Dixie a Merry Christmas.moreless
  • Ep. #9261
    Ep. #9261
    Episode 248
    Bianca encourages Kendall to tell Zach how she truly feels, but before Kendall can say anything to Zach he delivers a copy of their divorce papers to her. Kendall goes for a drive and, after her car ends up in a ditch, winds up in the Church with Father Clarence. J.R. and Babe both try to convince Amanda to give them back Little Adam, and when Babe sees Bianca, she shares her tale of woe with her former friend. Jonathan finds Little Adam at the church by Eagle Point ... the exact location Amanda suffered her earlier blackout. Tad joins the search for Little Adam and uses his own history as Ray Gardner's son to reassure Ryan that he can be a good father. Krystal begins to believe Little Adam's disappearance is her and Babe's punishment for last year's disaster with Miranda.moreless
  • Ep. #9260
    Ep. #9260
    Episode 247
    J.R. and Babe show up at the Pine Cone to demand that Jonathan return Little Adam to them, and Ryan tries to make them understand that J.R. and Babe both have numerous enemies who would hurt them. J.R. and Ryan set off to search the woods, and when Jonathan wants to join the search, Eric calls Aidan to go with them. Jonathan suggests they go to the Church to search for the boy. Babe heads down to the station, where Amanda has just admitted to having more blackouts, and begs Amanda to return the boy to her, but Amanda swears she didn't take him. Erica slips and admits to Kendall that she sent Ryan to the islands, and Kendall is furious. Alone with Bianca, Kendall admits that she left before the papers were filed. Adam tries to comfort a distraught Krystal.moreless
  • Ep. #9259
    Ep. #9259
    Episode 246
    J.R. and Babe continue to trade barbs, and J.R. goes downstairs to be with Adam. Babe is terrified when she realises that Little Adam is missing, snd J.R. initially accuses her and Krystal of doing something with the boy. Sam stops by the apartment to apologize to Lily, but she isn't interested in anything he has to say and asks Reggie to help her out. Sam tells her he is going to Los Angeles for the holiday season to see Maria, Maddie, Hayley, Mateo and Enzo. Kendall is thrilled to find Bianca and Miranda waiting for her at her place and is pleased to see how much Miranda, who is now talking, has grown. Jonathan returns to the hotel room just as Aidan and Ryan knock over the Christmas tree in their fighting and immediately assumes he has done something bad. Erica is touched when Jack shows her the new home he purchased for them, but tells him that what she really needs for Christmas is for he and Kendall to make up.moreless
  • Ep. #9258
    Ep. #9258
    Episode 245
    Adam is horrified to realise that Krystal has invited the Chandler board to the mansion to join in the festivities, and is horrified when she plays the video of their drunken nuptials. Babe confesses to J.R. that she wants it all from him -- love, marriage, the whole package. But she's willing to settle for joint custody of their son. Aidan is concerned about Jonathan, but Erin brushes his concerns aside. Lily stops by and is touched to see that Jonathan didn't put any red on the tree. Jamie asks for Tad's advice concerning handling Amanda and her blackouts. Josh listens in as Greg tells Erica he's always been in love with her. A mysterious person in a Santa suit gets close to Little Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #9257
    Ep. #9257
    Episode 244
    Ryan shows up on the island to make sure that Kendall goes through with the divorce, and Zach surmises that Ryan is making sure the mother of his child is free just in case he decides that he wants her for himself. J.R. rages at Jonathan in the mall, calling him a murderer, and turns his fury on Alfred, who assures J.R. he had no idea what Jonathan was doing. Jonathan flees from security, and J.R. offers $500 to whomever captures him. Krystal's trucker friends continue their party, and easily beat Adam's guards when they show up. Krystal then invites them all to join the party. Babe tells J.R. she wants joint custody. Jamie tries to convince Amanda to seek help. Bianca shows up at Myrtle's, Miranda in her arms.moreless
  • Ep. #9256
    Ep. #9256
    Episode 243
    Lily panics while shopping in the mall and Jonathan offers to finish her shopping for her. Kendall and Zach try to convince the clerk that they want a divorce. Erica is furious to find Babe at New Beginnings after she told Josh she wasn't welcome there. Zach tells Kendall that he doesn't want a divorce. Jonathan worries about the children waiting for Santa when Santa gets sick. Ryan flies down to the island. Babe flips when she realises Jonathan is playing Santa and takes Little Adam off his lap while exposing him to the public as a murderer.moreless
  • Ep. #9255
    Ep. #9255
    Episode 242
    Jonathan finds Lily huddled in her tree, reeling from her fight with Sam. He is able to coax her out of the tree, and the two talk about the kind of romantic future they want. Aidan and Erin remain stuck in the tree lot, and the two bond over body searches and fallen trees. Kendall and Zach relax in the Caribbean, and Zach gets Kendall into the hammock for a little while. J.R. pulls the rug out from under Babe when he turns from hot to cold in no time at all, and Babe accuses him of trying to get back at her for not sleeping with him.moreless
  • Ep. #9254
    Ep. #9254
    Episode 241
    Lily meets Sam at their spot but is upset when she learns he's drinking and tries to call Reggie like she promised him. She and Sam argue, and Lily's control breaks when he starts yelling at her and calling her stupid. Jonathan and Erin go to the tree lot for their Christmas tree, where Jonathan calls for Aidan to come join them. Stuart is initially surprised to see Jonathan there, but soon takes Jonathan on a search for the perfect tree. Greg reveals the truth to Ryan about the night Kendall was implanted, and Ryan finally realises that Kendall truly was acting out of the goodness of her heart. Erin and Aidan discuss Christmas past, with Erin remembering how her father only ever gave her gifts while her brothers had to watch. Tad and Di wonder why Greg is so interested in Kendall and the Martin family. Zach and Kendall enjoy their time together in the islands.moreless
  • Ep. #9253
    Ep. #9253
    Episode 240
    David wakes up in the O.R. moments before the doctors are preparing to perform a completely unnecessary bypass thanks to a little chart-doctoring. After he bursts out of the O.R., Ryan realises how close this is to Kendall's recent mishap, and wonders if the same person is responsible. On their way to the island, both Zach and Kendall have fantasies about each other, yet cannot admit that they love each other. J.R. blames Adam's marriage to Krystal for Babe's frequent interference in his life now, and Adam again warns J.R. to stay away from his ex-wife. Jamie lies to give Amanda an alibi when David accuses her, but wants answers later on. Amanda confesses that she honestly doesn't know if she's guilty.moreless
  • Ep. #9252
    Ep. #9252
    Episode 239
    Josh covers for Amanda when she screws up an important business meeting for Erica because of her memory problems. An enraged David confronts Amanda at the hospital about what she has done to Babe, but ends up unconscious and being wheeled in for surgery. J.R. pulls Babe in for a passionate kiss and the two almost make love until Babe pulls away. J.R. walks out in disgust, angry with her for having turned him down. After a confrontation with Ryan at the boathouse, Zach offers to take Kendall on an anti-honeymoon. After promising to help Erica suss out Greg's secrets, Josh sabotages another project of Erica's.moreless
  • Ep. #9251
    Ep. #9251
    Episode 238
    Kendall is furious to learn that Greenlee gave Babe her Fusion stock with a letter to Kendall telling her that one baby-stealer deserved another and vowed to ruin Fusion before she let Babe get her hands on it. Ryan demands explanations from Julia concerning Zach's involvement in the recent attack on Jonathan. Erin takes Jonathan down to the pond for some ice-skating, where Sam and two of his friends accost him. Aidan is able to step in and save Jonathan from the boys, but Erin isn't exactly grateful. Simone was thrilled and shocked when Ethan presented her with a special Christmas gift -- enough Fusion stock to finally be an equal partner. Krystal turns the tables on Adam when she tries to seduce him back.moreless
  • Ep. #9250
    Ep. #9250
    Episode 237
    J.R. stops by to see Kendall and to offer his opinion on her situation, but she kicks him out. Ethan, Simone and Danielle prepare for the Fusion launch party and Simone is determined to make it work. Adam launches a new plan to get a divorce from Krystal. J.R. drops by to see Babe only to get shocked by Livia's announcement. Brooke and Julia try to reach out to Sam, who has been drinking more often lately and failing his classes. Amanda stages a scene at P.V.U. where she accuses Jamie of stalking her, but only ends up embarrassing herself. J.R. and Babe show up at the Fusion party to announce that Greenlee has signed her shares over to Babe.moreless
  • Ep. #9249
    Ep. #9249
    Episode 236
    Zach attacks Jonathan and accuses him of attacking Kendall, bloodying his lip. When Ryan later phones to warn Jonathan that Zach is gunning for him, Jonathan keep quiet about the attack. Del offers Babe information that would put J.R. out of commission for a long time and while she tells him she'll think about it, she rushes to tell J.R. what Del is up to. After Amanda admits to Josh that she had another blackout on Thanksgiving, he surprises her by offering her a job at New Beginnings as his assistant. Di uses her prison conviction to prove to Greg that she would rather go to prison than to break someone's confidentiality.moreless
  • Ep. #9248
    Ep. #9248
    Episode 235
    Kendall begins to panic as she realises that the ropes holding the hammock are beginning to fray, but Zach arrives in the nick of time to save her. Julia accepts when Joe offers her a special position at the hospital, but Lily panics when she sees that Julia is now the life skills teacher since she brought Jonathan along with her. Erica is desperate to convince Ryan not to turn on Kendall, but Ryan insists that Kendall has hurt Greenlee too much for him to forgive her. After getting his pay-off from J.R., Del takes Babe for a walk on the beach.moreless
  • Ep. #9247
    Ep. #9247
    Episode 234
    Jonathan is distraught after learning that Greenlee has left town and, convinced that Kendall is to blame for breaking up the family, heads to Fusion to confront her, only to be driven off by her defending friends, Simone and Danielle. Babe awakes from a passionate dream about J.R. to find Amanda sitting in her room and Amanda threatens her before leaving. Di applies for a job at the fertility clinic and worries when Tad shows up that she's doomed but he surprises her by telling her he wants her to work there and help him. Del is intrigued when J.R. offers to pay him to seduce Babe. While sitting at her desk, Kendall is knocked out from behind.moreless
  • Ep. #9246
    Ep. #9246
    Episode 233
    Ryan saves Julia from the water, although she hastens to assure him that she was only looking for her necklace, and the two bond as they warm by a beach fire. J.R. and Babe are disappointed to learn from Derek that there is no proof that Amanda poisoned the soup, and Amanda herself is disappointed when she goes to Jamie for comfort only to find him with another woman. Jackson is devastated to learn that Greenlee has left Pine Valley for good but is slightly comforted when Erica reminds him that Ryan is out of her life now. Zach comforts a broken Kendall and tells her that he loves her, only to have her push him away.moreless
  • Ep. #9245
    Ep. #9245
    Episode 232
    An angry Greg confronts Josh, wanting to know what role he played in Greenlee's discovery, but Josh turns the tables on his father by swearing to uncover the secret he's keeping about Erica. Kendall and Ryan both beg Greenlee not to leave town, and Ryan blames all their problems on Kendall, but when Greenlee leaves anyway, Kendall tells Ryan he ruined Greenlee's life. Aidan and Erin run into each other in the park where Erin rails at Aidan for going after Jonathan, but when she calms down, she explains to him why she's so protective of her brother.moreless
  • Ep. #9244
    Ep. #9244
    Episode 231
    J.R. is suspicious that Babe is scamming him when she begins having trouble breathing until he realises Adam is also sick and rushes his family to the hospital where he encounters Amanda and accuses her of poisoning the family. Everyone is blown away by Greenlee's revelation and while Ryan begs his wife not to leave him, even offering to undo his vasectomy, only Zach and Erica offer Kendall any support. Greg defends his decision by stating he was only trying to give Greenlee the child she so desperately wanted.moreless
  • Ep. #9243
    Ep. #9243
    Episode 230
    A mysterious hand poisons the Chandler's Thanksgiving dinner. Greenlee shocks the assembled crowd by telling everyone exactly what Kendall did, using her own eggs with Ryan's sperm, and Greenlee and David both rip Kendall apart, leaving Erica the only person who even tries to comfort her. J.R. delights in throwing Di out after exposing her past as a stripper to the audience, despite Babe and Krystal's attempts to defend her. Lily encounters Jonathan after leaving the courtroom, and the two talk about the various things they don't understand. In the mansion, Adam has trouble breathing as outside, Babe has the same difficulties. Josh nearly hits Amanda with his car.moreless
  • Ep. #9242
    Ep. #9242
    Episode 229
    J.R. explains to a furious Adam that it is necessary to have Di at the Thanksgiving celebration but when Di thanks him for extending an olive branch to her, he shocks the guests by playing a video of Di pole-dancing. Erica and Jackson are confused when first David, then Zach, then Greg all show up for Thanksgiving, then Greenlee stuns everyone by announcing that the baby Kendall is carrying is in fact Kendall's biological child with Ryan. Amanda forces her way into the mansion and accuses Babe of framing her for her accident, and vows to make everyone pay.moreless
  • Ep. #9241
    Ep. #9241
    Episode 228
    Ryan stopped by to thank Kendall for everything she was going through for him and Greenlee, and Kendall let slip that the baby was a boy. Jonathan was happy when Aidan stopped by because he wanted to show Aidan he had changed. Adam was furious to learn that J.R. had invited Babe to stay with him and that they had no real evidence that Amanda had pushed her. Greenlee convinced Josh to let her take a look at Kendall's medical file.moreless
  • Ep. #9240
    Ep. #9240
    Episode 227
    J.R. is frantic when he finds Babe lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs, and calls for help. When Babe wakes up and tells the group that she was pushed, both J.R. and Jamie look to Amanda who, at the top of the stairs in her wheelchair, has a smug smile on her face. Derek gathers Zach, Julia, Aidan, Sam and Jack in the courtroom after shots are fired at Jonathan. Greenlee panics when she realises that the baby is Rh positive, because both she and Ryan are Rh negative. Kendall tells Erica that she's gotten her wish, she and Zach are divorcing, and Erica realises her daughter has fallen in love with her husband.moreless
  • Ep. #9239
    Ep. #9239
    Episode 226
    Babe stops by to see Amanda in the hospital to try to put an end to the feud between them with no success, then later takes a tumble down the stairs, courtesy of Amanda. Jack tries to convince the judge to put Jonathan in jail, but the judge agrees with Summerhill's recommendation that Jonathan be freed. Greenlee asks David to help her find out exactly what Kendall and Greg are keeping from her. Tad is surprised when J.R. comes to him for advice on dealing with Babe, then watches as his former step-son invites Di to Thanksgiving. Shots are fired at the Laverys as they leave the courtroom together.moreless
  • Ep. #9238
    Ep. #9238
    Episode 225
    Krystal and Babe are both surprised when Janet shows up and, through her ramblings, threatens that Babe had better stay out of Amanda and Jamie's romance. Jamie warns J.R. not to trust Amanda as far as he can throw her, and J.R. then warns Amanda against threatening Babe. Kendall tries to get Zach to repeat what he said to her in the hospital, but Zach surprises her by claiming he won't contest a divorce. Ryan takes Greenlee to the boathouse and promises to always be there for her any the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9237
    Ep. #9237
    Episode 224
    Jamie is shocked to see Amanda's mother in the room with her, and doesn't know what to say when she talks about Amanda and Jamie's 'young love'. Kendall is astonished to learn from Anita that Zach did come to see her in the hospital even though Greenlee swore he didn't. Zach eavesdrops as Ryan demands answers from Jonathan, who swears over and over that he did not start the fire. Babe is happy to hear that J.R. won't be leaving Pine Valley after all, and tells Krystal her plan is working. Greenlee and Kendall are both consumed with their own guilts.moreless
  • Ep. #9236
    Ep. #9236
    Episode 223
    Derek continues to question Amanda about her accident, and Amanda finally points the blame right at Babe. Lily goes to the jail to confront Jonathan and is confused when she sees how truly troubled he is by what he has done. J.R. is flabbergasted when Babe says she's falling in love with him again, and pulls her in for a kiss. Jamie wonders if Amanda started the fire at the Roadside as a way to hurt Babe.moreless
  • Ep. #9235
    Ep. #9235
    Episode 222
    After remembering that he hit Amanda that night, J.R. stops Derek from taking Babe to the station but doesn't tell the truth about that night. Greenlee is excited to see the sonogram of her and Ryan's baby, but Kendall is uncomfortable. Greg makes Josh swear he will never reveal the truth about what happened the night that Kendall was inseminated. Livia, Erin and D.A. Summerhill listen as Jonathan recounts his past deeds, and the D.A. comes to a decision.moreless
  • Ep. #9234
    Ep. #9234
    Episode 221
    Krystal warns Babe that her plans to get in good with J.R. could backfire. Josh is shocked by what he finds in Greg's office, but Greg is relieved to learn that Josh didn't learn his darkest secret. Tad manages to get Di fired from her new job after she dumps his breakfast on him. Kendall remains more certain than ever that Ryan and Greenlee need to reunite for the sake of the baby. J.R. begins having memory flashes and soon realises that he was the one driving the car just as Derek prepares to arrest Babe.moreless
  • Ep. #9233
    Ep. #9233
    Episode 220
    Babe tells a horrified Krystal that she confessed to the accident in the hopes of gaining leverage with J.R., but her plan backfired. Jonathan apologizes to Braden in the cave where he nearly died, and is then confronted with a gun-toting Sam. Amanda comes to while in the hospital and begs Jamie to forgive her for her sins. After being caught snooping by Hazel, Josh again ransacks his father's office for information.moreless
  • Ep. #9232
    Ep. #9232
    Episode 219
    Babe tells J.R. the truth about the accident, but with no memory of what happened, J.R. accuses Babe of lying to him. While Kendall lies unconscious, Zach finally admits what she means to him, but when Kendall wakes up wondering if Zach was there Greenlee lies and says no. Erica is horrified when Jonathan asks her to help him find a new beginning, and Aidan is able to stop him from escaping. After learning about what happened with Jonathan's operation, Lily wonders if an operation could make her 'normal'.moreless
  • Ep. #9231
    Ep. #9231
    Episode 218
    Ryan agrees to save Kendall first but then goes back to get Greenlee. Greenlee is convinced that Ryan will walk away now that he knows Kendall is having their baby, but Ryan assures her that he is there to stay. Di and Zach stop their kiss, both realising they're doing it for the wrong reasons, and while Zach rushes off to see Kendall after learning of the fire, Di goes to see Del to tell him she's sticking around. Lily withdraws after seeing Jonathan, and Sam gets a gun when he learns Edmund's killer is back in town. Talking the rap for J.R. doesn't improve his attitude toward Babe.moreless
  • Ep. #9230
    Ep. #9230
    Episode 217
    Trapped under fallen equipment, Greenlee begs Kendall to leave her to save the baby, but Kendall refuses to leave her best friend and soon collapses next to her. Aidan shows up at the Pine Cone prepared to take a case, but is shocked to realise that Erin is looking for a very much alive Jonathan. Babe tries to revive Amanda after J.R. hit her with the car and when the police show up they're prepared to arrest J.R. for drunken driving until Babe claims she was driving the car. Jack is shocked when Erica tells him that Kendall is carrying Ryan and Greenlee's baby. Ryan arrives at the Roadside and is attempting to save Greenlee when Greenlee announces Kendall is carrying their baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9229
    Ep. #9229
    Episode 216
    A desperate Babe begs a drunken J.R. not to take her son away from her and reminds him of the court ordered visits, and J.R. informs her he has paid off a judge to terminate all contact between Babe and Little Adam. Jonathan steals Erin's rental car and leaves the Pine Cone, and Erin tries to cover as Livia shows up at the motel. Di begs Tad to give into the feelings she is certain he still has and pulls him in for a kiss, but Tad tells her he can never forgive what she has done. Jackson punches Ryan out. Kendall and Greenlee go to the Roadside and argue about Ryan, unaware that someone has knocked over a space heater and a fire has started.moreless
  • Ep. #9228
    Ep. #9228
    Episode 215
    Palmer can't believe that J.R. refuses to press charges against Di, but before Di can think that J.R. has had a change of heart he reminds her that she will get hers one day. Amanda confronts Babe and accuses her of ruining her life, prompting Babe to seriously questions her former best friend's sanity. Aidan congratulates Jamie for getting Amanda out of his life, and tells him that Amanda is certifiable. J.R. shows up just in time to break up Amanda and Babe's fight so he can inform Babe he's taking Little Adam to Europe. Kendall takes Greenlee to the Pine Cone, where the two of them encounter an exhuberant and apologetic Jonathan.moreless
  • Ep. #9227
    Ep. #9227
    Episode 214
    Despite Del's protests, Palmer pushes the police to arrest Di, and pushes Tad to admit just how badly she defrauded all of them as David reminds him that Di brought Jamie and J.R. back together. Kendall gives Julia what-for after finding her with Ryan, but Ryan convinces her that the two of them are just friends. After he overhears Zach telling Greenlee that his biggest regret was not getting to know his son, Ethan also encourages Greenlee not to push Ryan away without a good reason. Erin and Jonathan show up in Pine Valley.moreless
  • Ep. #9226
    Ep. #9226
    Episode 213
    Josh pretends to be an undercover narcotics officer and finds out what the drug was that Amanda bought from him, then Babe heads over to Jamie's place with reinforcements and exposes Amanda's scheme to drug him and marry him. Kendall tells Zach she wants a divorce, and he tells her that he turned Julia down, and reiterates his promise to support her throughout her pregnancy no matter what. David offers his apologies to a suspicious Di, and vows to stay in her life. Julia and Ryan drown their sorrows together at the bar.moreless
  • Ep. #9225
    Ep. #9225
    Episode 212
    Kendall is devastated to see the closeness between Julia and Zach, and leaves before she can hear Zach clearly putting Julia in her place by turning her down. J.R. is there to provide a shoulder for Kendall to cry on, but is shocked when Kendall drops the bombshell that she's carrying Ryan and Greenlee's baby. Greenlee is furious that Jonathan is alive and well and she had to find out by him phoning the apartment, and later, Jackson enjoys telling Ryan that Greenlee wants a divorce. While Babe turns down an amorous Josh, Jamie finally agrees to go on a weekend trip with Amanda.moreless
  • Ep. #9224
    Ep. #9224
    Episode 211
    Erica tries to convince Kendall that the best thing for both her and the baby is to leave town and to get out of Ryan and Greenlee's relationship, but Kendall refuses to go. Ryan insists that he loves Greenlee and wants to be with her, but he is going to let her make the decision. Erin brings Jonathan home from the hospital and tries to explain to him why he doesn't need to be locked up anymore, but he turns the tables on her and locks her in the room so he can call Greenlee. Zach stops Julia from hooking up with one of his regular customers in the casino, then Kendall watches as the two share a close moment in his office.moreless
  • Ep. #9223
    Ep. #9223
    Episode 210
    Julia tries to convince Di to stick around, but when Di talks to J.R., he warns her to leave town before he presses charges against her. Brooke is shocked when Babe warns her not to let Jamie marry Amanda, but relieved when Jamie tells her he's not planning to -- neither realize that Amanda is buying drugs so that she can make sure she ends up Mrs. Jamie Martin. Julia remembers times when she and Noah were very happy at Wildwind with Maria and Edmund. Ryan agrees with Kendall to keep quiet about Jonathan being alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9222
    Ep. #9222
    Episode 209
    J.R. and Babe end their kiss, and J.R. accuses her of going back to her same old tricks. Zach warns Kendall that she shouldn't tell Ryan anything about the baby until she talks to Greenlee and finds out what her friend wants. Josh tries to get his father to spill the beans about what he has on Erica, and Greg is shocked when Josh verbally bashes Erica. Amanda convinces Jamie to go away for a weekend of rest and relaxation, but Babe overhears her talking to Janet about eloping with Jamie. Kendall is shocked to learn Jonathan is alive and well.moreless
  • Ep. #9221
    Ep. #9221
    Episode 208
    Adam tries to stop J.R.'s drinking by telling him that Di Kirby isn't worth his agony, as Babe tries to explain to Krystal why she needs to try to save J.R. from himself for Little Adam's sake. While Erica tries to calm Jackson down regarding Ryan, Kendall admits to her ex that she feels responsible for J.R.'s attack on him. Zach listens as Ryan pumps Kendall for information on Greenlee's miscarriage. J.R. and Babe's argument on their broken relationship culminates in a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #9220
    Ep. #9220
    Episode 207
    Stuart and Lily are pleased to meet each other and realize that they share the same gentle heart, and Stuart encourages Lily not to let her family's troubles get them down. Julia stops J.R. from beating Ryan to death and finally convinces a reluctant Ryan to go to the hospital for treatment. Jamie tries to reach J.R. but J.R. angrily tells both Jamie and Tad to go to Hell. Greenlee tells Kendall that she is the only person she can trust now, but Kendall wonders if Greenlee's heart will change once the baby comes.moreless
  • Ep. #9219
    Ep. #9219
    Episode 206
    Adam is thrilled that Di turned out not to be Dixie and that she will now be out of J.R.'s life, but Krystal berates Adam for being so happy when his son is in so much pain. Zach tries to explain his actions to Kendall, but she isn't interested in hearing what he has to say and tells him they're finished. Di begs J.R. to forgive her for what she has done, but he refuses to forgive the woman who has now taken Dixie from him a second time. Greenlee tells Ryan that the moment he faked his own death he ended their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #9218
    Ep. #9218
    Episode 205
    Di gathers Adam, J.R., Tad, Palmer, Opal, Brooke, Jamie, Joe, Babe and Krystal to tell them the truth, which J.R. initially refuses to believe. Greenlee is horrified as Ryan admits he faked his own death, and is furious to realize he willingly put her through all that pain. Kendall demands answers from Zach and is angry that he let her get inseminated knowing Ryan was still alive. Tad tries to reach out to J.R.moreless
  • Ep. #9217
    Ep. #9217
    Episode 204
    Krystal tries to remind Tad just how much Di loved him and his boys, as later all Dixie's friends and family gather together at Di's request. Ryan wants to explain to Greenlee why he did what he did, but she doesn't want to hear it. Babe stops Amanda from using Jamie's bank card, only to have Jamie tell her and Amanda that Amanda is welcome to his money. After talking to Lily, Kendall realizes that Zach knew about Ryan all along.moreless
  • Ep. #9216
    Ep. #9216
    Episode 203
    Babe interrupts just as Di is preparing to tell J.R. the truth and does her best to convince her to keep quiet, admitting that David told her the truth. Zach is furious to see Ryan preparing to crash his own memorial and tries to talk Ryan out of going, but Zach relents when Ryan promises to keep quiet about his role in 'Ryan's death'. Erin and Jonathan talk about their childhood comforts, and in an almost psychic link, Jonathan seems to know the exact moment that Ryan reveals himself to the people of Pine Valley, all of whom are shocked to see him alive and well.moreless
  • Ep. #9215
    Ep. #9215
    Episode 202
    Tad warns Di that she only has until he returns from Ryan's memorial service to have told J.R. the truth. If she hasn't done it by then, he'll do it for her. At New Beginnings, Kendall and Greenlee confront Erica and warn her that if she tries to stand in the way of them having Ryan's baby, she's out of their lives. Greenlee and Kendall both ask Erica not to attend Ryan's memorial. Lily tries to write her speech for the funeral, and Jack tries to explain to her why he said that he was glad Greenlee was rid of Ryan, and how he will always protect his children. Ryan goes back to the apartment to find the shrine Greenlee has made to him in their home.moreless
  • Ep. #9214
    Ep. #9214
    Episode 201
    Tad seeks out Julia to discuss his dilemma with Di. Kendall and Greenlee are thrilled to discover they are pregnant, but upset when Greg says he can't help them anymore. Mimi tries to break though to Dani on the roof, and begs her daughter for forgiveness. Di tries to mend the broken bond between Jamie and J.R. with chocolate chip cookies. Greenlee and Kendall promise to keep Erica off Greg's back. Erica tries to convince Josh to help her destroy Greg, but he refuses to do that to his father's career. Tad tells Di that he won't tell anyone the truth, but he expects her to. Josh overhears Hazel warning Greg against his involvement with Erica and Kendall.moreless
  • Ep. #9213
    Ep. #9213
    Episode 200
    Tad angrily confronts Di, calling her heartless for taking over her half-sister's identity and lying to all of them. Adam tries to get Brooke to see his side regarding his new marriage to Krystal, but Brooke tells him that he's no longer the Adam she knew. Erin and Ryan panic when Jonathan disappears, but luckily they are able to find him, and Ryan tells his brother that he's going back to Pine Valley. Zach and Kendall are both upset to learn that Greenlee went to Nova Scotia to see Erin.moreless
  • Ep. #9212
    Ep. #9212
    Episode 199
    Derek and Livia tell Danielle that Garret Williams has been killed, and he was everything she said and more. Danielle is upset that Mimi didn't believe her. Jamie and J.R. are both there to welcome Di home, and Babe and Krystal are shocked to see that J.R. allows Jamie to hold Little Adam. Zach spirits Julia away to keep her from Garret's men, and both Anita and Sam welcome their sister back.moreless
  • Ep. #9211
    Ep. #9211
    Episode 198
    Garret is shot accidentally as he and Julia struggle over the gun, but Julia's second shot, which finishes him off, is no accident. J.R. apologizes to Kendall for his attitude at the party, but Kendall understands his angst and supports her friend, then surprises Jamie by giving him carte blanche to reunite with Babe. While in Nova Scotia, Greenlee is shocked to see Jonathan but after demanding the nurses tell her where he is, realizes that the person she saw wasn't him after all. Erin encourages Ryan to go back to his wife.moreless
  • Ep. #9210
    Ep. #9210
    Episode 197
    Adam is furious with J.R. because with him married to Krystal, she can claim 50% of Chandler Enterprises. Dani overhears a critic offer to give Fusion a good review if Simone will make it worth his while, and blows him out of the water. Mimi tells Garret that Tad and Zach are convinced he's the Dragon, and Garret feigns shock at their accusation. Julia is shocked that Di tries to convince her to save Garret's life. Erin defends Jonathan when Greenlee talks about how sadistic and cruel he was.moreless
  • Ep. #9209
    Ep. #9209
    Episode 196
    J.R. infuriates Alfred when he demands access to Di's bank information, but Babe smooths their way to getting the information before a heated confrontation with Josh. With Ryan listening from the closet, Greenlee tells Erin about her and Ryan, and tells Erin that she knows she'll never love again because she doesn't have it in her. Di agrees to give up her letter to save Julia, but after Garret leaves to get the letter, Julia warns Di she's just signed their death warrants. Krystal walks in on J.R. and Adam at the wrong time, and learns that her marriage makes her part owner of Chandler Industries. Mimi refuses to believe Tad and Zach when they show up at her office and accuse Garret of being the Dragon.moreless
  • Ep. #9208
    Ep. #9208
    Episode 195
    Greenlee is determined to go to Nova Scotia to talk to Erin and tell her about the baby, even though Kendall tries to convince her not to. Amanda brushes off Jamie's anger at being welcomed into the Dillon family, and boasts to her mother that she will soon be his wife. Jonathan tries desperately to get his family to understand why he needs to get back to Pine Valley and apologize to the people he hurt. Erica is furious with Greg over the surrogacy issue and vows to ruin him if Kendall is pregnant. Anita and Sam demand Zach bring their sister home, and Zach promises he will save Julia.moreless
  • Ep. #9207
    Ep. #9207
    Episode 194
    Erica warns Kendall that she may not be able to give the baby up to Greenlee, then tells Greenlee she will help prepare Jack for the baby. Greg warns Josh not to get too interested in Kendall, and Josh tells his father to let him lead his own life. David realizes that Krystal and Adam are starting to care for each other. Jamie learns Amanda has been lying to Janet about their relationship. Ryan reiterates to Erin his plans to stay dead.moreless
  • Ep. #9206
    Ep. #9206
    Episode 193
    With Erica still convinced that she and Greenlee are lovers, Kendall decides to toy with her mother by smooching Greenlee, but admits that they are only friends. Babe and Krystal discuss ousting 'Dixie' as Di, but are hesitant because of the danger that she is in. Garret tells Julia she holds her fate in her own hands, and wants to make a deal. Although his doctor warns him that he needs time to heal, Jonathan finally makes Ryan understand that he wants to go back to Pine Valley.moreless
  • Ep. #9205
    Ep. #9205
    Episode 192
    Erica is confused when Kendall starts talking about how much she loves Greenlee, and comes to the conclusion that the two women are lovers. After she and J.R. find Krystal in bed with Adam, Babe tells her mother about Di not being Dixie after all. Di tells Julia that they need to work together to convince Garret they aren't a threat, then explains why she is pretending to be Dixie. Kendall tries to warn Zach against getting too involved in Julia's dangerous life.moreless
  • Ep. #9204
    Ep. #9204
    Episode 191
    Kendall goes to see J.R., and admits that she is falling for her husband. After listening to J.R. talk, Kendall realizes that he is starting to fall for Babe again. Di goes to see Garret to beg for Julia's life, and Garret warns her not to risk everything she has fought so hard for to save Julia. David talks to a broken Babe at the river, and she begs him to give her a drug to help her forget everything. Torn apart by his daughter's heartache, David tells her the truth about who Di really is. Adam and Krystal spend the night in bed together to prove that they won't let the other win.moreless
  • Ep. #9203
    Ep. #9203
    Episode 190
    Erica tries to bully answers out of Greg regarding what Greenlee and Kendall are up to, but despite her threats to ruin him, Greg refuses to give up their secret. David tells J.R. that Babe is using him to get to Adam, and after Krystal gets David out of the room, Babe back-pedals to do damage control. Greenlee continues to push Kendall to dump Zach, but Kendall isn't that eager to end her marriage, especially when Zach swears he'll be there for her no matter what. Julia is temporarily taken aback when Garret reveals he knew every single identity she and Noah were hiding under, but never went after them because they were not a threat as long as they were hidden.moreless
  • Ep. #9202
    Ep. #9202
    Episode 189
    Babe listens to Krystal explain her reasoning behind becoming Mrs. Adam Chandler. Later she meets with David, and warns her to stay out of her life. Garret takes Julia to a top-secret location for safe-keeping, but when she sees a dragon tattoo on his back, she realizes she's in enemy territory. Tad and Zach, forced to share a cell after being arrested by Mimi, both accuse each other of causing all their current problems. Greenlee tries to convince Kendall to keep her mouth shut, but Kendall tells Mimi what she knows about Jimmy's death. Di and Tad are shocked to learn of Krystal's marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #9201
    Ep. #9201
    Episode 188
    J.R. is shocked to learn that Adam and Krystal wed, and while Adam tells the whole story to J.R., Krystal admits to Babe that she set Adam up. Mimi issues an A.P.B. for Julia after she learns she has gone on the run, then pumps Di for information. Julia is suspicious when she realizes Garret is not headed to Philadelphia until Garret tells her about being a childhood friend of Noah's. Danielle defends Josh when Amanda gets on his case.moreless
  • Ep. #9200
    Ep. #9200
    Episode 187
    Di tries to convince Garret to give Julia a chance, insisting that he owes her, but Garret turns the tables on her and advises her she doesn't know who she is dealing with. Greenlee is furious to learn Kendall had herself impregnated all alone, but Kendall explains that she wanted a stress-free implantation, then reminds Greenlee of all the ways this pregnancy will be hers as well. Derek finds Danielle in Josh's office, and assures them both that he believes Danielle and will take Garret down. Julia manages to escape the agents taking her in and ends up hitching a ride. Greg remembers promising his wife a baby no matter what.moreless
  • Ep. #9199
    Ep. #9199
    Episode 186
    Mimi and Derek agree to allow Tad and Di a few moments to speak to Julia before they take her in, and Di inadvertantly reveals that The Dragon is in town. When Danielle confronts Garret, he makes it clear exactly what he wants from her. Greenlee wonders if Zach cares for Kendall more than he will admit when she realises he's defering to Kendall in his decision-making process. Jonathan wakes up from his surgery, but both his thoughts and his words are jumbled. Kendall goes to the clinic to make sure the eggs are still viable after the power outage.moreless
  • Ep. #9198
    Ep. #9198
    Episode 185
    Adam and Krystal are shocked as they learn more of what happened on their 'wedding night', and then Krystal shocks Adam with her conditions for a divorce. While Del tries to reassure Julia that 'Dixie' will help her out, Di pleads with Garret for Julia's safety and warns him about his own. Reggie tells Danielle that he never stopped loving her, and as far as he's concerned, her word about Garret is all he needs. Mimi warns Zach she's not about to stop looking for Julia, then tells him that Kevin Sturgess has been found dead in Thailand.moreless
  • Ep. #9197
    Ep. #9197
    Episode 184
    Adam and Krystal are horrified when they wake up in bed together and learn that their moonshine drinking contest led to matrimony. Derek and Reggie find it impossible to believe that Danielle made everything about Garret up, but Mimi insists her daughter is lying and marries Garret even though most of the guests walked out in protest. After getting nowhere with Di, J.R. and Babe attend a C.P.R. class together so that Little Adam will never be in danger again. Tad tries to manipulate Del into spilling the beans about her secret.moreless
  • Ep. #9196
    Ep. #9196
    Episode 183
    Danielle pours her heart out to Mimi about the way Garret has been coming onto her, but Garret turns around and accuses Danielle of coming on to him. Ryan and Erin learn that although Jonathan came out of surgery, there may be brain damage. A blackout allows Di to temporarily get the upper hand on Julia, but not for long. Greenlee admits to Kendall that she's not sure she'll ever get over Ryan. Zach pushes Tad to help him find the letter Di left behind.moreless
  • Ep. #9195
    Ep. #9195
    Episode 182
    After Garret walks in on her climbing naked out of the shower, Danielle can no longer keep her suspicions to herself and blurts them out to Mimi. Jamie tries to warn Babe not to get involved with J.R. again, then defends Amanda when Aidan tells her to keep out of his life. Julia listens to Di stonewall Tad's attempts to get information, and when all fails, Julia asks Di by gunpoint herself.moreless
  • Ep. #9194
    Ep. #9194
    Episode 181
    Babe, Tad and Julia all lurk in the passageways hidden in the Chandler mansion, each one looking for their own information. Amanda again tries to seduce Aidan, which he has no interest in, but she does manage to catch his interest after she finds a young woman Mimi, who Aidan has a great deal of interest, is dead. Kendall is surprised when Zach offers her an olive branch and is willing to help her with the baby, but hurt when she invites him to dinner and he turns her down.moreless
  • Ep. #9193
    Ep. #9193
    Episode 180
    Ryan is nearly blown out of the water when he runs into a con artist who knew him long ago under a different name. Greenlee has her eggs harvested, and later Kendall is surprised when she talks to Mary on the phone without blowing up at her. Erica's first show is a smashing success.moreless
  • Ep. #9192
    Ep. #9192
    Episode 179
    Erica premieres the first episode of her show, New Beginnings, with the first episode devoted to celebrating New York with many special guests. Ryan tells Erin about his life with Greenlee as they wait for Jonathan to come out of surgery. Zach tries to make Kendall understand that she will become attached to the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9191
    Ep. #9191
    Episode 178
    Tad and Aidan worked together to find Julia after she disappeared from the attic. Zach showed up at the hospital to tell Babe they needed to step up their plans to blow Di out of the water. Lily tries to comfort Erica to help her get over her cold feet about New Beginnings. Ryan and Erin tried to explain to Jonathan that it was a brain tumor coupled with the anti-psychotics that he was taking that had caused his violent behavior.moreless
  • Ep. #9190
    Ep. #9190
    Episode 177
    Julia was shocked when Tad told her that Di was Dixie, and accused him of betraying her. J.R. was surprised when Babe defended him to Jamie. Ryan was shocked to learn that Jonathan's behavior was caused by a brain tumor. Danielle prepared to tell Mimi that Garret was hitting on her but kept quiet when Derek also sang Garret's praises. Kendall told Zach if he doesn't lay off Greenlee, she'll file for divorce.moreless
  • Ep. #9189
    Ep. #9189
    Episode 176
    Sam shows up as Julia is planning to flee and begs his aunt not to put her life in further danger. Jonathan continues to hear ticking in his head. Danielle is prepared to blow Garret out of the water until Mimi shows up and looks so happy that Dani did not want to ruin that. Tad denies to Zach that Di had any sort of letter naming the man after Julia, but when Zach leaves, Tad demands she tell him what she did with the letter. Kendall and Greenlee run into Del on their girls' night out.moreless
  • Ep. #9188
    Ep. #9188
    Episode 175
    Babe and J.R. are horrified to learn that Little Adam ended up in the pool, and Babe saves their son's life by giving him C.P.R. Tad demands answers from Del about Di. Dani again confides in Simone about her worries where Garret is concerned. Josh is angry with Dani for taking Garret's word that he's a player. Derek interrupts a private talk between Garret and Mimi with questions about Julia's case. Krystal evades Adam's questions about Di and Del, joking about Paul 'Seabone' Hunkle's sexual proclivities. Zach kidnaps Di to get information to help Julia.moreless
  • Ep. #9187
    Ep. #9187
    Episode 174
    Zach hired Tad and Aidan to find Di Kirby. J.R. warned Jamie to stay away from Amanda. After a warning from Del to stay quiet, Di went to see Krystal, who warned her not to hurt Tad. After Garret showed up in her dressing room, Dani admitted that he made her uncomfortable. J.R. agreed to supervise Babe's visit with Little Adam, but he left the boy alone when Babe when to get a toy from her car.moreless
  • Ep. #9186
    Ep. #9186
    Episode 173
    After Amanda made a few cutting comments to Babe, Jamie made it clear that if she tried to hurt Babe like that again, they were finished. Tad told Di that Kevin Sturgess may be the key to giving Julia back her life. Julia tried to explain how family works to Sam. Zach called Ryan and warned him to stay dead. Greenlee wondered if Ryan really was alive and hiding out.moreless
  • Ep. #9185
    Ep. #9185
    Episode 172
    Kendall confronts Zach with Lily's tale of seeing Ryan and her belief that Ryan is alive, but he seems to have all the right answers. Del prods Di for information on Kevin Sturgess after she receives a bouquet of roses with a nasty surprise. Julia reunites with Sam and Tad's, but both ask Sam to stay out of Julia's current problems because they want him to stay safe. Babe tries to comfort Greenlee at the crash site, and Greenlee pushes her into admitting she (Babe) would turn her back on someone she loved if she knew it was better for them.moreless
  • Ep. #9184
    Ep. #9184
    Episode 171
    Krystal wonders why Zach is so interesting in finding out about Di. Lily tells Greenlee that she saw Ryan after his 'death', and he wasn't a ghost. Ryan wants answers from Jonathan about where he was all night. Brooke warns Di that she better not hurt Tad. Tad makes it clear to Julia that he'll help her out, but she needs to cut all ties with Slater.moreless
  • Ep. #9183
    Ep. #9183
    Episode 170
    Di and Del talk about their pasts, and Del admits he envies the new life Di has made for herself. Di is willing to give Del that chance, but only if he doesn't destroy her new life. Ryan blames Erin for Jonathan being home, and both are surprised when he shows up on his own. Neither realises he has brought explosives with him. Mimi tries to explain to Sam that they believe Julia was at Wildwind, and she tells him the type of danger that his aunt may be facing.moreless
  • Ep. #9182
    Ep. #9182
    Episode 169
    Ryan pushes to take Jonathan to a private clinic, but Erin refuses, despite Ryan's warnings about what Jonathan could do to her after what he did to Braden. Zach reads Kendall the riot act for telling the police where he and Julia were, but is slightly taken aback when she admits she did it because she cares about him. Di and Dixie go on their date, with Di confident that she can handle Del. Greenlee narrowly stops Simone from dishing to Ethan about the surrogacy plans. J.R. informs Del that he's not welcome at the mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #9181
    Ep. #9181
    Episode 168
    Zach covered for Julia when Derek and Mimi arrived at Wildwind, then went to Fusion to see Kendall. Jamie and Amanda enjoyed the afterglow, but Jamie warned Amanda that all they would ever have was sex and fun, no commitment. Simone was hurt and angry to learn Greenlee and Kendall hadn't told her about the surrogacy plans. Garret assured Dani he didn't harbor any romantic feelings toward her, but still unconvinced, Dani asked Livia for her opinion. J.R. was left confused after Babe's words to him at the mansion. After hearing about the shots at Wildwind, Kendall was terrified for Zach.moreless
  • Ep. #9180
    Ep. #9180
    Episode 167
    Kendall offers to tell Derek and Mimi exactly where Julia is as long as they promise immunity for the person helping her. Dani brings Garret by Fusion to see if anyone else notices anything strange. Jonathan sees Patrick Lavery when he looks at Jonathan. Zach and Julia overhear a touching conversation between Sam and Lily.moreless
  • Ep. #9179
    Ep. #9179
    Episode 166
    Ryan is shocked when Jonathan regresses back to a child, then just as quickly switches to an adult. Jimmy and Zach battle over the gun, and Jimmy ends up shot. Babe wants to know the secret David has on Di in the hopes that she can get full custody of her son. Dr. Madden tells Erica that Greenlee is part of a medical trial to get her out of the picture.moreless
  • Ep. #9178
    Ep. #9178
    Episode 165
    Danielle confesses her worries about Garret to Simone but tells her she can't risk destroying Mimi's happiness on a hunch. Greenlee is furious with Erica after she accuses Dr. Madden of turning Greenlee into a drug addict, but doesn't tell her the truth.Kendall tries to help Julia out by calling Zach and pretending that someone is threatening her, but he calls her bluff. Lily is upset when Reggie follows her and Sam on their breakfast date, but Sam tries to smooth the waters. Julia meets with Jimmy, who reveals he's the one who killed Noah.moreless
  • Ep. #9177
    Ep. #9177
    Episode 164
    Ryan is shocked to find Jonathan hiding out at Erin's, and she tells him how she saved Jonathan after the explosion, and warns him not to hurt their brother anymore. Julia warns Kendall not to tell Zach what she's up to after Kendall overhears Julia making plans to meet Jimmy. Danielle is left unsettled by Garret, and wonders if she should tell her mother about what she suspects. Babe and Krystal wonder what David knows about Dixie.moreless
  • Ep. #9176
    Ep. #9176
    Episode 163
    Del demands that Di tell him why she has taken over their late half-sister's life. Zach warns Kendall against helping Greenlee in her plans to have Ryan's child. Ryan is shocked to see what Erin is hiding in the secret room at her cabin. J.R. starts to learn what makes Babe the way she is.moreless
  • Ep. #9175
    Ep. #9175
    Episode 162
    Dixie and Tad's kiss is interrupted by the appearance of Dixie's half-brother Del, but once Del and Dixie are alone, she answers to the name Di Henry and he asks her why she is pretending to be Dixie. Greenlee and Kendall celebrate their plans for Kendall to have Ryan and Greenlee's baby, but Greenlee is upset about keeping it from Simone. Jamie finds Josh in bed with Babe, but refuses to believe J.R. and Amanda's insistence that Babe is a tramp and insists Babe is trying to get him to dump her so he can become a doctor.moreless
  • Ep. #9174
    Ep. #9174
    Episode 161
    Babe brings Amanda into her plot to get Jamie to walk away from her, even though Josh tells her that Amanda is a user through and through. Dixie again tries and fails in her attempts to get J.R. to lighten up on Babe and Jamie.
  • Ep. #9173
    Ep. #9173
    Episode 160
    Ryan pretends to accept Erin's request to get out of her life, but breaks into the cabin after she heads out to get some groceries for the person she is hiding in the closet. Julia breaks down remembering all the wonderful times with Noah before their lives were turned upside down.moreless
  • Ep. #9172
    Ep. #9172
    Episode 159
    Ryan tries to apologize to Erin for leaving her, Braden and Jonathan to the mercy of Patrick Lavery, but Erin isn't interested in listening to anything he has to say. Greenlee appreciates Jack's offer to have her come live with him, Reggie and Lily in a new house, but turns them down. Josh finally agrees to Babe's plan to get Jamie to break up with her by sleeping with her.moreless
  • Ep. #9171
    Ep. #9171
    Episode 158
    After Krystal tries to get Adam to get J.R. to lay off Babe, Adam is intrigued by her fiesty manner and fantasizes about a romantic interlude with her. Greenlee and Kendall discuss the option of Kendall being a surrogate for her and Ryan's baby, and decide to go for it.
  • Ep. #9170
    Ep. #9170
    Episode 157
    Zach pushes Julia for more details about what happened with Noah, but although she tells him Noah knew who the main guy was, she only knows him as the General. Josh is shocked when Babe approaches him and tells him she wants to have sex with him. Ethan comforts Simone when she cannot get through to Greenlee. Kendall struggles with the knowledge that she can give Greenlee the baby she wants -- but only if Kendall plays the surrogate mother.moreless
  • Ep. #9169
    Ep. #9169
    Episode 156
    Babe and Krystal discuss how they can get Jamie to dump Babe so that he can pursue his dreams. J.R. tells Erica that Josh saw Babe holding him hostage, but Josh surprises Erica by refusing to testify against Babe on her say-so. Jack is furious when Kendall continues to try to bolster Greenlee's spirits when there is no chance of her ever having Ryan's baby. Zach saves Julia from suspicion.moreless
  • Ep. #9168
    Ep. #9168
    Episode 155
    Kendall was shocked to realise Zach was helping out her old nemesis Julia, but agreed to keep quiet about her being alive. Greenlee was devastated when Greg told her she would never be able to carry a child to term. Ryan decided to leave before Erin saw him, until she asked if he needed help.moreless
  • Ep. #9167
    Ep. #9167
    Episode 154
    Greenlee blames Dr. Madden for the loss of her baby. Jack admits to Erica that part of him is glad Greenlee won't have Ryan's baby. Julia accuses Zach of being behind Noah's death.
  • Ep. #9166
    Ep. #9166
    Episode 153
    Ryan has a nightmare about his own funeral, with both Erin and Jonathan in attendance. Greenlee continues to have trouble with her pregnancy, and doesn't want to listen to Dr. Madden or Kendall. Mimi and Derek check out the mausoleum at Wildwind but find nothing.
  • Ep. #9165
    Ep. #9165
    Episode 152
    Dixie tries to get J.R. to put the blame for what has gone wrong where she feels it belongs -- on her. Greg confesses to Erica that he once had a crush on her after meeting her at a modeling shoot years ago. Zach runs into the ghost at Wildwind and is surprised to see Julia, who has no idea that Edmund is dead or that Maria and Maddie have left Pine Valley.moreless
  • Ep. #9164
    Ep. #9164
    Episode 151
    Babe tries to explain to Jamie that she is willing to let him go so that he can become the doctor he wants to be, but he won't let her. Garret isn't able to intimidate Josh, so he badmouths him to Danielle.
  • Ep. #9163
    Ep. #9163
    Episode 150
    Greenlee runs out of the apartment with Kendall and Simone in fast pursuit, but the two stand back when they see her bonding with children in the park. After J.R. hits his head during an argument with Babe, she trusses him up and reads him the riot act. Sam verbally attacks both Zach and Lily when he finds Zach at Wildwind, and Lily turns her back on him.moreless
  • Ep. #9162
    Ep. #9162
    Episode 149
    Although Jack can't help but be uneasy about the fact that Greenlee is expecting Ryan's baby, he reaches out to her. A waitress at a diner has information for Ryan about Erin's whereabouts after he shows her a picture of his sister. Amanda tries to stir up trouble between J.R. and Dixie by ratting to J.R. about Dixie's conversations with Jamie and Babe.moreless
  • Ep. #9161
    Ep. #9161
    Episode 148
    Zach convinces Lily not to tell Greenlee about Ryan's ghost, then is intrigued when she tells him she's also seen a ghost at Wildwind. Tad and Dixie grow closer as she admits how much it would hurt to lose him.
  • Ep. #9160
    Ep. #9160
    Episode 147
    Dixie tends to Tad after his heroics at the bank net him a flesh wound. Zach treads lightly with Lily when she is caught counting cards in his casino. Although David and Jack both want to help her, Greenlee needs time alone to accept Ryan is gone. Garret threatens Reggie at the casino. Mimi asks Danielle to be her maid of honor. Lily sees Ryan.moreless
  • Ep. #9159
    Ep. #9159
    Episode 146
    Adam offers Krystal $10K to get the goods on David and his role in the Dixie mess. Babe visits Dixie and asks her to help her 'other son' Jamie have the life he wants. Jamie sells his car to Josh to give Babe the perfect wedding, not realising Babe has decided to break up with him if Dixie can't succeed with J.R. Kendall is horrified to learn J.R. was only using her, and turns her back on him.moreless
  • Ep. #9158
    Ep. #9158
    Episode 145
    Jack and Erica both go to see Zach about the tapes of Ryan and Greenlee's last night in the suite, Jack wanting them destroyed, and Erica wanting to give them to Greenlee. After viewing the disc, Jack makes sure it's destroyed.
  • Ep. #9157
    Ep. #9157
    Episode 144
    After J.R. threatens her, Amanda blows him out of the water by telling Jamie and Babe that J.R. hired her to break them up. Babe believes Amanda's lies, but Jamie still doesn't trust her.
  • Ep. #9156
    Ep. #9156
    Episode 143
    Greenlee blows up at David when he comes to see her, but when he tells her how much he cares, she breaks down in his arms. Aidan and Kendall find nothing in the shed, and when Zach shows up he offers to show them what he was hiding -- Ryan's helmut. After telling him she never wants to see Amanda in the house again, Dixie suggest to J.R. that they stay at the house with J.R. Amanda takes some of her mother's pills to keep Jamie from kicking her out. Ryan watches Greenlee on the monitor, and can't keep his eyes off her at the end as he watches Kendall in bed with Greenlee, holding her friend.moreless
  • Ep. #9155
    Ep. #9155
    Episode 142
    Amanda tries to plead with J.R. not to turn his back on her, but although J.R. is willing to sleep with her, he is not willing to make up and orders her out of his life. Babe stops three guys from stealing Jamie's car and with Josh's help convinces them she is a mob princess so they end up running off scared. Greg asks Erica if they can start over. Ryan is relieved to overhear Aidan tell Kendall and Greenlee that his sister Erin is still alive and well. Kendall wonders if Ryan is faking his death the same way Zach did.moreless
  • Ep. #9154
    Ep. #9154
    Episode 141
    Zach initially has trouble deciding whether or not he should tell Greenlee the truth, but when Ryan attacks him, Zach knows he has made the right decision. Reggie takes his frustrations at Danielle out on Lily, and feels horrible immediately after. Aidan wants nothing to do with Amanda, and refuses to allow Tad to hire her.moreless
  • Ep. #9153
    Ep. #9153
    Episode 140
    Lily sneaks over to Wildwind to meet Sam, but once there she becomes frightened. Zach finds Ryan alive and well, but Ryan convinces Zach that it's better than Greenlee and everyone else believes that he is dead. Greenlee is furious with Jack, but eventually breaks down in his arms.
  • Ep. #9152
    Ep. #9152
    Episode 139
    Garret tries to make peace between Danielle and Mimi after Danielle confesses to her mother about having slept with Josh. Kendall tries to keep Greenlee's hopes up, but Zach tells them there is no way Ryan could have survived. Krystal and Adam realise they have no choice but to accept that Di is really Dixie.moreless
  • Ep. #9151
    Ep. #9151
    Episode 138
    Danielle tries to explain to Reggie why she slept with Josh, but he isn't interested in hearing anything she has to say. Kendall and Simone take Greenlee home after Ryan's bike goes over the cliffs and try to comfort her. Josh protects Greenlee to his father, then takes sides with Erica.moreless
  • Ep. #9150
    Ep. #9150
    Episode 137
    Danielle and Reggie come close to making love but amidst memories of sleeping with Josh, Danielle stops him and tells him the truth. Amanda tries to cozy up to Josh for a job as part of her plan to break up Babe and Jamie, fantasizing about Babe two-timing Jamie with Josh. Ryan pulls back his fist to hit Greenlee but Zach and Kendall burst in to stop him. After destroying their living room, Ryan takes off on his bike. At the Chandler mansion, Joe reads the results of the DNA test -- Di is Dixie.moreless
  • Ep. #9149
    Ep. #9149
    Episode 136
    As Zach and Kendall watch Ryan and Greenlee on the security monitors, Ryan has to struggle to control his rage as Greenlee explains that she is pregnant, and Zach wants to protect Kendall.
  • Ep. #9148
    Ep. #9148
    Episode 135
    Babe apologizes to J.R. for all the hurt she has caused him, and J.R. softens enough to allow Babe to put their son to bed. Almost against his own will, Adam finds himself with new respect for Babe and Krystal.
  • Ep. #9147
    Ep. #9147
    Episode 134
    Jamie is angry with Babe for not telling him the truth about Di and walks out on her. After Aidan turns her down for a job, Amanda fantasizes about being married to Jamie, and the two being very wealthy.
  • Ep. #9146
    Ep. #9146
    Episode 133
    Reggie finds Josh and Danielle together and punches Josh, assuming that he's getting fresh with Danielle. Later, Danielle seeks advice from Garret, who suggests she not tell Reggie about sleeping with Josh.
  • Ep. #9145
    Ep. #9145
    Episode 132
    Erica throws a launch party for New Beginnings, where Zach deliberately makes a spectacle of himself and Kendall in order to protect Greenlee, who is experiencing morning sickness.
  • Ep. #9144
    Ep. #9144
    Episode 131
    Tad still hopes that one day he and the boys can be a family, and later, they gather with Di to hold a memorial service for the baby that Di and Tad lost.
  • Ep. #9143
    Ep. #9143
    Episode 130
    Krystal refuses to give Adam the information he wants on Di, and Babe also won't allow it until Adam makes the call to the governor, which he finally does.
  • Ep. #9142
    Ep. #9142
    Episode 129
    While locked in the pump house, Tad and Di come to a temporary truce, both determined to help J.R. Once J.R. releases them, Di asks him to forgive his former step-father, but J.R. refuses.
  • Ep. #9141
    Ep. #9141
    Episode 128
    Danielle and Derek are less than thrilled to meet Mimi's new fiancé Garret Williams, and when Danielle overhears Mimi and Livia talking about Danielle's once-questionable paternity, Danielle takes off and starts drinking.
  • Ep. #9140
    Ep. #9140
    Episode 127
    Babe offers to hand Adam the proof that Di is not really Dixie on a silver platter if he promises to get her mother out of jail. Di goes to visit Krystal at the prison and admits that she is only pretending to be Dixie, but says that J.R. is becoming a better person. An outraged Zach brings Val into a meeting with Erica and Greg and suggests that next time she wants info on his casino, she shouldn't dress her assistant up as a woman. Ryan picks up the pills from David, not realizing they're placebos. Zach comforts Kendall when she admits to being afraid of what will happen between Ryan and Greenlee.moreless
  • Ep. #9139
    Ep. #9139
    Episode 126
    Krystal tells Babe everything she knows about Di Kirby, sending Babe running straight to Adam with an idea. Di makes it clear to David the ball is now in her court. Adam is upset to realise that J.R. plans to move out with Dixie and Little Adam and to cut him out of their lives. Jamie accuses Tad of proposing to Krystal to deny his feelings for Dixie. J.R. is tired of Amanda doing nothing and fires her, and she takes her anger out on Lily.moreless
  • Ep. #9138
    Ep. #9138
    Episode 125
    Greenlee pleas with David to give Ryan a placebo so she can prove to him that he can be a good man without drugs. David not only agrees to her placebo plan, he agrees to implant her. Tad reassures Krystal that he is not going to leave her to chase Dixie, and asks her to marry him. J.R. invites everyone, including Babe and Jamie, to a fourth of July picnic.moreless
  • Ep. #9137
    Ep. #9137
    Episode 124
    David wants Krystal to keep quiet about Di, but Krystal is convinced that the truth about Dixie will reunite J.R., Babe and Jamie. Ryan begs David to give him some sort of drug that will damper down the rage inside of him. Tad helps Maria and Maddie prepare to leave Pine Valley as Myrtle encourages Zach to say a proper goodbye. Zach rushes off, and the two share a smile as Maria leaves for her new life.moreless
  • Ep. #9136
    Ep. #9136
    Episode 123
    The girls are horrified to watch as Ryan beats his opponent (who Ryan sees as his abusive father Patrick) senseless and is stopped in the nick of time by Zach. Josh lends Babe a hand behind the bar and has an easy time of it with her, but is soon suspicious of Amanda. Jack is upset when Lily and Sam return late but Erica manages to calm him down.moreless
  • Ep. #9135
    Ep. #9135
    Episode 122
    Kendall wants to help Ryan so she stops by Fusion. When Greenlee shows up there as well, Kendall tells her where Ryan is going at night, and along with Simone the two head over to check it out. Di tries to rationalise what she did to Tad and J.R., both of whom want answers. After she leaves, Tad and J.R. talk about her and their relationship. Zach lets Kendall, Simone and Greenlee in to see Ryan fighting in the ring.moreless
  • Ep. #9134
    Ep. #9134
    Episode 121
    Di is furious when David is cruel to J.R. after J.R. asks why only David knew Dixie was alive, and Di is tempted to stop going along with David's plan. Greenlee watches Ryan as he sleeps, thinking about what everyone has said to her, and later, pretends to be asleep as he sneaks out of their bed. Amanda makes another attempt to seduce Jamie with an 'anatomy' lesson, but he's onto her schemes now.moreless
  • Ep. #9133
    Ep. #9133
    Episode 120
    Greenlee manages to stop Greg from exposing her to Ryan, but once he realises Greg is a fertility expert and makes Greenlee promise him she will not have herself inseminated with an anonymous donor. Di tries to make peace between J.R. and Tad, but her attempts at making inroads fail when Tad will not forgive her for the pain she caused everyone by her deception. Reggie lays down the law for Lily when it comes to dating Sam, but is stopped by Jack when he attempts to follow Sam and Lily on a date.moreless
  • Ep. #9132
    Ep. #9132
    Episode 119
    After Erica turned him down flat, Josh tried to blackmail Kendall into putting in a good word which led to Erica reconsidering after he pitched her a couple of ideas, and told her he was Greg Madden's son. Mimi was furious to find Danielle had spent the entire night with Reggie, but Reggie helped Mimi's cause when he told her about the last time he saw his mother. Di and Babe have a woman-to-woman where each blames the other for J.R.'s problems. Tad made it clear to Sam that although he would be staying in Pine Valley, he needed to remember that Maddie and Maria were his family.moreless
  • Ep. #9131
    Ep. #9131
    Episode 118
    Erica is thrilled when Greg agrees to let her use his clinic on New Beginnings, and later his son Josh showed up and introduced himself as her new producer. J.R. fully accepts that Di is his mother, and demands that Adam leave her alone. Zach confronts Ryan and tells him that he knows exactly where Ryan has been going at night. David refuses to inseminate Greenlee with Ryan's sperm after Ryan nearly killed him.moreless
  • Ep. #9130
    Ep. #9130
    Episode 117
    Adam and Di argue with each other over which one is hurting J.R. more, but J.R. makes his loyalties known when he defends Di and demands Adam leave his mother alone. Ryan flies into a rage when David comes to see him and chokes David until he falls to the floor, unconscious and looking as though he is dead. Greenlee, Simone and Kendall are sure they're going to be hauled off to jail when they're caught in the fertility clinic by an unfamiliar young man. Amanda continues her schemes to break up Babe and Jamie, and sets her sights on Aidan.moreless
  • Ep. #9129
    Ep. #9129
    Episode 116
    Kendall initially tries to talk Greenlee and Simone out of stealing the sperm, but has a change of heart after Greenlee's impassioned plea. Tad shares his woes about Di with Maria, then listens to her woes about Sam, finally agreeing to let Sam stay with him. Jack notices Ryan's increasing anger, and worries about what this will do to Greenlee. Danielle refuses when Mimi asks her to return to New York.moreless
  • Ep. #9128
    Ep. #9128
    Episode 115
    Di has an unusual ally in her corner when Kendall talks to J.R. and tries to get him to give Di a break, defending her actions. Di admits to Tad that she wasn't sure if she wanted to reconcile with him, which was part of the reason she pretended to be dead. Mimi is shocked when she catches her daughter and Reggie in an intimate moment. Greenlee and Simone are caught breaking into the sperm clinic by Kendall.moreless
  • Ep. #9127
    Ep. #9127
    Episode 114
    Everyone looks after Palmer when it appears he's had a heart attack at Di's announcement, but it's Di who gets him to take his nitroglycerin pills. Palmer makes it clear he believes Di really is his niece. Erica tries to tell Ryan he has made a mistake by having the vasectomy, and protects Greenlee's secret about being in the fertility clinic. Kendall refuses to allow Simone to tell Greenlee that they think Ryan is having an affair.moreless
  • Ep. #9126
    Ep. #9126
    Episode 113
    Ryan is devastated when Aidan tells him that Erin has not been seen since the last time she saw Jonathan. Tad's heart breaks when Di tells him that their baby girl died, and goes to see Krystal at the prison. Erica saves a disguised Greenlee from Greg. J.R. refuses to believe that Di could really be Dixie.moreless
  • Ep. #9125
    Ep. #9125
    Episode 112
    Sam tells Maria that he doesn't want to leave Pine Valley, and explains that he wants to stay for the Martins and because he feels like it's his home. Maddie doesn't have the same connection. Erica goes to see Greg in his office and asks him to let his fertility clinic be a cornerstone for her new show. J.R. refuses to believe that there's any chance that Di could be his mother Dixie, but Di shocks Adam, Tad and J.R. by telling them that she really is Dixie Cooney Martin.moreless
  • Ep. #9124
    Ep. #9124
    Episode 111
    Ryan and Greenlee make the decision to stay together, but while Ryan is envisioning a happy, childless future, Greenlee is still secretly planning to have herself inseminated with Ryan's baby. Amanda continues her plan to break up Jamie and Babe by trying to convince Jamie that J.R. drugged her, while J.R. manages to get back into Kendall's bed one more time. Maria can no longer believe her daughter's lies, and tells Maddie and Sam that she's making plans for them to leave Pine Valley.moreless
  • Ep. #9123
    Ep. #9123
    Episode 110
    Zach denies to Kendall that he married her to get away from Maria, but then heads to the Pine Cone for a meeting with Maria only to find Maddie waiting for him as Kendall and Lily share a sisterly moment. Babe is upset when she realises Tad is trying to determine whether or not Di is Dixie, feeling that Tad will turn his back on Krystal if Di does turn out to be his presumed dead love.moreless
  • Ep. #9122
    Ep. #9122
    Episode 109
    Jackson is happy to learn that Ryan won't be able to impregnate Greenlee, not realising that at that moment Greenlee is asking Simone to help her break into the fertility clinic. Unable to understand her daughter's reasoning for marrying Zach Slater, Erica slaps her new son-in-law after Kendall leaves. J.R. is angry with Amanda for flirting with Aidan, even though Aidan has been turning down her advances. Ethan assures J.R. that he and Kendall are through, then accepts a bowling date with Simone.moreless
  • Ep. #9121
    Ep. #9121
    Episode 108
    Amanda tricks Aidan into a passionate kiss by pretending to be drowning. Jack nearly attacks Greg when he realises the man is watching him and Erica. When J.R. realised that Kendall couldn't return Chandler Enterprises to him, things got ugly, until Zach saved the day.
  • Ep. #9120
    Ep. #9120
    Episode 107
    Jamie refuses Amanda's suggestion that they pretend to be together to help him get Phoebe's money. Babe prepares to show Krystal a picture of Di, but a guard's taunt about Tad's absenteeism changes the subject for the two of them. Di insists to David that she isn't Dixie, and he finally believes her. J.R. refuses to believe that Di could be his mother.moreless
  • Ep. #9119
    Ep. #9119
    Episode 106
    Amanda sneaks Little Adam over for a visit with Babe and Jamie with ulterior motives, knowing that this is Babe's day to visit Krystal. Despite Maria's best efforts, neither of her children are softening toward her.
  • Ep. #9118
    Ep. #9118
    Episode 105
    Amanda plays Jamie and Babe by telling them about her mentally unstable mother, and how her father put her in second place. Dr. Joe refuses to run a DNA test on Di at Tad's insistence. Kendall weeps over losing Ethan after seeing him with Simone. David tells Greenlee about when Ryan donated sperm at the clinic. Zach offers Ryan advice on dealing with their less than stellar family pasts.moreless
  • Ep. #9117
    Ep. #9117
    Episode 104
    Amanda invited Babe over to play with Little Adam so she could set up a fake seduction scene where she would spurn J.R.'s affections to gain Babe's sympathy. Di balked at going through with the plan, but David talked her back into it. Brooke tries to talk Jamie and J.R. back into being brothers, and encourages Jamie to go to medical school. While Maria tries to comfort Greenlee about Ryan's vasectomy, Ryan confronts Kendall about her telling Greenlee.moreless
  • Ep. #9116
    Ep. #9116
    Episode 103
    While enjoying their honeymoon in Charleston, Erica notices that a mysterious man has been watching her and Jack, and finally approaches him to demand to know why. Even though Zach is willing to let her go and Reggie tries to talk her into divorcing him, Kendall decides she'll stay wed to Zach.moreless
  • Ep. #9115
    Ep. #9115
    Episode 102
    Sam and Maddie not only want nothing to do with their mother, they both want to make Zach pay. Greenlee is furious after being told by Kendall about Ryan's vasectomy and rushes home to confront her husband. A conversation with Lily gives Zach new insight.
  • Ep. #9114
    Ep. #9114
    Episode 101
    Kendall begs Ethan to give her another chance, but he's no longer interested in anything she has to say. While Ryan comforts Maria, Sam begs Jamie for help in getting out of Wildwind.
  • Ep. #9113
    Ep. #9113
    Episode 100
    Greenlee tries to convince Zach to leave Kendall alone, while Kendall and Ethan encounter each other outside. Kendall starts to panic when Ethan reveals he's had papers drawn up giving Cambias back to Zach. Amanda and J.R. 'fight' in front of Babe and Jamie to further their plans. Ethan is devastated to realise Zach and Kendall are now legally married.moreless
  • Ep. #9112
    Ep. #9112
    Episode 99
    Reggie, Lily, Greenlee, Kendall and Bianca each take a moment to share something about their melding family as the wedding begins. Jack and Erica exchange their vows and ask their assorted children on their honeymoon, but they all turn them down.
  • Ep. #9111
    Ep. #9111
    Episode 98
    Kendall finally makes Bianca see just why she and Ethan can never be together, and Bianca hopes Kendall will find her happiness. Jamie and Babe are finding their cramped apartment to be a problem, but it doesn't strain their love at all. Simone worries Ryan is having an affair, while Ryan frets over having the vasectomy without Greenlee knowing.moreless
  • Ep. #9110
    Ep. #9110
    Episode 97
    Adam finds the missing $500 in Di's room just as Di is explaining to J.R. about having seen Amanda with Dixie's necklace. Bianca talks to Kendall in her room, and is shocked to find out just what Ethan did to make her so mad.
  • Ep. #9109
    Ep. #9109
    Episode 96
    Greenlee sets a trap for Zach in Boca Raton, hoping to stop him and Kendall from getting married. Kendall is devastated to see that Ethan is Bianca's guest to Erica's wedding.
  • Ep. #9108
    Ep. #9108
    Episode 95
    After a few scares, Jack calls Reggie to confirm the wedding is indeed on, in Florida. Although hesitant to hurt her, Sam gives Lily another kiss, this one witnessed by Reggie. Ryan and Greenlee celebrate their first anniversary, but Ryan continues to keep his plans to sterilize himself from her.
  • Ep. #9107
    Ep. #9107
    Episode 94
    Kendall continues to struggle over whether or not to marry Zach as she falls into bed with J.R. Jack re-proposes to Erica, and she happily accepts. Babe tries to convince Jamie the accept the terms of Phoebe's will, but he refuses.
  • Ep. #9106
    Ep. #9106
    Episode 93
    Kendall wants desperately to tell Greenlee the truth about Ryan's visit to the doctor. Jack reveals himself as Erica's kidnapper, and tries to make her understand how important she is to him. Jamie is furious when Phoebe's will names him her heir only if he turns on Babe.
  • Ep. #9105
    Ep. #9105
    Episode 92
    Maria and Anita tell Sam that Bobby is his birth father, and that his birth mother is Joe Martin's granddaughter, Kelsey. Greenlee and Lily both push Jack to marry Erica and much to their surprise, he agrees. Kendall confronts Ryan with his decision to have a vasectomy and tries to convince him he is worth saving.moreless
  • Ep. #9104
    Ep. #9104
    Episode 91
    Brooke is pleased to have the support of friends and family as they prepare to bury Phoebe. Lily refuses to tell anyone where her 'client' Sam is, but Aidan follows her when she goes to see him. J.R. stops by to see Babe and Jamie, taunting them that Phoebe requested his presence at her funeral.moreless
  • Ep. #9103
    Ep. #9103
    Episode 90
    After each views their respective parent remaining single, Kendall and Greenlee are determined to marry Jack and Erica off. Ethan offers J.R. full control of Chandler Enterprises if J.R. walks away from Kendall, but he refuses. Amanda is introduced to Babe, and after the two spend some alone-time getting to know each other, they are fast friends.moreless
  • Ep. #9102
    Ep. #9102
    Episode 89
    The third anniversary of Dixie's death is felt by her family as Tad unburdens himself to Aidan, and J.R. feels the pain of his mother's death. Erica issues Jack an ultimatum -- she will marry him if he leaves Ryan and Greenlee's marriage alone. After making sure Ryan understands the permanency of his decision, the doctor agrees to perform a vasectomy.moreless
  • Ep. #9101
    Ep. #9101
    Episode 88
    Maddie accuses Zach of trying to kidnap her and Sam. Ryan tells Greenlee that he wants a divorce because of the Lavery legacy of anger and rage. Sam talks to Lily about what happened, and she agrees to help him escape. Jamie runs into Amanda, and he catches her up on the Pine Valley gossip.moreless
  • Ep. #9100
    Ep. #9100
    Episode 87
    Babe has to hold Greenlee down behind the bar as Kendall hits on Ryan in an attempt to prove his loyalty to Greenlee. Zach spots wannabe-runaways Maddie and Sam at the airport.
  • Ep. #9099
    Ep. #9099
    Episode 86
    J.R. is scared and frightened by an unknown half-naked woman sleeping in his bed. Kendall tells Zach she wants to get married, as Maria, then Ethan, walk into their conversation. Greenlee signals Kendall to go somewhere to talk about Ryan. Babe starts her job as a bartender and chats with Ryan, but irritates him when she mentions the word "baby". As Di and Tad talk, he becomes to think of how alike Di is like Dixie. J.R. interrupts Tad and Di, complainging to Tad of using the trick of sending a "teen-hooker", but discovers the "teen-hooker" is Amanda Dillon. Maria becomes a peacemaker for Ethan and Zach, reminding them of their past intentions, which was not war against each other. Babe calls Greenlee and gives her information about where Ryan is. Taking Tad's advice, J.R. lets Amanda Dillon stay and Di shows her to another room. Ethan offers Zach a draw in their war, even offering to get Maria back to him. Kendall arrives at the roadside bar to help Greenlee help Ryan. Di helps Amanda make herself at home. Meanwhile Tad informs J.R. that Phoebe has died. Myrtle visits Maria to comfort and help her overcome what happened the night of Edmund's award ceremony. Zach tells Ethan that if he gives up Cambias Industries, they will have a truce, which infuriates Ethan, who then leaves, as the war between father and son continues.moreless
  • Ep. #9098
    Ep. #9098
    Episode 85
    Kendall dreams that Ethan made love to her, until she wakes up to find that J.R. was the one that made love to her. Adam shows his devotion to Brooke to Jamie, Tad, and Babe, by being at the hospital to comfort her and informs them of last night's events with Maria. As Maria wakes up, she realizes where she is and what she did last night. Ethan tells Ryan, whom are both in a bar, about Kendall, telling Ryan that he was right. Di informs David the events at the Chandler mansion and why she thinks she should not stay there, due to the ex-boyfriend issue. However David reassures her by telling her that her ex took a flight east. Jamie leaves to bring Brooke out as she relays the news that Phoebe is gone. While eating breakfast, J.R. gets a phone call saying that he is fired from Cambias Industries. Ryan shows no sympathy to Ethan and tells him when Ethan tells him that Kendall spent the night with JR. Jamie tells Babe that Phoeboe asked him to promise to reach out for any surprises that are in store for him. An upset Brooke drags Adam aside to talk about whether of not he had a check-up with a doctor. Di returns to the mansion and is introduced to Kendall. Back at the Valley Inn, Zach surprises Maria with a breakfast and a change of clothes.moreless
  • Ep. #9097
    Ep. #9097
    Episode 84
    Ryan finds Tad to ask about the condition of his sister Erin. Brooke witnesses Adam having what seems to be a stroke. After being attacked by Zach with words, Erica fires back. Ethan and Maria begin to make love, with Maria thinking that Ethan is Zach. Kendall and J.R. get it on and begin to make their own love until Kendall feels she is making another bad mistake. Brooke calls 9-1-1, but the phone is hung up by Adam. Meanwhile, Tad reveals Erin's recent history and tells of how Erin came to the East Coast on a business trip, then disappeared. Zach walks in to an Ethan with his shirt open and a distressed, lightly clothed Maria. In anger, Zach throws Ethan out of his own hotel suite. Jack and Erica get into another fight, when Erica finally realizes why Jack is angry and so eager to help Maria. Just for Brooke, Adam agrees to go with her to the E.R. Mary starts a cat fight with Erica, but it ends when Palmer drags her away. After finding out from Simone that Kendall is with J.R., he goes to the Chandler mansion. At the hospital. Brooke runs into Jamie, who has bad news about Phoebe, adding that the hospital staff does not know whether she will survive.moreless
  • Ep. #9096
    Ep. #9096
    Episode 83
    Maria causes a big scene in front of the many citizens of Pine Valley, until Ethan finally escorts her out. Mary does her usual, bad-mouthing, to Brooke about the Maria/Edmund incident, warning her also to leave Adam alone. Ryan and Jack argue again over Greenlee and his brothers' past "mistakes". Zach, who like so many people saw Maria's performance, scolds Kendall for asking him to come, and leaves for the Valley Inn bar. Meanwhile, Erica finds an annoyed Zach at the bar and tries to convince him to go up to Maria's suite to comfort her. J.R. "takes care" of Kendall and takes her to the Chandler mansion, where they begin their own party. J.R. encourages Kendall to marry Zach. Adam Chandler follows Brooke to the dock, trying to convince her to let him help her. Mary and Jack, team up to scold Ryan about not knowing where his wife is, and his family history. JR offers Kendall and affair of fun, while discussing her marriage to Zach. Ryan tells Jack and Mary that they will not have grandchildren from him. Brooke laughes Adam off when he says he wants to begin a relationship with her.moreless
  • Ep. #9095
    Ep. #9095
    Episode 82
    As a tribute to Edmund Grey, many citizens of Pine Valley (Erica, Brooke, Palmer, et al.) come to attend a dinner in honor of him. Zach informs Livia about his plans to retake Cambias Industries. Erica tries to talk Kendall out of marrying Zach Slater, when Maria walks in, causing more chaos. Jack offers to be Ethan's lawyer against Zach. Mary, who has been living at Palmer's place, questions Jack on why she did not find out about Greenlee from him. Erica tries to repair ties with Maria, even thanking Maria for helping her in the past. Tad and Jamie learn more about "Jane Doe". Babe tries to get Diana Cole kicked out as Little Adam's nanny, but fails. After failing to get Di fired, she goes to Aidan's place to tell Jamie and Tad about Diana Cole. Di, introduces herself to Stuart, Adam's twin brother and they both talk about Babe. Erica and Opal end their "squabble" and become friends again. Surprising the many citizens of Pine Valley, Maria asks Brooke to keep Edmund's award.moreless
  • Ep. #9094
    Ep. #9094
    Episode 81
    Adam catches Di snooping around and questions her intentions. Brooke gives the okay for Maddie to have a new computer, but changes her mind after learning Maria got her one only a month ago. Greenlee and Ryan get into another fight about having and not having problems. Kyrstal gives Tad a hug for helping her solve her prison problems, when David arrives to give their duet performance of a kiss. Jamie and J.R.'s brotherly relationship takes another dive again when J.R. pins Jamie under a motorcycle. After Babe threatens to hit J.R. with a metal object, he leaves, unknowingly to rescue Di from Adam's "interrogation". Ryan and Greenlee apolgize to each other about the argument, but soon get into a new argument. Tad returns to Aidan's place to find his son, Jamie looking at his PI files. JR and Di bond again over his family photos. Babe visits Stuart at the Chandler mansion to tell him of J.R.'s recent madness, when J.R. and Di finds her at the estate. J.R. introduces the new nanny, Diana Cole, whom Babe is not pleased with.moreless
  • Ep. #9093
    Ep. #9093
    Episode 80
    Jack and Maria talk to Sam and Lily about what they did. Ryan walks into his home to lovely music and a very happy Greenlee. Kendall and Ethan argue over their past and Cambias Industries. Erica is happy when Zach informs her that Kendall dumped Ethan, but her is happiness is cut short when Zach tells her he proposed to Kendall. Jack informs Maria about how he is going to "control" Ryan, Erica then walks in to see Jack comforting Maria. Ryan and Greenlee's relationship grows stronger over dinner, but dampens when Ryan find out that Greenlee has plans for making a baby. Sam and Lily eat ice cream at the park together, where they continue to develop their friendship. Anita sits down at Zach's table to get him to try a relationship with Maria again. Kendall's heart is broken when Ethan says he cannot give up Cambias Industries.moreless
  • Ep. #9092
    Ep. #9092
    Episode 79
    At the prison, Krystal asks David to "fall in love" with her. Tad reveals more facts about Dixie to J.R.. Kendall and Greenlee bicker at Fusion over Greenlee and Ryan's "child" problem. Simone sets up Kendall to see Ethan on the roof, as soon as Greenlee and everyone else is gone. J.R. blames Tad on the Dixie pish-posh and introduces Diana Cole as the new nanny for Little Adam. Greenlee returns to find out that Simone set Kendall up and finds Kendall and Ethan on the roof, but leaves when Kendall tells her to go. Ryan and Aidan engage in a fight, that is stopped by Tad. Ethan continues to try to convince Kendall not to marry Zach and to forgive him, even trying a kiss. Kendall is seduced by Ethan's kiss and will marry him if he gives up Cambias industries.moreless
  • Ep. #9091
    Ep. #9091
    Episode 78
    Di shows up at the Chandler mansion applying for the nanny position. At school, Lily is teased by the hot girls, mainly Autumn. Ryan goes to the mineshaft disaster area to see if his brothers' bodies were found. Sam and Ryan encounter each other, with Sam trying to comfort him. Ethan, who is angry and sad about Zach's marriage news, tells Maria that Zach proposed to Kendall. After Sam leaves, Jonathan appears to haunt Ryan. Greenlee and Kendall find a shouting Ryan at the mineshaft diaster area. Maria is surprised, shocked, and angry, when she learns from Zach that Ethan was telling the truth about the proposal. The principal of Pine Valley High sends Lily and Sam to her office after hearing all that shouting. As J.R. interviews Di, he becomes more and more interested in her and her past. After Zach leaves, Maria cries in pain because Zach said their relationship is over.moreless
  • Ep. #9090
    Ep. #9090
    Episode 77
    Kendall gives her marriage news to Ethan and Greenlee. The father and son battle between Adam and J.R. heats up over how much J.R. cares for dad. Di continually struggles on whether or not to become Dixie. David continues to give her reassurances. Zach asks Ethan to be his best man. Tad smells a rat in Dixie being alive because of the recent events that have happened. Privately, Greenlee gives Kendall an intervention in hopes that she will not marry Zach. After learning out that Dixie was found, Tad finds Adam to confront him on the lie causing the already fragile relationship between J.R. and Adam to strain. Kendall and Greenlee go to Ryan's hospital room, only to find him gone.moreless
  • Ep. #9089
    Ep. #9089
    Episode 76
    Zach surprises Kendall with a marriage proposal. Ethan shares a breakfast with Greenlee, in hoping she'll help him win Kendall back. Brooke goes to the women's prison to offer Krystal a deal. Babe speaks to David about J.R.'s ex-nanny and Adam Chandler's health. Tad comforts Maria as she is pondering on what kind of a person she is. Surprisingly, J.R. shows concerns for his father. Di dyes her hair to become more like Dixie.moreless
  • Ep. #9088
    Ep. #9088
    Episode 75
    Kendall tells Derek in front of Ethan, Zach, and J.R., that Ethan lied about Zach killing Edmund. Tad gets a phone call claiming that Dixie's car was found, but without a body. Di struggles with David on what might happen if she became Dixie. The paid witness confesses that J.R. paid him to lie about Zach confessing he killed Edmund in his cell. Adam has a stroke, witnessed by Babe. Maddie has a house-warming party that ends when her mother, Maria returns. Kendall is shocked that JR paid a man to lie for Ethan. Brooke declines helping Tad expose the women prison's prisoner abuse. Ethan discovers that J.R. does not trust anyone and is chasing for Kendall's love. Di agrees to be Dixie.moreless
  • Ep. #9087
    Ep. #9087
    Episode 74
    Tad and Babe visit a bruised Krystal at the women's prison. Instead of allowing Kendall to tell the truth, Ethan agrees to go to the police station with Derek. Ryan thinks about agreeing with Jackson on the issue of Greenlee leaving him. Erica and Jackson fight a battle of words over Ryan's credibility and personality. Tad warns the warden that if Krystal falls down the stairs again, the prison will have press attention on the topic of prisoner abuse. Livia gets the charges on Zach about Edmund's murder dropped.moreless
  • Ep. #9086
    Ep. #9086
    Episode 73
    Reggie brings Lily to Aidan's place, so that she may ask about Steve. Erica and Zach exchange mean words to each other. Ryan continues to struggle with his inner self. Greenlee strives to help Ryan overcome himself, including having children. After Erica leaves, Maria arrives to apologize to Zach for her distrust in him during the recent weeks before Edmund's murder. Ethan pleads with Kendall to forgive him for what he did. Lily turns Aidan's mouth from upside down, to downside up. Ryan yells for Greenlee to leave his hospital room. Meanwhile, Erica comforts Ryan, just as he comfroted her in Las Vegas. Derek visits Ethan to ask if he will change his statement. Ethan, of course, says no.moreless
  • Ep. #9085
    Ep. #9085
    Episode 72
    A new morning for the citizens of Pine Valley after the tragic night before. David gets visitors from alot of people, Tad, J.R., Babe, and Adam Chandler, all of which are accusing him of something. Ryan is still in his state of being, where he will only occasionally speak a few words. Jonathan's memory haunts Ryan in his hospital room. Kendall returns to her condo with Ethan, eventually lashing him for lying to her. Sam returns home, relieving a worried Maria. Jackson gives Zach a few harsh words. Babe makes it clear to David she no longer thinks of him as her father.moreless
  • Ep. #9084
    Ep. #9084
    Episode 71
    Reggie brings Lily to Erica's apartment, where she comforts and cares for Lily. Ryan is found alive and is resting at the Pine Valley Hospital. Kendall shows signs of anger towards Ethan in the hospital, but is struggling on it. JR lets out that Hayward gave information about Liza's whereabouts. David has a new idea that involves Di becoming Dixie. Jackson arrives at Erica's apartment to see a better unfrightened Lily. Ryan continues to stuggle in his thoughts.moreless
  • Ep. #9083
    Ep. #9083
    Episode 70
    With Jonathan closer to death, Ryan begs Jonathan to trust him. Maria slams Ethan, lashing at him for his lie. David tries to frame JR for stealing information about Liza's whereabouts. Jonathan pushes the button activating a bomb that sends Kendall and Greenlee flying and trapping all the Lavery brothers inside. Jack finally finds Greenlee, but cannot find Lily. The rescue workers continue to free the rocks from the cave hole so that they could rescue Ryan. Sam is the person that convinces Lily to come out from her hiding hole. Babe warns David again that if he gives Liza's info to Adam, he will be lonely again. Tad thinks of Dixie, and is puzzled by the sight of a Dixie-like figure in the background.moreless
  • Ep. #9082
    Ep. #9082
    Episode 69
    As time passes in the mineshaft, Jonathan releases everything he has felt inside for years, including that he killed Braden. He also reveals that it wasn't him begging Braden not to punish Ryan but rather the other way around. Jack learns that Greenlee and Lily did not arrive at Lily's school. Di tells her story to David. Acting as a team, Maria and Zach look for Sam, who is at the Jackson household looking for the missing Lily. After trying so many times to convince Jonathan to let his captives go, Ryan aims a gun at Jonathan. Maria and Zach's "circle" is completed as he ends the relationship forever by dropping her off in the road in the middle of the night. David catches J.R. with a vial of his. After Ryan shoots Jonathan, he brings the girls out, freeing them from the mineshaft.moreless
  • Ep. #9081
    Ep. #9081
    Episode 68
    Babe rescues the scared Di from the headlights of a car. Erica waits for David in his soon-to-be demolished home. Ryan comes to the mineshaft to rescue the trapped girls. Zach demands more information from Aidan and Tad about a certain security DVD. Adam comforts Brooke, even bringing her some ice cream. Ryan learns that it was Jonathan that made everything up, the clues, the poem, and the evil ideas. The wise Jamie refuses to help Babe on her quest to end the struggling of selfishness, helping her by not helping her. Sam drives to Zach's casino to ask why Zach is free, but learns that Zach did not kill his father. Erica persuades David to write down the information that Adam really wants. Erica hands the information requested to Adam, earning her a kiss from him. Braden is found unconscious.moreless
  • Ep. #9080
    Ep. #9080
    Episode 67
    While Kendall, Greenlee and Jonathan are fighting, Lily grabs the gun. Tad and Aidan go to Zach for his security tapes on the night of the murder game. Surprisingly Adam brings Little Adam to see Babe. David flirts with Di, just as she is about to leave. Jonathan tricks Lily into giving the gun to him. J.R. unravels his plan to Ethan but must convince him to not back out of it because of Kendall. Jonathan locks Greenlee and Kendall in a cell witnin a cell of the mineshaft. Babe refuses Adam offer again, but freezes when Adam mentions Krystal's freedom. Meanwhile, Greenlee freaks out just as Jonathan is about to kill her, but comes up with a plan to convince him not to. Zach, Tad, and Aidan find the tapes of the night of the murder mystery and spot Braden and Jonathan in both. After tracking Tad, Jamie goes to Zach's casino to chat with his dad about Liza and Colby. At the women's prison, Krystal warns David not to give Adam information about Liza's whereabouts. Babe still refuses making him very furious. JR fantasizes while in Ethan's executive chair about Kendall feeling bad, and with him comforting her. Babe has a chat with Di at a bus stop. After David leaves, the girls of the prison give Krystal a piece of their mind.moreless
  • Ep. #9079
    Ep. #9079
    Episode 66
    Erica visits Krystal at the women's prison. Lily explains about what happened at the stables and that Jonathan killed Edmund. Ethan goes to Fusion and asks Simone if she knows where Kendall is. Brooke tries to convince Maddie and Sam to let go of their anger. Anita turns on JR by accusing him of stealing the hospital keys, which leads to Joe's grandfather - grandson talk in private. Jonathan confesses that he killed Edmund, but under Brayden's orders. Erica offers Krystal a deal in exchange for help, but Krystal refuses. Di is released from the women's prison. Simone tells Ethan that if Kendall finds out by herself that Ethan lied to her, she will not forgive him. After surviving a near-death attempt made by Jonathan, Kendall finally realizes that Ethan lied to her. Greenlee hatches a new plan to escape. Brooke and Erica fight once again. Edmund's physical therapist confirms that Edmund could walk.moreless
  • Ep. #9078
    Ep. #9078
    Episode 65
    Adam visits Erica for payment. Palmer helps J.R. kick Adam off of Pine Valley's Hospital Board. Brooke is at the Grey estate to hear the reading of Edmund's will. Greenlee and Kendall beg Jonathan not to kill them. Lily tries to calm Jonathan down, but Jonathan ends up scaring her instead. JR tricks Anita into a hug to steal some hospital keys so that his evil plan to frame David can suceed. Maria finds out that Edmund did not drop his divorce petition. Ryan discovers that Braden wants to kill Jonathan as well. Erica bargains with Adam, if she gets a show on his TV network, she will help him. Edmund's will is revealed, shocking both Maria and Brooke. According to his will, his children will get the money and estate, while Brooke will get his Tempo stock and publishing rights, as well as being the executor of his will. Maria ends up with nothing. In the mineshaft, Kendall and Greenlee fight to trick Jonathan to come in, in which they both succeed, knocking Jonathan down. Jonathan wakes up just as Kendall is about to leave the mineshaft cell, forcing the others to return. David is framed for taking medicine from the hospital medicine board. Sam and Maddie ask Brooke to tell Maria to leave their house. Lily points out that the murderer is not Braden or Zach, but Jonathan.moreless
  • Ep. #9077
    Ep. #9077
    Episode 64
    Erica and Myrtle discuss Kendall's love for Ethan, but is interrupted by Ethan himself! Jonathan calls Ryan to tell his brother about his plans. Ethan turns some of the investors of Erica's new company, New Beginnings, away. Zach thinks about his past with Maria. Maria asks Aidan if Edmund loved her or not. Maria "faints" when she hears Aidan reply that Braden is Edmund's killer and that Zach will be free. Greenlee freaks out in the mine shaft but luckily, Kendall helps her. On the phone Ryan tries to convince Jonathan to tell him where Brayden is when Braden arrives and tells Jonathan to shut the phone off. While Kendall is comforting Greenlee, Lily finds a way out of the mineshaft. Myrtle warns Ethan of the results of his lie. Maria spots Zach at the crime scene in Wild Winds. Sam has eyes on Lily Montgomery. Braden finds out that Jonathan is double crossing him.moreless
  • Ep. #9076
    Ep. #9076
    Episode 63
    Ethan seeks J.R. for help with Zach Slater. Kendall tries to convince Jonathan to give up his gun. Greenlee tries to break a lock so that she and Lily could escape from the mine shaft. David continues to question Di. Jamie comforts Babe but also alerts her about her dad, David. Zach's next stop after being free is where Tad and Ryan are. David suspects that Di is Dixie.moreless
  • Ep. #9075
    Ep. #9075
    Episode 62
    Kendall comes to David for his truth serum, but later when she gets it, she gives it back to him. Ethan pays a visit to Zach at his casino where Zach refers to Ethan as his son. J.R. lashes out at Adam for making a deal with David Hayward. Lily and Greenlee panic when they cannot find Steve. Ryan's dad returns to Ryan in his memories, while Ryan waits for Braden. At gunpoint, Jonathan forces Greenlee to call Jack saying she and Lily have safely arrived to Lily's school. Kendall sees Jonathan holding Greenlee and Lily hostage. Adam and J.R.'s relationship worsens. Ryan calls Jack to ask about Greenlee and Lily. David goes to the women's prison after visiting hours are over to see Di. Ryan gets a letter from Braden. Greenlee and Lily are locked in a mine shaft. Kendall tries to call for help, when Jonathan stops her with a gun.moreless
  • Ep. #9074
    Ep. #9074
    Episode 61
    Maria is surprised to see that Zach is no longer in prison. Greelee returns to Jack's apartment safely with Aidan. Ryan gets a call from Braden. Kendall talks to Simone about Ethan, but makes Simone leave because of her cruel words. Ethan continues to lie about what was on Zach's CD to Maria. Aidan's friend Steve is escorting Lily and Greenlee to Lily's school when they get a flat tire. David tells J.R. about his deal with Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #9073
    Ep. #9073
    Episode 60
    Zach dines in with Kendall and they both exchange a war of words. Greenlee runs away, only to be found by Tad, Aidan, and Ryan. Di and Krystal's friendship grows. David's deal with Adam is discovered by Babe and Jamie. Tad, Aidan, Greenlee, and Ryan find out disturbing details of Braden's hate towards Ryan. Erica convinces Lily to go back to her old school for safety. Tad warns Greenlee that if she does not leave, she puts more pressure and danger on Ryan. Adam gives Babe a deal.moreless
  • Ep. #9072
    Ep. #9072
    Episode 59
    Angry at Jack and Erica, Kendall chooses to believe Ethan and walks away from her family. Lt. Perry informs Erica that Lily wouldn't make a credible witness in court. Erica is determined to prove that Ethan is lying to Kendall. Jonathan surprises Greenlee at Fusion, claiming he is only pretending to be on Braden's side. Jonathan warns Greenlee that Braden is going to kill Ryan and tells her to contact him. Jack fails to catch Jonathan when he arrives. Lily and Greenlee reject Jack's idea of sending them both to Lily's school until the danger has passed. Ethan doesn't admit to JR that he's lying about Zach but does say he'd do anything to destroy Zach. Kendall becomes suspicious when she overhears JR and Ethan but JR easily smoothes things over. After speaking with Adam, David tricks Babe and successfully manages to get Liza's phone number. JR sets his sights on Kendall. Ethan and Kendall make love. Jamie comforts Brooke over Edmund's death and Phoebe's failing health.moreless
  • Ep. #9071
    Ep. #9071
    Episode 58
    Erica wanting to see Kendall, except that she is not there, confronts Ethan alone. Jonathan tries to persuade Brayden to leave Ryan alone. Kendall and Greenlee give each other the silent treatment. Ethan tells Erica that he will propose to Kendall. Lily confirms that Braden is Edmund's murderer. Kendall asks Lily to never say that Braden killed Edmund again. Livia agrees to help get Zach Slater out of jail.moreless
  • Ep. #9070
    Ep. #9070
    Episode 57
    Greenlee returns to her apartment and is surprised and a little frightened that Jonathan is there. Jack comes back home to find out that Erica has added more grief to Maria's life when Erica told the truth about Edmund. Lily is frightened by her bodyguard, assigned by Aiden. Tad, Ryan, and Aiden find Brayden's second clue. Ethan says to Kendall that Erica and Greenlee need her to be wrong.moreless
  • Ep. #9069
    Ep. #9069
    Episode 56
    Ryan goes back to the home where he and his brothers were abused. Jack and Greenlee confront Ethan about the truth of what he saw. Erica battles it out with Maria and Brooke. Tad and Aiden join Ryan on his quest to find Braden.
  • Ep. #9068
    Ep. #9068
    Episode 55
    Little Adam is rushed to the hospital. Sam and his sister Maddie begin to leave the Grey estate when Maria stops then. Simone comes to Tad for help. Babe and David find out that there is a party for Little Adam. Joe defends Babe's three hours with Little Adam, which shocks Kendall, J.R., and Little Adam's other party guests.moreless
  • Ep. #9067
    Ep. #9067
    Episode 54
    Erica blurts out to Maria, Myrtle, and the other mourners of Edmund Grey, that Zach is innocent. Adam tries to convince J.R. to allow Babe to see little Adam on his birthday. Greenlee's worries for Ryan continue, as he goes after Braden again.
  • Ep. #9066
    Ep. #9066
    Episode 53
    Jonathan warns Ryan that Braden set up a bomb. Sam lashes out at Maria during Edmund's funeral. Erica confronts Zach on his 'killing' of Edmund Grey. Ryan and Aiden get everyone out of the funeral hall with just five minutes to spare.
  • Ep. #9065
    Ep. #9065
    Episode 52
    Maria questions Lily about the truth of Edmund's murder, when Erica interrupts the 'interrogation'. The citizens of Pine Valley come to attend Edmund's funeral. Ryan is shot and Jonathan is stabbed.
  • Ep. #9064
    Ep. #9064
    Episode 51
    Ryan makes plans to meet with Braden. Aidan insists on helping Ryan. Ryan's plan goes awry. Sam and Isabella blame Maria for Edmund's death. Sam finds Lily at the barn as she remembers the events of Edmund's murder. Ethan tells Zach he destroyed the disc and that Edmund will always be a saint in Maria's eyes. Kendall assures Greenlee that Ryan will be all right.moreless
  • Ep. #9063
    Ep. #9063
    Episode 50
    Ryan and Jonathan return to Jonathan's suite where they find a note from Braden in which he accuses Jonathan of betraying him. Ryan decides that he has to act as the decoy to trap Braden. Meanwhile, Greenlee is relieved to discover that her intruder is Mary, not Braden. Greenlee tells Mary how Braden poisoned her and shot Ryan. Greenlee kicks Mary out after she insults Ryan. Although fearful, Greenlee accepts that Ryan needs to force Braden out of hiding on his own. Jonathan receives another note from Braden telling him that Ryan is going to die. Di, a fellow prison inmate, explains to Krystal why the guards and inmates have it in for her. An upset Babe tells Tad that Krystal is in danger in prison. Tad visits Krystal, who tries to push him away. Di watches Tad and Krystal. JR and Adam humiliate David as he does janitorial work at the hospital as part of his community service. JR warns David to never mention Dixie's name again. JR has car trouble while on the road with baby Adam and is surprised to find Jamie and Babe living above the garage when he arrives there. JR refuses to allow Babe to get near little Adam. Jamie tells JR that Dixie would be disgusted by his behavior.moreless
  • Ep. #9062
    Ep. #9062
    Episode 49
    Jamie "kidnaps" Babe and takes her to the apartment he rented for them above the garage where he will be working. Jamie and Babe clear the air about not getting married and agree to re-visit the issue in six months. Tad compares Jamie's love for Babe to his love for Dixie and supports Jamie's desire to be with Babe. JR fires another nanny because she doesn't sing like Dixie did. Adam fears that JR still has feelings for Babe but JR insists otherwise as he voices his desire to deny Babe and Jamie of any happiness whatsoever. Krystal is harassed by the guards and inmates in prison but puts on a brave front when Babe visits. Krystal later loses her temper and demands to know why she is being treated so badly. Ryan and Jonathan go on a stakeout at the boathouse with the hope of catching Braden, but Lily and Aidan's arrival ruins their plan. Greenlee explains to Jack why Ryan is determined to bring Braden in on his own. Greenlee compares her ordeal with Ryan to Jack's past with Erica and is later frightened by something she sees in the penthouse.moreless
  • Ep. #9061
    Ep. #9061
    Episode 48
    Kendall wants to see Jonathan punished for framing her and Ethan. Greenlee is opposed to Ryan's plan of using himself as bait to lure Braden out of hiding. Jonathan is upset by Ryan's desire to turn Braden over to the authorities but Ryan insists all the Lavery brothers need to be held accountable for their actions. Ryan demands that Jonathan choose between siding with him or Braden. Ethan doesn't reveal to Maria that Edmund was able to walk and paints Zach as a manipulative liar. Kendall tells Greenlee that she trusts Ethan. Ethan destroys the disc containing the proof that Edmund could walk. Maria reaches out to Sam. Aidan insists to Jack that Lily could be in danger after a newspaper article reveals that she witnessed Edmund's murder. Erica is unsettled after visiting Zach and agrees with Aidan that Lily should be protected. Jack relents and allows Aidan to guard Lily. Zach orders Gordon to make sure that nobody hurts Lily.moreless
  • Ep. #9060
    Ep. #9060
    Episode 47
    Greenlee admits to Ryan that she had been hurt by his actions. Ryan explains to Greenlee why he, Braden and Jonathan are loyal to one another. Jack has a warning for Jonathan. Kendall confronts Jonathan. Maria is shattered when Maddie blames her for Edmund's death. Myrtle tries to comfort a guilt-ridden Maria. Ethan finds the disc he gave Edmund. Kendall implores Ethan to be truthful with her. Brooke and David are opposed to Jamie's plan. Jamie doesn't like the decision Babe makes.moreless
  • Ep. #9059
    Ep. #9059
    Episode 46
    Ryan, Greenlee and Maria want answers from Zach. Zach speaks cruelly to Maria in order to push her away. Ryan and Greenlee interrupt Ethan and Kendall's afterglow. JR arranges a major setback for Jamie. Stuart is kind but honest with Babe as he tries to make sense of what she did. Jamie has a surprise for Babe. Simone finds Jonathan acting strangely.moreless
  • Ep. #9058
    Ep. #9058
    Episode 45
    Jonathan works to convince Ryan and Greenlee that Braden is the person who shot Ryan and drugged Greenlee. Jonathan defends his reasons for not telling Ryan about Braden and thought he could protect both of his brothers. Jonathan gives Ryan and Greenlee Braden's scrapbook. Ryan gets proof that Braden wants him dead. Maria is hurt by Zach's cruelty as he once again tells her that he murdered Edmund. Maria is shocked to learn that Ryan and Greenlee suspect Braden of shooting Ryan and drugging Greenlee. Ryan, Greenlee and Maria confront Zach. JR isn't pleased to see Tad, Babe and Jamie enjoying themselves. JR plays mind games with Babe. Tad gives Jamie advice on how to beat JR at his own game. Kendall urges Ethan to give up his vendetta against Zach for his own good. Ethan hires JR to run the Chandler arm of Cambias Industries. Ethan tells Kendall that he loves her and wants to have a future with her. Over Erica's protests, Aidan attempts to question Lily about what she saw the night Edmund was killed. Lily answers Aidan's question literally which causes Aidan to believe she didn't see the person who hit Edmund when in fact she did.moreless
  • Ep. #9057
    Ep. #9057
    Episode 44
    Ryan refuses to believe Jonathan when he tells him that Braden is the one who has been poisoning Greenlee, and who shot Ryan. While friends and family gather at Wildwind, Erica shows up and tells Maria that she led Zach on to murder Edmund. Greenlee tells David that she is cutting him out of her life because he ratted her out to Ryan.moreless
  • Ep. #9056
    Ep. #9056
    Episode 43
    J.R. begins the process of getting his revenge as he informs Tad that his private investigator's license has been revoked, then informs David that his cabin has been condemned. Erica is convinced that Lily saw who killed Edmund and tries to question her about it. Under the influence of David's truth serum, Jonathan tells Ryan about the abuse heaped on him by their father.moreless
  • Ep. #9055
    Ep. #9055
    Episode 42
    Greenlee and Kendall gear up to get the truth out of Jonathan. Ryan isn't convinced of Zach's guilt. David spills Greenlee and Kendall's secret to Ryan. Zach has an ominous warning fro Erica. Erica realizes Lily might have seen something on the night Edmund was killed. Ethan insists to Aidan that he saw Zach kill Edmund.moreless
  • Ep. #9054
    Ep. #9054
    Episode 41
    Ethan swears to Ryan that he saw Zach kill Edmund. Zach gives Ryan something to think about. Zach makes a startling confession. Simone starts to get closer to Jonathan. Kendall and Greenlee turn to David for help. Brooke is torn about whether or not to tell Maria the truth about Edmund.moreless
  • Ep. #9053
    Ep. #9053
    Episode 40
    Maria challenges Zach to deny Ethan's accusation that he killed Edmund but Zach refuses to defend himself. Ethan tells Derek that Zach hit Edmund with the shovel just before the fire broke out. Maria accuses Zach of shooting Ryan and poisoning Greenlee. Derek takes Zach to the station. Zach shuts down when Derek questions him and makes no attempt to defend himself as he is hurt by Maria and Ethan turning against him. Maria embraces Edmund's dead body. During a therapy session, Ryan insists that Jonathan talk about his feelings towards Greenlee. Jonathan mistakenly refers to Greenlee by his mother's name and reveals his anger towards his mother. Ryan is alerted when he remembers Jonathan serving Greenlee a drink. Greenlee and Simone share their suspicions about Jonathan. Erica, Adam and JR interrupt Krystal, Babe and David's sentencing hearing, demanding that Babe and David be sent to prison along with Krystal. David is forced to give up his medical license and he and Babe are sentenced to community service. Krystal says goodbye to Tad and Babe before being taken off to prison.moreless
  • Ep. #9052
    Ep. #9052
    Episode 39
    Maria and David fail in their effort to save Edmund's life. Joe forces Maria to realize that Edmund is dead. Zach claims that Ethan saving his life proves Ethan isn't cut out to be a Cambias. Maria confronts Zach, who ends up telling her that Edmund was able to walk. An unbelieving Maria unleashes her anger at Zach. Ethan tells Maria that Zach killed Edmund. Brooke is grief stricken over Edmund's death. Lily wakes up after being sedated but retreats into her own world of numbers, unable to relate what she saw in the barn. Posing as Krystal's brother, Tad sneaks a visit with Krystal in jail. Derek relents and allows Tad to remain with Krystal until she is led off to her hearing. The love between Tad and Krystal is evident. Babe resists Jamie's suggestion that they get married that day.moreless
  • Ep. #9051
    Ep. #9051
    Episode 38
    Edmund is knocked unconscious by an unseen assailant as a fire breaks out in the barn at Wildwind. Ethan finds Zach crouched over Edmund's body and they carry Edmund out of the burning building. Maria, Brooke, Anita and Aidan arrive on the scene. Aidan realizes Lily is trapped in the burning barn and manages to rescue her in the nick of time. Zach is trapped under a fallen beam as he searches for his disc containing the evidence that Edmund can walk. Ethan saves Zach's life. Edmund is rushed to the hospital, where he flatlines. Ryan is alarmed to find Jonathan missing from his hotel room. Meanwhile, Jonathan loses his temper when Reggie and Danielle tell him that Maggie is gone. Jonathan manipulates Ryan into feeling sorry for him. Ryan overhears Jonathan making a veiled threat to Greenlee. Babe stands up to JR, Adam and Palmer as they vow to make her pay for what she did. Adam and Palmer plan on destroying David.moreless
  • Ep. #9050
    Ep. #9050
    Episode 37
    Ethan questions Zach's motives where Maria is concerned. Ethan makes a move against Zach. Maria wants to spend the rest of her life with Edmund. Brooke witnesses Edmund's vengeance against Maria. Lily is heartbroken by her crush on Aidan. Kendall voices her fears about Ethan to JR.
  • Ep. #9049
    Ep. #9049
    Episode 36
    Maggie decides to leave Pine Valley with Bianca and Miranda and move to Paris.
  • Ep. #9048
    Ep. #9048
    Episode 35
    Erica hosts a going away party for Bianca. Jack comforts Erica, who is saddened by Bianca's upcoming departure. Zach wishes Bianca would stay in Pine Valley as he feels she could prevent Ethan from falling victim to the Cambias curse. Bianca's family and friends voice their love for her. Maggie tells Bianca she can't go to Paris with her at this time but is washed with a wave of emotion when they embrace. Jack, Kendall and Erica take Bianca to the Cambias jet and say their goodbyes. Maggie arrives with an announcement for Bianca. Alone with Jack, Erica breaks down. Zach tells Ethan and Kendall that he's filing a claim for the Cambias fortune in order to take it away from Ethan. Greenlee admits to Kendall that she's worried for Ryan. Ryan's heart breaks as Jonathan recounts a painful episode he endured with their father. Greenlee convinces Ryan to leave Jonathan in order to attend Bianca's party. After the party, Ryan agrees to take the time to go on a motorcycle ride with Greenlee.moreless
  • Ep. #9047
    Ep. #9047
    Episode 34
    Bianca explains to Erica why she testified that Babe should get custody of the baby. Erica is extremely proud of Bianca. The judge awards custody of the baby to JR while granting Babe three hours of supervised visitation a week. Babe thanks Bianca for what she did for her. Bianca is surprised to learn about the judge's decision. Babe leaves Bianca a photograph of them together in happier times. Bianca places the photo in her suitcase. Krystal is arrested and taken into custody. Tad implores JR to be a good and loving father. Babe and Jamie embrace in the cabin where the babies were born. JR arrives to take his son from Kevin Buchanan. Edmund fantasizes about ruining Zach and throwing Maria out on the street. Edmund gets his hands on Bobby's cell phone. Zach uses a sledge hammer to free him and Maria from the shed. Erica wishes Babe and David had been punished for their crimes. Jack and Erica end up in a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #9046
    Ep. #9046
    Episode 33
    The kidnapping charges against Babe, Jamie and Tad are dropped. Kevin Buchanan asks the court to grant Babe custody of James. Babe pulls Krystal and David away from Bianca as they ask her to accept the District Attorney's deal which would keep Babe out of jail. JR tries to convince Bianca not to let Babe off the hook for keeping Miranda as long as she did. Tad assures Bianca that no one will blame her for whatever decision she makes. JR's attorney questions Tad, who ends up helping JR's case. Bianca remembers her past with Babe and returns to the courtroom. Bianca tells the judge she will accept the plea bargain keeping Babe and David out of jail while Krystal still faces a prison term. Bianca urges the judge to grant Babe, not JR, custody of James. Zach and Maria kiss passionately but she pulls back before things go any further. Zach explains to Maria he is going to try and have Alex Sr.'s will overturned in order to save Ethan from himself. Ethan tells Edmund he wants to help him destroy Zach. Greenlee admits to Kendall that she's in a foul mood because Ryan moved out to help Jonathan. Kendall pulls Greenlee into a comforting embrace.moreless
  • Ep. #9045
    Ep. #9045
    Episode 32
    As the custody hearing commences, Babe makes a startling confession. Kelly Buchanan's statement shocks the courtroom. Zach accuses Maria of not being able to accept the fact that Edmund is the one who lied to her. Zach and Maria kiss passionately. Erica and Kendall are surprised by Bianca's announcement.
  • Ep. #9044
    Ep. #9044
    Episode 31
    Greenlee reluctantly accepts Ryan's decision about how to deal with Jonathan. Ryan is desperate to help his brother. Jack tells Greenlee he believes Jonathan is dangerous. Bianca gives Tad her answer. Kendall unleashes her anger at Babe. Tad and Krystal share a romantic moment. Maria accuses Zach of lying to her. Edmund reveals a shocking secret he's been keeping.moreless
  • Ep. #9043
    Ep. #9043
    Episode 30
    Issues about Jonathan continue to come between Ryan and Greenlee. Bianca and Maggie rebuild their friendship. Bianca gives her statement to Derek but it isn't enough to warrant Jonathan's arrest. Maggie has the power for Derek to arrest Jonathan but Ryan beseeches her to let him handle Jonathan and she agrees. Krystal explains to Babe that she is going to throw herself at the mercy of the District Attorney and take full responsibility for any wrongdoing in order to prevent Babe from going to prison. David is furious at Tad for going along with Krystal's plan. The District Attorney isn't interested in making a deal with Krystal but later says he will accept Krystal's offer if Tad can get Bianca to go along with it. JR and Jamie share a brief brotherly moment. JR refuses to join forces with Babe as he can't stand the thought of Jamie having the family that should have been his.moreless
  • Ep. #9042
    Ep. #9042
    Episode 29
    Derek questions Jonathan in front of Jack and Ryan. Jonathan gives his version of events, claiming he never threatened Bianca. Ryan defends Jonathan when Jack suspects he drugged Greenlee. Ryan confronts Jonathan with his police record. Jonathan claims he was ashamed and afraid to tell Ryan the truth about previously assaulting a woman. Jonathan admits to Ryan that he wanted to scare Bianca. Greenlee and Reggie go to Maggie's to look for evidence that Jonathan drugged Greenlee. Maggie learns Jonathan threatened Bianca. Bianca protects Babe from a vengeful Erica and later admits she can't figure Babe out. Maggie arrives at Bianca's and they start to rebuild their friendship. Jamie suggests to JR that JR and Babe work together and petition for joint custody of James in order to better their chances of preventing Kevin Buchanan from gaining sole custody. Erica offers to testify on JR's behalf at the custody hearing. Jamie assures Babe they will be a family with James. Jamie and Babe make love.moreless
  • Ep. #9041
    Ep. #9041
    Episode 28
    Ryan's arrival prevents Jonathan from further menacing Bianca, Babe and Miranda. Ryan doesn't buy Jonathan's claims of innocence and accuses him of terrorizing Bianca. Jonathan taunts Ryan about being full blooded Lavery. Jack and Reggie arrive to confront Jonathan. Derek takes Jonathan to the police station. The situation with Jonathan puts a strain on Greenlee and Ryan's relationship. Erica's surprise party for Bianca is a disaster. Bianca is conflicted about her feelings towards Babe, who assures Bianca that she can and will handle her own problems. Erica comes face to face with Babe. Danielle is practically speechless when Lily asks her for advice about how to kiss Aidan. Ethan surprises Kendall by wanting to take her to Paris on the newly refurbished Cambias jet. Anita brings Aidan a picnic as he stands guard outside Maggie's door. Anita is touched by Aidan's Valentine's Day surprise. Tad wants to take Krystal dancing knowing she plans on giving herself up to the District Attorney the next day. Krystal regrets the mistakes she made with Tad but they grow close again.moreless
  • Ep. #9040
    Ep. #9040
    Episode 27
    Jonathan's fury at Bianca grows. Babe comes to Bianca's rescue but danger looms. Jack gets some alarming news. Krystal tells Tad about her plan to keep Babe out of jail. Tad has a change of heart towards Krystal. Maggie refuses when Jamie asks her to intercede with Bianca on Babe's behalf.moreless
  • Ep. #9039
    Ep. #9039
    Episode 26
    Bianca gives Brooke insight into Babe. Bianca finds herself alone with a menacing Jonathan. Greenlee and Ethan break up Ryan and Zach's fight. Zach gives Ethan a lesson in what it's like to be a Cambias. Babe exasperates Tad and Jamie. Tad gives Jamie advice about Babe. Kelly Buchanan wants to help Babe and Jamie. Aidan urges Maggie to make amends with Bianca.moreless
  • Ep. #9038
    Ep. #9038
    Episode 25
    Maggie stands firm as she ends her relationship with Jonathan. Maggie insists to Jonathan that she hasn't chosen Bianca over him. Jonathan follows Bianca as she leaves her home. Ryan reels from the news that Chris Stamp isn't his father and that he is a full blooded Lavery. While at a roadside bar, Ryan remembers an ugly moment from the past with his father. Greenlee and Bianca discuss their fears about Jonathan. Erica tells Greenlee that Ryan learned he isn't Chris Stamp's son. Greenlee expects Ethan to help her find Ryan. Zach isn't pleased to see that Ethan is in cahoots with JR. Zach tries to warn Ethan not to go down a path that will surely destroy him. Zach remembers a bitter episode with his father and later goes to the roadside bar where he attacks Ryan. Babe manages to make her way into the Buchanan mansion to see her son. Kevin Buchanan finds Babe with the baby and threatens her. Babe makes a passionate argument about the importance of a mother in a child's life. JR gives Kevin the results of the DNA test.moreless
  • Ep. #9037
    Ep. #9037
    Episode 24
    Jonathan denies to Ryan that he drugged Greenlee. Ryan apologizes to Kendall. Bianca declines Anita's request to go to Maggie's with her and later explains to Kendall how she told Maggie that she had feelings for her. Myrtle encourages Bianca to fight for what she wants. Aidan and Anita bring Larraine, the woman Jonathan hit in the past, to speak with Maggie. Larraine convinces Maggie that Jonathan is dangerous and abusive. Maggie tells Jonathan that their relationship is over. Zach realizes that Bobby told Edmund that he (Zach) shot Ryan. Zach tries to convince Maria that Edmund paid Bobby to make that claim. Erica doesn't have any information for Edmund to use against Zach. Brooke overhears Edmund deciding to keep his divorce petition alive even though Maria dropped hers. Erica contacts Ryan after finding a box of Chris Stamp's belongings.moreless
  • Ep. #9036
    Ep. #9036
    Episode 23
    JR, Jamie, Babe and Kevin Buchanan arrive at the lab for the court ordered DNA test on Babe's son. Kevin has no intention of giving up his fight to keep the baby. Babe rejects Kevin when he offers to allow her to be a part in her baby's life in exchange for helping him be awarded custody of the baby. Jamie asks Bianca to help in having the charges against Babe reduced. Bianca is horrified when she returns home and finds Jonathan alone with Miranda. Bianca makes it clear to Jonathan that she isn't going to disappear from Maggie's life. Aidan calms Lily when she becomes overwhelmed after she follows Jonathan to the Valley Inn. Maggie refuses to believe Anita and Aidan when they tell her that Jonathan has hit another woman in the past. Jonathan denies to Maggie that he ever hit another woman. Ethan warns Zach that he will destroy him. Kendall is concerned by Ethan's desire to ruin Zach and urges him to let go of his vendetta. Edmund digs for information about Zach at the casino. Zach confronts Edmund, warning him to stop his investigation.moreless
  • Ep. #9035
    Ep. #9035
    Episode 22
    Bianca is questioned on the witness stand. Babe reveals the results of the DNA test she had conducted on James/Ace. Greenlee confesses to Ryan that she doesn't trust Jonathan. Kendall refuses to help Zach, who wants Ethan to distance himself from the Cambias family. Maggie admits to Jonathan that Bianca kissed her. Marian leaves Miranda alone with Jonathan.moreless
  • Ep. #9034
    Ep. #9034
    Episode 21
    Kendall covers for Greenlee in front of Ryan and is hurt by his cruel accusations. Greenlee remains suspicious of Jonathan but fears hurting Ryan. Ryan loses his temper with Jonathan but they soon make up. A disguised Lily follows Jonathan. Bianca makes it clear that she hasn't forgiven Babe but later begins to soften towards her. Ethan offers to help JR reclaim his son. Tad, Jamie and Babe are released on bail.moreless
  • Ep. #9033
    Ep. #9033
    Episode 20
    After Bianca refuses to help JR, he serves her with a subpoena to force her to testify that Babe has proof of his baby's paternity. Erica is aghast that Bianca won't help JR willingly and explains why she wants Babe and Krystal to pay for what they did. Kevin Buchanan warns JR to stay away from Ace. Kevin offers to help Babe in exchange for her relinquishing all parental rights to her son. Adam offers to get the kidnapping charges against David dropped in exchange for David and Krystal giving him the results of the DNA test that had been done on JR's son. Greenlee is startled to find herself alone with Jonathan, who feigns wanting to put their differences behind them. Jonathan informs Greenlee that he suspects she is working with Aidan. Meanwhile, Ryan confronts Kendall, who becomes angry when Ryan accuses her of having a vendetta against him and Jonathan. Kendall seems poised to tell Ryan that Greenlee was using Aidan to investigate Jonathan when Greenlee arrives.moreless
  • Ep. #9032
    Ep. #9032
    Episode 19
    Ryan assumes that Kendall hired Aidan to investigate Jonathan on her own. Greenlee doesn't enjoy lying to Ryan but remains determined to find out if Jonathan drugged her. Aidan informs Greenlee that Jonathan has a prior record of abuse. Ryan forces Jonathan to take responsibility for his actions and promises to stand by him as he gets the help he needs. Maggie pulls away from Bianca's kiss, insisting she loves Jonathan. Jonathan tells Maggie he is going to seek professional help. Maggie orders Bianca to stay out of her life. Ethan isn't threatened by Kendall's confession that she still has feelings for Ryan. Kendall is thrilled when Ethan makes it clear that he loves her. Maria insists to Zach that she is happy to be back together with Edmund. Anita warns Zach to leave her family alone. Edmund remains determined to bring Zach down and is angry over Bobby's disappearance.moreless
  • Ep. #9031
    Ep. #9031
    Episode 18
    Lily panics when Jonathan reaches out and touches her. Aidan arrives, followed soon after by Ryan and Bianca, as Lily searches for the drugs she believed Jonathan gave Greenlee. Maggie jumps to Jonathan's defense. Bianca tries to convince Maggie that her relationship with Jonathan isn't healthy. Bianca gives Maggie an impulsive kiss on the lips. Jonathan reluctantly admits to Ryan that he hit Maggie. Lily is happy to realize that it doesn't hurt when Aidan touches her. Aidan fears Lily's crush on him is going to end up hurting her and turns to Anita for help. Kendall can't help but be privately crushed when Greenlee tells her about wanting to start a family with Ryan. Erica warns Greenlee not to hurt Kendall. Erica advises Kendall not to jump into a rebound relationship with Ethan. Kendall admits to Ethan that she isn't completely over Ryan. Ethan refuses to allow Livia to call Ryan or Zach as witnesses for the defense at his upcoming trial. Livia is shocked to learn Ethan pulled a gun on Zach with Ryan as a witness.moreless
  • Ep. #9030
    Ep. #9030
    Episode 17
    Lily goes to question Jonathan on her own. Ethan rejects Zach, who is set on being a father to Ethan whether he likes it or not. Bianca begs Ryan to stop Jonathan from eloping with Maggie. Kendall and Greenlee enjoy an evening out together. Kendall is taken aback by Greenlee's announcement.moreless
  • Ep. #9029
    Ep. #9029
    Episode 16
    Bianca pleads with Ryan to do something about Jonathan after witnessing his psychological abuse towards Maggie. Ryan dismisses Ethan's suspicions about Jonathan. After listening to Erica's tirade about parenting, Zach goes to see Ethan. Jamie denies killing Paul Cramer. Babe warns David not to do anything against Jamie.
  • Ep. #9028
    Ep. #9028
    Episode 15
    Bianca is alarmed to learn Maggie plans on eloping with Jonathan that night. Maggie becomes angry when Bianca voices her misgivings about Jonathan. Jonathan turns cold when Maggie puts off making love with him and accuses her of wanting to be with Bianca. Bianca returns to Maggie's apartment and overhears Jonathan berating Maggie. Kendall convinces Greenlee not to dismiss Jonathan as a possible suspect in her drugging. Lily cracks a code which helps Aidan in his investigation of Jonathan. Babe, Jamie and Tad are held in the Pine Valley jail. Erica confronts Babe, who tries to defend her actions. Babe refuses to admit to JR that she has proof that James is his son. Tad won't tell Adam anything about Liza or Colby. At Adam's urging, Daniel Colson tells David he will help Babe in exchange for her turning against Jamie. David claims to Daniel that Jamie killed Paul Cramer.moreless
  • Ep. #9027
    Ep. #9027
    Episode 14
    Babe and Jamie refuse to hand James over to JR. Tad attempts to make peace between JR, Jamie and Babe. Babe allows JR to hold James. JR has Jamie and Babe arrested. Babe stops JR from leaving the carriage house with James. Bo and Kevin Buchanan arrive at the carriage house and prevent JR from taking James. Ryan insists to Greenlee that Jonathan would never poison her. Kendall convinces Aidan to investigate Jonathan. Jonathan accuses Maggie of confirming Greenlee's suspicions that he poisoned her. Maggie tries to convince Jonathan she will always support him. Kendall questions Bianca about Maggie and Jonathan. Maggie accepts Jonathan's marriage proposal. Bianca goes to see Maggie.moreless
  • Ep. #9026
    Ep. #9026
    Episode 13
    Tad arranges for Babe, Jamie and James to hide in a deserted carriage house before Adam and JR can find them at Liza's apartment. JR threatens to kill Tad after he refuses to tell him where Jamie and Babe are. Meanwhile, Jamie assures Babe things will work out for them. Adam and JR get a lead on Jamie and Babe's whereabouts and head to the carriage house, where JR sees his son for the first time. Jonathan surprises Kendall and Greenlee when he summons Ryan to come to his apartment. Ryan is shocked that Greenlee suspects Jonathan of drugging her. Ryan voices his faith in Jonathan's innocence. Alone, Kendall warns Jonathan not to try and hurt Greenlee or Ryan. Edmund is furious to learn that Bobby skipped town. Aidan realizes Edmund paid Bobby for the incriminating information against Zach. Maria is troubled by her suspicions about Zach. Anita feels liberated with Bobby out of her life.moreless
  • Ep. #9025
    Ep. #9025
    Episode 12
    Adam and JR begin to repair the damage to their relationship as they head to New Orleans. Jamie and Babe prepare to flee to Argentina with James. Kendall and Greenlee team up to uncover the truth about Jonathan. Zach refuses to give Maria a straight answer to her questions. Ryan and Aidan try to get the truth out of Bobby.moreless
  • Ep. #9024
    Ep. #9024
    Episode 11
    Erica isn't pleased to find a barely dressed Ethan in Kendall's condo. Erica warns Ethan to stay away from her daughters and attempts to bribe him into doing so. Kendall informs Erica that the DNA test proves that Ethan is a Cambias. Kendall insists to Erica that Ethan isn't the monster Michael was. Erica confronts Zach in her effort to understand why Zach lied about Ethan being his son. Zach agrees that Erica should be worried about Kendall getting involved with Ethan as he is certain Ethan will fall victim to the Cambias curse. Ryan declines Bianca's offer of a severance package as he prepares to sign away Cambias Industries to Ethan and Miranda. At Ryan's suggestions, Bianca hires Jack to act as the General Counsel for Cambias Industries. Ethan signs the papers giving him half of Cambias Industries. Ethan tells Jack he wants to destroy Zach. After confirming that Edmund deposited one million dollars in a Cayman Islands bank account for him, Bobby tells Maria and Ryan that Zach is behind Ryan's shooting. Maria defends Zach to Ryan, who vows to find out the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #9023
    Ep. #9023
    Episode 10
    JR tricks David and Krystal into meeting him at the crash site, where he torments them with the fact he knows his son is alive and vows to make Babe pay for what she's done. JR threatens to kill Babe unless David and Krystal turn over the results of the DNA test proving James is his son. Jamie convinces Babe that he's staying with her because he loves her, not because he feels obligated to help her. Babe admits to Jamie that she loves him and they make love. With their friendship intact, Tad and Liza lament the way things have turned out for them and their loved ones. Greenlee is about to tell Ryan she suspects Jonathan of having drugged her but stops when Jonathan and Maggie arrive to surprise Ryan on his birthday. Maggie bristles when Greenlee questions her about Jonathan. Back at home, Jonathan's mood darkens as he wrongly assumes Maggie badmouthed him to Greenlee. Jonathan accuses Maggie of wanting him to hit her again and leaves her alone and terrified. Bianca is alarmed when Reggie admits he punched Jonathan. Bianca fears for Maggie's safety. Reggie can't forgive Jamie or Babe for what they did to Bianca.moreless
  • Ep. #9022
    Ep. #9022
    Episode 9
    Adam and JR face off against Asa and Kevin Buchanan, with each party claiming that Ace, also known as baby James, belongs with them. Adam threatens to drag Kevin's name through the mud after he and Asa refuse to have a DNA test conducted once the baby is found. Tad arrives at Liza's apartment where he is reunited with Jamie and Babe. Tad has arranged for Liza to move to another state with Colby and for Jamie, Babe and James to go to Argentina. Babe admits to Tad that she loves Jamie as Jamie tells Liza he's in love with Babe. Not wanting Jamie to make any more sacrifices for her, Babe tells Jamie she wants him to return to Pine Valley and allow her and James to go to Argentina alone. Maggie walks away from Bianca, who vows to help her and turns to Anita for advice on abusive relationships. Greenlee makes as excuse when Jonathan finds her at his personal computer. Jonathan manipulates Maggie into feeling that is was her fault for him having hit her. Kendall reaches out to Ethan, who fears he is changing because he is a Cambias. Kendall is moved when Ethan asks her to always be there for him.moreless
  • Ep. #9021
    Ep. #9021
    Episode 8
    Ryan urges Kendall not to get further involved with Ethan. Kendall encounters Ethan on the beach. Zach fears for Ethan. Zach tells Maria she'll regret trying to reconcile with Edmund. Bobby gives Edmund information about Zach. Maggie defends Jonathan to Bianca. Bianca stuns Maggie. Reggie levels a serious accusation against Jonathan. Jonathan catches Greenlee in his apartment.moreless
  • Ep. #9020
    Ep. #9020
    Episode 7
    Ethan holds Zach at gunpoint and demands answers. Zach has a cryptic warning for Ryan. Kendall and Greenlee pursue their suspicions about Jonathan. Bianca and Reggie fear Maggie could be in danger from Jonathan. Jonathan acts mean towards Maggie. Bobby makes a deal with Edmund. Maria and Edmund take steps towards reconciling. Maria is unaware of Edmund's private agenda.moreless
  • Ep. #9019
    Ep. #9019
    Episode 6
    Ethan gets proof that he is Zach's son. Kendall is alerted when she realizes Ethan left and took his rifle with him. Ryan reluctantly agrees to Kendall's request to track down Ethan. Ethan holds his rifle on Zach. Bianca and Miranda are released from the hospital and have a welcome home celebration with family and friends. Erica and Jack aren't pleased to learn Bianca encouraged Ethan to take a sample of Miranda's DNA but Bianca insists she wants Ethan to be a part of Miranda's life if he is indeed a Cambias. After witnessing Jonathan lashing out at Danielle, Greenlee voices her suspicion that Jonathan might be responsible for her poisoning to Kendall. Anita is shocked when a badly beaten Bobby is brought into the hospital. Edmund believes Zach is connected to Bobby's beating. Edmund tells Maria he wants to try and make things work between them.moreless
  • Ep. #9018
    Ep. #9018
    Episode 5
    JR instructs his private investigator to contact the police and have Jamie and Babe arrested for kidnapping but Liza creates a distraction which allows Jamie and Babe to make their escape. Jamie and Babe later arrive at Liza's apartment. Tad vows to help Jamie and Babe. JR is furious at Tad for keeping the truth about his son from him. Adam is certain his investigators will locate Liza and Colby. In Llanview, JR informs Bo Buchanan that Babe kidnapped his (JR's) son. Ethan, Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee encounter David and Krystal at SOS. Kendall and Greenlee publicly humiliate Krystal as Ryan and Ethan throw David into a dumpster. Ethan gets the results of his DNA test. Bobby arranges a meeting with the person he's blackmailing.moreless
  • Ep. #9017
    Ep. #9017
    Episode 4
    While visiting Bianca, JR tricks her into admitting that his son is alive. Bianca is shaken by JR's cruelty and fears she's condemned Babe's son to a life with him and Adam. Adam bails Krystal out of jail and tries to find out what she knows about JR and Babe's son but she reveals nothing. In New Orleans, Jamie and Babe meet with a fortune teller as they wait for their new identification documents. The fortune teller turns out to be JR's private investigator who holds them at gunpoint while she contacts JR. Greenlee confronts Jonathan, who admits he is angry with her for supporting Ryan's decision to give his fortune away and for defending Kendall. Jonathan makes Maggie feel guilty for having visited Bianca and manipulates her into apologizing to him. Greenlee refuses to allow Mary to move in with her and Ryan but eventually agrees to put Mary up at the Valley Inn.moreless
  • Ep. #9016
    Ep. #9016
    Episode 3
    JR rebuffs Bianca over the phone. After questioning Kelly Buchanan, JR arrives at Bianca's door. Adam attempts to elicit information about Paul Cramer from Dorian Cramer. Mary's free ride at Adam's comes to an end. Bianca tries to mend fences with Maggie. Anita gives Bianca some troublesome news about Maggie. Jonathan makes Ryan feel guilty about a broken promise from the past. Kendall and Ethan become amorous.moreless
  • Ep. #9015
    Ep. #9015
    Episode 2
    Bianca wrestles with whether or not to tell JR about his son. Tad will accept any decision Bianca reaches. Zach has bad news for David. Myrtle thinks the notion of a Cambias "curse" is ridiculous. JR and Adam make a connection between Jamie, Babe, Kelly Buchanan and the baby JR believes is his. Jamie and Babe decide to go through with a risky plan.moreless
  • Ep. #9014
    Ep. #9014
    Episode 1
    Erica and Tad bring Joe to a surprise party celebrating his 35th anniversary as a doctor at Pine Valley Hospital. Surrounded by family and friends Joe recounts precious memories of his many years in Pine Valley.