All My Children - Season 37

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  • Ep. #9524
    Ep. #9524
    Episode 255
    Aidan is shocked to learn that the woman that he and Di captured is really Zarf. When Zarf attempts to depart, Aidan dares him to continue to carry his act downstairs. Bianca has trouble making sense of the secret that Zarf confides in her and asks Leslie if she knew any transgendered people. Meanwhile, Josh refuses to leave Babe alone despite Babe crushing the Christmas present he gave her. Kendall realizes why Zach loves saving women. Colby and Sean get into trouble when the police catch them in an unathorized limosine. Ryan, Annie, Emma, and Jonathan ring in the New Year. Later, Zarf puts on an act in ConFusion, humiliating Bianca in the process.moreless
  • Ep. #9523
    Ep. #9523
    Episode 254
    Kendall is shocked by the confession that Zach finally makes to her. Erica's revenge-filled surprises for Jack lauches the couple into another verbal argument. Aidan and Di prepare for the serial killer. Amanda discovers Babe's Christmas gift from Josh and urges Babe to spend a night of fun with him. Josh, who is also present at ConFusion is encouraged by Jeff to seek out Babe. Zoe tells Bianca that she is a lesbian but Bianca thinks that Zarf/Zoe is pretending to be a lesbian just to get Bianca in bed.moreless
  • Ep. #9522
    Ep. #9522
    Episode 253
    Kendall stops Josh from telling Ryan the truth about Emma, and offers to hook him up with Babe if he keeps her secret, but Josh still wants to tell the truth. Bianca realises that the woman standing at the door is actually Zarf, who introduces himself as Zoe and reveals to Bianca that while the world may see a man, she sees herself as a woman. Tad confronts Zach with the truth about Amelia's life and death, and after blowing Tad off, Zach goes to Kendall to tell her the truth about Amelia. Colby is pleased that J.R. seems to not be buying Babe's lines, but realises how much this is hurting her big brother. Erica overhears Sean and Colby talking about their plot to reunite her with Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #9521
    Ep. #9521
    Episode 252
    Maggie calls Bianca. Afterwards, Bianca informs Kendall that she is going on a date with Zarf. Everyone is busy at Whirlwind with the most mischeavous person being Del. Zach and Tad discuss the detials of Tad's investigation - a wild goose chase. Josh thinks that Kendall has told Ryan the truth about Emma's father when he sees Ryan, Annie, Spike, and Emma having a wonderful time at BJs.moreless
  • Ep. #9520
    Ep. #9520
    Episode 251
    Kendall attempts to spend family time with Ryan and Spike but her plans are ruined when Annie and Emma arrive. It gets worse when Josh tells Kendall the DNA results. When Zach acts strangely, Bianca demands to find out why Zach is reacting the way he is reacting. Tad and Jamie try to cheer Kathy up as Julia talks to Linda about any relatives. Babe gets a scare at the parking lot, thinking that the Fusion serial killer is after her. Colby is upset that her spy-cam idea isn't working out the way that she had hoped. Zarf annoys JR.moreless
  • Ep. #9519
    Ep. #9519
    Episode 250
    Sean and Colby are convinced that they've managed to get Jack and Erica back together. Zarf arranges a clandestine meeting between Babe and Josh. Adam makes an announcement that names Dixie and Tad the godparents of Charlotte. Jack and Erica spend a morning of love together. Julia and Jamie take care of Kathy, Linda's daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #9518
    Ep. #9518
    Episode 249
    Marian tries to reassure Colby that even though Liza isn't around she still loves her very much. Dixie admits to Krystal that she was prepared to tell Adam the truth about the baby, but changed her mind at the last minute.

    JR gave Babe a picture for Christmas. Tad told the priest that he had done some bad things. Julie and Jamie came across a car that was wrecked and stopped to discover whether or not people were inside. Dixie went outside of Adam's house and made a wish on a star to give her a sign. Erica and Josh came by Jack's. Annie, Ryan, Jonathan, and her daughter went to mass.moreless
  • Ep. #9517
    Ep. #9517
    Episode 248
    Julia is pleased to learn that old friends Jim and Linda Mershon will be in town for the holidays, and Linda has a surprise for her. She, Jamie, Jonathan, Aidan, Di, Del and Amanda celebrate Christmas at Wildwind. Dixie meets Father Clarence, who correctly points out that she is trying to give the baby Krystal is carrying to Tad. Colby tells J.R. that her Christmas gift to him will be exposing Babe, and that she's already on her way. Krystal and Babe talk about her situation outside. Tad meets up with Father Clarence.moreless
  • Ep. #9516
    Ep. #9516
    Episode 247
    Krystal manages to convince Adam to play Santa at the Miranda Center. Livia suggests that Tad turn to the Church, but he tells her that he's changed forever. Babe tries to warn Krystal that Dixie could spill the beans about Tad being the baby's father.
  • Ep. #9515
    Ep. #9515
    Episode 246
    Pine Valley gathers to mourn at the memorial service before going back to Fusion. Livia tries to convince both Jack and Erica to reconcile, and Erica finds a gift from 'J'. Zach asks Tad to investigate him. Jonathan feels like he is taking advantage of Amanda, but she tells him she would help any of her friends who were in a similar situation. Josh manages to get DNA samples for both Emma and Ryan at the Fusion remembrance for Simone and Erin. Kendall tells Josh she doesn't want him to run the tests now, but he tells her he has what he needs to do it.moreless
  • Ep. #9514
    Ep. #9514
    Episode 245
    Julia convinces Jamie to play 'Santa's biggest elf' for the children at the hospital. After all the children meet up with their families, Julia wishes that she would get a child of her own to love for Christmas. Emma is upset that they don't have a tree, so Ryan takes she and Annie out to look for one and they come home to find the house full of decorations for the tree. Dixie comes to see a depressed Tad, to find that he's in the process of throwing out a lot of the childhood memories that Jamie and J.R. created. Dixie convinces him to start doing at least a little decorating. Krystal is pleased to see that Adam has again thrown her annual party for the truckers.moreless
  • Ep. #9513
    Ep. #9513
    Episode 244
    Jonathan decides to move into Wildwind. Colby manages to plant a spy-cam in Josh's room, determined to get the goods on Babe. Zach and Zarf each accuse the other of having committed murder. Di plans to work at Fusion in an attempt to draw out the killer. Kendall seeks Josh's help in determining if Emma and Ryan are biologically related.moreless
  • Ep. #9512
    Ep. #9512
    Episode 243
    Annie and Emma try to comfort Ryan, who is trying deperately not to be overwhelmed by grief about Erin. Zarf has to answer some pointed questions. Zach is determined to do whatever he can to solve the murders immediately.
  • Ep. #9511
    Ep. #9511
    Episode 242
    Zach tries to convince Kendall to stay home and be safe, but both Kendall and Bianca are determined to show a united front and head to Fusion, where Kendall is staging a press conference.
  • Ep. #9510
    Ep. #9510
    Episode 241
    Aidan and Amanda are horrified when they learn of Erin's death. Erica takes an ailing Jeff back to the inn, hoping he'll be able to remember where and when he is. Derek agrees to let Jonathan be alone with Erin's body.
  • Ep. #9509
    Ep. #9509
    Episode 240
    Amanda stopped by ConFusion with gifts for the bartenders and Jonathan. Josh is horrified when he discovers Erin's body on the rooftop. Zach makes the decision to try to hide Erin's murder from Kendall for as long as he can. Annie admits that she is starting to have feelings for Ryan. Zach recieved a from Josh, and later called Ryan and told him that something happened on the roof of confusion. Jonathan called Erin, but couldn't reach her. The police arrived at ConFusion and Jonathan followed them up to the roof. Josh called to check on Babe, and Colby answered the phone. Bianca read Simone's will and saw she left Ethan's inheritance to Miranda. Ryan arrived at ConFusion and went up to the roof, where he did his best to comfort Jonathan.moreless
  • Ep. #9508
    Ep. #9508
    Episode 239
    After becoming ill, Jeff admits to Erica that he is suffering from malaria, then shocks her by talking about their honeymoon. Kendall wonders if Zach is investigating Zarf in relation to Simone's death, and he admits that anyone could be a suspect. Babe begs J.R. for another chance for her, him and Little Adam to be a family. Amanda warns Josh as to just how hard it's going to be for him to get over Babe. Zach dreams about the mystery woman.moreless
  • Ep. #9507
    Ep. #9507
    Episode 238
    J.R. is adamant that he wants Babe out, and both Julia and Jamie give him what-for. Babe has a heart to heart with Dixie, and Dixie warns her that if she's trying to change J.R. their relationship will never work. Zach tells the Fusion group that Simone died from an overdose of a rare new party drug. Zarf comes to apologise to Kendall for trying to push his beliefs on her. Sean swoops Erica into a smooch as he prepares to say goodbye, and Erica does her best to convince him that he had nothing to do with the end of her relationship with Travis.moreless
  • Ep. #9506
    Ep. #9506
    Episode 237
    Zarf upsets Kendall with his view on death, and she tells Bianca that from now on, he's her problem. Dixie assumes that Krystal has told Tad that she's carrying his baby, but she insists the baby belongs to Adam. Tad refuses to believe that Simone may have committed suicide. Sean agrees not to run away from home until he talks to Erica.moreless
  • Ep. #9505
    Ep. #9505
    Episode 236
    Zach heads to the morgue looking for answers about Simone's death, only to hear Derek admit he thinks it was suicide. Babe talks with J.R., telling him how Simone's death has shown her that he is her world. Erin has trouble dealing with the reality of Simone's death. Kendall and Bianca wonder what ultimately caused her death. The remaining Fusion employees gather to share their grief and remember Simone.moreless
  • Ep. #9504
    Ep. #9504
    Episode 235
    Lily shares with Jonathan how she felt after she discovered she had been lied to and they say their goodbyes. Whirlwind gets new occupants when Amanda, Aidan, and Jamie join, livening up the atmosphere of the then-Grey home. Zach remains adamant that Simone was murdered and that she had not committed suicide. Adam learns from Tad that David spread a lie about Tad having an affair with Krystal.moreless
  • Ep. #9503
    Ep. #9503
    Episode 234
    Dixie shares with Tad why she thinks Davis is telling the truth about Krystal carrying Tad's child. Babe confesses to Josh that she loves him, but asks Josh to help her forget him. Kendall and Zach informs the Fusion girls that they bought a house and invite them to celebrate ConFusion, but Simone decides to stay. Ryan and Annie go out on a date.moreless
  • Ep. #9502
    Ep. #9502
    Episode 233
    Zach informs Kendall that they now own the home that both Babe and Kendall had originally wanted. Before Zach leaves, he has a vision of a woman dressed in white. Bianca tells Babe that if she wants her marriage she has to leave Josh. When Babe leaves, Zarf comes in and kisses Bianca. JR begins to feel the pain of not having any medication and only when Jamie pleads with him does he allow Julia to utilize acupuncture on him. Dixie moves in and Krystal makes sure that David's secret will be kept a secret. Tad walks in and informs Dixie and Krystal that David has volunteered in a medical clinic in Southeast Asia. When Krystal goes upstairs, she is shocked again by the sight of Josh and demands to know why he is at the Chandler mansion. Josh tells Krystal that he brought Babe a scrapbook of little Adam. Meanwhile Tad begs Dixie to tell him David's secret.moreless
  • Ep. #9501
    Ep. #9501
    Episode 232
    Kendall, Zach, Babe, JR, and Krystal wake up to some kind of nightmare revolving their lives. In Fusion, Ryan tells Kendall that he and Annie are dating. Bianca offers support to JR after he suffers from the lack of pain-cure drugs. Jamie stops Babe from seeing JR, while Adam gets a visit from Josh. Danielle, Erin, and Simone get a surprise visitor, Zarf in the nude!moreless
  • Ep. #9500
    Ep. #9500
    Episode 231
    The Kane-Montgomery Thanksgiving feast ends after Erica's strong declaration for a divorce. Surprisingly, Josh goes after Erica to check if she is ok, while Jeff and Jack share a conversation outside. Kendall and Bianca talk about what to do. Sean continues to reveal how much Erica has impacted his family. Babe goes hysterics just as David is about to reveal who Krystal's baby really is. Zach comforts Spike and then later finds a paper stating "You murdered her."moreless
  • Ep. #9499
    Ep. #9499
    Episode 230
    The Kane-Montgomery Thanksgiving dinner kicks off with both Jack and Erica trading aspersions at each other. Before departing, David hugs Babe and visits Leora's grave. Adam invites Tad and Dixie to Thanksgiving dinner and invites Dixie to stay at the Chandler mansion while JR recuperates. In the midst of all the fighting, Sean sneaks out to be with Colby at the boathouse. Kendall questions Ryan about his relationship with Annie. David's video package is opened and watched until Babe takes it out. Finally, Erica suggests that maybe she and Jack get a divorce.moreless
  • Ep. #9498
    Ep. #9498
    Episode 229
    Bianca demands of Erica to share Thanksgiving with Erica's family. Josh annoys J.R. in his hospital room. Tad comes in J.R.'s hospital room and tells Josh to leave. Dixie talk to Babe outside J.R.'s room. Annie got her daughter Emmy back. David made a video and put it outside Adam's house.Adam later saw Josh talking to Babe in the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #9497
    Ep. #9497
    Episode 228
    Kendall is furious when she learns that the Valley Inn has banned her family from celebrating Thanksgiving there, but Zach promises to make Spike's first Thanksgiving as memorable as possible. Annie visits with Emma. Erica is packing to return home until she finds that Jack has sent all of her stuff to the hotel. When Babe visits JR, he throws a fit and begins calling her a whore; meanwhile Jeff congratulates Josh for saving JR's life. Just as Annie and Ryan return from seeing Emma, Kendall cries for help when she fears that Spike had swallowed a loose button. Zach invites Erica to Thanksgiving dinner. Jack invites Brooke to Thanksgiving dinner.moreless
  • Ep. #9496
    Ep. #9496
    Episode 227
    Jack and Erica's relationship takes a tumble when he finds Jeff in Erica's room at the late hour. Dixie confronts Krystal about whether the baby she is carrying is Tad's child. David continues to torment JR until Colby decides to visit. Jamie and Julia stop Tad from getting into a fight at the bar. After leaving the Valley Inn, Jack finds Sean in a bar with a couple of friends.moreless
  • Ep. #9495
    Ep. #9495
    Episode 226
    David harasses JR in the hospital. Bianca overhears Jeff telling Erica that he is in love with her. Tad got David while he was talking to Dixie. Adam told Krystal that Babe could stay and didn't have to leave the house as JR wanted her too.
  • Ep. #9494
    Ep. #9494
    Episode 225
    Once JR stated his platform on ridding himself of Babe, Adam goes to make sure that Babe leaves town. Dixie and Tad's bond grows stronger when Dixie thanks Tad for helping JR stay alive. Julia admits to Jamie that she loves him. Di shares with Aidan how she feels about their recent "Henry" troubles. Krystal tells Babe that the child she is carrying is Tad's girl. David reveals himself in the parking lot to Dixie and tells her that Krystal is has Tad's child; meanwhile Adam presents a court order awarding him custody of little Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #9493
    Ep. #9493
    Episode 224
    Tad and Jamie find David's cabin cleaned out except for a laptop with a special video David left for Tad. Annie and Ryan rush to get a secondary DNA so that Annie can finally reclaim Emma. Erin makes Jonathan promise not to kidnap Emma for Annie and after she leaves Amanda does her best to make sure that Jonathan keeps his word. With Ryan off to find David, Julia admits to Annie that she was the reason why the authorities have her daughter. After Annie's lashing, Jamie tries to comfort Julia but is brushed off.moreless
  • Ep. #9492
    Ep. #9492
    Episode 223
    Annie is shocked when a child services agent appears at the Lavery penthouse to collect Emma from her. Josh tells Bianca and Kendall that he is over Babe but Bianca knows that he has not over Babe and encourages to wait patiently. JR condition worsens when the first person he sees is Babe. David reveals why he lied to Dixie about Emma being Kate.moreless
  • Ep. #9491
    Ep. #9491
    Episode 222
    Krystal has a break through with Colby when the teen turns to her for support during J.R.'s crisis. Adam attempts to manipulate Babe into leaving town without Little Adam but she sees through him. Tad and Dixie are devastated to learn that Emma is not their daughter. Amanda scolds Josh for harming Babe.moreless
  • Ep. #9490
    Ep. #9490
    Episode 221
    In the hospital, citizens continue to wait for good news of J.R.'s condition. Bianca tells Babe how Josh saved J.R.'s life. Jack and Erica clash over potential affairs, causing more tension in the Kane-Montgomery household. Jamie tries to convince Julia to give them another chance. Adam refuses to agree to not go after Babe. Kendall tells Bianca she did the right thing in coming home.moreless
  • Ep. #9489
    Ep. #9489
    Episode 220
    Josh managed to stop J.R.'s bleeding. Bianca wonders if she handled things the right way with Maggie. J.R.'s family and friends pray for his safety. Tad promises Dixie that if Emma is Kate she will be in their lives. Josh and Kendall came to the hospital. Josh asks Babe how J.R. was doing. Adam hits Josh. Babe takes the blame for what happened to J.R., and tells Josh she never wants to see him again. Julia had good news for J.R.'s family. Adam contacts his attorney to discuss potential custody battles where Little Adam and Krystal's unborn child are concerned.moreless
  • Ep. #9488
    Ep. #9488
    Episode 219
    Bianca and Erica watch in horror as J.R. goes over the balcony. While Bianca calls 911, Erica rushes down to J.R., where Josh is now standing as well. Although there is a brief hesitation, Josh begins performing life saving measures on J.R. He is rushed to the hospital. When Jeff, Adam and Babe see Josh covered in blood, Jeff immediately assumes that J.R. attacked Josh. Annie is terrified that she could lose Emma, wondering if Tad is Emma's sperm donor father. Di comforts Dixie after Dixie wakes up from a nightmare about losing her child again.moreless
  • Ep. #9487
    Ep. #9487
    Episode 218
    Bianca finds a drunken J.R. in Josh's room, and refuses to let him leave. Erica, fresh from an impetuous kiss from Jeff, shows up as well, and the two refuse to let him leave. Determined to go, J.R. heads out the window. Brooke and Jack wait with Lily at the hospital, and Brooke realizes that there is trouble in Jack and Erica's marriage. Amanda is upset that her friendship with Jonathan hit the skids.moreless
  • Ep. #9486
    Ep. #9486
    Episode 217
    Kendall is confused when Zach doesn't want the house she has her heart set on, but he explains to her that it reminds him of his childhood. Babe confesses to her husband that she slept with Josh and then, after J.R. takes off, convinces Adam to go after him. Erin and Josh come close to romance, but Josh admits that his heart belongs to Babe. The distance between Jamie and Julia grows.moreless
  • Ep. #9485
    Ep. #9485
    Episode 216
    J.R. can't help but wonder if what Josh said was true, and tries to convince himself that Babe would never do to him what he did to her. Erica is thrilled when she sees that Donny Osmond has shown up at her New Beginnings party. Josh is furious to see Kendall with Zach at the party, and later admits to Jeff that he regrets talking to J.R. about the affair.moreless
  • Ep. #9484
    Ep. #9484
    Episode 215
    J.R. refuses to believe Josh's insistence that he slept with Babe. Josh faces mild criticism from Bianca, who warns him that he may not end up winning the fair Mrs. Chandler when this is all over. Amanda warns Jonathan that he needs to be careful. Kendall gets into it with Babe, which pleases Zach since he had missed that side of her.moreless
  • Ep. #9483
    Ep. #9483
    Episode 214
    Colby is convinced that Sydney is the reason that Sean wants nothing to do with her and is determined to get revenge on the other girl. After unsuccessfully convincing Babe to leave her husband, Josh drops the bombshell on J.R. that he slept with his wife. Tad accuses David of being out to destroy Dixie. Dixie prepares to flee with Emma.moreless
  • Ep. #9482
    Ep. #9482
    Episode 213
    Emma frantically calls for her mommy as David tries to calm her down. Annie and Ryan search for the little girl without much success. David shows Emma off to Dixie, and tells her that he's arranged for her to take the little girl and leave the country. Bianca wonders why Josh would accept a job working so closely with J.R. Bianca can't stop thinking about Josh. Kendall promises Zach that she trusts him.moreless
  • Ep. #9481
    Ep. #9481
    Episode 212
    J.R. blasts Colby, accusing her of lying about Josh and Babe. Adam suspects she may be telling the truth, which Krystal admits. Ryan and Annie accuse Dixie and Tad of kidnapping Emma. Zach and Kendall wonder if they should get a house. David calls Josh's bluff when he continues to drink the Scotch, and turns out to be Emma's kidnapper.moreless
  • Ep. #9480
    Ep. #9480
    Episode 211
    Josh has the chance to expose his affair with Babe, but keeps quiet because he doesn't want to hurt her. Tad and Dixie take Ryan and Annie to court, and Jonathan sides with Annie. David tries to get J.R. to see the truth about Josh and Babe, but J.R. refuses to listen. Kendall panicks when Spike spikes a fever. Annie panics when she discovers that Emma is missing.moreless
  • Ep. #9479
    Ep. #9479
    Episode 210
    David makes plans to get even with everyone who has crossed him. Sean offers to be there for Colby, and gets into it with Sydney. Josh agrees to work for J.R. Jonathan worries that Amanda will get her heart broken if she continues to pine for something she cannot have. Zach wants to take Kendall out on Erica's yacht for a little relaxation. Colby is determined to make Sydney pay.moreless
  • Ep. #9478
    Ep. #9478
    Episode 209
    Krystal worries what an on-the-edge David will do, but he tells her he doesn't plan to destroy her or Babe. Jack wonders if everything that has happened lately will damage his marriage. Colby plans to expose Babe and Josh sleeping together. Amanda admits she's in love with Jonathan, which is overheard by someone else.moreless
  • Ep. #9477
    Ep. #9477
    Episode 208
    David is devastated when Babe admits that, if push comes to shove, she will side with J.R. over him. A furious Tad rages at Annie over fleeing with Emma, and Ryan steps in to protect her. Zach warns J.R. that Kendall is his first priority. Tad is determined to get to the truth about Emma.moreless
  • Ep. #9476
    Ep. #9476
    Episode 207
    Tad is convinced he's one step closer to finding his daughter when Julia shows him the DNA comparison results for Annie and Emma. Bianca warns Adam that he had better leave her half-brother alone. Ryan listens as Annie explains what her connection was to Greg. J.R. believes that Dixie and Tad will find their daughter. Tad and Aidan find Ryan and Annie at the cabin and want to know where Emma is.moreless
  • Ep. #9475
    Ep. #9475
    Episode 206
    Erica is surprised to see Zach alone with Spike. Kendall and Babe realize that they have one thing in common, love. Josh decides to donate Greg's entire estate to Bianca. Adam takes Krystal to the hospital to get checked up. David does something sneaky. Ryan finds Annie with Jonathan and tries to find out why Annie is running away.moreless
  • Ep. #9474
    Ep. #9474
    Episode 205
    Bianca tries to get Babe to see that choosing J.R. is a mistake because it's only a matter of time before he reverts back to being the same old J.R. Babe is firm in her choice, but asks Bianca to look out for her newfound half-brother. Josh and Julia spend some tense time together on the beach, him trying to bring her spirits up about Jamie's date, and her trying to get information on his mystery woman. J.R. goes to Jamie and Tad looking for answers after David tells him they've found Kate, and they tell him part of the story. Krystal and Adam talk to the doctor about possible complications with her pregnancy while David needles Krystal about her one-night-stand with Tad.moreless
  • Ep. #9473
    Ep. #9473
    Episode 204
    Julia is upset to realise that Jamie has a date with another woman and heads to the beach, where she runs into Josh. David demands to know if Babe really slept with Josh, and Krystal swears it never happened. Ryan warns Zach to stay away from Dixie after learning he and Kendall have reconciled. Simone is upset that Josh has quit his job at Fusion. Josh pushes Erica away again.moreless
  • Ep. #9472
    Ep. #9472
    Episode 203
    Kendall goes to Zach's office to see if she can salvage their marriage and when Zach says he is still in, they make up and make love. Tad is disappointed to learn that Ryan let Annie run away. Joanthan arrives and tells Tad to blame Annie's running away on David. At BJs David learns from Colby that Babe and Josh have a thing. Babe lauds JR for doing the right thing. Then she goes to Fusion to end their extramarital affair. Erica plans to stop Josh from pursuing Babe, a married woman, but is surprised when Jeff tells her not to and state that if Babe is truly unhappy, Josh has a right to chase after her.moreless
  • Ep. #9471
    Ep. #9471
    Episode 202
    When Babe tells J.R. that their marriage is having problems, which later prompts JR to announce that he believes that Colby is lying. After pledging that he believes in Annie, Ryan goes to Tad to inform him that Emma is not his child. Erica is happy to see Bianca at Fusion. David comes by Ryan's house to ask to speak with her about the Kate incident. Annie panics after realising that David has been alone with Emma.moreless
  • Ep. #9470
    Ep. #9470
    Episode 201
    Krystal elicits frenziness when Dixie discovers that she is pregnant, especially since it may be Tad's child. Josh tries to get Bianca onboard to get Babe to leave JR. Kendall reads a poem that Zach dedicated to her a while back; meanwhile, Zach finally signs the divorce papers. Ryan tells Annie that he believes that Emma is her child and is not Kate.moreless
  • Ep. #9469
    Ep. #9469
    Episode 200
    Bianca does not take Kendall's side but Josh's side over the Babe issue. Annie is upset when she sees Dixie speaking with Emma. Adam tells JR to let Josh get justification through court regardless if Colby has lied about having sex with him or not. Babe visits Sean at school and interrogates him.moreless
  • Ep. #9468
    Ep. #9468
    Episode 199
    Di enters a dark office room with a silent Zach sitting at his desk. When Myrtle arrives and Di leaves, Zach finally coughs up a couple of words. Kendall pleads with Josh to forget the Chandlers and leave Babe alone. Krystal tries to get JR understand why Colby is lying. David leads Dixie to Kate, a.k.a. Emma; meanwhile Tad manages to convince Ryan to help him out. At school, Sean gives Colby the cold shoulder. JR visits Fusion with Kendall now carrying a deadly JR-Babe splitting secret. Krystal allows Dixie to talk to Emma.moreless
  • Ep. #9467
    Ep. #9467
    Episode 198
    Erica and Jeff rush to the police station to save Josh from jail. Meanwhile, Krystal and Babe try to get Sydney to clear Josh from a statutory rape charge. Ryan, Annie, and Emma enjoy breakfast at B.J.'s. David comes to Dixie's hotel room happily wanting to lead Dixie to Kate, but isn't happy when Tad appears. Adam, J.R., and Colby return. Then Babe and Krystal try to coerce Colby to confess the truth. Later Kendall overhears Babe feeling sorry for getting Josh in trouble.moreless
  • Ep. #9466
    Ep. #9466
    Episode 197
    David goes to Dixie and tells her that he has found her daughter, Kate. When the Chandlers ask Colby who had sex with her and Colby accuses Josh. Amanda confronts Josh about his relationship with Babe. Ryan spends an evening with Annie and Emma. Erin sees Aidan and Di together.
  • Ep. #9465
    Ep. #9465
    Episode 196
    Colby shares her worries with Sydney about possibly being pregnant. Josh tells JR and Babe that Simone has re-hired him and that he will be working with her. Erica and Jeff spend some time talking at the Valley Inn. Adam discovers the instructions to the pregnancy-test kit and is perplexed to discover that it belongs to neither Krystal nor Babe. Jack sets the rules down to Sean during his stay at the Jackson Montgomery household.moreless
  • Ep. #9464
    Ep. #9464
    Episode 195
    Amanda and Babe share their stories about being in love with men, Jonathan and Josh, respectively. Josh agrees to talk to Jeff. Lily comes home, but when Erica finds out that Sean is staying permanently, she is unhappy and suggests to Jack that she needs some time alone. Kendall tells Ryan about what happened between her and Zach. Zach confesses that he killed Greg in order to keep Tad from going to trial on perjury charges.moreless
  • Ep. #9463
    Ep. #9463
    Episode 194
    Babe and Josh almost hook up but their moment is ruined when Babe tells him to stop. Aidan drops by next to Di and flirts with her, but she is angry with him and tells him to go away. Then Jamie stops by and thanks Aidan for fixing the security tape and tells him that he wants to know who really killed Greg. Ryan prevents Erica from stopping Kendall and Zach from talking. Zach continues to tell Kendall the truth about himself. When Babe returns home, Colby decides to make her day worse. Derek attempts to arrest Tad for perjury.moreless
  • Ep. #9462
    Ep. #9462
    Episode 193
    After Dixie is willing to listen, Tad tells Dixie that her trial had flaws that Jamie and Zach knew what to do in order to make sure that she was acquitted. Then, he reveals that he was the one that killed Greg Madden. Kendall orders Zach to answer her questions otherwise they cannot be together. Zach reveals that he knew that Greg was being buried and tortured because one of his men had found a frequency with Madden's voice in it. Josh tells Babe that in order for him to stop trying to pursue a relationship with her, she has to tell him.moreless
  • Ep. #9461
    Ep. #9461
    Episode 192
    Livia and the D.A. deliver their closing statements as the trial for the murder of Greg Madden nears its end. Adam is happy that he has a new unborn child; Colby, on the otherhand, is not, but perks up when Sean visits her. The next day, the jury delivers a not-guilty verdict. J.R., Jamie, and Di celebrate Dixie's freedom, while Kendall is relieved that Zach will not be going to jail. Later Dixie visits Tad upon Zach's request to settle their differences, while Zach goes to Kendall.moreless
  • Ep. #9460
    Ep. #9460
    Episode 191
    At the trial, Jamie blasts Tad, who tries to get him to stay quiet. Tad is sequestered while Livia questions Daniel Kagan, a security guard from the airport, who can prove Tad was in a locked room at the airport the entire night. Tad is recalled to the stand, and ends up blasting Dixie for keeping him away from Kate and breaking his heart. Annie and Jonathan talk, and after learning he's staying at a hotel, Annie insists that he move back into his bedroom, saying Emma will stay with her. Colby heads over to see Sean, and is upset that he doesn't seem more upset to see her. Krystal spends time with Emma, and later returns to the Chandler mansion to let Adam know he'll be a father soon.moreless
  • Ep. #9459
    Ep. #9459
    Episode 190
    The trial for the death of Dr. Greg Madden begins. J.R. hopes that Josh will keep Colby's re-appearance a secret. Palmer attempts to get Tad to not incriminate Dixie on the stand but fails. Erica and Jeff beleaguer Josh to show that they care about him. Josh thinks of possible scenarios about who may have killed the man who raised him. Di and Jamie search at the airport to find clues. Myrtle convinces Kendall to go watch the trial. The opening statements are given by the D.A. and Livia. Tad testifies.moreless
  • Ep. #9458
    Ep. #9458
    Episode 189
    The Chandlers are happy when Colby is discovered alive. David steals a toothbrush from Tad. Annie confronts Kendall about Kendall's true feelings for Ryan, but leaves disappointed when she learns that Kendall also loves Zach. Ryan goes to Zach to tell him what a "donkey" he's been acting around Kendall; later Zach tells Dixie to stop spying on Kendall. Colby explodes in anger and retaliates her confessor, Babe, by alerting JR that Babe hooked up with Josh.moreless
  • Ep. #9457
    Ep. #9457
    Episode 188
    Jack finds Jonathan fooling around with Amanda, but instead og giving Jonathan a tirade, they mend their relationship. Simone wants Josh to stay at Fusion, but he tells her "no" unless Babe agrees. Adam returns home without Colby and grieves along with the rest of the Chandlers. Brooke and Tad offer their condolences. Jamie goes to Kendall's place telling them that Tad is lying but cannot prove it.moreless
  • Ep. #9456
    Ep. #9456
    Episode 187
    Erin, Jamal, and Ryan convince Annie to stay in Pine Valley; Jamal asks Erin out on a date. Amanda and Jonathan hook up. Di tries to convince Jamie that Tad is a liar. JR reveals how he feels about pain to Babe, prompting her to feel bad for what she did with Josh. Kendall has a dream about choosing either Ryan or Zach; later when Josh arrives, she creates a conversation with her brother. Colby pleads with Sydney not to rat on her.moreless
  • Ep. #9455
    Ep. #9455
    Episode 186
    Kendall and Ryan almost make love until Kendall stops and runs off. Babe and Josh make love on the Fusion floor; Josh tries to fulfill Babe's dream. Jamie and JR vent their anger at Tad. Annie is glad that she now has her freedom back. Sydney wants to go home; later, she discovers Colby alive!moreless
  • Ep. #9454
    Ep. #9454
    Episode 185
    Ryan and Kendall spend a night together. Babe breaks the kiss with Josh and leaves Fusion; later, she returns after Josh finishes packing and kisses him. JR is angry and shows his anger at Jamie and Di; Krystal lectures him. Jonathan asks Erin to have some fun.
  • Ep. #9453
    Ep. #9453
    Episode 184
    Ryan and Kendall spend a night having fun at ConFusion. Jonathan defends Amanda when JR blames her for ruining their escape plan from Derek. Krystal is not happy with Tad because she fears that Dixie will seek revenge and expose her and Tad's one night stand. Colby hides in the tunnels listening to Tad and Krystal's conversation. Julia breaks up with Jamie. Josh and Babe kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #9452
    Ep. #9452
    Episode 183
    The D.A.s decide to drop their cases against Annie and Jonathan. The Fusion girls share a special bonding moment about men. Jeff and Erica have a private chat. Jack manages to wake Lily up; then Jonathan tells Jack to inform Lily that he won't ever bother her again.
  • Ep. #9451
    Ep. #9451
    Episode 182
    Zach's depression grows into fury as he creates havoc in the police station. Jonathan decides to give Jack a second chance and allows Jack to represent him as his attorney; later Jack requests that Jonathan visit Lily. The Chandlers continue to fear for Colby's life when she is still no where to be found. Sydney scolds Sean for not caring for Colby, especially since Colby and Sean hooked up.moreless
  • Ep. #9450
    Ep. #9450
    Episode 181
    While Lt. Perry demands answers from Annie, Derek interrogates Jonathan about Terry's murder. Joe and Jeff work to help the teenages rescued from the yacht. Adam shows his fury at Sean while he and Krystal worry for Colby. Myrtle visits Zach in prison over some donuts and coffee. After a rape kit is done for Lily, the results show that Lily was not raped. Jeff asks Erica out to find out more things about her. Kendall cries over Zach. Derek arrests Jonathan officially, and Jack announces that he will be defending him. Colby and Sydney remain unaccounted for.moreless
  • Ep. #9449
    Ep. #9449
    Episode 180
    Jack is horrified to find out what has happened with Lily at the cabin, and finds Jonathan with a dead Terry. Ryan is rushed to the hospital to remove the bullet, while a worried Kendall waits beside him. Colby agrees to have sex with Sean in order to get Sydney away from him; afterwards Colby feels depressed and when the coast guard patrol attempts to board the yacht, she pushes her foot to the petal. David manages to get some DNA from Emma while he distracts Julia with some work at the hospital. Adam worries for the safety of his daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #9448
    Ep. #9448
    Episode 179
    Annie hears a noise and, convinced it is Terry, fires the gun Ryan gave her only to realize that she's shot Ryan. Jack panics when Lily is no where to be found. When Terry reveals his identity, Lily begins to be frightened. Josh opens himself a little more to Erica. Marian and Stuart spend time with little Adam. Adam worries for Colby when she is discovered to be on Jack and Erica's yacht.moreless
  • Ep. #9447
    Ep. #9447
    Episode 178
    Terry continues to pose as Lily's friend while luring her to a cabin as Ryan learns the man in Ireland isn't Terry. Jesse McCartney sings for Colby Chandler at Colby and Sydney's sweet sixteen party. Amanda and Jonathan have sex. Jamal suggests that Annie leave Pine Valley. Zach beats up Tad.moreless
  • Ep. #9446
    Ep. #9446
    Episode 177
    Josh begins to soften his feelings toward Jeff while Erica tries to reconnect with Kendall. Joe goes to Jamie's apartment to rekindle their grandfather-grandson relationship. Danielle, Simone, and Erin attempt to bond at ConFusion. Julia sees a new side of David. Myrtle and Palmer have a friendly conversation.
  • Ep. #9445
    Ep. #9445
    Episode 176
    Kendall finds Zach holding Spike, meanwhile Dixie is asked to leave by Zach's security guards. Jamie tells Tad he is leaving Pine Valley. Colby is disappointed to find that her party has not been set up yet. Babe's surprise visit by Jordan Pruitt for Sydney dampens Colby's birthday party mood, but she is rejuvenated when Jesse McCartney shows up to sing to her. Sean helps Lily escape her protectors, neither realising that it's Terry waiting for Lily by a special tree. Amanda comforts Jonathan and then kisses him. After Zach's attempts to convince Kendall that he was not lying fail, he leaves. Jamie tells Tad he has changed his mind about leaving.moreless
  • Ep. #9444
    Ep. #9444
    Episode 175
    Josh and Kendall show sibling hatred toward one another at work. Di annoys Zach by bringing up the fact that his marriage with Kendall is over. Adam spoils Colby with a new car and jewelry. Jack agrees to let Lily go to Colby's sweet sixteen party. Babe fixes Sydney's hair style.moreless
  • Ep. #9443
    Ep. #9443
    Episode 174
    Jamie tells Julia he is leaving the world of medicine and wants to travel the world with her, but she informs him that she is okay with him leaving the medical field, but that she loves her job and would stay in Pine Valley. Babe scolds Amanda, but later Babe makes up with Amanda and discovers that Amanda has a thing for Jonathan. Colby and Sydney fight over a dress causing JR to rip the dress in part. Lily continues to talk to her online friend, unaware that the innocent man behind the computer screen is none other than her potential rapist. Ryan shows Annie how to handle a gun. Krystal decides to buy both Sydney and Colby a new dress under her conditions. Jamal tells her mother about his involvement with an underground network.moreless
  • Ep. #9442
    Ep. #9442
    Episode 173
    Babe is horrified with the thought of Josh nailing himself inside a coffin, but decides to help him out. Derek gives Tad a choice, to testify for the prosecution, or to send J.R. and Jamie to jail. Kendall and Zach's relationship takes another tumble; meanwhile Annie tries to comfort Ryan over feeling Kendall's pain. Julia tries to soothe Jamie's pain after Tad's decision, while J.R. goes to ConFusion to let Uncle Del know what kind of trouble he caused!moreless
  • Ep. #9441
    Ep. #9441
    Episode 172
    Jamie and J.R. demand answers from Zach about where Tad is, and J.R. admits that he covered for Zach with Derek. Annie attempts to mediate between Ryan and an employee by coming up with a solution to a problem. Kendall goes from hurling insults at Babe to asking her advice on how to forgive. Josh makes a wooden coffin in his room.moreless
  • Ep. #9440
    Ep. #9440
    Episode 171
    Despite Zach trying to prevent a nightmare for his relationship with Kendall, Kendall tells Zach that she is getting a divorce from him. Krystal tells Josh to stay away from Babe. Derek detains JR and Jamie at the police headquarters until Adam frees them. Babe tells Dixie to plead guilty for JR. At home Krystal and Colby dispute over Colby's sweet sixteen party, causing Adam to have to choose sides.moreless
  • Ep. #9439
    Ep. #9439
    Episode 170
    Ryan explains to Kendall that he found the CD JR played at the ConFusion opening in her home and that is why he believes Zach killed Dr. Greg Madden. Jonathan catches Sean's fake IDs at ConFusion, but he decides to drop the case by asking that Sean personally watch over Lily. Meanwhile, Sydney decides to blackmail Colby over a photo of her with champagne in her hands. Annie goes to Jackson to apologize for Terry causing trouble. Lily gets closer to making a deadly mistake online. Amanda distracts Derek over a cup of coffee, while JR and Jamie attempt to steal the tape.moreless
  • Ep. #9438
    Ep. #9438
    Episode 169
    Josh becomes very anger and goes to the park after seeing Zach and Kendall kissing. Ryan warns Kendall and Zach about their making out in public. Di and Del try to convince Dixie to flee because of Tad. Tad tells JR and Jamie about what he saw that night when Dr. Greg Madden disappeared and then agrees to leave for Dixie's sake.moreless
  • Ep. #9437
    Ep. #9437
    Episode 168
    Annie lauds Ryan for helping out so many people, but asks him why he won't satisfy his needs. Josh tries to convince Kendall to be kinder to Babe; meanwhile, Erin asks Danielle how her sex with Josh was like. Erica and Jackson get into a dispute. While Tad tries to fabricate a lie, Zach tells Kendall that his and Dixie's coffins have been nailed shut.moreless
  • Ep. #9436
    Ep. #9436
    Episode 167
    Erica's hopes on forming a relationship with her son are dashed when Josh makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her. Zach confronts Tad about his attitude toward Dixie, unbeknownst to Tad, Derek has bugged Tad. Dixie tries to make amends with David. Krystal has a chat with Babe about her night with Josh. Kendall and Ryan share laughter and fun. After JR returns from the hospital and when JR and Babe are cozy, Colby lets her brother know about Babe's night with Josh. Derek drops in and tells Tad that he will be the prosecution's top witness thanks to Tad's suspicion of Zach and Dixie burying Dr. Greg Madden.moreless
  • Ep. #9435
    Ep. #9435
    Episode 166
    Di visits Annie. Ryan and Kendall fool around to convince Derek's soy that Kendall and Ryan are in a relationship. The Chandlers and Martins line up to criticize David for hurting JR. Babe and Josh's friendship grows closer.
  • Ep. #9434
    Ep. #9434
    Episode 165
    While JR is in the hospital, Babe and JR are out on a business trip, oblivious to her husband's condition. Ryan, Annie, and Emma enjoy a nice time at the carnival until David shows up. With Tad throwing aspersions at Dixie, they go into a private room where more remarks are thrown at each other. Derek tells Kendall that he does not believe in Zach's alibi.moreless
  • Ep. #9433
    Ep. #9433
    Episode 164
    After learning that Ryan is baiting Terry to come back to Pine Valley, Jonathan goes to the Montgomerys to warn Jackson. Lily begins to fall for Terry who is pretending to be someone he really isn't. David and JR battle it out in Dixie's hotel room; JR ends up being injured badly. Krystal tells Babe to fire Josh. Colby, then Sydney visit Sean to seek his advice on how to get rid of the other.moreless
  • Ep. #9432
    Ep. #9432
    Episode 163
    While Zach tries to assure Kendall of his love for her, Erica pushes Ryan to pursue Kendall. David meets Emma when she accidentally spills his coffee on him. Jeff tries to get Babe to help him get closer to Josh. JR tells Krystal to assist him with getting Babe away from Josh. After assuring Kendall of his love, Zach gets interrogated by Livia to make sure Zach is not doing anything illegal.moreless
  • Ep. #9431
    Ep. #9431
    Episode 162
    Krystal decides to make Colby's sweet sixteen party the same party for Sydney, infuriating Colby. Sean begins to like Pine Valley thanks to all the beautiful women that stop by the Montgomery household. Amanda tries to convince Lily to see Jonathan. Erica catches Zach and Dixie in bed and tells Kendall afterward. Ryan tries to comfort Annie after Terry's sudden re-appearance in her life. Lily plays the dangerous game of online dating, not knowing it's Terry on the other end of the computer.moreless
  • Ep. #9430
    Ep. #9430
    Episode 161
    Kendall and Ryan continue to show the world that Kendall is angry over Zach's betrayal. Erin fails to get any closer to Josh than work. Aidan, Di, Julia, and Jamie have a fun time at ConFusion. Babe's work life is saved with much appreciation toward Josh. Derek questions a witness with Livia present.moreless
  • Ep. #9429
    Ep. #9429
    Episode 160
    Erin and JR continue their discussion about Erin "de-Babeing" Josh; meanwhile Babe compliments Josh for having the self-motivation to do his best at whatever job he transitions from. Jamie asks Aidan why he won't help Dixie and learns that is because of his father, Tad. Zach and Kendall dispute loudly, but their acting is no secret to Ryan. Annie gets a call from Terry. Later, Erin gives Di her mind about Di and Aidan.moreless
  • Ep. #9428
    Ep. #9428
    Episode 159
    Erica arrives home to a teenage, summer party filled with nearly-nude teenagers, courtesy of Jack's nephew Sean. As Jonathan reveals the truth to Lily, she becomes emotionally unstable, because she was lied to and tricked again -- the difference is that she was deceived by her husband. A furious Kendall goes to the casino with reporters and trades nasty aspersions with Dixie. Colby and Sydney dispute over who Sean will like more. With Lily gone from his life, Jonathan grieves with Amanda beside him.moreless
  • Ep. #9427
    Ep. #9427
    Episode 158
    David witnesses Zach and Dixie's performance as a couple. Kendall tells Josh that Erica won't give up on him; meanwhile, Erica tells Babe that she will never forgive her because of what Babe has done to her family. Ryan tells Livia to do whatever she can to make sure that Zach and Dixie are not guilty, but Livia warns Ryan that she will not break any ethnical rules as an attorney. Jonathan makes a decision after Jack refuses to drop the incompetency petition. Simone and Danielle try to hide Kendall from a TV news story featuring Zach and Dixie kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #9426
    Ep. #9426
    Episode 157
    Amanda takes Lily to the courthouse. Erica warns Jackson that his determination to annul Lily's marriage through declaration of incompetency will harm his relationship with his daughter. Ryan learns that Jonathan is well. Tad tells David that Dixie is having an affair with Zach. Kendall agrees to abide by Zach's plan --to pretend that Zach is really having an affair with Dixie. Julia testifies on behalf of Lily.moreless
  • Ep. #9425
    Ep. #9425
    Episode 156
    Josh is excited when Babe tells him that she and JR were disputing over him. Meanwhile, Erin offers to seduce Josh for JR. Adam and an uncomfortable Krystal discuss Tad's affair with a married woman. Kendall finds Dixie to ask her to leave Zach, but discovers that Dixie may have feelings for her husband. Sydney and Colby get into another dispute.moreless
  • Ep. #9424
    Ep. #9424
    Episode 155
    Krystal and Erica spar over who is to blame for the near-death experience with their offsprings. Babe manages to convince Josh to speak to Erica and Jeff. After the dispute is resolved, Jeff, Erica, and Josh go talk on Jack's yacht. A bitter Tad ruins lunch for Adam, Krystal, and Dixie. Kendall asks Zach to break off his friendship with Dixie. Brooke finds his son with an older woman, Julia. JR tells Babe to break off his friendship with Josh to save theirs.moreless
  • Ep. #9423
    Ep. #9423
    Episode 154
    JR, Julia, and Jamie find Babe in Josh's arms. Krystal mediates the dispute between Colby and Sydney. In the courtroom, Livia requests bail for both Zach and Dixie. Fortunately for Dixie, Palmer posts her $1 million dollar bail. Jeff breaks the news to Erica that Josh has been found. Derek asks Tad why he's angry at Dixie. Kendall overhears Tad mention to Derek about Zach and Dixie having slept together. Upon learning that a petition to declare her incompetent was made by her father, Lily sinks into emotional despair, but luckily Jonathan is there to hold her in his arms.moreless
  • Ep. #9422
    Ep. #9422
    Episode 153
    Julia and Jamie save J.R. when he nearly drowns searching for Bobe. Josh is forced to accept that he and Babe will only ever be friends. Jamie, Julia and J.R. find the island, and find Babe asleep in Josh's arms. Ryan tries to convince Kendall to continue to trust Zach, but Kendall is starting to worry that Zach really did bury Madden alive. Jonathan and Lily's happy day is ruined when Lily is served with the papers regarding her incompetency. Derek eavesdrops on Tad's conversation with Zach and Dixie. Krystal wonders if Zach and Dixie are involved.moreless
  • Ep. #9421
    Ep. #9421
    Episode 152
    Jamie, Julia and J.R. search for Babe by boat, and Jamie is touched to see how Julia is able to get through to J.R. Babe tries to convince Josh that he's not really in love with her, but when he asks to kiss her, she doesn't push him away. Although Jack is upset to see Erica with Jeff, as soon as she sees him she rushes to him, seeking comfort in his arms. Tad comforts a grieving Krystal, who is worried she may have lost her daughter. Kendall stops by to hire Aidan to find out who killed Greg, but Tad tells her to let Livia do her job, and admits that he believes Zach and Dixie are guilty.moreless
  • Ep. #9420
    Ep. #9420
    Episode 151
    Kendall's worries about Zach are cut short by Erica's arrival, and she and Ryan try to convince Erica that Josh is okay. Babe tries to convince Josh that everything isn't over for him, and he shocks her by telling her he's in love with her. Tad queries Derek about his conviction that Dixie and Zach are guilty, then attempts to force David into confessing. Dixie apologises to Zach for getting him dragged down into her troubles.moreless
  • Ep. #9419
    Ep. #9419
    Episode 150
    Winifred is pleased to see that Colby and Sydney have already met, but after she leaves the claws come out and Colby turns on Sydney. Aidan and Erin have an awkward encounter as he meets with Annie and assures her that while he won't lie if asked, he won't turn her in either. J.R. tries to claim he killed Greg as Derek arrests Dixie, but his family convinces him to back off. Josh wakes up on the island with Babe absolutely furious with him for landing them in this position. Ryan assures Kendall that Zach will be fine after Derek shows up to arrest him.moreless
  • Ep. #9418
    Ep. #9418
    Episode 149
    Jack makes an important decision concerning his daughter that would forever change his life. Livia is surprised to see her son, Jamal at ConFusion. Colby meets a new friend, Sydney. Jeff, Erica, Krystal, JR, Jamie worry for Josh and Babe.
  • Ep. #9417
    Ep. #9417
    Episode 148
    Livia gives her legal opinion about Annie. Jack tells Lily that Jonathan is not the Jonathan she knows. Erica and JR trade aspersions at each other. Joe and his grandson Jaime have a heated argument.
  • Ep. #9416
    Ep. #9416
    Episode 147
    Tad finds Di and Aidan in an inept position. Adam scolds Colby after discovering her with an older man, but Colby defended saying that she only wanted to make friends. Josh and Babe are headed for trouble when Josh tells her that fuel is running low. Dixie and Zach bump into Erica and Zach. Lily is too afraid to go home.moreless
  • Ep. #9415
    Ep. #9415
    Episode 146
    Kendall walks into a surprise at Ryan's condo--Ryan's roommate, Annie. Zach and Dixie shows up at Dr. Greg Madden's storage facility in Philadelphia. Erica is interrogated by Derek. Adam finds Colby with an older man. JR fills his mother-in-law in about who her daughter is with. Josh pulls Babe into a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #9414
    Ep. #9414
    Episode 145
    As a shocked Josh listens, Greg's final words from his coffin are played over the loudspeakers at ConFusion, revealing that he is Erica Kane's son. Greg's last will and testament leaves a very bitter legacy to Pine Valley's residents. Aidan and Di bungee jump from the top of the cliffs and end up wet for their trouble. Jonathan convinces Erin that she should go after Aidan to explain to him why she pushed him away, but when she arrives at the cliffs she finds Di and Aidan in a passionate embrace. Danielle is ticked off when the bartender won't serve her a chocolate martini, but is thrilled when Jamal reminds them who he is and of their connection, but asks her not to tell the family he's in town. Annie helps Ryan care for a fractious Spike when he has trouble calming the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9413
    Ep. #9413
    Episode 144
    The opening of ConFusion begins with reporters and many residents of Pine Valley. Jeff, Erica, and Jack discuss and agree to not tell Josh about his real parents. Kendall fires Willow and replaces her with Amanda. Rihanna performs. Colby attempts to get in and is only successful when Del takes over for Danielle. The voice of Greg Madden is projected for everyone to hear.moreless
  • Ep. #9412
    Ep. #9412
    Episode 143
    Apprehension builds as Ryan opens the envelope with the DNA results enclosed. Josh tells Erica that he is leaving Pine Valley. Then he goes to submit his formal resignation to Joe, in front of Jeff. Babe confronts David about possible evidence used in Greg Madden's murder. J.R. enlists the help of his step-mother and mother-in-law, Krystal.moreless
  • Ep. #9411
    Ep. #9411
    Episode 142
    Kendall and Ryan discuss their future with Kendall telling Ryan that it is okay if he parts from her and a child that may not be his. At Aidan's office, Jonathan accidentally bumps into Terry, the man who molested Lily in New York City. J.R. and Josh get into another heated debate at ConFusion. Julia decides to break up with Jamie, but changes her mind. Erin discusses why she does not deserve happiness in her life wite Annie. Later, Babe discovers something that could prove that David is the murderer of Greg Madden.moreless
  • Ep. #9410
    Ep. #9410
    Episode 141
    Ryan does his best to convince Annie that she and Emma will be okay to stay at his place with all of the security. Josh brings Julia and Jamie up to task in front of Joe and Jeff, and both Julia and Jamie are furious when Joe dresses them both down but leaves Josh alone. J.R. and Erica encounter one another at a substance abuse meeting. Jeff uses his past with Mary to help Erica see why he wants Josh to know him. Babe has another run-in with Kendall, then encounters a wounded Josh, who tries to convince her to run away with him.moreless
  • Ep. #9409
    Ep. #9409
    Episode 140
    Annie suffers and asthma attack at Ryan's penthouse. While Jamal takes her to the hospital, Erin reveals Annie's story to Jonathan, who had arrived with Lily earlier. Dixie and Tad are interrogated by Derek; Tad decides to mess around with Derek. Erica confesses to Kendall that Josh is her half-brother. Julia tells Jamie to back off of Josh, stunning Jamie. Joe and Jeff led by Josh catch Julia and Jamie fooling around. Jonathan discovers that Lily's potential rapist, Terry, is in Pine Valley.moreless
  • Ep. #9408
    Ep. #9408
    Episode 139
    Chief Derek Frye conducts an invesigation at the Chandler mansion and leaves with some advice to the Chandlers, get some counseling. Jeff, Jack, and Zach's efforts to get Erica to confess Josh's true parents to Kendall are fruitless, because Erica does not want to turn her children's lives upside down. Ryan does not care if Spike is not genetically his son; later Zach tells Ryan that Kendall used Josh's DNA to determine if Spike was Greg Madden's son.moreless
  • Ep. #9407
    Ep. #9407
    Episode 138
    Annie decides to tell Ryan the truth; Erin defends Annie despite Ryan not liking Erin's fugitive hiding idea. Jonathan and Lily face trouble from the ConFusion manager; later they enjoy a no-touching dance with each other. Amanda catches Terry atConFusion but does not suspect anything unusual. JR pleads with Babe telling her that someone is blackmailing him; JR further suggests that they reveal Josh's true parentage. Zach orders Erica to tell Kendall the truth about Josh. Julia finds Josh in despair.moreless
  • Ep. #9406
    Ep. #9406
    Episode 137
    Erica visits Spike; later she learns from Zach that Kendall believes that Dr. Madden could be Spike's real father. Babe is worried that JR could be Dr. Greg Madden's murderer when she listens in on the C.D. player, listening to Dr. Greg Madden's underground ordeal. Ryan catches Annie in a lie. Erin lies that Jamal is her boyfriend, as her excuse to get Di from interrogating her. Zach and Aidan accuse David of being the murderer of Dr. Madden.moreless
  • Ep. #9405
    Ep. #9405
    Episode 136
    JR and Jamie interrogate and tease a spoiled Colby. Derek tries to get Babe to get JR in trouble. Kendall urges Josh to test Spike's DNA to determine if Greg is the true father. Tad and Dixie exchange criticism for trying to get different people in bed. Erica tries to convince Ryan to protect Kendall from Zach.moreless
  • Ep. #9404
    Ep. #9404
    Episode 135
    JR lets Jamie in on a black mail; later they find Colby with a half-naked Josh alone. Krystal tells Adam she spent the night pondering over their marriage; when Tad arrives, Krystal confesses Adam that she spent the night with Tad. Babe causes trouble at Confusion when she hires Amanda. Dixie needs Zach; Tad glimpses Dixie and Zach kissing after visiting the Chandlers.moreless
  • Ep. #9403
    Ep. #9403
    Episode 134
    Ryan tells Kendall that Spike is 100% Lavery-Hart and that she should stop worrying over the paternity of Spike. Adam tells Dixie to confess to the sin of burying Greg alive. Colby causes headaches for JR and Babe. Tad and Krystal share a passionate kiss.
  • Ep. #9402
    Ep. #9402
    Episode 133
    Ryan walks into a surprise at his penthouse where he meets Annie. A disappointed and emotional Tad Martin urges his brother Jeff to go after his son; later Jeff meets with Josh, ignoring Erica when she pleads to talk with him first. JR gets a strange call that asks for money to keep what JR did a secret. Kendall shares her worries to Zach about Spike being a spawn of Dr. Greg Madden, but he tells her don't worry about it. Di visits Krystal seeking her help to alleviate Tad's pain.moreless
  • Ep. #9401
    Ep. #9401
    Episode 132
    Colby continues to shake the Chandler mansion, this time, she proclaims that JR is the murderer of Dr. Greg Madden; Krystal worries for Babe. Josh goes to Derek to tell him that JR killed his "father." Erica and Jack have a fight; later, Erica accidentally bumps into Zach at the hospital. Without any evidence, Josh decides to team up with Kendall to take JR down. Babe believes that JR did not bury Greg alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9400
    Ep. #9400
    Episode 131
    Kendall is upset that Dixie has interrupted Spike's first day home. Later, Ryan and Kendall have a heart to heart, and he admits that he's in love with her, but promises not to interfere in her life with Zach. Adam talks to Liza and warns her not to come for Colby, but Krystal suggests that maybe Colby is playing both sides against the middle. Erica and Jeff continue to disagree on what the best course of action is regarding Josh, but Jeff continues to think that this could be the perfect time to talk to Josh. Josh goes to Derek, and demands justice for his father.moreless
  • Ep. #9399
    Ep. #9399
    Episode 130
    The doctor performs the autopsy on Greg's body as Josh watches from outside the window. He finds Dixie behind him, and is furious when she wants to know if he knows where Kate is. He stalks off, then confronts the suspects in his father's murder one by one, accusing them of having killed Greg. Colby talks about how much she missed her father, and how angry she is with Liza for having taken her away from the Chandlers. She isn't thrilled to meet Krystal, and makes no secret of her dislike. Jamie is upset to learn of Greg's death, and admits to Julia that he had planned to give him truth serum to get Kate's location out of him. Zach, Kendall and Ryan prepare to take Spike home from the hospital, which is where Dixie shows up to find Zach.moreless
  • Ep. #9398
    Ep. #9398
    Episode 129
    Tad watches from behind the bushes as Greg is dug up. A devastated Josh is further horrified to hear that his father was buried alive. The teen who was found at the burial site is taken to lockup, where Erin tries to help her. The teen rebuffs her attempts, then calls her father -- Adam Chandler. Dixie receives a phone call from a little girl that she is convinced is Kate, but Di talks to the girl's mother and learns that the little girl is not Dixie's missing daughter. Jamie warns David not to hurt his family, then grabs a bottle of the doctor's truth serum before leaving.moreless
  • Ep. #9397
    Ep. #9397
    Episode 128
    Babe brings J.R. a birthday cake in bed and Little Adam has a special gift for him. Dixie goes to David after her confrontation with Tad and begs him to find her a child, any child, that she can pretend is Kate. Di offers a sympathetic shoulder first to Aidan, who is upset about Erin, and later to Tad. Zach holds Spike for the first time, and later he and Ryan agree not to tell Kendall their suspicions regarding Spike's paternity. A teenager stumbles over Greg's grave.moreless
  • Ep. #9396
    Ep. #9396
    Episode 127
    All his time underground may have changed Greg's outlook on life as he seriously considers revealing what he knows. J.R. finds Babe in the freezer where he and Jamie placed Josh. Later, they passionately kiss, while J.R. tells Babe how he does not deserve her. In Zach and Kendall's casino, Dixie and Tad create a melodrama over Kate. Di learns that Aidan and Erin have broken up. An earthquake is felt in Pine Valley, interrupting Greg's admission of where Tad and Dixie's daughter is.moreless
  • Ep. #9395
    Ep. #9395
    Episode 126
    Erica and Jack acknowledge that their relationship is not going well. Lily and Jonathan try to attain a job at a music store, while Terry follows behind stealthily. Aidan surprisingly finds Erin in the motel room while investigating on behalf of McDermott. Zach is free thanks to his contribution to his judge's re-election bid; Kendall is relieved. Ryan and Dixie discuss their children. Babe rescues Josh from J.R. and Jamie stunt to get Greg to reveal where Tad and Dixie's daughter is.moreless
  • Ep. #9394
    Ep. #9394
    Episode 125
    J.R. and Babe work together to create a new idea for Fusion, then J.R. and Jamie leave together to conduct a plan of their own. Kendall is surprised to learn of Zach's hearing from Livia, instead of her husband, and defends him on the witness stand. Erica and Jeff continue their discussion about revealing the identity of Josh's real parents; then Erica finds out that Jack and Brooke were using their yacht all evening. Erin tells Aidan that she wants to date other men and that she wants to break off their relationship together. Julia asks Ryan if he would like to do a paternity test on Spike, but Ryan refuses.moreless
  • Ep. #9393
    Ep. #9393
    Episode 124
    Kendall is determined not to repeat the same mistakes that she has in the past in her relationships. Babe and J.R. try to defuse a fight between Adam and Krystal. When Adam discovers about J.R.'s stock and custody deal with Babe, he urges J.R. to re-consider, meanwhile Krystal does not believe J.R. has changed and urges her daughter to leave him. Dixie and David's kissing is ruined when Tad decides to inform Dixie of David's true intentions. Amanda is unhappy with Jonathan's lie to Lily and almost reveals Jonathan's secret to Lily. Greg begs his captor to free him and dreams about being released.moreless
  • Ep. #9392
    Ep. #9392
    Episode 123
    Dixie's fragility over her problems with her children gives David the opportunity to manipulate her. Greg demands his captor's return as water pours into the 'coffin'. Amanda's friendliness toward Jonathan worries Lily, but Amanda assures Lily that Jonathan is perfect for her. Erin and Aidan break up because Erin has too many things to stres over. Babe and J.R. have a heart to heart conversation. Kendall learns that Zach cares for Dixie.moreless
  • Ep. #9391
    Ep. #9391
    Episode 122
    Ryan wonders if he's really Spike's biological father, considering Madden's shady practices, nonetheless Zach tells him to not think about it. Lily and Jonathan enjoy a day in the park. Di meets Terry thanks to Aidan's arrangement. Babe loses the vote against the idea of Confusion. Jeff, Joe, and Tad break up the fight between JR and Josh.moreless
  • Ep. #9390
    Ep. #9390
    Episode 121
    Greg's captor continues to demand information from him on the whereabouts of Tad and Dixie's child.
  • Ep. #9389
    Ep. #9389
    Episode 120
    Di finds Tad in the park and reminds him that she still loves him. Jack gives Jeff Martin a stern warning about Josh. Then he shares an evening with Brooke. Lily has a nightmare about Terry who tried to rape her in New York. Kendall questions Zach about his relationship with Dixie and asks him why he always has to be a hero to other women. Aidan gets business from Thompson McDermott, a man from New York, looking for his wife and daughter -- a man who just happens to be the same man who nearly molested Lily.moreless
  • Ep. #9388
    Ep. #9388
    Episode 119
    Jack is shocked to learn from Erica that Josh Madden is her son with Jeff. Greg is surprised to learn from the voice that Jeff is back in town. Dixie tries to help Zach by telling Kendall about how he's been helping her. Meanwhile, David refuses to aid Zach about Greg's heart conditions. Babe is worried for JR after Ryan's example of how "lucky" JR is.moreless
  • Ep. #9387
    Ep. #9387
    Episode 118
    Zach promises Tad and Dixie he won't seek vengeance on J.R., then later, as Tad learns more about Dixie's former lover Ian Delaney and his assistance in her search for Kate, Tad tells Dixie that Kate will be living with him when they find her. Joe warns Josh and Jamie that they need to keep their personal problems out of their professional lives, then Jamie meets Julia for a passionate rendezvous in a hospital room. Babe tries to get J.R. to understand why she doesn't feel she can just walk away from Fusion. Kendall is unable to confront Zach directly regarding J.R.'s accusations, and later runs into Dixie. Jack finds Erica with Jeff and realises that she is keeping something from him. Things get tough for Greg inside the coffin.moreless
  • Ep. #9386
    Ep. #9386
    Episode 117
    Zach tries to convince Kendall that revenge is no way to live her life, and not the kind of life she wants to bring Spike into. The Fusion girls have a nasty surprise for Babe when she arrives, and Kendall makes no bones about her dislike for her co-worker. Erin tries to convince Babe that she is a battered woman, and Babe lets all of them have it. J.R. eavesdrops on Zach and Dixie's conversation, then delights in telling Kendall that she doesn't know her husband as well as she thinks she does. Jeff and Erica meet for lunch and Jeff warns her that he's not going to let her decide what to do with Josh. Jamie tells a nurse who is giving Julia a hard time that he's gay to protect Julia, then when they're alone in a room together, she pulls him in for a passionate kiss. Di helps Tad.moreless
  • Ep. #9385
    Ep. #9385
    Episode 116
    After what happened in the courtroom, Kendall enlists Simone, Danielle and Erin in a plan to make Babe's life miserable. Erin tries to convince Jonathan that he can't hide his normalcy, but is touched by his avowals of love toward Lily and agrees to keep his secret. Jeff tells Josh that he's chosen him to be part of a special team he's forming, and Josh is proud to be first pick. The disembodied voice continues to press Madden to reveal the whereabouts of Tad and Dixie's daughter. Babe and J.R. take tentative steps toward a reconciliation.moreless
  • Ep. #9384
    Ep. #9384
    Episode 115
    The judge dismisses all the charges against J.R. after determining that his confession to Kendall is inadmissable due to her mental state. Dixie begs Zach not to seek vengeance against J.R. for her sake. Erin realises that Jonathan is back to 'normal', but he doesn't want her to say anything to Lily, who hugs him for the first time. Bianca says goodbye to her family and prepares to return to Paris with Miranda. Joe is pleased to see Jeff back in Pine Valley, and introduces him to Josh.moreless
  • Ep. #9383
    Ep. #9383
    Episode 114
    Babe tells the courtroom that she made the whole thing up, and privately begs J.R. not to plead guilty. Kendall decides to attend the trial after Babe's surprising stunt. After experiencing some heart problems, Greg delivers his last will and testament with ill-will toward citizens of Pine Valley. Jonathan has a seizure in the park and Amanda tries to calm Lily as Josh looks after Jonathan.moreless
  • Ep. #9382
    Ep. #9382
    Episode 113
    Josh tries to find out what secret Erica and Joe are keeping about his father, but is angry when Erica tells him to forget about Greg. He later speaks to Amanda, who confirms his suspicions about what people are saying about Greg. Dixie begs Babe to do whatever she has to in order to save J.R., and Babe ends up making a scene in court. Greg makes his feelings towards his captors known, but has tender words where Josh is concerned. Erica pushes Ryan to fight for Kendall.moreless
  • Ep. #9381
    Ep. #9381
    Episode 112
    Fingers are pointed after an explosion destroys Greg's yacht. A stubborn Greg refuses to reveal the address of where Kate is. JR gets family support just before his court appearance. David teases Julia about courting with Jamie.
  • Ep. #9380
    Ep. #9380
    Episode 111
    Kendall's joy at seeing J.R. turns to anger when he tells her what he did. Erica pleads Jonathan and Lily's case to Jack. Julia and Jamie share a somewhat romantic date.
  • Ep. #9379
    Ep. #9379
    Episode 110
    Underneath the ground, Dr. Greg Madden is horrified at the thought of being buried alive and even talks to his captor(s). Zach and Kendall are together and are happy. Meanwhile Bianca asks Ryan if he is going to tell Kendall that he loves Kendall more than as a friend. Jack wants to punish Dr. Greg Madden, with Erica pleading for him to let go. David is hurt when Dixie asks him to leave the search to Kate alone. Di and Del ask Josh about his "father" at the club house.moreless
  • Ep. #9378
    Ep. #9378
    Episode 109
    Kendall finally wakes up and sees her son for the first time. Babe is worried when she finds Erica sleeping on a park bench. Del flirts with Amanda while on the job to find Dr. Greg Madden.
  • Ep. #9377
    Ep. #9377
    Episode 108
    Jack reluctantly agrees to let the marriage be (for now) when Lily and Jonathan refuse to end it. As many of Pine Valley's citizens rush to find Greg, a woozy Del wakes up in the cargo area. Livia frees Zach from jail because she posts his bail. Bianca urges Kendall to wake up. Erica, fallen asleep after being drugged, is brought onto the plane by Greg.moreless
  • Ep. #9376
    Ep. #9376
    Episode 107
    Zach has a nightmare about Kendall and tries to get back to her. Jonathan continues to experience headaches after his bump on the head. Greg tries to cover his tracks as he prepares to kidnap Erica. Bianca begs her sister to wake up.
  • Ep. #9375
    Ep. #9375
    Episode 106
    The cranial pressure in Kendall's head remains the same even as Kendall is medically drugged. Josh realizes his father is fleeing from something and demands to know what. Erica continues to worry over Kendall's condition. Ryan is awestruck to see his child. J.R. and Babe both make confessions. Di and Del watch outside of Dr. Madden's office as he continues to clean up his things.moreless
  • Ep. #9374
    Ep. #9374
    Episode 105
    Greg begs Josh to leave Pine Valley with him. Erica pleas with Kendall to recover as her condition worsens. Tad and Dixie realize they're stranded. Jamie and Julia tag team to get Dr. Greg Madden to leave Amanda alone. Aidan hires Di to take over for one of his employees.
  • Ep. #9373
    Ep. #9373
    Episode 104
    Adam tries to convince J.R. to take back the plea agreement, but is proud of his son for wanting to do the right thing. Tad and Dixie follow a lead to find their daughter. Erica begs Greg to save Kendall's life, but he's plotting to take Amanda and leave town. Julia stops Jamie from further going on, kissing is their limit.moreless
  • Ep. #9372
    Ep. #9372
    Episode 103
    Babe begs J.R. for help after falling in the icy lake. Kendall's condition goes worse. Julia and Jamie share a kiss at the beach. Aidan and Erin, en route to find Lily and Jonathan, are stranded because of car issues. Krystal talks to Bianca at the park. Ryan convinces Zach he's on the same side as him.moreless
  • Ep. #9371
    Ep. #9371
    Episode 102
    JR wants Babe back and tries sincerely to continue their marriage. Ryan admits to Bianca that he is in love with Kendall again, but realizes that it is too late. Stuart comforts Erica with a childhood story of his dog, but his efforts are futile. Jack agrees to Aidan's plan of telling Jonathan and Lily that they can be a couple in Pine Valley, nonetheless, when he and Reggie depart, Jack reveals that it is just a scheme to get his daughter home. Lily and Jonathan enjoy a hot day in New York City. When Jonathan has a headache, Lily is the one to soothe his pain.moreless
  • Ep. #9370
    Ep. #9370
    Episode 101

    Erica is upset with Bianca after learning that Bianca refuses to tell Zach or anyone else what to do where Kendall is concerned, and, alone, asks Josh about the experimental surgery, only to learn that it's too late. Tad demands answers from Greg about where Kate is, and warns Greg that he made a mistake in not checking into Tad's past to know who he was dealing with. Julia holds Zach at gunpoint, but his willingness to die for Kendall changes her mind. Dixie tells Di and Del the truth about Kate, but Di has no sympathy for her half-sister.

  • Ep. #9369
    Ep. #9369
    Episode 100
    Tad has no sympathy for Dixie or her story about trying to find Kate without success, and tells her that she was wrong not to trust him. Bianca returns to Pine Valley for Kendall but tells Zach that she refuses to pick a side. Adam struggles with himself, to free his son or not and asks Krystal what he should do. Stuart takes J.R. around town to view his family in hopes of learning something, and J.R. gets a chance to see how much everyone in his life loves him. Greg faces a deadly David in his hotel room, but is saved by Amanda's arrival. She tells him she'd changed her mind about being a surrogate mother, but he changes it back for her.moreless
  • Ep. #9368
    Ep. #9368
    Episode 99
    Dixie informs Tad that Kate is alive, but he doesn't believe her until she tells him what she and Zach learned about Erica and Josh. He's shocked to learn she signed the papers to give their daughter up for adoption. Babe encounters stiff resistance at Fusion, but is luckily saved by Erin; later she slaps Josh, thinking that he is hitting on her. David messes with Greg's mind in order to find out the whereabouts of Kate. Stuart visits J.R. and attempts to save him in his own way -- he handcuffs the two of them together.moreless
  • Ep. #9367
    Ep. #9367
    Episode 98
    Dixie tries to convince J.R. to take responsibility for his actions, but Ryan is more interested in threatening his life. After refusing David's offer to help her find Kate, Dixie goes to see Tad. Zach continues to block access to Kendall but allows Julia into the room, which leads to Erica trying to force her way in and ending up at the end of Zach's gun. Terry does his best to seduce Lily but is interrupted by Jonathan, who then hits his head during an altercation with Terry. Ryan continues to worry whether or not he's making the right decision choosing Kendall over the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9366
    Ep. #9366
    Episode 97
    J.R. faces a request to do the right thing and admit to what he did, but his reaction could cost him everything. Derek orders Zach to open the door to Kendall's hospital room.
  • Ep. #9365
    Ep. #9365
    Episode 96
    The judge makes his decision regarding the guardianship of Kendall Hart Slater and the unborn child. Dixie scolds Greg for bringing Tad into their dispute over Kate. Pine Valley Hospital faces an emergency evacuation. Jonathan is caught in a mess in New York, but with the help of Aidan, he gets out of it. An angry JR faces a judge regarding the charges against him.moreless
  • Ep. #9364
    Ep. #9364
    Episode 95
    Erica and Ryan are determined to do whatever it has to in order to save Kendall as Zach fights for Spike. As the court hearings begin, Babe, Joe, Zach, Ryan, and Erica testify before the judge. Meanwhile, Erin, Simone, and Danielle give Kendall a little touch up.
  • Ep. #9363
    Ep. #9363
    Episode 94
    Babe decides she can no longer keep lying for J.R. and knows she has to do the right thing for Kendall's sake. Adam meets an angry JR in the jail house; JR wants to give "no mercy" to the one(s) who put him through the pain and sorrow--Babe. Erica uses emotional pressure to keep Ryan from killing her daughter. Tad asks Dixie if Kate is still alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9362
    Ep. #9362
    Episode 93
    Erica realises that Dixie knows the truth about Josh and wonders what she'll do with that knowledge. Zach tells Erica and Ryan that Kendall would put her baby's life before he own, therefore he will not consent to the caesarean. Jamie yells at Babe for constantly covering up for J.R.'s drinking and encourages her to stop him before he really kills someone. Dr. Madden tells Tad that baby Kate survived the car accident to be born prematurely. He also goes as far to tell him baby Kate died while Dixie was in surgery and now Dixie is in denial about her death.moreless
  • Ep. #9361
    Ep. #9361
    Episode 92
    Zach spends a moment just embracing Kendall in the hospital, and Ryan convinces Erica to leave them be. After telling Kendall how much he loves her, Zach returns to the hall where he announces that he and Kendall are married, and they're not taking the baby. Babe kicks Josh out while she tries to talk with J.R. She admits that initially it was about taking Little Adam from him, but swears she loves him now and will keep his secret if he seeks treatment for his alcoholism. Amanda is thrilled to announce to Jamie that she is planning to be a surrogate mother, and is upset at his lackluster reaction. Dixie threatens to expose Erica's role in Josh's life, but Greg counters by telling her that she'll destroy her own daughter by ripping her from the only family she's ever known, and destroy Josh by letting him find out his own mother had him aborted.moreless
  • Ep. #9360
    Ep. #9360
    Episode 91
    J.R. believes the worst after finding Babe and Josh together, not realizing Josh is encouraging Babe to turn her husband in. Lily faces three young toughs in New York while Jonathan searches for her. Erica and Ryan choose to save Kendall's life at the possible expense of the baby's.
  • Ep. #9359
    Ep. #9359
    Episode 90
    Jonathan comes close to finding Lily but trouble finds her instead. Erica and Ryan try to decide what to do for Kendall. Babe confides in Josh after hearing J.R.'s confession to a comatose Kendall.
  • Ep. #9358
    Ep. #9358
    Episode 89
    Zach hatches a plan. Erica and Ryan both urge Kendall to wake up from the coma but although she can hear them, she's not able to respond. Babe is horrified to realize that she was the one J.R. had meant to kill.
  • Ep. #9357
    Ep. #9357
    Episode 88
    J.R. is horrified to realise what has happened with Kendall as Babe discovers what happened to her, then Kendall is rushed to the hospital. Zach makes it clear to Dixie he will not stand in her way. Di attempts to rekindle a relationship with Tad. Greg is there for Amanda after she has a nasty confrontation with Irene, whose father died as a result of Janet's actions at the ball, but he has his own agenda.moreless
  • Ep. #9356
    Ep. #9356
    Episode 87
    J.R. rails against the women in his life -- Dixie because he believes she chose her unborn child over him, and Babe because he believes she plans to take Little Adam away from him. Babe seeks Kendall's help in dealing with J.R. and the two women share a momentary bond as Kendall admits how much she wants this baby. Tad is more determined than ever to find out what kept Dixie from her family for all those years.moreless
  • Ep. #9355
    Ep. #9355
    Episode 86
    Zach wakes Kendall up in bed and won't tell her anything except to say he's got a surprise planned. She finally gets him to admit he wants to remarry her, then she asks him the same question. The two marry onboard the ship with the captain officiating, saying their own vows. J.R. overhears the tail end of a conversation between Krystal and Babe and hears Babe say she's not going to let Little Adam stay in that situation, but didn't hear her tell Krystal how she wants to save J.R. J.R. later goes downstairs to find his family has staged a mini-intervention. Ryan tries to convince Dixie to let Zach tell Kendall what she knows about Greg so she won't give up her baby. Dixie heads over to the mansion at Babe's request.moreless
  • Ep. #9354
    Ep. #9354
    Episode 85
    Ryan demands that Greg leave Pine Valley forever and rips up the adoption papers. Greg later meets Dixie for a drink and accuses her of poisoning him, but before Greg can prove anything Ryan bursts in and downs the scotch, which contains a dose of David Hayward's truth serum. Jack demands Jonathan and Erin tell him where Lily is, not realising that Lily stayed on the train and, because Jack took her things, is now stranded in Manhattan with no money and no cell phone. Krystal tries to convince Babe that she can't fix her husband or her marriage by getting pregnant with another baby. Zach is thrilled to hear Kendall admit how much she cares about him and the two fall into bed together.moreless
  • Ep. #9353
    Ep. #9353
    Episode 84
    J.R. is upset to see David planting a passionate kiss on Dixie. Jamie lectures Babe on how much she has hurt J.R. over the years. David shows his knowledge of what Dr. Greg Madden did with Kate. Jonathan shares his concerns for Lily's safety with Julia after reading the note Lily slipped him as she was leaving, the turns to Amanda for help. Kendall worries when she can't feel the baby move.moreless
  • Ep. #9352
    Ep. #9352
    Episode 83
    Dixie demands that Greg return Kate to her, but Greg refuses, saying her daughter is better off where she is. Babe believes that Dixie may have more to her story than she is telling and urges J.R. to trust that she truly loves him. David hands Dixie his truth serum to use on Greg. Zach professes his love for Kendall, regardless of the baby or not. Zach agrees to be there for Kendall and her baby, and listens as she details why she doesn't want Ryan in the baby's life. Lily and Jonathan have a truly romantic goodbye or so the Montgomerys and Laverys think.moreless
  • Ep. #9351
    Ep. #9351
    Episode 82
    Babe seeks answers from Dixie, who tells her she doesn't have to answer to her. Jamie then wants the same answers, but Dixie counters with reminding him that he slept with J.R.'s wife once upon a time. Still drinking, J.R. stops by to see Janet, and demands she tell him what Babe is up to then, while at the Fusion construction site, fantasizes about Babe being trapped under falling rubble. Kendall tries to convince Zach to let her go and realises they're on a floating yacht -- Erica's stolen yacht. Zach tells her that he still loves her, and she tells him that he's the reason she cannot love the baby. Erica heads to Greg's office looking for answers about Kendall and to make good on her threat to tell Josh the truth. Before she breaks the news to him, Ryan tells her they've found Kendall. Greg arrives, and Erica covers for him with Josh.moreless
  • Ep. #9350
    Ep. #9350
    Episode 81
    Zach arrives at Greg's secret resort to take Kendall away. Babe questions J.R. on whether or not he had been drinking but J.R. continues to stonewall her as the two head to bed. Meanwhile, the rest of the Chandler/Martin/Henry/English clan confront Dixie, and one by one turn their backs on her when she won't answer any questions.moreless
  • Ep. #9349
    Ep. #9349
    Episode 80
    Jamie punches David at the roadside bar. Lily wants to bed with Jonathan. Kendall notices other pregnant women on Dr. Greg Madden's island.
  • Ep. #9348
    Ep. #9348
    Episode 79
    J.R. tries desperately to rationalize how his mother could leave him despite David's interference, and Dixie begs her son for another chance. Jamie learns about Dixie's miraculous return from Josh. Brooke is able to understand where Di is coming from. Tad and Stuart talk.
  • Ep. #9347
    Ep. #9347
    Episode 78
    J.R. and Babe attempt to open a crate not knowing Dixie is unconscious inside but it's Josh who saves her and takes her to the casino. Erica slaps Greg after he suggests the two create a romance of their own, then denies to her and Ryan that he knows where Kendall is. David holds a gun on Adam and Tad as they argue about Dixie and later heads to the casino. When he sees Dixie, he calls Babe and J.R. and asks them to come see him. Zach and Aidan connect Greg's yacht to a spa brochure in Zach's office. Kendall relaxes at the spa.moreless
  • Ep. #9346
    Ep. #9346
    Episode 77
    Adam tries to convince Dixie to leave town before J.R. gets back, and tries to convince Tad to keep quiet. Julia and Joe are both impressed as they watch Josh talk with patients at the hospital. Aidan agrees to help Ryan search for Kendall. Greg isn't worried about Erica's threats.
  • Ep. #9345
    Ep. #9345
    Episode 76
    Greg stonewalls Ryan and Zach when they try to find out where Kendall is, and Erica goes ballistic on Greg after learning Kendall has signed adoption papers. Babe wonders if the time is right for her and J.R. to have another baby. Tad believes Dixie will tell J.R. she is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9344
    Ep. #9344
    Episode 75
    Adam and Krystal are pleased that J.R. and Babe are taking a romantic sojourn, but shocked when Dixie turns up alive and well. Tad turns his back on Di after she admits to him that she knew Dixie was alive. Ryan goes to Livia looking for help in retaining his legal rights to his child. Tad turns his back on Di after she admits to him that she knew Dixie was alive. Amanda wants to help Jonathan and Lily further their romance.moreless
  • Ep. #9343
    Ep. #9343
    Episode 74
    Lily goes to Zach for help to escape. David tries to coerce Di into confessing to Jamie and J.R. about Dixie's "resurrection."
  • Ep. #9342
    Ep. #9342
    Episode 73
    Tad wants to know the truth from Dixie. Jamie and JR interrogate Di on being the next Ms. Thaddeus Martin. Greg and Erica, in front of Erica's children Josh and Kendall, talk about revealing the truth.
  • Ep. #9341
    Ep. #9341
    Episode 72
    David asks Dixie to give their relationship a second chance. Jack tells Kendall that he will fight beside her. Ryan and Tad discuss Erica and Josh. Erica and Greg have a confrontational discussion without revealing what they know the other knows.
  • Ep. #9340
    Ep. #9340
    Episode 71
    JR and Babe talk about trust issues. Jack and Erica argue. Josh reveals to Greg how Erica is guilty of drugging him. Zach comforts Simone over Ethan.
  • Ep. #9339
    Ep. #9339
    Episode 70
    Josh begins to believe Erica has something up her sleeve. JR, with the support of Adam and Krystal, bring the Board of Directors of Chandler Enterprises to approve a proposal. Simone and Babe hire Erin, infuriating Kendall. Lily's life is impacted detrimentally by her father's decision to forbid her from seeing Jonathan. Aidan tries to convince Jonathan to date other women.moreless
  • Ep. #9338
    Ep. #9338
    Episode 69
    Erin and Aidan agree about sending Lily home after discovering her hiding in Devane-Martin Investigations. Zach demands answers from Greg but Greg stonewalls him. Krystal and Adam debate about having a child. JR and Babe resolve the doubts about their marriage. Jamie and Julia fuse together to combat the ego-manic Josh Madden.moreless
  • Ep. #9337
    Ep. #9337
    Episode 68
    Lily and Jack discuss the future of being with Jonathan, with Jack standing strong on a "no." Babe and JR join Di and Tad on the beach, only after JR receives a text message from Janet. Dr. Greg Madden is rushed into the hospital, after Josh successfully revives his father. Erica's plot to murder Greg is known to Ryan. She also tells Ryan about what Greg did to her and that Josh is her son. Dixie reveals more about what Greg Madden did to her and Zach is determined to help her find Kate.moreless
  • Ep. #9336
    Ep. #9336
    Episode 67
    Dixie nearly comes into contact with Tad then later, after seeing how upset Dixie is, Zach pushes her for information about Greg and Dixie comes close to blurting out the truth that her baby is alive. Ryan demands answers from Erica where Greg is concerned.
  • Ep. #9335
    Ep. #9335
    Episode 66
    Ryan is convinced he is going to raise his son and goes to Jack with that news, unaware that Greg continues to manipulate Kendall who comes to a final decision about her baby. Di demands answers from Dixie and shocks her with the news that she and Tad are engaged.
  • Ep. #9334
    Ep. #9334
    Episode 65
    Erin wants to volunteer at the Miranda center and Aidan is more than happy to see her do it as the two continue to fall more and more in love. Erica tries to interrupt Greg's discussion with Kendall only to be stopped by Zach. Julia seeks absolution. Kendall tells Greg she wants to give her child up for adoption, but admits that Ryan may be a problem because he wants to raise his son. Joe breaks up a tiff between Josh and Jamie and warns them to get along. Jamie tells Amanda he wants to be friends again.moreless
  • Ep. #9333
    Ep. #9333
    Episode 64
    Zach surprisingly supports Ryan raising his own child, then warns Ryan to keep Greg away from Kendall. Erica is shocked when Joe tells her that Jeff is going to be coming to town. Julia and Josh have a difference of opinion. Babe realises Kendall doesn't want to be a mother when she reacts badly to Little Adam's presence at Fusion. Kendall tells Greg she's opted on adoption after deciding she's not cut out to be a mother. Lily wonders if she's starting to fall in love with Jonathan.moreless
  • Ep. #9332
    Ep. #9332
    Episode 63
    Greg manages to manipulate Julia into questioning her reasoning behind wanting a baby. Dixie tells Zach she blames Greg for the loss of her child and warns Zach to keep Kendall away from Dr. Madden without going into details, then goes gunning for Madden. Kendall and Ryan argue about what will be best for their baby after she learns he wants to raise the baby alone. J.R. refuses to believe Janet when she tells him that Dixie is still alive, but takes pause when she says Babe only married him to get custody of Little Adam. Tad tells Babe and J.R. that he and Di are engaged.moreless
  • Ep. #9331
    Ep. #9331
    Episode 62
    Sparks fly when Dixie and Greg meet when both threaten the other, and Dixie warns Zach to keep Kendall far away from Greg Madden. Janet refuses to recant her statement about Dixie and insists that she was being honest when she said Dixie was still alive. Julia talks to Kendall and tries to warn her about Greg as Ryan comes to a decision concerning his unborn son. Tad finds out that Jeff is headed to Pine Valley and wonders how he will adjust to having a grown son.moreless
  • Ep. #9330
    Ep. #9330
    Episode 61
    David threatens to expose Dixie's lies to J.R. unless she gives them another shot and she finally agrees to stick around Pine Valley for awhile to keep him quiet. Ryan finally realises how much pressure he is putting on Kendall and confides in Erin how worried he is. Greg and Julia both see sides of Josh they don't like. J.R. tries to understand when Babe tries to make him understand why she feels like she has to help Amanda get her life back together.moreless
  • Ep. #9329
    Ep. #9329
    Episode 60
    Babe stands up to Kendall and Simone about hiring Amanda, but a distraught Simone attacks Amanda when she shows up at Fusion, blaming her for Ethan's death. Erica is finally getting somewhere in her plans to derail Greg Madden's life until Ryan catches her trying to get the poisoned teacup out of Greg's office. Dixie is upset to learn that David is out to destroy J.R., and realises he is no longer the man she had once loved. Babe rushes Amanda to the emergency room after Simone's attack and when J.R arrives he narrowly misses seeing Dixie.moreless
  • Ep. #9328
    Ep. #9328
    Episode 59
    Ryan and Julia band together to find out what Greg is really up to after Julia confesses to Ryan that she feels Greg gave her a misdiagnosis on purpose. Kendall seeks Zach's advice over what she should do about Ryan and the baby, and is surprised when Zach stands up for Ryan. Erica continues with her plan to get revenge on Greg for what he did to her life. J.R. and Babe enjoy their new married life, then Babe later has an encounter at Fusion with Kendall.moreless
  • Ep. #9327
    Ep. #9327
    Episode 58
    Di proposes to Tad and worries that he's upset, but the only thing he's upset about is that she beat him to the punch. The two admit their love for each other and decide to wed. Kendall wants her records to take to her new OB/GYN, but Greg does her best to try to separate Kendall and Ryan, then later Kendall is discomfitted by Jonathan pleasure at being an uncle. David keeps quiet about Dixie while talking to J.R. and Babe, then later has more questions for Janet. Ryan encourages Julia not to just trust what Greg has to say and to seek a second opinion.moreless
  • Ep. #9326
    Ep. #9326
    Episode 57
    Greg has heartbreaking news for Julia as he tells her that she is infertile and will never bear a child of her own. Ryan begs Kendall to get a new OB/GYN with all the pressure that Greg is putting on her to give her baby up for adoption. David is amazed to see Dixie alive and tells her how much he loves her, but Dixie is only interested in assuring his silence. J.R. and Babe celebrate their nuptials as Adam and Krystal get passionate. Opal realises that Del is hiding something.moreless
  • Ep. #9325
    Ep. #9325
    Episode 56
    Zach confronts Janet about killing his son, Ethan, and Janet is truly remorseful for her actions. Di and Del want to know what Dixie is planning to do at the double Chandler wedding, but all she wants to do is see her son happy before she leaves town. Kendall, with Ryan by her side, tells Greg that he has gone to far, by bringing the potential adoptive parents. The Chandler wedding ceremony begins with relatives and friends present. David manages to escape from his prison and finds the proof he is looking for.moreless
  • Ep. #9324
    Ep. #9324
    Episode 55
    When Krystal and Adam proclaim that they are going to renew their vows, Babe asks her mom if she had lost her mind. David tells Tad that he saw Dixie. Di tells Zach about someone spotting Dixie as David tries to catch a glimpse of her on the hospital tapes. Lily has something to say to Jonathan at the hospital and Julia is impressed by Jonathan's feelings for Lily. Livia informs Jack about Lily wanting to divorce herself from him. Brooke brings Amanda to visit Janet, who eventually agrees to the D.A.'s plea agreement.moreless
  • Ep. #9323
    Ep. #9323
    Episode 54
    Palmer rallies for the re-instatement of David on the medical staff at Pine Valley Hospital and Joe is surprised when J.R. stands behind David for Babe's sake. Jamie decides to be J.R.'s best man. Dixie is touched by what she overhears Babe saying about J.R., then stops by to see Little Adam. Greg ends up in the hospital because of Erica drugging him but while Myrtle suspects Erica of foul play, neither Greg nor Josh are suspicious. Brooke comforts Amanda and offers her a place to stay.moreless
  • Ep. #9322
    Ep. #9322
    Episode 53
    Greg suffers the effects from the drugged tea he drank earlier. Babe and JR fight over forgiveness. David confronts Di about Dixie. Dixie and Tad have a close encounter. Kendall is saved by Zach.
  • Ep. #9321
    Ep. #9321
    Episode 52
    Greg brings over a file on a couple of prospective parents for Kendall to look over, and she agrees to consider it. Ryan is upset that Kendall is even considering it, and goes to share his worries with Erica. Kendall considers Greg's offer, and remembers events from her own childhood. Dixie looks for answers from Di about J.R. then, when she gets the answers she's looking for, tells Di that she's leaving town again. David heads to Wildwind to get answers from Del, who laughs at him for believing the rantings of Janet Dillon. J.R. is furious when Josh comes in to see Babe and tells him to stay away, throwing his drugging of Erica in his face, but Josh reminds J.R. that Erica never pressed charges against him.moreless
  • Ep. #9320
    Ep. #9320
    Episode 51
    Ryan realises that Kendall is using him, in part, to get over Zach as Zach begins to accept that he's not going to be able to get over Kendall. Kendall worries that she is not able to connect to the baby the same way that Ryan has. Dixie contacts Di after making a tough decision about her future, interrupting Tad pouring his heart out to Di. J.R. is desperate to make Babe believe that she can always trust him, but Babe continues to stick to her original plans. Aidan manages to calm Erin's fears about losing her virginity and the two make love.moreless
  • Ep. #9319
    Ep. #9319
    Episode 50
    Dixie's fever continues to rage and, in her deluded state, she believes she's back in Switzerland. She begs Zach to get Tad for her. Jonathan tries to explain to Lily that they don't always need to agree about everything. Ryan tries to explain to Kendall that he wants them to raise their child together and she begins to see shades of the man she once fell in love with, and kisses him. Tad and Aidan have a double date at the bowling alley with Di and Erin. Later, Erin and Aidan prepare to make love, and Zach interrupts Tad and Di just as they are about to make love.moreless
  • Ep. #9318
    Ep. #9318
    Episode 49
    Unaware of Erica and Ryan's bargain to keep them apart, Kendall confides in Greg her worries about motherhood and he supports the idea of adoption even though Kendall isn't quite sure she could give up her child. Ryan apologizes to Julia but tells her that he's not ready to give up his child as he has grown attached to his son. Babe's goal remains the same -- full custody of her son -- but she admits to Krystal that she wishes she could trust J.R. Erica plots to get revenge on Greg for what he did with Josh and tries to convince Josh to leave town.moreless
  • Ep. #9317
    Ep. #9317
    Episode 48
    Ryan is surprised when Erica enlists him to keep Greg away from Kendall and the baby. David continues to question Janet about Dixie. Krystal wants Babe to answer her on whether or not she is going to "grind" J.R. Kendall is angry with Ryan and Julia because of the adoption discussion Ryan and Julia had. J.R. asks Tad and Di for help. Jonathan demands to know why Janet wanted to ruined his life. Babe agrees to remarry J.R. after he gives heartfelt apologies to the people in his life, and tells them that he forgives them.moreless
  • Ep. #9316
    Ep. #9316
    Episode 47
    Amanda's world collapses as she learns that her father is dead at her mother's hands. With Babe and Little Adam safe and sound, J.R. proposes to her in front of both Krystal and Adam. Erica is determined to punish Greg and get Josh as far away from Pine Valley as she can. An angry David visits the jail to demand the truth about Dixie from Janet. Zach takes care of Dixie, who has taken ill due to an infection resulting from her gunshot. Julia thanks Kendall for agreeing to consider letting her adopt the baby, not realising that Ryan hasn't mentioned it to her.moreless
  • Ep. #9315
    Ep. #9315
    Episode 46
    David, Tad, Aidan, J.R. and Jamie all rush to the cabin to save Babe from Janet, who has had a complete nervous breakdown. They manage to get Babe out of the freezer and rush her to the hospital as Brooke heads to the cabin with Amanda in tow. Amanda tries to reach out to her mother, who shocks all assorted (which by now also includes Derek, Adam, Krystal and Di) by saying Dixie is alive. Dixie remains torn over whether or not it is best to remain dead. Zach plans to kill himself until he talks with Dixie about her sacrifices and decides he isn't ready to die.moreless
  • Ep. #9314
    Ep. #9314
    Episode 45
    Zach hides Dixie from Tad, who tells the other man that Janet was behind the explosion that killed Ethan. Krystal slaps Adam as he tries to convince her that he truly loves her. Babe prepares to go to war with Janet after Janet tells her that she will be raising Little Adam alone but Babe ends up unconscious, with Janet dragging her towards the theater. David prepares to give Amanda the drug. Dixie and Kendall worry separately about Zach, who is seriously considering suicide but is intrigued when he realises Kendall truly cares whether he lives or dies.moreless
  • Ep. #9313
    Ep. #9313
    Episode 44
    David ends up knocking Tad out, then finally getting Tad to see some harsh truths, not only about himself but Dixie as well. Dixie tries to convince Zach that she has to find Janet, whom she knows is holding Babe and Little Adam. Zach agrees to help her and when they see a light Dixie is convinced that Janet is up ahead, not realising that it's Tad. J.R. shows up at Tad's office demanding answers from Amanda. Jamie protects Amanda, but while the two are bonding in the hallway, Amanda sees a magazine cover about fishing and remembers Trevor's fishing cabin. Janet tells Babe that they'll stay in the cabin forever and raise Little Adam, but Babe nearly blows it when the close proximity of Trevor's frozen body has her calling Janet crazy.moreless
  • Ep. #9312
    Ep. #9312
    Episode 43
    Zach contemplates the gun in his hands and looks up to see Ethan standing against the wall, just looking at him. He is interrupted by Dixie at the door, who collapses in his arms. He calls in a doctor, and reminds Jim that he owes him a favori. Jim patches up Dixie and is on his way. Babe is horrified to realise that Janet has killed Trevor and that his body is in the freezer at the cabin. She tries to convince Janey that she will be a wonderful daughter to her, just the two of them, but Janet insists on Little Adam coming. Adam, Krystal and Tad continue their efforts to convince J.R. that Janet really has Babe and Little Adam. He finally believes them and tries to get ahold of the men he has looking for Babe. Jonathan tells Lily that she shouldn't get married unless she really wants to.moreless
  • Ep. #9311
    Ep. #9311
    Episode 42
    J.R. refuses to accept that Janet has his son and remains convinced that Babe has kidnapped him and taken off. Lily is willing to do anything she has to do in order to keep Jonathan in her life, including lying to her father. Dixie's heart breaks as she listens to her son threaten to kill his prisoner but she is shocked when J.R. fires at Krystal and the bullet hits her instead. Babe begs Janet to give Little Adam back to his father.moreless
  • Ep. #9310
    Ep. #9310
    Episode 41
    Kendall convinces Simone that Zach has a right to see his son buried, and Simone agrees that Zach can stay if he shows up. Zach, meanwhile, talks to Livia about officially claiming Ethan and having himself named on Ethan's birth certificate as the father. Dixie tries to get information about J.R. out of Di, but after Di mentions Janet Dillon's name, Dixie heads to the secret passageways in the mansion, where she hears enough to send her to the cabin where J.R. is holding Krystal. After Krystal correctly realises that J.R. truly does love Babe, he pulls a gun on her. Amanda comes to the funeral and tries to apologize to Simone for what her mother did, but Simone hits her, hard.moreless
  • Ep. #9309
    Ep. #9309
    Episode 40
    Reggie follows Lily to her special place, where she tries to convince him to leave her alone. Once he's gone, a ladder drops out of the tree, and Lily climbs up to find that Jonathan has created a special place for her. She asks him to teach her how to lie so they can be together. Aidan and Erin both bask in having admitted their love to each other, and reminisce over some of their times together. Jamie is furious with David for making things even worse for Babe and Little Adam, but protects Amanda when David goes off on her. Alone, Amanda and Jamie have a heart-to-heart. Babe tries to escape from the cabin, but Janet stops her, Little Adam in her arms. Krystal is kidnapped by a masked assailant and assumes it to be Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #9308
    Ep. #9308
    Episode 39
    Zach and Dixie continue to talk, and Zach encourage Dixie to stay dead as she tells him how she wishes she had done all the right things. Jonathan identifies both a photograph of Janet and her voice on a recording, but J.R. refuses to buy Aidan's theory that Janet is behind all of this. Erin thanks Aidan for helping clear her brother by telling him she loves him. Josh accepts Joe's offer of an internship at the hospital. Janet tries to make nice with Amanda, who tells her that she needs to go back to the hospital. Amanda manages to call Jamie long enough to tell him to come to Myrtle's. Erica explains to Joe that she now realises she had the abortion not to further her career, but because she couldn't handle the trauma of her earlier rape.moreless
  • Ep. #9307
    Ep. #9307
    Episode 38
    Kendall asks Ryan to move in with her and admits to him that she wants him there in the hope that he will be able to stop her from going to Zach when she wants to. Mirror Janet convinces Janet that Babe played her, so Janet gets Babe and Little Adam back and locks them up again. Josh is confused by Erica's cryptic comments, but she's crystal clear when she asks him to leave town. Dixie runs into Zach at Ethan's grave and he speaks to her about his regrets. Dixie is shocked when she realises he knows exactly who she is and he advises her to walk away. David slips truth serum into Amanda's drink so he can get answers out of her.moreless
  • Ep. #9306
    Ep. #9306
    Episode 37
    Kendall and Zach continue to talk at his place, and Kendall begs Zach to make all of this better. He tells her that he will always love her, but can't say the words she needs to hear. Erica tells an unconscious Jack about her troubles, begging him to come back to her because she needs him. J.R. makes it clear to Di that he has no interest in anything that she has to say to him, and she heads over to see David, getting angry with him when he goes on about how perfect Dixie was. Kendall stops by to see Erica. Josh tells Greg about Joe's offer. Janet finally agrees to let Babe and Little Adam go.moreless
  • Ep. #9305
    Ep. #9305
    Episode 36
    Jamie tries to convince J.R. and Adam that Janet Dillon is behind Babe and Little Adam's disappearances, but Adam is convinced that Babe did this all on her own. Babe decided to try to play along with Janet's game and pretends that she wants to leave town and never return so that she can start over with Little Adam. Ryan stops by to offer comfort to Simone, who spent the night at Wildwind. Julia is shocked when Ryan tells her that he's considering getting back with Kendall. Kendall tries to comfort Zach over Ethan's death, but Zach continues to push her away, insisting that he's bad for her. Dixie listens as David rails on J.R. for everything he's done to Babe. Di finally confesses the truth in Del that Dixie is still alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9304
    Ep. #9304
    Episode 35
    Janet sends a text message to J.R. supposedly from Babe, stating that she has taken Little Adam and left town. J.R. and Adam immediately believe the worst of Babe, but Krystal and Jamie just don't buy it. Jamie goes to Amanda looking for answers as Babe, being held hostage by Janet, tries to intimidate her captor. Joe wants to tell Josh that he is a member of the Martin family, but Erica isn't sure what she wants to do yet. After almost spilling the beans by accident, Joe offers Josh an internship at the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #9303
    Ep. #9303
    Episode 34
    J.R. searches for Babe, when Krystal rushes in and tells him an E.M.T. worker saw Babe outside of the mansion. Janet takes Babe to Trevor's old fishing cabin, where she's keeping Little Adam. Amanda has flashbacks involving Janet and when she stopped taking her medication, where Janet makes Amanda promise that she will never put her in the hospital again. Tad goes to Di and discusses his feelings for Dixie, while Dixie overhears the whole conversation. Julia comforts Simone after Ethan passes away. Ryan takes Kendall home, and comforts her as well. Zach visits Ethan in the morgue and mourns his loss.moreless
  • Ep. #9302
    Ep. #9302
    Episode 33
    After rescuing Ethan, Simone, and Zach, Joe rushes Ethan into the hospital to undergo surgery. Babe is saved by Janet, but only after mentioning the magic word -- Amanda. Dixie demands to know why Di took over her life and lied to her about what really happened in Pine Valley. Krystal scolds Adam for sending her to the morgue, but Adam claims that he is innocent. Brooke comforts Tad, who had a memory about Dixie. Ethan Cambias is certified as dead at 5:27 p.m. at Pine Valley Hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #9301
    Ep. #9301
    Episode 32
    Julia tells Di to go home becuse she is tired. Josh hears Erica mentioning about him being her son again. Jonathan and Lily are rescued. Krystal has little life left in her and at the hospital, Adam finds out that Krystal was dead on arrival, which turns out not to have been correct. Kendall wonders if she made the right decision in cutting Ryan out of her life and suggests that she and Ryan be a couple again. Zach begs for forgiveness as Ethan continues to die slowly. Babe is rescued by an unlikely ally, Janet.moreless
  • Ep. #9300
    Ep. #9300
    Episode 31
    Aidan, Tad, Jamie, and J.R. continue to search for possible survivors. Dixie thinks about her past with Tad as she digs deeper into the rubble. Palmer gives in to David's evil bargain. Jonathan proposes to Lily. Adam and Krystal give in to temptation while trapped in a tiny area. Josh saves Erica's life. Ethan turns cold and his body begins to weaken. Kendall and Ryan make up. After Erica is rescued, she whispers son.moreless
  • Ep. #9299
    Ep. #9299
    Episode 30
    The clock continues to tick as the time for those still trapped dwindles. Reggie makes Aidan promise that he will find Lily for him. Dixie overhears David's sick bargain over Palmer's life. Erica asks for a little background history about Josh from Josh. Kendall yells at Ryan for ruining her life. Joe keeps an eye out for Greg. Zach tries to make peace with Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #9298
    Ep. #9298
    Episode 29
    Janet continues her plan to wreak vengeance on the citizens of Pine Valley as Tad searches to see if he can find anyone alive. Jamie and Amanda are rescued with J.R.'s help and once outside, Jamie questions Amanda about the explosion. Erica warns Josh off and begins to see the similarities between Josh and herself. Ryan and Kendall bicker until the baby kicks Kendall. Outside, Joe and his medical staff help the recovered, injured survivors. Dixie refuses to let Tad find her and remains silent and in danger. Jonathan and Lily are discovered by Jack, but when Jack tries to save them, debris falls on him.moreless
  • Ep. #9297
    Ep. #9297
    Episode 28
    Josh tries to convince Erica that Greg is just up to no good, and while Erica remains suspicious of Josh, knowing that Greg has had her son for all these years brings out some catty remarks. In the garden shed, Janet talks to an unconscious Amanda about her plans then, when Amanda wakes up, promises her they will leave Pine Valley as soon as the fireworks are over. Jonathan and Lily refuse to stop dating, but Jonathan has a change of heart after Ryan convinces her how unfair it is to Lily. The two hope that one day they can be together. Jamie continues to search for Amanda, but Derek warns him that the charges were dropped. Kendalll tells Ryan to stay out of her life after hearing him discuss her with Jack. Amanda rushes into the ball, trying to convince Jamie to make everyone leave as an explosion engulfs the mansion. When the dust settles, only Tad is conscious.moreless
  • Ep. #9296
    Ep. #9296
    Episode 27
    Amanda tries to convince Janet to stop what she's doing, but Janet drugs Amanda then continues with her plans. Kendall is furious with both men, and while she talks to Ethan, Simone offers advice to Zach. Erica can't believe Tad when he tells her that Josh is her son, but it slowly starts to sink in. J.R. asks Babe to marry him, no pre-nup, and she produces one of her own, which gives them both joint custody if they divorce. Dixie is shocked to learn everything Di was up to while she was in Pine Valley.moreless
  • Ep. #9295
    Ep. #9295
    Episode 26
    The surprises at the Mardi Gras Ball continue to rock the citizens of Pine Valley. Jack yells at Jonathan as he sees Jonathan kissing Lily, which causes Lily to run away. Jamie, Greg, Erica, and Josh continue their conversation about who drugged Erica upstairs. Babe and J.R. continue to dance around their love for each other. After discovering that Josh was the real criminal that drugged Erica, Erica fires him. With everyone gone, Tad tells Erica that Josh is her son. J.R. tells Adam that he is going to marry Babe.moreless
  • Ep. #9294
    Ep. #9294
    Episode 25
    The Mardi Gras Gala continues in Pine Valley. Babe is given another chance at pointing out that J.R. was the driver that hit Amanda, but declines. Erica tells Janet that Amanda has confessed to drugging her and that is reason enough for her not to help Amanda. Kendall is in tears as Zach confesses to creating the blackouts, but he tells her he did it in love just like Kendall gave up her egg for Greenlee.moreless
  • Ep. #9293
    Ep. #9293
    Episode 24
    Kendall and Zach make plans to elope to Paris so that Bianca and Miranda can witness their vows, but Ryan grabs Kendall during the blackout and has Marty tell her the truth about what happened during the blackout. At Babe's insistence, she, J.R. and Jamie go to the jail to question Amanda. Amanda refuses to point the finger at anyone else, but when the lights go out she remembers that it was J.R. who hit her with his car. Jonathan heads back to Pine Valley to meet Lily as an oblivious Erin and Aidan enjoy time together in a hot tub. Greg warns Josh not to hurt Erica, and tells his son what a scheming opportunist he's turned into. Janet corners Erica.moreless
  • Ep. #9292
    Ep. #9292
    Episode 23
    The Mardi Gala begins in Pine Valley. Babe tells Krystal that she is going to make J.R. beg to marry her. Jesse Johnson tells Erica that she must co-host with Josh or else New Beginnings will be over. Jonathan recognizes Janet in disguise, when she visits her daughter Amanda. Ryan is determined to "pull the plug" on Zach. Erin and Aidan beg Jonathan to leave town without attending the gala. Zach has a new engagement ring for Kendall.moreless
  • Ep. #9291
    Ep. #9291
    Episode 22
    Jack, Derek, Josh, Erica, Jamie, Babe and J.R. surround Amanda as the drug used against Erica is found in her purse. Outside in one of the Chandler secret pathways, Janet wants to clear her daughter's name, but Amanda addresses her accusers in a speech meant for her mother, begging Janet to stay where she is, and trying to get her to go home. Livia isn't thrilled when Jonathan wants to be bailed out, but Lily and Jonathan make plans to go to the ball together. Di and Tad manage to keep Marty from escaping, then Tad goes to Joe with the shocking results of the tests he had run. Kendall tells Ryan she and Zach plan to marry that very night, but Zach demures. Simone tries to convince Ethan that she's a liability, but Ethan assures he her still loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #9290
    Ep. #9290
    Episode 21
    Zach and Kendall go to the courthouse, where Zach tries to convince the court not to hold Erica responsible for stabbing him, insisting it was just an accident. When that doesn't work, he threatens to lie on the stand. Jonathan believes he's safer in jail right now, and Lily stops by with news about his mysterious 'friend'. J.R. demands answers from Babe about whether or not she really is pregnant, and after teasing him for awhile, Babe finally tells him that she isn't. Between Di and Ryan, they get Marty to admit that Zach paid him $100,000 to hack into the power grid. Amanda begs Janet to stop what she's doing.moreless
  • Ep. #9289
    Ep. #9289
    Episode 20
    Kendall is relieved when Zach comes to after his surgery, but is furious with Erica when she shows up in his hospital room. Greg wants to know what information Tad wants to get out of Josh and demands Tad leave his family alone. After finding Babe and Jamie together, J.R. gives her ultimatum -- sign the prenuptial agreement or they're over. Di convinces Marty to hack into Lacey's database by pretending that she owes a great deal of money. Amanda takes the blame for Jamie's attack, determined to protect Amanda.moreless
  • Ep. #9288
    Ep. #9288
    Episode 19
    Amanda worries about Janet's crime spree when Janet shows up at Jamie's apartment. Erica tells Jackson that she does not know what happened or why she is in a jail cell. Kendall lashes at Ryan as Zach undergoes surgery. Tad catches Di talking to Marty and is feeling envious. Jonathan suggests to Erica and Jack that Erica may have been poisoned. Zach undergoes a nightmare involving his father and brother. Simone accidentally spills about Zach causing the blackouts.moreless
  • Ep. #9287
    Ep. #9287
    Episode 18
    As her drugs take effect, Erica continues to act abnormal and is taken into custody by the police. Jamie finds out the location of Janet's hiding place but doesn't know what is in it because of Amanda. Babe and J.R. continue to argue emotionally over the issues of trust and love. Kendall screams in panic as Zach faints. Lily is determined to find the identity of the charmeleon woman, especially when Jonathan remembers the tag on the costumes. Tad takes a sample of Josh's blood.moreless
  • Ep. #9286
    Ep. #9286
    Episode 17
    Ryan asks Tad to help him with his investigation of Zach but is resistant when Tad wants to bring Di in to help them.. J.R. meets Babe at Memorial Park with a prenuptial agreement which she agrees to sign, claiming she doesn't want his money, just his love. Janet cannot believe that Jamie would deceive her and when Amanda shows up to make sure Janet takes her medication, and Janet pushes Amanda to try and find. Erica sees Michael Cambias as the drugs Josh gave her begin to take effect. Josh sets the stage in motion by bringing in a reporter to witness her breakdown as Erica slips into Desiree DuBois mode.moreless
  • Ep. #9285
    Ep. #9285
    Episode 16
    Kendall tells Ryan that he can forget the parental rights for the baby if he bosses her around about who she can marry or not marry. In Memorial Park, Babe tries to get away from Janet. Josh drops Janet's pills into a cup and has Amanda deliver the drink to Erica.moreless
  • Ep. #9284
    Ep. #9284
    Episode 15
    Zach and Kendall visit Erica to tell her something and Erica knows that she'll hate it. Julia wants to be the adoptive mother of Ryan's child. Amanda tells her mother, Janet, that Trevor Dillon, Amanda's father, will find out about Janet's latest crime spree. Lily goes to see Jonathan and decides to track the mystery lady.moreless
  • Ep. #9283
    Ep. #9283
    Episode 14
    JR threatens to lock Jonathan up for the hostage crime scheme. Adam wants Stuart's help to destroy Babe and JR's marriage. Zach proposes to Kendall again. Simone tells Ryan to not tell Kendall about Zach's involvement with the power outage on September 20, 2005. Janet confesses her crimes to Amanda.
  • Ep. #9282
    Ep. #9282
    Episode 13
    The time for rescuing the hostages is about to run out as the rope, Jonathan brought, begins to wear and tear. Amanda, who is also on scene, but hidden, discovers an earring of her mother's, and is almost sure that her mom may be the cause of the recent crimes of Pine Valley. Ryan is almost caught by Zach personally, but is saved when Ethan and Simone convince Zach to a drink. Erica and Kendall agree on peace terms. Josh comforts Babe after finding out that Babe is in stress from her missing mother.moreless
  • Ep. #9281
    Ep. #9281
    Episode 12
    Kendall senses that Zach is lying to her again. Dressed in another costume, Janet bothers Jonathan. Tad interrogates Amanda about the missing people. Brooke tells the other hostages that they are sinking in quicksand. Babe comes close to admitting her plans to J.R. Jonathan is found trying to free the hostages from the sinking truck.moreless
  • Ep. #9280
    Ep. #9280
    Episode 11
    Janet offers to tell Amanda everything she has done for her. Julia asks Zach if he wants Kendall's baby. Kendall tells Ryan that he can trust her with their baby, but Ryan disagrees. As the gas wears off, Krystal and Adam become disgusted with one another again. Tad and Di attempt to find out if Jonathan is behind the kidnappings.moreless
  • Ep. #9279
    Ep. #9279
    Episode 10
    As the hostages wait in the truck, they smell gas and fear for their lives. Julia tells Kendall to let Ryan go, since she already has Zach. Zach confronts Ryan about his new position in Cambias Industries, but finds out that the person who set Ryan up is none other than his son, Ethan Cambias. Babe and J.R. worry for Krystal and Adam. Janet accidentally overhears Amanda speaking about her mother's craziness with Myrtle.moreless
  • Ep. #9278
    Ep. #9278
    Episode 9
    Held in the truck, Krystal, Adam, Joe, Opal and Brooke all wake up, and play the blame game while they try to figure out who locked them in there. Tad takes Di home and Del shows up, wondering where Opal is. J.R. initially blames Krystal for Adam's disappearance until they realise that neither Krystal nor Adam are responsible, and both are missing. Zach leaves Kendall after learning that Ryan is taking a more active role in Cambias, and Kendall is less than thrilled when Julia shows up at the door. Janet shows up at the apartment to torment Jonathan, leading him to ask Erin if they're certain he's cured. A call from Jamie clues Tad, J.R., Babe, Di and Palmer into the fact Krystal, Adam, Opal and Brooke are missing.moreless
  • Ep. #9277
    Ep. #9277
    Episode 8
    Kendall does her best to cheer Ryan up on his first night back in the apartment, but after Julia shows up, Ryan asks Kendall to leave. Erica is furious that Jesse expects her and Josh to co-host New Beginnings together. J.R. makes it clear to Babe that while he enjoys sleeping with her, that's as far as their relationship is ever going to go. Tad finally admits to Di that he wants her back in his life. Janet loads Brooke, Adam, Joe and Opal into a truck and then adds Krystal to her collection of kidnapped Pine Valley citizens.moreless
  • Ep. #9276
    Ep. #9276
    Episode 7
    Jackson and Tad are shocked to learn that Greg performed Erica's abortion years earlier when she was married to Jeff. After talking to Greg, Tad has a disarming thought. Jonathan is unsettled after another encounter with Janet outside the hospital. Josh fires Amanda after catching her with Jamie, but Amanda 'convinces' him to keep her on. Amanda is upset when Josh tells her she forgot about the network executive coming. Krystal warns Adam that if he does anything to her, she'll make sure his dirty laundry gets aired. Kendall encourages Ryan to go after Greenlee. Babe proposes to J.R. Janet kidnaps Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #9275
    Ep. #9275
    Episode 6
    After a discussion on romance in their Life Skills class, Jonathan asks Lily to be his girlfriend. Kendall figures out what Zach is up to, and the two disagree on what to do about Ryan. Ethan gives Simone an engagement ring, which she is only too pleased to accept. Janet kidnaps Opal.moreless
  • Ep. #9274
    Ep. #9274
    Episode 5
    Julia visits Di and tells her how wonderful her previous night was, but when Di asks who she was with Julia sidesteps the question. Kendall is in the hospital after experiencing some spotting, but Greg assures her that she'll be fine. Later he tells Zach that Kendall has to relax, and cannot have intercourse until she's out of the woods. Tad and Aidan discuss who they believe might have pushed Di and, after ruling out Jonathan, suspect Amanda. Jamie, who overheard Amanda blaming Di for getting her kicked out of the mansion, tells Tad and Aidan that he'll look into Amanda. Greg fires Di.moreless
  • Ep. #9273
    Ep. #9273
    Episode 4
    Janet visits Jonathan in his room and tries to convince him that he's the one responsible for what happened to Di, but he maintains his innocence. Julia heads to S.O.S. where, after sharing a hot salsa with a hunky bartender, she heads home for the night with David Hayward. Tad visits an ailing Di in the hospital, and he and J.R. listen to her incoherent ramblings about Dixie. Kendall takes Zach with her to say goodbye to Bianca and Miranda, and Erica is furious to see them together, but is out-voted by the family, all of whom (except Reggie and Jackson, who abstain) want to give Kendall and Zach a chance.moreless
  • Ep. #9272
    Ep. #9272
    Episode 3
    Erica remembers Greg leaning over her wearing a surgical mask, and he reminds her that he was the doctor who terminated her pregnancy years ago. Jonathan manages to save Di from the ice, and Krystal calls 911 while Tad uses CPR in an attempt to save Di's life. J.R. and Babe make love in the shed. Kendall tells Ryan that she and Zach are back together, and then wonders if the time has come for her to tell the world about the two of them. Janet is more determined than ever to destroy anyone who has ever hurt Amanda.moreless
  • Ep. #9271
    Ep. #9271
    Episode 2
    J.R. and Babe decide that being together is too painful and agree to separate, but J.R. follows Babe when she leaves and the two end up in a passionate embrace. Erica is furious with Josh after learning he did the Geraldo interview and fires him, but reconsiders after Josh guilts her. Zach is confused when Kendall seems to want out of their relationship, but finally realises it's because she's worried the baby will come between them and kisses her passionately, which is witnessed by Ryan. Tad walks in on an argument between Adam and Krystal and encourages Krystal to take the deal Adam is offering -- half of Chandler Enterprises. Someone pushes Di into the water in the icehouse.moreless
  • Ep. #9270
    Ep. #9270
    Episode 1
    J.R. kisses Kendall, but she pushes him away, telling him that she is in love with Zach. Babe asks Bianca if she should take Zach's offer of buying her Fusion stock, and offers to do it if that's what Bianca wants her to do. Erica tells Janet that she must leave the warehouse. Amanda confronts Josh with what she overheard and asks him if he's trying to destroy Erica.moreless