All My Children - Season 39

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Episode Guide

  • Ep. #10031
    Ep. #10031
    Episode 251
    Greenlee is worried about her nightmare and she seeks out Opal's help to see her future, but has no idea that Opal have her a wrong reading. She returns home and accepts Ryan's marriage proposal. Simon talks to Bianca about his life with Reese. Aidan investigates Dr. Sinclair.
  • Ep. #10030
    Ep. #10030
    Episode 250
    David fires Jake from the Pine Valley hospital. Krystal finds herself running back to David yet again. Joe is concerned about Tad's absence. Zach wants to help out Brot. Ryan asks Greenlee to marry him.
  • Ep. #10029
    Ep. #10029
    Episode 249
    Annie attempts to kill Ryan after having seen him and Greenlee together, but is taken back to Oak Haven. Adam thinks Amanda is after JR and thinks JR is drinking again. Krystal kisses David.
  • Ep. #10028
    Ep. #10028
    Episode 248
    Annie manages to escape from Oak Haven. Krystal survives the fire after having destroyed her home. Greenlee and Ryan are back together.
  • Ep. #10027
    Ep. #10027
    Episode 247
    Kendall's spirit makes a visit. Amanda has J.R. drinking again. Krystal goes ballistic on her home. Greenlee and Ryan make love.
  • Ep. #10026
    Ep. #10026
    Episode 246
    Greenlee tries to cheer up Emma. David continues manipulating Krystal. J.R. takes his son to the lodge. Taylor asks Zach for help.
  • Ep. #10025
    Ep. #10025
    Episode 245
    Pine Valley gathers to remember Myrtle Fargate, as citizens receive gifts she sent them before her passing. Kelly Taylor shows up in town to join the others as they pay tribute to Myrtle.
  • Ep. #10024
    Ep. #10024
    Episode 244
    Zach and Reese decide to be honest with Bianca. Erica questions Reese about her ex-fiance. Adam makes it clear to David that he thinks he's manipulating Krystal.
  • Ep. #10023
    Ep. #10023
    Episode 243
    Aidan warns Annie not to trust Ryan. David blackmails Joe. Kendall finally moves. Greenlee asks Jack to handle her divorce. Jake gives Taylor and Brot a warning.
  • Ep. #10022
    Ep. #10022
    Episode 242
    Greenlee learns more about Randi's past. Angie comforts Krystal. Randi and Frankie enjoy a little time together. Annie and Aidan are playing games in Oak Heaven.
  • Ep. #10021
    Ep. #10021
    Episode 241
    Taylor and Brot are finally able to talk openly. Jake ends up getting drunk. Ryan daydreams of Greenlee. Amanda pushes J.R. to alcohol. Bianca learns that her fiancée was engaged to a man.
  • Ep. #10020
    Ep. #10020
    Episode 240
    Reese is surprised when her father shows up in Pine Valley. Aidan goes to see Annie in Oak Heaven. Amanda daydreams of Jake. Rebecca asks to be let go from the hospital. Zach is frustrated to learn that Kendall isn't the patient that woke up.
  • Ep. #10019
    Ep. #10019
    Episode 239
    Rebecca wakes up. Bianca questions Reese. Krystal leans on David. Aidan shows up to see Annie at Oak Heaven. Ryan witnesses yet another of Annie's crazy moments.
  • Ep. #10018
    Ep. #10018
    Episode 238
    Emma finally sees her mother. Reese and Zach return home. David tricks Tad. Angie saves Rebecca life even though she wasn't suppose to. Natalia can't deal with the fact that Rebecca doesn't want to be saved.
  • Ep. #10017
    Ep. #10017
    Episode 237
    Zach is worried about his wife. Krystal and David continue growing closer. Bianca drinks the milk that David drugged. Rebecca thinks she'll day before Christmas. Jake has words with Brot.
  • Ep. #10016
    Ep. #10016
    Episode 236
    Jake comforts Greenlee. Ryan asks Jack to help him out with divorcing Annie. Tad searches for his wife. Aidan has to take a polygraph test. Taylor tries to reach out to Brot.
  • Ep. #10015
    Ep. #10015
    Episode 235
    Krystal is heartbroken after realizing she won't be with her daughter on Christmas, so she finds herself in David's arms yet again. David takes Krystal to Wildwind and drugs her drink. Angie comes looking for her. Tad is worried about his wife. Greenlee is convinced that her life with Ryan is over. Amanda visits JR, but she's thrown out of the mansion by Adam. Erica doesn't accept Jack's offer to move in with him and instead decides to live with Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #10014
    Ep. #10014
    Episode 234
    Jake urges Taylor not to give up on Brot. Reese comforts Bianca. Erica visits Kendall. Frankie and Randi celebrate. David tells Zach that Kendall doesn't have much time to live.
  • Ep. #10013
    Ep. #10013
    Episode 233
    Kendall's body is taken back to the Pine Valley hospital. Greenlee comes to talk to her, as Ryan listens in on her conversation. Reese helps Zach decorate the house. Taylor has a bad reaction to seeing Brot's scars. Aidan thinks Annie is faking her illness.
  • Ep. #10012
    Ep. #10012
    Episode 232
    Taylor finally learns that Brot is alive. Greenlee comforts Emma. Angie sees Krystal and David kissing. Bianca takes over Fusion, while Reese is confronted by Zach. Annie thinks Richie is still alive.
  • Ep. #10011
    Ep. #10011
    Episode 231
    Jake and Joe work to keep Erica live, while Annie is committed and faces with a psychiatrist. Ryan turns on Zach. David continues trying to sabotage JR.
  • Ep. #10010
    Ep. #10010
    Episode 230
    Annie has a psychotic breakdown, as the rest of the town prepares for a tornado victims benefit. Zach receives bad news about his wife.
  • Ep. #10009
    Ep. #10009
    Episode 229
    Aidan warns Zach that Annie is going to cause a lot of trouble. Annie goes to Wildwind. Colby tries to find out more about Brot. Bianca and Reese argue. Zach takes out his frustration on the people around him. David and Taylor argue.
  • Ep. #10008
    Ep. #10008
    Episode 228
    Bianca and JR have a nasty confrontation. Aidan and Annie admit to their sick plot. David tells Amanda that she can't quit. Krystal comforts Annie. David stops Jake during surgery.
  • Ep. #10007
    Ep. #10007
    Episode 227
    Angie isn't able to hold back her feelings. Greenlee and Erica enter a heated confrontation at Fusion. Ryan confronts Annie. Krystal isn't able to stop thinking about David. Rebecca and Jesse reach an agreement.
  • Ep. #10006
    Ep. #10006
    Episode 226
    Erica gives Randi a new job. Krystal reaches out to David, while Tad worries about his wife. Kendall makes a reaction to Spike's voice. Gabrielle is christened. Amanda continues making moves on JR.
  • Ep. #10005
    Ep. #10005
    Episode 225
    Colby decides to take Brot back to her place. Frankie tries to hide the truth from Taylor. Adam and Petey end up making another deal. Ryan saves Emma's life. Zach misses his wife.
  • Ep. #10004
    Ep. #10004
    Episode 224
    Tad pays Taylor a visit. Greenlee asks Jake for help. Brot watches Taylor as she talks to Jake. Ryan and Annie continue searching for Emma. Krystal is worried about JR.
  • Ep. #10003
    Ep. #10003
    Episode 223
    Jesse follows Ryan to Puerto Rico. Angie surprises Natalia and Rebecca by asking them to move into her house. Jake and Taylor bond, while Colby reaches out to Brot. Di and Aidan end up shot.
  • Ep. #10002
    Ep. #10002
    Episode 222
    Petey lets his feelings out. Ryan and Annie find the kidnapper's place. Taylor plans to attend her first marathon. Colby takes care of Brot. Reese opens up to Bianca.
  • Ep. #10001
    Ep. #10001
    Episode 221
    Taylor makes an important decision. Petey goes after Colby. Ryan tries to trick Annie when he starts suspecting her. Erica gives Adam a kiss. Aidan continues making things difficult for his wife. Reese talks to Zach about her family.
  • Ep. #10000
    Ep. #10000
    Episode 220
    A woman named Aggie piques interest in several residents of Pine Valley. Frankie finally forgives Jesse. Bianca decides to stay in town. Zach goes ballistic at the Cambias office.
  • Ep. #9999
    Ep. #9999
    Episode 219
    Taylor is able to regain some feeling. Tad warns Krystal that David is manipulating her. Frankie leans on Randi. Jesse tries to talk to Angie. Annie and Aidan go through their plan again.
  • Ep. #9998
    Ep. #9998
    Episode 218
    Taylor and Jake make progress. Di and Annie discuss about Emma. Amanda regrets making love to David. Frankie finds Brot.
  • Ep. #9997
    Ep. #9997
    Episode 217
    Ryan hears from Annie. Rebecca reaches out to Jesse. Krystal has a dream about David. Tad is confused by a mystery man. JR threatens David.
  • Ep. #9996
    Ep. #9996
    Episode 216
    David continues manipulating people. JR and Krystal enter a heated discussion. Erica asks Reese for help at Fusion. Zach makes a huge decision.
  • Ep. #9995
    Ep. #9995
    Episode 215
    Zach won't let Kendall be moved to a special facility. Krystal convinces JR to stay in town. The hospital staff is upset by David's shocking revelation. Erica takes over Fusion. David tries to charm Amanda.
  • Ep. #9994
    Ep. #9994
    Episode 214
    Jake challenges Taylor. Aidan helps out Greenlee and Ryan. David shocks everyone at a meeting at the hospital. J.R. decides to leave Pine Valley.
  • Ep. #9993
    Ep. #9993
    Episode 213
    Annie is taken away by the kidnapper. David promises to change his attitude. Rebecca turns out to have an inoperable brain tumor.
  • Ep. #9992
    Ep. #9992
    Episode 212
    Babe's ghost visits David. Reese shocks Bianca by proposing. Zach receives advice from Father Clarence. Frankie confronts Jesse. JR plays with Little A.
  • Ep. #9991
    Ep. #9991
    Episode 211
    Colby makes a move on Petey. Jake tries to help Taylor. David shocks Zach and Bianca by revealing that Kendall can't be helped. JR and Krystal speak at Babe's funeral. Zach confronts Jake.
  • Ep. #9990
    Ep. #9990
    Episode 210
    David decides to fight for the custody of Little A. Bianca thinks of a name for her baby. Krystal informs JR and Adam that they need to work together. Zach worries that his wife might not survive, while Erica tries to convince David to operate on Kendall.
  • Ep. #9989
    Ep. #9989
    Episode 209
    Rebecca arrives in Pine Valley. Natalie tells Angie about how much Jesse loves her. JR forgives Adam. Ryan and Annie go to meet the kidnappers. Greenlee convinces Zach to go have rest at home.
  • Ep. #9988
    Ep. #9988
    Episode 208
    Bianca admits who her baby's father is. Taylor can't feel her legs after the fall. Annie and Ryan are contacted by Emma's kidnappers. Erica turns out to be alive. David is locked up.
  • Ep. #9987
    Ep. #9987
    Episode 207
    Krystal and Tad are stunned to see David back in town. Zach blames Jake for what happened to Kendall and he goes to attack him, but accidentally hurts Taylor in the process. Annie and Ryan get bad news concerning Emma. Angie demands to know the truth from her husband.
  • Ep. #9986
    Ep. #9986
    Episode 206
    Babe and JR get married, and Babe passes away. Krystal leans on Tad to say goodbye to her daughter. Greenlee finds out how Bianca got pregnant and who is the father of her baby. Zach tries to stop Kendall's operation. Annie and Ryan come upon Erica and Adam while trying to find Emma.moreless
  • Ep. #9985
    Ep. #9985
    Episode 205
    As another storm heads to Pine Valley, Babe comes to a realization that she's going to die soon and she uses the last chance she has to marry JR. Jesse finally tells the truth to his wife. Annie and Ryan continue searching after their daughter.
  • Ep. #9984
    Ep. #9984
    Episode 204
    Colby finds out that Adam is missing. Bianca goes into labor. Jake asks Greenlee for permission to operate on Kendall. Angie still fights to save Babe's life. Ryan doesn't trust Annie.
  • Ep. #9983
    Ep. #9983
    Episode 203
    Aidan saves Ryan's life, but then ends up in the debris. Angie tries to save Babe's life. Zach is shocked when he finds Bianca in the rubble. He later finds Kendall unconscious, and Frankie fights to save her. Tad is stuck at the hospital.
  • Ep. #9982
    Ep. #9982
    Episode 202
    Annie keeps trying to find Emma. Kendall tries to reach Zach, but their call gets disconnected. The tornado hits Zach's car and Annie tries to help, but Zach urges her to find Emma. Zach barely makes it to safety. While Colby helps out a hurt Petey, Ryan tries to make sure that Greenlee is okay. Zach returns to the house and tries to find Kendall, but can only locate their kids. He's shocked when he uncovers Bianca's body under the rubble. The Hubbards, Martins, Careys and others seek shelter at The Comeback. The tornado completely destroys The Comeback, and JR is shocked to find Babe trapped under a beam.moreless
  • Ep. #9981
    Ep. #9981
    Episode 201
    Erica and Adam realize that someone is hiding in the tunnels. Ryan finds Greenlee. JR and Babe return to Pine Valley. Annie and Corrina go on a search after Emma. Zach leaves Kendall and their kids alone at the house. Jesse tries to calm the situation in town. Opal has a heart attack.moreless
  • Ep. #9980
    Ep. #9980
    Episode 200
    Annie learns about Opal's predictions. Amanda insults Taylor. Zach and Kendall enjoy spending time together with their kids. Greenlee isn't ready to listen to what Ryan has to say. Taylor receives her papers for Iraq. Natalie crashes the Hubbard family evening.
  • Ep. #9979
    Ep. #9979
    Episode 199
    Carmen and Erica fight. Greenlee finally admits her true feelings. Kendall and Zach are finally ready to move forward in their marriage, while Aidan is having trouble dealing with problems in his. Colby takes Petey's side.
  • Ep. #9978
    Ep. #9978
    Episode 198
    Annie and Zach can't make an agreement. Jack questions Colby. Ryan gives his wife an ultimatum. Erica tries to charm her way through Adam. A raging Aidan destroys the home that he built for Greenlee. Greenlee blames her problems on Kendall.
  • Ep. #9977
    Ep. #9977
    Episode 197
    Annie is forced to make another tough decision. After eavesdropping on his wife, Aidan confronts Greenlee and Ryan. Zach blackmails Annie into giving Emma's custody to Ryan with information about Richie's murder. Jack is worried about Erica's presence at Adam's mansion. Natalia asks Jesse to come back to their home.
  • Ep. #9976
    Ep. #9976
    Episode 196
    Opal confides in Ryan about having a really bad feeling for the future. Taylor is confused and hurt when she goes to see Brot's mother and learns that Brot never mentioned her. Annie spills about her crimes to the psychiatrist. Babe and JR prepare to leave town. Aidan bugs his wife. The FDA closes Fusion.moreless
  • Ep. #9975
    Ep. #9975
    Episode 195
    Ryan tries to get Kendall to start focusing on her own life. Zach again has to convince Annie to go see a psychiatrist. Colby threatens Adam when she finds out the truth from Petey. JR and Babe make an important decision about their future.
  • Ep. #9974
    Ep. #9974
    Episode 194
    Tad admits to investigating Taylor. Zach manages to convince Annie to go see a psychiatrist. Adam takes another step in his plan. Amanda comes to a conclusion that she might lose her investment. Greenlee and Kendall are forced to do damage control.
  • Ep. #9973
    Ep. #9973
    Episode 193
    Jake tries to convince Taylor to revel more info about herself. Annie tends to her daughter. Both Ryan and Greenlee are weirdly drawn to the moon. Kendall finds out Bella was tainted by someone. JR is confused by Erica's and Adam's closeness.
  • Ep. #9972
    Ep. #9972
    Episode 192
    Opal warns Erica and Krystal to be careful. Opal and Krystal ask Jesse for help. Greenlee and Ryan can't stop thinking about each other. JR and Babe are worried about Annie's metal health. Annie escapes from her attacker. Aidan bugs Greenlee. A strange woman arrives at the Hubbard household.
  • Ep. #9971
    Ep. #9971
    Episode 191
    Kendall and Zach make up. Greenlee realizes that she can't contact Ryan anymore. Annie confronts Kendall and accuses her of being the one that's crazy. Petey informs Adam about Erica's plans after overhearing Opal's and Erica's conversation. Colby catches Erica and Adam.
  • Ep. #9970
    Ep. #9970
    Episode 190
    Frankie asks Randi to move in with him. Erica tries to get more info out of Adam. Aidan finds out that Greenlee lied to him about Ryan. Annie confronts Kendall and Greenlee. Amanda won't listen to Babe as she suspects Bella could be contaminated.
  • Ep. #9969
    Ep. #9969
    Episode 189
    Zach has another warning for Kendall. Jesse threatens Aidan to back off. Greenlee blames Kendall for the problems in her marriage. Opal thinks something bad is headed to Pine Valley as she finishes her Tarot reading. Babe and J.R. try to give advice to Annie. Ryan has tough time trying to distance himself from Greenlee.moreless
  • Ep. #9968
    Ep. #9968
    Episode 188
    Jake tries to find out exactly what is bothering Taylor. Taylor manages to successfully go through physical evaluation. Opal scares Krystal. Greenlee comforts Ryan. Adam refuses to support Annie any longer. Zach and Kendall end up with the custody of Emma.
  • Ep. #9967
    Ep. #9967
    Episode 187
    Greenlee is having hard time dealing with Annie's actions. Annie wants to fight to have her daughter back. Taylor asks Frankie for a personal favor. Babe realizes something must be going on between Adam and Petey. Frankie's redeployment is postponed.
  • Ep. #9966
    Ep. #9966
    Episode 186
    Erica overhears Adam and Annie talking about Fusion. Jesse shares more details about his past with Angie. Aidan is shocked by Greenlee's discovery. Kendall finally comes to a rational conclusion. Annie saves Little A's life. Ryan confronts Annie about her gun.
  • Ep. #9965
    Ep. #9965
    Episode 185
    Ryan has a serious talk with Emma. Greenlee accidentally shares too much information. JR's and Babe's engagement party starts. Erica tries to help out Kendall.
  • Ep. #9964
    Ep. #9964
    Episode 184
    Tad learns too much information when he eavesdrops on Jesse. Amanda continues planning the launch of Bella. Jesse and Angie try to reach their son, who decides to make a confession. Babe and JR announce their engagement.
  • Ep. #9963
    Ep. #9963
    Episode 183
    Taylor finds herself between Frankie and Randi. Jake finds Petey after he's been struck by lightning at the loading docks. Erica is surprised by Adam's actions. Kendall and Zach try to find a way to fix the problems in their marriage.
  • Ep. #9962
    Ep. #9962
    Episode 182
    A storm starts brewing in Pine Valley. Opal is stunned when Erica tells her she's going out with Adam. Adam calls Palmer a fossil and Opal a fruitcake. Zach questions Kendall if she's happy in their marriage, but she keeps trying to redirect the conversation to the fact that Zach told everyone about their problems. Kendall then finally says that she's happy in their marriage, but Zach doesn't believe her. Ryan confesses to Greenlee that he loves her, but she won't indulge in the conversation. Kendall confronts Greenlee about talking marriage with Zach. Greenlee asks Kendall to stop pushing her to Ryan. Annie confides in Babe about still being frightened by Richie. Tad asks Aidan to help him acquire Jesse's phone records. Erica is frightened by the storm on her date with Adam. Palmer grounds Petey upon hearing about his obsession with Colby. Petey sneaks back to the loading docks and taints the entire shipment of Bella. A thunder strikes him just as he's about to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #9961
    Ep. #9961
    Episode 181
    Petey pretends trying to find a job at Fusion to cover for snooping around the loading docks, but both Kendall and Greenlee don't believe him. Babe lets them know that Petey has been hanging around Adam quite a lot lately, so Kendall and Greenlee decide to hire him. Kendall refuses to admit to Greenlee that she has a problem concentrating on her family. Annie turns away from Ryan. Angie asks Tad to question Jesse about his past. Erica claims to Adam that she's over Jack. She sees Carmen with Jack again. Colby questions Petey about why he is hanging around her father lately, but gets interrupted. Petey explains to Adam how he got a job at Fusion and Adam is pleased. Somebody watches Annie and Emma. Kendall starts pushing Ryan to go see Greenlee. JR asks Babe to marry him. Zach questions Kendall about the happiness in their marriage. Ryan confides in Greenlee about being confused.moreless
  • Ep. #9960
    Ep. #9960
    Episode 180
    Carmen enjoys her birthday and her suddenly full life, but Adam tries to bring her down by saying that Jack will eventually notice she is a gold digger, but Carmen replies that she cares for Jack. Greenlee and Jack talk about Carmen's gift and Greenlee comments that Jack has never smiled with Erica as much as he does with Carmen. Kendall shows up at Erica's, asking her to seduce Adam so she'd be able to know more about his plans to take down Fusion. Erica advises Opal to move on from Palmer. Colby and Dre are irritated by Petey's presence at the mansion. Adam is irritated when he accidentally uses Petey's chemicals on Carmen and he decides to make the chemicals without Petey. Opal tells Jack that he should go back to Erica, but Jack tells her that Erica needs to move on. Carmen starts acting strangely under the influence of the chemicals. Erica tries to ruin Carmen's day, but it turns out great. She then puts her plan to seduce Adam into motion. Greenlee advises Kendall to stop wasting her time worrying about other peoples problems. Amanda catches Petey around the shipment of Bella.moreless
  • Ep. #9959
    Ep. #9959
    Episode 179
    Zach can't handle Kendall as she continues to ramble about Annie. Greenlee confides in Aidan that she doesn't want to have any babies because she can't face the possibility of losing a child. Babe and JR arrive at the hospital to pick up Annie. Ryan and Annie have to explain to Emma that Annie lost the baby. Adam watches Erica as she bargains with the New Beginnings producer. Kendall learns about Babe's plans to takeover Fusion. Zach confides in Greenlee that he's tired of Kendall neglecting him and their family. JR questions Petey about his constant presence at the mansion. Kendall goes to see Erica to talk about Adam, just as Babe assures JR that Kendall thinks Adam is trying to take over Fusion.moreless
  • Ep. #9958
    Ep. #9958
    Episode 178
    Annie breaks down and confesses most of her crimes to Ryan. She thinks that losing the baby was the punishment for all the horrible things she had done to him and she asks him not to forgive her because she doesn't deserve it. Greenlee, Kendall, Zach and Aidan learn about Annie's miscarriage, and Greenlee is shocked when Kendall says that maybe it's for the best. Richie reappears to Annie, urging her to go along with her plan, but for once Annie is done. She refuses to believe that Richie is real and then Richie finally disappears. Tad tries to reassure Angie that she shouldn't be worried about the mysterious phone calls. Taylor doesn't agree with Jake's claim that Frankie already did his job in Iraq. She tells Jake that she wishes she would have never told him about what happened in Iraq. Jake's date with Amanda is interrupted by a call from the hospital. Randi tries to convince Frankie to stay in Pine Valley. Ryan informs Greenlee about Annie's confession.moreless
  • Ep. #9957
    Ep. #9957
    Episode 177
    Kendall tries to convince Greenlee that Annie faked getting beat up to control Ryan, but Greenlee won't listen and instead, she suggests that Kendall should just stay out of it. Richie continues taunting Annie. Jake tells Tad that he chose to stay in town and Tad immediately realizes it's about a girl. Jake admits he's dating Amanda and Tad suggests a double date. Angie tells Frankie that she thinks Taylor has been putting ideas in his head about leaving to Iraq. She suggests a few ideas of how Frankie could stay home, but Frankie is keen on leaving. Angie vows that she won't let her family be broken up again. Amanda questions Taylor about her attraction to Jake, but Taylor tells her that there is none. Angie asks Randi for help to keep Frankie in Pine Valley. Angie confides in Tad that she thinks someone might be coming after Jesse due to all the hangups. Ryan tells Zach that he feels guilty for all the bad stuff that has been happening to his friends. Randi tells Frankie that she won't let him leave. Kendall confronts Annie about her lying and the confrontation results in Annie getting stomach pains. Annie learns that she lost the baby and she breaks down, ready to admit her crimes to Ryan.moreless
  • Ep. #9956
    Ep. #9956
    Episode 176
    Ryan tries to tell everyone that Annie has been lying for months, but Adam, J.R. and Babe stick up for her and won't let Ryan see Emma, so Ryan locks them up. He rushes upstairs and finds Emma just as Annie returns back home, and meanwhile Petey releases the Chandlers. Greenlee asks Jake to come to her place when she hears noises, but she later realizes it was nothing. Kendall tells Zach that she'll try to spend more time home. Erica questions Kendall about Josh's whereabouts. She's concerned when Kendall seems to show a lack of interest in saving Josh, but Kendall explains that they need to keep quiet about Josh or he might be killed. Erica asks Jack for help with Josh, but Carmen interrupts her. She then asks Adam for help but he rejects her. Ryan tells Greenlee that he didn't hurt Annie. Annie is taken to the hospital and is worried about her the health of her unborn baby. Greenlee explains Annie's condition to Kendall, but Kendall doesn't feel sympathy for Annie. Zach urges Kendall to be more sympathetic. J.R. warns Babe that Adam and Petey might be up to something.moreless
  • Ep. #9955
    Ep. #9955
    Episode 175
    Ryan agrees to work for Zach until the Josh situation is resolved. Zach tells Ryan that he is tired of Kendall ignoring their marriage and family in favor of other people. Ryan gets a restraining order. Richie bothers Annie with plans of killing Greenlee. Annie shows her bruises at Fusion and lies that Ryan beat her up, but Kendall doesn't trust her. Greenlee sides with Annie. Annie learns Greenlee will be spending the night alone and she decides to go after her, with Richie standing by her side. Zach makes it clear to Kendall that he's tired of listening about other peoples problems and that he wants Kendall to focus more on her family. Adam informs Petey about the new shipment of Bella, and Petey almost tells J.R. what is going on. Annie takes a gun from Adam's place. Ryan tells Babe that Annie is making up lies about beating her up. Krystal and Tad visit a therapist to resolve the Kathy issue. Annie tries to kill Greenlee, but ends up realizing she can't do it.moreless
  • Ep. #9954
    Ep. #9954
    Episode 174
    Angie is heartbroken when Frankie refuses to listen to her about her redeployment. She tells Jesse it's all his fault, but later calms down. Frankie informs Taylor about being redeployed and she's stunned to realize that Frankie doesn't want to go. Josh lies to Erica about Zach framing him for embezzlement. Erica offers help and goes to talk to Zach. Josh tries to break into the safe. Kendall asks Zach to forgive Josh, but Zach isn't ready to let go. Erica begs Zach to reconsider catching Josh, but Zach refuses to listen to her pleas. Kendall asks Ryan to help Josh, but Josh thinks Kendall is only trying to buy time. Richie taunts Annie with plans of murdering people. Annie gives Petey a little makeover to make him more attractive to Colby.moreless
  • Ep. #9953
    Ep. #9953
    Episode 173
    Aidan comforts Greenlee after their fight. She explains that Ryan means a lot to her, but that she loves Aidan. Kendall is shocked when Josh admits to Zach that he stole money from Cambias to fund his own business. Zach decides to get rid of Josh, but Kendall warns him that they will be through if he does anything to harm Josh. Josh begs Erica to help him escape from Zach. Erica tells Samuel goodbye. Annie tries to convince Ryan that she wants to work on their family, but Ryan makes it clear that they can be a family but never a couple again. Richie continues taunting Annie. Angie is upset due to Frankie's deployment. Jake tries to convince him to delay the deployment, but Frankie is keen on leaving to serve his country.moreless
  • Ep. #9952
    Ep. #9952
    Episode 172
    Josh asks Kendall for her help before Zach confronts him. Zach's thugs brings Josh to Zach's office where Zach confronts Josh about embezzling money, but Josh won't admit to it. Aidan tells Annie that he completely trusts Greenlee, but he confronts Ryan and Greenlee on the roof. Jake listens as Taylor describes the tough times she had in Iraq. Frankie comforts Randi. Frankie learns he was redeployed to Iraq. Jesse gives Angie a part of the story of his missing years. Annie doesn't understand why Adam wants Fusion to get better. Ryan wants to see Emma but Annie refuses to play nice with Ryan.moreless
  • Ep. #9951
    Ep. #9951
    Episode 171
    Taylor admits to killing Fletcher in order to protect Randi. Adam is worried about Colby, who used the contaminated perfume. Kendall keeps sticking her nose in other people's business at the party. Carmen is worried when she learns Erica exited the party early. Ryan tells Greenlee that he can't let go of the past. Zach learns that someone has been stealing money from Cambias. Josh asks Kendall for help. Jesse promises not to reveal anything about Taylor's defense to the army. He tells Taylor that her attack was a clear case of self defense. Randi hugs Taylor. Colby ends up spaced out after taking the perfume and everyone thinks she's been drinking again. She later realizes that she was drugged. Adam and Petey decide to continue with their plans to contaminate the perfume. Randi tells Frankie that she's scared. Jake finds Taylor shaking but she won't confide in him.moreless
  • Ep. #9950
    Ep. #9950
    Episode 170
    Krystal freaks out when Kathy pushes the ladder and it almost falls on Jenny. Tad doesn't believe Krystal's accusations. Frankie urges his father to concentrate on the Fletcher case, but Jesse claims it's currently not a priority. Jesse learns that the pipe wrench had Richie's blood on it and it clears the teens as possible suspects of Richie's murder. Erica asks Kendall to stop stressing about Ryan's life, but Kendall refuses to listen. Jake is surprised by Taylor's makeover. J.R. accuses Amanda of stealing credit for Bella. Adam tries to make Petey look good in front of Colby. Petey spikes the perfume with chemicals by Adam's orders, but they're both worried later when Colby tries to use some of the perfume on herself. Fletcher attacks Randi in the bathroom and Taylor jumps to Randi's defense, as Fletcher falls on the floor, dead.moreless
  • Ep. #9949
    Ep. #9949
    Episode 169
    Ryan confides in Erica about his feelings for Greenlee. Amanda and Babe present their ads to Kendall, but she refuses to accept the idea. Erica thinks Babe's ad is better, but Amanda ends up choosing her own. Erica and Kendall catch up on the latest events in their love lives. Babe learns that Annie will be staying at Adam's mansion. Richie appears to Annie and berates her for choosing to live at Adam's. Carmen overhears a part the conversation between Adam and Annie. Petey wants to have a date with Colby, and she's confused when Adam supports Petey's idea. J.R. is surprised when Adam supports Babe's business idea. Krystal advises Angie to give Jesse time before he can be ready to talk about the years he was presumed dead. Kathy plans to push Krystal off a ladder.moreless
  • Ep. #9948
    Ep. #9948
    Episode 168
    Aidan angrily confronts Ryan, who admits that he still loves Greenlee but that he won't give up on his marriage because of her. Annie is heartbroken after Ryan admits he still has feeling for Greenlee, and she grabs Emma and walks out. Aidan and Greenlee make love. Adam and Petey work on the assignment against Fusion. Opal accidentally drinks the chemicals Petey made. Babe convinces J.R. that Bella could be a great investment. Erica is stunned to find Carmen at Jack's. Carmen offers to break it off with Jack, but Erica doesn't want that. Jake tells Taylor that he doesn't understand her need to return to Iraq. Erica's good and bad side battle as she tries to realize what she needs to do about Jack. Adam kisses Erica and she then storms off.moreless
  • Ep. #9947
    Ep. #9947
    Episode 167
    Ryan thanks Greenlee for helping him get back on track with Annie. Randi learns that Greenlee loves the perfume idea. Frankie questions Taylor about her nightmare problems, but Taylor refuses to talk about it. Fletcher wants the drugs from Frankie but he refuses to help him. Randi kisses Frankie. Zach urges Kendall to focus on her family but his wife isn't able to. Annie gives more info on Fusion to Adam. Petey offers his help to Adam, but Adam refuses until Petey mentions going to Palmer. Jake and Amanda make love. Ryan takes Annie to the hospital for a check-up. Aidan slugs Ryan. Frankie admits his problems to Jesse, but then asks his father to keep quiet.moreless
  • Ep. #9946
    Ep. #9946
    Episode 166
    Amanda and Jake discuss about Jake's plans to getting his own place. Taylor and Jake discuss about war, followed by another disturbing war flashback which Taylor tries to handle. Angie and Jesse are worried about Cassandra. Jesse brings the lug wrench that was found to testing. Zach gives Ryan some advice on how to handle the situation with Annie. Kendall and Greenlee refuse to accept Amanda's and Babe's cheap ideas for Fusion. Annie asks for her old job back, which causes a confrontation between Kendall and Greenlee. Angie questions Jesse about what he was doing during the twenty years he was missing, but Jesse won't say. He later receives a phone call from a mysterious person.moreless
  • Ep. #9945
    Ep. #9945
    Episode 165
    Taylor and Jake are surprised to learn they both signed the lease for the same apartment. Amanda offers Jake a place to stay in case he doesn't want to stay with Taylor, but Taylor lets Jake stay. Jake defends Frankie's interests in front of Taylor. He later overhears Taylor having a nightmare. Kathy has a nightmare about Krystal trying to poison Tad. After she wakes up, she makes sure that she removes an apple from Tad. Krystal thinks she's making progress with Kathy. Erica is baffled to see Carmen and Jack kissing, while Carmen makes it clear to Jack that she kissed him for the show. Jack asks Erica to stop her game, and later tells Carmen that he truly cares for her. Kendall continues trying to convince Greenlee that she should be with Ryan, but Greenlee is brave enough to reject the thought. Annie tells Ryan the truth about getting pregnant again and how she hoped it would save their marriage. Richie appears to Annie trying to convince her to tells Ryan about the murder. Ryan hugs Annie.moreless
  • Ep. #9944
    Ep. #9944
    Episode 164
    Cassandra and Dre continue working on their plan. Angie and Jesse say goodbye to Cassandra. Adam is surprised when Annie approaches him with the intention to help him bring down Fusion, and she hands him over some files from Fusion. Erica and Jack discuss about Carmen. Opal doesn't believe Erica when she claims it's over between her and Jack. Adam and Erica go out to dinner together and Erica pretends she isn't bothered by Jack and Carmen, who are also on a date there. Carmen realizes that Jack is using her to make Erica jealous, and she kisses him. Ryan is frustrated when he finds out that Annie knew about the vasectomy and that she planned to become pregnant before. Greenlee and Kendall try to convince Ryan to get rid of Annie once and far all, but Ryan refuses. Annie is surprised when Ryan hands her the letter. Greenlee urges Kendall to leave Ryan alone, but is then surprised when Kendall says that Ryan still loves Greenlee.moreless
  • Ep. #9943
    Ep. #9943
    Episode 163
    Jesse joins Frankie and Randi over dinner and they discuss about all the new opportunities in Randi's life. Jesse learns that Annie quit her job. Annie tries to convince Amanda to start a new company with her, but Amanda is irritated by Annie's presence since she's on a date with Jake. Annie is still haunted by Richie. Kendall convinces Greenlee to tag along and find the place that the key opens. The girls find a locker that contains an envelope. Adam learns a new detail that could help him in the war against Fusion. He also learns that Carmen has been seeing Jack. Babe decides to take over Fusion, but without Adam's help. Dre and Cassandra pack. Frankie refuses to steal stuff for Fletcher. Annie offers help to Adam. Kendall and Greenlee bring the letter they found to Ryan.moreless
  • Ep. #9942
    Ep. #9942
    Episode 162
    Randi turns town a modeling job. Annie has to make an important decision. Fletcher gives Frankie a warning. Taylor eavesdrops on Jake. Krystal and J.R. spend some time bonding. Amanda and Babe are tired of Greenlee and Kendall.
  • Ep. #9941
    Ep. #9941
    Episode 161
    Erica undermines Carmen's confidence. Cassandra is still keen on leaving Pine Valley. Jack has to make a very important decision. Annie and Kendall fight. Greenlee surprises Aidan with a romantic evening.
  • Ep. #9940
    Ep. #9940
    Episode 160
    Cassandra decides to leave Pine Valley. Joe questions Jake's motives. Amanda and Jake flirt. Randi thinks that Frankie is only using her. J.R. and Adam continue plotting against Fusion.
  • Ep. #9939
    Ep. #9939
    Episode 159
    Krystal confronts Kathy about her behavior. Carmen's date with Jack is interrupted by the arrival of Greenlee, Aidan, Kendall and Zach. Annie is fed up with Ryan. Petey continues trying to get Colby.
  • Ep. #9938
    Ep. #9938
    Episode 158
    Carmen and Randi take some time to reminisce. Taylor surprises Angie and Jesse. Ryan saves Greenlee. Richie continues haunting Annie.
  • Ep. #9937
    Ep. #9937
    Episode 157
    Cassandra continues acting out against Jesse. Jesse talks to Angie about the murder case. Annie continues trying to manipulate Ryan. Kendall and Zach discuss about their problems. Jake and Taylor meet.
  • Ep. #9936
    Ep. #9936
    Episode 156
    Amanda bonds with Randi. J.R. and his father plot against Fusion. Carmen gives Colby some advice. Krystal finally tells Tad the entire truth.
  • Ep. #9935
    Ep. #9935
    Episode 155
    Jake gives Frankie some advice. Krystal dumps Adam. Zach questions Annie. Greenlee confides in Ryan about how happy she is. Randi and Carmen are having trouble communicating.
  • Ep. #9934
    Ep. #9934
    Episode 154
    Petey declares his true feelings for Colby. Cassandra is keen on saving Dre. Jesse and Tad search through Annie's car. Amanda and Babe make important business decisions. Annie and Ryan stop Greenlee's and Aidan's wedding.
  • Ep. #9933
    Ep. #9933
    Episode 153
    Greenlee makes an important decision about her future. Jesse and Tad go through Richie's murder case yet again. Angie and Krystal try to push some sense into Cassandra and Colby. Ryan proposes to Annie.
  • Ep. #9932
    Ep. #9932
    Episode 152
    Fletcher threatens Frankie. Amanda offers Randi a job. Annie uses Ryan's guilt as an advantage against him. Zach warns Kendall to be less obvious. Greenlee and Aidan meet newlyweds in Las Vegas.
  • Ep. #9931
    Ep. #9931
    Episode 151
    When Carmen jumps to Erica's defense, Adam fires her. Erica tries to manipulate Adam. Jesse tries to find out more about Annie's accident. Samuel and Dre reach an understanding. J.R. convinces Colby to attend an AA meeting. Kendall tries to make peace with Babe and Amanda.
  • Ep. #9930
    Ep. #9930
    Episode 150
    Dre is prepared to go to prison. Ryan and Annie receive some good news. Randi surprises Frankie. Tad confronts Krystal about the secrets she's been keeping from him. J.R. confronts his father. Sam, Jack and Jesse try to find out the truth.
  • Ep. #9929
    Ep. #9929
    Episode 149
    Annie goes to an ultrasound. Aidan saves Greenlee's life. Adam, Tad and Samuel try to convince Jesse to change his opinion about the teens. Kendall tries to persuade Ryan to find out what does the key open. Tad learns more about Krystal's involvement in the case.
  • Ep. #9928
    Ep. #9928
    Episode 148
    Kendall and Ryan argue about Annie. Zach watches as Annie faces her guilt. Babe learns about Colby's drinking problem. Jesse confronts Dre and Cassandra. Adam turns on J.R. again.
  • Ep. #9927
    Ep. #9927
    Episode 147
    J.R. asks Babe to marry him and she happily plans their wedding day in San Diego. Erica and Samuel go out on a date. Jesse learns that the teens are lying. Krystal tries to have a meaningful conversation with Adam, but he refuses to accept the truth.
  • Ep. #9926
    Ep. #9926
    Episode 146
    Erica and Sam invite Kendall and Zach to join them at dinner. Annie informs her daughter that she's going to have a baby. Aidan questions Annie. Jack warns Sam that his campaign might be in jeopardy. Greenlee spends time with Ryan. Frankie is pleased when he witnesses Randi asking for a job as a waitress.moreless
  • Ep. #9925
    Ep. #9925
    Episode 145
    Stuart begs Adam not to hurt Colby and to reconsider his actions, but Adam won't hear it. Jesse and Frankie share a discussion about Randi. Angie questions her daughter. J.R. tells Babe that he's ready to buy Fusion for her. Krystal confronts Colby.
  • Ep. #9924
    Ep. #9924
    Episode 144
    Kendall tells Greenlee that Ryan is in love with her. Frankie tells Randi about beating up Fletcher. Angie wants info from Jesse. Ryan confronts Annie.
  • Ep. #9923
    Ep. #9923
    Episode 143
    Erica plays games with Jack. Frankie goes after Fletcher. Ryan is questioning Annie's recent actions. Jesse leans on Tad. Greenlee is convinced that Kendall still loves Ryan.
  • Ep. #9922
    Ep. #9922
    Episode 142
    Jake explains to Angie why he's having hard time being around Colby. Erica and Samuel kiss, unaware that a reporter is taking pictures of them. Greenlee and Jack discuss about love. Ryan asks Aidan to investigate his vasectomy. Cassandra and Colby agree to babysit for Annie.
  • Ep. #9921
    Ep. #9921
    Episode 141
    Opal warns Samuel to stay away from Erica. Annie makes another step in her plan, as Kendall warns Babe that Annie seems to be losing it. J.R. tries to make a business deal with Zach. Erica celebrates her first day of freedom. Adam wants Krystal to be his spy.
  • Ep. #9920
    Ep. #9920
    Episode 140
    Ryan goes to visit his doctor. Greenlee gives Amanda some advice. Jake treats Amanda's sore neck. Colby and Cassandra begin to freak out, as Annie makes a surprising discovery. Angie tries to set up a date for her son.
  • Ep. #9919
    Ep. #9919
    Episode 139
    Annie is convinced that her pregnancy will solve all of her problems. Ryan is stunned to hear that Annie is pregnant. Adam blackmails Krystal. Kendall worries about Annie's mental health. Colby and Petey make a deal.
  • Ep. #9918
    Ep. #9918
    Episode 138
    Annie lashes out on Greenlee. Jesse and Tad try to find a clue in Richie's murder investigation. Adam threatens Petey. Erica learns she will be released today.
  • Ep. #9917
    Ep. #9917
    Episode 137
    Jesse threatens Fletcher. Frankie tries to protect Randi. Zach questions Annie. Tad and Ryan share a talk about destiny. Kendall almost reveals too much to Greenlee.
  • Ep. #9916
    Ep. #9916
    Episode 136
    Erica learns her days in prison will soon be over. Annie thinks Ryan might love her again. Greenlee thinks about life. Zach and Kendall argue about Annie. Dre promises to protect Cassandra.
  • Ep. #9915
    Ep. #9915
    Episode 135
    Greenlee tells Aidan that he is the only one for her. Annie won't say much to Jesse, and is later haunted by Richie's voice. Ryan plays with Emma. Cassandra and Colby confess about the hit-and-run to Adam.
  • Ep. #9914
    Ep. #9914
    Episode 134
    Richie's body is released. Petey tells the teens that he knows about their hit and run. Carmen and Krystal talk about Adam. Annie and Kendall argue. Zach and Jesse assess the crime scene.
  • Ep. #9913
    Ep. #9913
    Episode 133
    Colby doesn't like Petey Cortlandt's company. J.R. makes Babe an interesting offer. Angie doesn't want to see Randi in her hone. Jesse continues questioning Annie. Greenlee has a sailing accident. Zach and Ryan make a pact.
  • Ep. #9912
    Ep. #9912
    Episode 132
    Greenlee finally forgives Aidan and they happily reunite. Frankie offers help to Randi. Erica tells Kendall about the kiss she shared with Samuel. Sam's father Melvin gives him advice. Jesse questions Annie.
  • Ep. #9911
    Ep. #9911
    Episode 131
    Jesse has his suspicions about Zach. Samuel has to fight his attraction to Erica. Angie explains to Ryan and Annie how Richie really died, and Annie flashes back to murdering him. Colby, Dre and Cassandra make a pact.
  • Ep. #9910
    Ep. #9910
    Episode 130
    Zach has doubts about Annie when it comes to Richie's death, as Jesse continues the murder investigation. Krystal tells everyone that Richie deserved what he got. Babe makes an important decision. Cassandra and Dre worry that they might have hit Richie on their way back home.
  • Ep. #9909
    Ep. #9909
    Episode 129
    Opal visits Erica in prison. Zach finds Richie's dead body. Colby, Cassandra and Dre hit something on the way home. Jesse begins investigating Richie's death.
  • Ep. #9908
    Ep. #9908
    Episode 128
    Annie helps her brother escape, but later asks him to get out of her car. Jesse is worried about what Annie might do. Colby gets drunk. Zach and Aidan search alone.
  • Ep. #9907
    Ep. #9907
    Episode 127
    Krystal has to deal with the fact that she kissed Adam. Greenlee and Kendall help out Babe to get away from Richie. Colby and the rest of the teens get drunk. Samuel thinks that kissing Erica was a mistake. Carmen shows up to work at Adam's mansion.
  • Ep. #9906
    Ep. #9906
    Episode 126
    Adam and Krystal kiss. Kendall and Greenlee figure out where Babe might be, while Zach and the rest of the team are searching after her. Angie talks to Randi. Babe tries to trick Richie.
  • Ep. #9905
    Ep. #9905
    Episode 125
    Jesse asks Zach to let the police do the job they were hired for. Richie kidnaps Babe. Adam and Krystal get close again.
  • Ep. #9904
    Ep. #9904
    Episode 124
    Angie and Jesse toast to Jesse's new position at the police force. Richie makes his move. Kendall assures her friends at Fusion that they will be fine. Zach questions Annie.
  • Ep. #9903
    Ep. #9903
    Episode 123
    Kathy disappears. Richie demands to see Annie, and then later escapes. Aidan learns that Jake will be living with Greenlee. Carmen and Erica say goodbye. Zach and Ryan team up to work together.
  • Ep. #9902
    Ep. #9902
    Episode 122
    Frankie is having hard time believing that Randi is a prostitute, while his father goes to find the pimp. Richie presents his case at the courtroom, and Annie is forced to testify for him. Jake and Greenlee make a decision.
  • Ep. #9901
    Ep. #9901
    Episode 121
    Erica manipulates Adam. Cassandra, Colby and Dre make plans for the 4th of July. Adam tries to bribe Colby. Jake makes a decision about his future. J.R. wants to fight for Chandler.
  • Ep. #9900
    Ep. #9900
    Episode 120
    Myrtle gives Zach advice. Zach takes his frustration out on Richie. Greenlee and Ryan go sailing together. Frankie watches over Randi. Babe gives Kendall advice. Annie and Kendall argue.
  • Ep. #9899
    Ep. #9899
    Episode 119
    Jack advises Greenlee to try and forgive. Richie and Annie make a deal. Jesse makes a big life decision. Kendall worries that Zach might go after Richie.
  • Ep. #9898
    Ep. #9898
    Episode 118
    Aidan refuses to let Greenlee go, as he kisses her passionately. J.R. and Tad spend some time playing with Kathy. Colby confronts her father. Frankie questions Randi. Jesse makes an important decision.
  • Ep. #9897
    Ep. #9897
    Episode 117
    Kathy and Tad bond. Richie continues blackmailing Annie, as the others wait for the news of Richie's police charges. Tad gives Aidan a business proposition.
  • Ep. #9896
    Ep. #9896
    Episode 116
    Angie and Jesse argue. Zach turns to Greenlee for advice. Erica launches a new show from the prison. Jake learns about Richie's bad doings.
  • Ep. #9895
    Ep. #9895
    Episode 115
    Zach realizes something very important about Richie. Greenlee and Kendall finally talk. Annie and Ryan move on. Treena shows up at the hospital.
  • Ep. #9894
    Ep. #9894
    Episode 114
    Frankie's mystery woman shows up at the emergency room. Josh tells Kendall the truth. Angie and Jesse investigate. Greenlee finds comfort in Ryan's arms. J.R. takes Richie to the hospital. Annie continues acting strangely.
  • Ep. #9893
    Ep. #9893
    Episode 113
    Dixie and Tad share a conversation about heaven, as Dixie departs once again. J.R. threatens Richie, who has a seizure. Jesse contemplates taking Samuel's job offer. Annie has an overreaction to Ryan's announcement. Erica desperately tries to save her job.
  • Ep. #9892
    Ep. #9892
    Episode 112
    Tad tells Kathy the truth. Greenlee and Kendall fight at the tennis court. Krystal admits her true feelings to Adam, while Dixie encourages Adam to have faith. Richie blackmails his sister. J.R. and Babe put their plan into motion.
  • Ep. #9891
    Ep. #9891
    Episode 111
    Greenlee, Zach and Jack say goodbye to Lily, as she departs Pine Valley. Jake tells Ryan about an experimental procedure. Erica gives Kendall advice. Richie learns Annie's secret.
  • Ep. #9890
    Ep. #9890
    Episode 110
    Krystal watches Adam comforting Kathy/Kate and realizes he still has a soft side. Annie plots to become pregnant. Amanda and Aidan have a drink together. Josh and Greenlee sleep together. Zach gives Kendall a warning.
  • Ep. #9889
    Ep. #9889
    Episode 109
    Zach is annoyed at his wife. J.R. does some damage control. Greenlee, Josh and Jake get drunk together. Amanda is arrested. Krystal reconsiders her feelings for Adam. Treena and Babe work together.
  • Ep. #9888
    Ep. #9888
    Episode 108
    Babe puts her plan into motion. Jake tells Joe that he is no longer with Caroline. Greenlee won't stand Kendall. Adam and Tad face off. Jake and Zach argue about Africa. J.R. refuses to give up Chandler Enterprises.
  • Ep. #9887
    Ep. #9887
    Episode 107
    Tad is visited by several people in the hospital. J.R. decides to go after Richie. Annie sees a fertility doctor. Ryan turns down Greenlee. Adam visits Erica in prison.
  • Ep. #9886
    Ep. #9886
    Episode 106
    Adam finally reveals that Kathy is actually Kate, and both J.R. and Krystal have a bad reaction to the news. Aidan and Greenlee face each other. Kendall and Zach worry about Greenlee.
  • Ep. #9885
    Ep. #9885
    Episode 105
    Tad wants to stay with Dixie, while Krystal begs Tad to return to her. Zach and Kendall celebrate Spike's birthday, and Greenlee arrives to spike the mood. Adam tries to make a deal with God.
  • Ep. #9884
    Ep. #9884
    Episode 104
    Tad and Dixie finally reunite in a series of happy scenes. Krystal and Jesse worry about Tad's survival. Zach and Kendall make plans for Spike's birthday. J.R. finally gets through to Adam.
  • Ep. #9883
    Ep. #9883
    Episode 103
    Jack confronts Zach. Jake assists at Tad's surgery, while Krystal and the rest of the family await for news. Aidan and Jesse decide to work on Kate's case. Kendall wants Greenlee to talk to her.
  • Ep. #9882
    Ep. #9882
    Episode 102
    Aidan apologizes to Jack for causing Greenlee pain. Ryan comforts Greenlee. Dixie watches as family arrives at the hospital to hear the news about Tad's condition and Julia's death. Adam takes care of Kathy, who keeps asking for Julia. Annie cries while holding a brochure about fertility problems. Kendall and Zach compromise.moreless
  • Ep. #9881
    Ep. #9881
    Episode 101
    Jesse manages to take control of the helicopter and throw Robert out. Greg convinces Opal that she isn't guilty for Rob's misdoings. Jesse and Angie land to the ground, where the police takes Rob into custody. Frankie and Jake tend to a wounded Tad. Greenlee kisses Zach while thinking about Aidan's affair with Kendall. Ryan jumps to Greenlee's side when Kendall tells him about Aidan. Adam takes Colby and Kathy back to the mansion, where Kathy can't stop asking about Julia. Joe tells a wounded Julia that the bullet hit her liver, and Julia immediately realizes that she's going to die. With her last efforts, Julia makes sure that Kathy will be okay, and then flat-lines.moreless
  • Ep. #9880
    Ep. #9880
    Episode 100
    Angie's and Jesse's wedding turns into a hostage situations, as Roberts fights to escape and starts shooting at the wedding guests, as a sad Dixie looks at the tragedy.
  • Ep. #9879
    Ep. #9879
    Episode 99
    Greenlee angrily confronts Kendall and Aidan about their betrayal. Dixie dares Adam to reveal the secret. Jesse finally realizes who Robert is. J.R. and Babe become closer.
  • Ep. #9878
    Ep. #9878
    Episode 98
    Most of Pine Valley reunites at Jesse's and Angie's wedding, as Robert prepares to execute his plan.
  • Ep. #9877
    Ep. #9877
    Episode 97
    The wedding preparations continue as Greg Nelson returns to Pine Valley. Greenlee and Aidan share a heated discussion. Adam receives a warning from Dixie.
  • Ep. #9876
    Ep. #9876
    Episode 96
    Jesse worries something might have happened to Cassandra. Tad realizes J.R. might be right when he says Adam is going crazy. Greenlee thinks she's lost Aidan for good. The FBI realizes there's something fishy about Robert. Ryan is clueless around Annie.
  • Ep. #9875
    Ep. #9875
    Episode 95
    Dixie visits Adam in Oak Haven. Ryan learns more about his memory flashes. Rob searches for more info.
  • Ep. #9874
    Ep. #9874
    Episode 94
    Aidan and Tad reach a dead end. Greenlee confides in Kendall. Cassandra and Jesse bond. Babe and Amanda make plans for Richie.
  • Ep. #9873
    Ep. #9873
    Episode 93
    Kendall and Zach visit Erica. Jake and Frankie bond over war stories. Annie doesn't trust Ryan. Cassandra becomes distant from Jesse and Angie.
  • Ep. #9872
    Ep. #9872
    Episode 92
    Greenlee tries to reach Jake. Ryan has a memory flash. Dixie becomes emotional at the mansion. Babe confronts Richie.
  • Ep. #9871
    Ep. #9871
    Episode 91
    Greenlee and Aidan reunite. Tad apologizes to Zach. Jake has a secret. Rob continues spying on Cassandra. Dixie tries to deal with Adam.
  • Ep. #9870
    Ep. #9870
    Episode 90
    Robert meets Cassandra. Opal brings Erica a visitor. Tad learns about Jake's kidnapping. Greenlee is convinced that Aidan isn't dead. Adam asks Stuart to talk to Dixie.
  • Ep. #9869
    Ep. #9869
    Episode 89
    Richie threatens Annie. Erica misses her family. Opal calls on Warren Buffet. Ryan and Zach work on a plan to help out Jake and Aidan, while the guys try to find a way to escape.
  • Ep. #9868
    Ep. #9868
    Episode 88
    Frankie hurts Colby's feelings. Opal tries to help Adam. Julia announces a big move. Zach encourages Greenlee. Babe finally learns the truth about Richie's tricks. Nurse Hazel helps Tad and Jesse.
  • Ep. #9867
    Ep. #9867
    Episode 87
    Babe and J.R. get improvement in their relationship. Richie is visited by someone from his past. Aidan is captured in Darfur. Adam asks Opal for help. Kendall arranges a shopping venture with Greenlee.
  • Ep. #9866
    Ep. #9866
    Episode 86
    Dixie explains to Adam what he can expect of her. Jake gets a chance to escape. Annie places her plan in motion. Ryan and Zach research the Sudan. Tad learns more news about Dr. Madden's nurse's whereabouts.
  • Ep. #9865
    Ep. #9865
    Episode 85
    Adam finally realizes who's haunting him. Krystal thinks Adam is sick, but Tad is convinced that he's only playing tricks. Cassandra and Colby make friends. Jake is forced to operate while being held captive. Greenlee doesn't take the news of Aidan's departure to Africa too well.
  • Ep. #9864
    Ep. #9864
    Episode 84
    Frankie and Jesse discuss about weddings. Cassandra and Angie share some girl-talk. Colby and Dre discuss about their love lives. Tad searches for Dixie's picture. Erica is released from the solitary. J.R. thinks Adam is going crazy.
  • Ep. #9863
    Ep. #9863
    Episode 83
    Jack attempts to manipulate the prison warden. Erica has nightmares in the solitary, and Samuel carries her out. Greenlee manipulates Zach, while Annie manipulates Ryan. Aidan learns that Jake is a prisoner in Africa.
  • Ep. #9862
    Ep. #9862
    Episode 82
    Aidan and Greenlee have a bad reaction to Zach's assignment. Kendall wonders what her husband is up to. Erica starts to freak out in the solitary. Adam begins losing his mind.
  • Ep. #9861
    Ep. #9861
    Episode 81
    Angie picks up Cassandra at the airport, while Jesse worries over meeting her. Tad doesn't have a good reaction to Aidan's job news. Greenlee questions Kendall. Zach learns about trouble in Africa. Annie thinks Richie is guilty for the break-in.
  • Ep. #9860
    Ep. #9860
    Episode 80
    Zach burns his hand near Sylvester's place, and then later Kendall takes care of him, and they make love. Jesse finds a stuffed elephant in his coffin. Erica is put in a solitary. Cassandra announces her arrival to Pine Valley. Adam is worried when strange things start to happen around him.moreless
  • Ep. #9859
    Ep. #9859
    Episode 79
    Frankie, Angie and Jesse watch as the cops dig out Jesse's coffin. Ryan confront his therapist. Kendall and Zach continue fighting. Erica gives a proposition to Jack and Samuel. Annie plots to get Ryan back.
  • Ep. #9858
    Ep. #9858
    Episode 78
    Greenlee and Ryan spend some time reminiscing together. Zach and Kendall enter yet another heated discussion. Tad confides in Krystal about Kate. Adam asks J.R. for a favor. Angie, Jesse and Frankie arrive at the cemetery.
  • Ep. #9857
    Ep. #9857
    Episode 77
    Aidan asks Jack for his blessing on the engagement, and Jack agrees. Greenlee questions Zach about Kendall. Erica gives Kendall some advice. Carmen is worried about Erica.
  • Ep. #9856
    Ep. #9856
    Episode 76
    Angie and Jesse fight over the exhumation. Greenlee and Aidan celebrate their engagement. Erica encounters problems in the prison. Kendall and Zach find an understanding.
  • Ep. #9855
    Ep. #9855
    Episode 75
    Ryan tells Annie that while he can't remember anything about being Emma's father, he knows he loves her. Kendall and Greenlee tell a group of high school girls about the history of Fusion. Carmen and Erica are approached by a group of inmates who want to know if Erica got their note.moreless
  • Ep. #9854
    Ep. #9854
    Episode 74
    Kendall is pleased for Greenlee when she announces her engagement, but feels guilty for having slept with Aidan. Although Zach assured Kendall he had no plans on leaving her, he privately seethes. Aidan asks Zach if his job offer is still on the table. Tad admits to Joe that there is something about Robert that puts him on edge. Angie encourages Adam to see a therapist, diagnosing him with panic attacks rather than heart problems.moreless
  • Ep. #9853
    Ep. #9853
    Episode 73
    Erica is concerned after she receives a potentially threatening note from another inmate. Jesse wants to rejoin the force, but Angie doesn't want him to. Frankie tells his parents that he plans to find a place of his own. Adam is upset with Colby after she tells him she's decided to stay in Pine Valley and go to university. J.R. tries to convince Babe they could give it another go, but she tells him she doesn't want to get sucked back into the Chandler world after everything that's happened to her mother. Colby and Krystal rush Adam to the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #9852
    Ep. #9852
    Episode 72
    Angie tries to convince Robert to talk Jesse into backing away from his vendetta toward Papel, still not knowing that Robert is Papel. Annie tells Ryan about how they fell in love, but he's inwardly upset because he can't remember what she's saying. Zach holds an emotional Kendall as she recalls the events that led to sleeping with Aidan. Tad isn't surprised when Aidan admits to having slept with Kendall.moreless
  • Ep. #9851
    Ep. #9851
    Episode 71
    Kendall is shocked to realise that Zach already knew that she slept with Aidan. She tries to explain what happened, but Zach remains disappointed that she didn't confide in him sooner. Aidan is uncomfortable when Greenlee suggests he ask Kendall to be his 'best man'. Ryan's therapist wonders if he really wants a future with Annie.moreless
  • Ep. #9850
    Ep. #9850
    Episode 70
    It's Jenny's birthday party, and Rob surprises the family by showing up. Annie tells Zach about Aidan's drunken confessions. Kendall decides to tell Zach the truth. J.R. and Adam make up. Greenlee tries to seduce Aidan.
  • Ep. #9849
    Ep. #9849
    Episode 69
    Jesse tells little Jenny the story about big Jenny. Greenlee asks Zach for his help. Jack visits Erica in jail. Annie makes yet another huge decision about her life.
  • Ep. #9848
    Ep. #9848
    Episode 68
    Greenlee sets up a romantic stage for Aidan and asks him to re-propose, but he refuses to do it. Annie wants to meet with Ryan. Kendall decides to be a better wife. J.R. asks for Amanda's help. Richie and Babe argue.
  • Ep. #9847
    Ep. #9847
    Episode 67
    Louisa and Mondo turn against Erica and Carmen, but Jack and Zach manage to find them in time. Kendall comforts Greenlee. Opal finds something suspicious about Richie. J.R. asks Babe for her support. Jesse and Angie are pleasantly surprised by their family.
  • Ep. #9846
    Ep. #9846
    Episode 66
    Angie and Jesse are distracted while on their honeymoon. Jack and Zach find a clue to Carmen and Erica's whereabouts, while the women are busy hiding the tape recorder from Mondo and Louisa. Kendall confronts Aidan. Annie makes a huge decision.
  • Ep. #9845
    Ep. #9845
    Episode 65
    Greenlee tracks down Ryan. Aidan gets drunk and totally out of control. Carmen and Erica continue their adventure. Angie and Jesse renew their wedding vows.
  • Ep. #9844
    Ep. #9844
    Episode 64
    Aidan is surprised by Greenlee's answer to his marriage proposal. Zach and Kendall try to make up. Krystal and Tad settle back into their old life. Jesse and Angie celebrate the old times.
  • Ep. #9843
    Ep. #9843
    Episode 63
    Erica gets the perfect chance to ditch Carmen. Kendall is worried about Erica. Aidan surprises Greenlee. Ryan tries to talk to Annie. Opal gives Richie a tarot reading. J.R. learns that he has Hepatitis A.
  • Ep. #9842
    Ep. #9842
    Episode 62
    Opal doesn't trust Richie. Richie lashes out at Babe. Jesse receives a job offer. J.R. returns to the hospital. Erica confides in Carmen about her past.
  • Ep. #9841
    Ep. #9841
    Episode 61
    Kendall refuses to give in to Zach's apologies. Annie makes a play for Aidan. Robert spies on Jesse and Tad. Carmen and Erica are put in danger. Ryan asks Greenlee to tell him the truth.
  • Ep. #9840
    Ep. #9840
    Episode 60
    Carmen and Erica find boxes full of dresses. Zach wants Ryan to face what he did to Greenlee. Greenlee and Kendall vow not to repeat the mistakes the did in their past. Jesse worries that he might never get all the answers he was trying to find.
  • Ep. #9839
    Ep. #9839
    Episode 59
    Ryan reaches out to Kendall as a friend. Annie confronts Greenlee. Erica and Carmen bond while hiding from the authorities.
  • Ep. #9838
    Ep. #9838
    Episode 58
    Krystal moves out of Adam's mansion. Handcuffed together, Erica and Carmen are forced to run together. Erica leaves a clue behind. Jesse becomes a free man, or does he? Angie wants Jesse to move on with his life.
  • Ep. #9837
    Ep. #9837
    Episode 57
    Erica and Carmen's van goes off road while on the way to prison. Handcuffed together, the two woman hide in an old barn. Greenlee shows signs of jealousy around Ryan. Ryan continues leading Annie to believe that his memory is coming back.
  • Ep. #9836
    Ep. #9836
    Episode 56
    Erica is taken off to prison. Kendall and Zach share their goodbyes with her. Krystal is deeply concerned fro Adam. Greenlee's feelings for Ryan surface. Jesse and Tad refuse to believe in Rob. Colby and Frankie bond.
  • Ep. #9835
    Ep. #9835
    Episode 55
    Erica gets a cellmate named Carmen. Krystal and Angie manage to find a way to connect Mrs. Remington to Jesse. Adam ends up in a car crash. Jesse confronts Rafael and Robert.
  • Ep. #9834
    Ep. #9834
    Episode 54
    Adam has chest pains. Mrs. Remington's life is put in danger. Babe walks in on J.R. confronting Richie. Rafael and Robert use Colby and Frankie as bait for Jesse, who is determined to put his life on the line to protect them.
  • Ep. #9833
    Ep. #9833
    Episode 53
    Frankie and Colby try to find a way to escape, while Krystal and Angie are trying to find them. Krystal tells Adam about Colby getting kidnapped, and he immediately blames Jesse. Ryan lies again to Annie.
  • Ep. #9832
    Ep. #9832
    Episode 52
    Richie's health takes a turn for the worse. Angie, Jesse and Tad find a new clue. Colby and Frankie are kidnapped. Adam, Krystal, Babe and J.R. are forced to adjust living together.
  • Ep. #9831
    Ep. #9831
    Episode 51
    Erica deals with her sentence. Annie tries to find a way to make up with Richie. Ryan decides to fight for Annie. Kendall talks to Zach about Los Angeles. Rob and Opal meet. Colby has car troubles. Tad and Jesse search the warehouse.
  • Ep. #9830
    Ep. #9830
    Episode 50
    The group at the Chandler mansion tries to have a normal dinner together. Babe tells J.R. that she still doesn't trust him. Krystal tells Adam that she never felt more alone when she was with him. J.R. thanks Krystal for sticking up for him, and then tells her that he'll propose to Babe. Tad and Jesse continue their quest. Greenlee and Aidan chat in bed. Aidan warns Ryan not to hurt the feelings of his loved ones. Josh, Kendall, Zach, Jack, Sam and Greenlee watch as Erica receives her sentence of a $5 million find, 2 years of community service and 6 months in a federal prison. Everyone is shocked when Erica is ready to go.moreless
  • Ep. #9829
    Ep. #9829
    Episode 49
    Josh encourages Erica not to take Sam's deal in court. Erica arrives at the courtroom in a disguise, and runs into Carmen Morales, a woman who is also on trial. Annie is angry when she finds a plane ticket to L.A. in Ryan's jacket pocket, and she confronts him about it. Kendall tells Aidan that he shouldn't have told Zach about Ryan's presence during the tour. Zach is worried because Kendall keeps lying to him.moreless
  • Ep. #9828
    Ep. #9828
    Episode 48
    Babe isn't happy to learn about her new living arrangements. Babe visits Richie at the hospital and asks J.R. to leave Richie alone. Richie kisses Babe to make J.R. jealous. Babe still doesn't think that J.R. is innocent. Robert tries to get Tad to confide in him about Jesse's presence in Pine Valley, but Tad refuses to share any info. Jesse finds a new clue. Joe and Angie agree on having research done on Richie. Stuart and Krystal talk at the mansion. J.R. tells Babe that he will also be living at the mansion. Robert visits and Mrs. Remington and assures her that their plan is working fine.moreless
  • Ep. #9827
    Ep. #9827
    Episode 47
    Tad is forced to beg Adam to let him stay at the mansion along with Krystal, Jenny, Babe and Little A in order to protect their lives. Adam makes a few remarks to the seriousness of the situation, but he realizes later just how much important it is, and he agrees to help them out. Erica and Jack spend their last night together before court by reminiscing about their adventures together. Kendall and Ryan discuss about the past, and Aidan catches them together. Greenlee, Amanda, Babe and Annie try to make a new fragrance together at Fusion.moreless
  • Ep. #9826
    Ep. #9826
    Episode 46
    Jesse informs Tad about Rob's visit, and Tad realizes that Jesse needs a new place to hideout. Tad gives an ultimatum to Krystal to either run out of town or move in with Adam, in order to protect his family, and Krystal is forced to move back into Adam's mansion. Adam tries to bond with J.R. Once he returns home, he's shocked to find Krystal and Jenny there. Zach and Annie bond while taking care of Spike. Kendall makes plans with Ryan. Aidan informs Zach about Ryan's presence in L.A.moreless
  • Ep. #9825
    Ep. #9825
    Episode 45
    Greenlee and Zach confide in each other about the recent developments in their lives. Aidan and Kendall spend a romantic dinner together when the service brings them dinner for a couple instead of the usual diner. They start talking about their life and then end up playing a soccer game with pillows and chairs. Ryan tries to get the hotel clerk to give him the key of Kendall's hotel room and he eventually manages to convince her to do so. He enters Kendall's room just as Kendall and Aidan being wrestling. Tad and Angie try to convince Remy's mother to listen to them, but she threatens Angie with a shot gun and rushes her out of the house until Tad convinced her to listen to them. Later, as they exit the place, Tad realizes someone is following him and Angie. Frankie and Jesse bond while playing video games. Rob surprises Jesse.moreless
  • Ep. #9824
    Ep. #9824
    Episode 44
    Colby takes J.R. to the hospital, where Joe has to do a check up. He is reluctant to believe J.R. that he isn't drinking again. Richie is transferred to the Pine Valley hospital next to J.R.'s bed. Frankie offers his help to Angie. Colby and Frankie don't get along. Joe matches Frankie and Colby for an intern program. Angie and Jesse continue their investigation. Opal tries to banish Robert from Tad's house when she recognizes him, but when Rob explains that he is nothing like Ray, she agrees to talk to him. Opal then shares the history of the family with Rob. Tad tries to get Krystal to get out of town with Jenny for their safety, but Krystal refuses. Angie and Tad arrive at Remy's house to see his mother. Annie warns Babe about Richie.moreless
  • Ep. #9823
    Ep. #9823
    Episode 43
    Ryan is having hard time dealing with the fact that he doesn't remember Annie. He lies to Annie about having a flashback of her, and then later tries to contact Kendall. Kendall has a nightmare about her attacker. Erica thanks Zach for lying to Kendall. She is later confronted by an unknown person who claims that what Erica did is a crime. Babe, Amanda and Greenlee aren't satisfied with their choice of models. Greenlee wonders why Ryan could have remembered Annie and he doesn't remember her. Colby and Adam are surprised when Dre turns out to be Sam's son. Dre tells Sam that he doesn't need him.moreless
  • Ep. #9822
    Ep. #9822
    Episode 42
    Angie and Jesse listen as Tad meets Robert Gardner, his so-called "uncle." When Robert leaves, the trio discusses about Remy. Babe is angry when Krystal continues defending J.R. Babe doesn't trust J.R., and he urges her to explain why she trusts Richie more than she trusts him. Richie learns that he'll have to stay at the hospital for a bit longer. Aidan comforts Kendall, who's trying to deal with the rush she felt during the attack. Krystal runs into Rob, and later Tad explains who Rob is.moreless
  • Ep. #9821
    Ep. #9821
    Episode 41
    Jesse insists on leaving Pine Valley, but neither Jesse nor Angie would allow him to do something like that. Jesse then suggests revealing that he didn't die, but they convince him to drop that idea too. Rob goes to Tad's office. Jack angrily quits being Erica's attorney when Opal convinces her to make a plea. After a bit of pole dancing, Greenlee and Zach confide in each other about their lives. Ryan passionately kisses Annie and they make love at the yacht room. Kendall tries to make a deal with a raged fan, but at the very end she's forced to protect herself. Aidan realizes that something is off and he leaves to find Kendall spraying her attacker with mace.moreless
  • Ep. #9820
    Ep. #9820
    Episode 40
    Angie, Jesse and Tad search for records on Jesse's murder in 1988, but they come to a realization that someone must have taken them. Tad pays off a security guard to let him take a peek at the video surveillance and he realizes that someone cut out parts of the tape. Zach tries to stop Annie from flirting with other guys. Ryan is jealous when he and Greenlee enter the club to see Annie flirting with a guy named Robert Gardner. A stranger enters Kendall hotel room. Sam tells his campaign manager that he isn't trying to badmouth Erica to help his campaign. Erica refuses to do charity work to help her career. Opal comments that there is still attraction between Erica and Jack. Robert returns to his room and starts watching the DVD of Jesse.moreless
  • Ep. #9819
    Ep. #9819
    Episode 39
    Adam refuses to help out Erica. Babe and Krystal find J.R. in the bed with a hooker named Treena. They bring him back to the Chandler mansion, where J.R. tries to convince them that he was kidnapped, and Krystal is the only one who actually believes him. Richie is filled with emotion when the doctor informs him that he is on the road to full recovery. Erica and Palmer chat about Erica's problems. Zach and Samuel don't get along. Amanda and Annie chat about Annie's change of life. Annie starts flirting with a guy at conFusion until Zach arrives and manages to scare him off. Greenlee shares more stories about her past with Ryan, but Ryan can't remember anything. She gets mad when she realizes that Ryan doesn't remember their love at all, and then she passionately kisses him.moreless
  • Ep. #9818
    Ep. #9818
    Episode 38
    Kendall, Zach, Greenlee, Ryan and Annie end up stuck together in an elevator, and the tension between them causes yet another round of fights connected to Ryan's memory loss. Jesse asks Angie not to come visit him at the cabin because he considers it too dangerous for her, but she then refuses to listen to him. Frankie has been accepted to the internship program at the Pine Valley hospital. Colby and Frankie meet each other for the first time. Joe welcomes Angie back to the hospital. Someone is taking pictures of Frankie in the park. Richie orders the doctors to put J.R. in a body bag when they're done with the procedure, and then he dreams of a perfect time he'll spend with Babe. Krystal realizes that Babe didn't fell in love with J.R. again, but that she only gave in to lust.moreless
  • Ep. #9817
    Ep. #9817
    Episode 37
    Erica, Val and Pam clear out the New Beginnings office. Jack, Erica and Sam discuss about a possible agreement on Erica's case and Jack comes up with an idea, only to get rejected by both Sam and Erica. Sam makes up his own terms and gives them a day to think about it. Annie wonders if Hannah killing Ryan would have been a better option than having him lose his memory. Ryan tries to find possible solutions to his memory loss by talking to Joe. Maksim from Dancing with the Stars teaches the Fusion girls how to pole dance. Ryan arrives and Annie notices that he is focused on Greenlee and Kendall the entire time. Zach makes another job offer to Aidan.moreless
  • Ep. #9816
    Ep. #9816
    Episode 36
    Ryan and Annie explain to Emma how Ryan's memory loss is forcing Ryan to take some time away from them. Annie remains strong and determined that Ryan needs to be far away as long as he is thinking about Kendall and Greenlee, and after Ryan leaves, Annie breaks down in tears. Erica advises Kendall to try to avoid having Aidan as a bodyguard, but Kendall thinks Zach might be more suspicious if Kendall continues avoiding Aidan. Erica is surprised when Pam informs her that the network canceled New Beginnings. Zach and Greenlee talk about their time in the shelter over drinks at conFusion. Babe is surprised when Richie tells her that he got a donor match in Austin and she has no idea that Richie is, once again, lying. Derek questions Angie about Remy. Jesse is having nightmares about being tortured. The doctors start the procedure on J.R.moreless
  • Ep. #9815
    Ep. #9815
    Episode 35
    Kendall, Aidan, Zach and Greenlee learn that the man found in the bomb shelter is John Remington, a police cop that was suppose to be shot on the day Jesse was killed. Babe and J.R. make love. Afterwards, Richie's goons kidnap J.R. Babe informs Richie about J.R. being a donor match, and Richie pretends to be surprised. Jesse tells Frankie the story about his exit from Pine Valley years ago, and Frankie eventually believes his father. He slaps him and then hugs him. Angie thanks Tad and Krystal for helping Jesse. Krystal, Tad, Angie and Frankie manage to convince Jesse to stay in town and fight. Meanwhile, at an unknown location, two men are looking through tapes of Pine Valley hospital and learn that Jesse is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9814
    Ep. #9814
    Episode 34
    Frankie shows up at Krystal and Tad's place looking for info on Angie, whom he hasn't heard from since she left town. Jesse shares more info about all the years he spent running. Tad and Krystal find the due at the cabin, and they all realize that Frankie is there too. Aidan and Greenlee start a little picnic on the Fusion rooftop, but they are interrupted by Babe who informs them about police with new info on the bomb shelter. Ryan and Annie separately arrive and Kendall and Zach's place where the doctor helps with Spike's cochlear implant. Everyone is happy when Spike is able to hear again. Ryan thinks of proposing to Kendall. Zach, Kendall and Greenlee are shocked when Derek informs them that the body found at the bomb shelter was murdered.moreless
  • Ep. #9813
    Ep. #9813
    Episode 33
    Erica shares a prison cell with a hooker. Jack is frustrated when Erica can't keep quiet in front of a judge, who then sets bail for Erica in the amount of $1 million. Jack takes Erica home, where she has a dream of Sam rescuing her from Jack. J.R. and Babe play a game of poker and soon turn it intro strip poker. Their night turns passionate, as J.R. agrees to being Richie's donor. Kendall cries when she learns that her pregnancy test was negative. Greenlee and Aidan make love. Zach learns about Kendall's pregnancy suspicions. Richie breaks into the doctor's office and learns that J.R. is his donor match.moreless
  • Ep. #9812
    Ep. #9812
    Episode 32
    Sam explains that Erica is being charged for insider trading, as the show goes off the air. Erica is taken to the police station where Jack tries to give her advice, but instead she fires him. She then tries to make a deal with Sam, who then charges her for attempted bribery of a public official too. Annie realizes that the only person in Ryan's mind is Kendall, and she angrily confronts him about it. Zach reminds Ryan to stay away from Kendall. Greenlee doesn't deny revealing Kendall's secret to Aidan. Ryan returns home to find Annie in a sexy outfit, but she's only reminding him of what he is missing. She then points to the suitcases that she packed and tells him to get out. Jesse tells Angie the truth about what happened 20 years ago, and then they make love.moreless
  • Ep. #9811
    Ep. #9811
    Episode 31
    Erica opens the fashion show. Aidan is surprised when Greenlee confides in him about the possibility of Kendall being pregnant. Jack is annoyed by Samuel's presence at the show. Krystal wants Adam to reveal the info he has on Kate, but Tad interrupts her. Babe talks to J.R. about the possibility of revisiting their wild days. Ryan refuses to believe to Greenlee when she confirms that Ryan walked away from Cambias. Kendall informs Aidan that she isn't pregnant. As the fashion show comes to an end, Samuel sends cops to arrest Erica on the stage. Angie is shocked to realize that Jesse is alive, and after they go to a safe place, Jesse tries to explain what happened to him, but Angie only wants to hold him and enjoy the fact that he's alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9810
    Ep. #9810
    Episode 30
    Krystal convinces Angie to take a train, while Tad tries to guilt Jesse into staying in Pine Valley. Angie arrives at the station and sees Jesse through the window. The train leaves, but then suddenly goes backwards. Angie is in shock as Jesse steps off the train. Jack wants Erica to distance herself from a shady character like Samuel Woods. Aidan advises Josh to find a woman. Erica is thrilled when Kendall informs her that the pregnancy test was negative. Erica kisses Jack. Annie tells Greenlee to stay away from Ryan. Ryan angrily confronts Zach about all the changes that happened at Cambias and Pine Valley in general, and Zach fights back, urging Ryan to move on with his life. Greenlee and Kendall take the center stage to present the Fusion fashion show. Jack isn't happy to see the sparks between Erica and Samuel.moreless
  • Ep. #9809
    Ep. #9809
    Episode 29
    Angie is about to leave Pine Valley when she realizes she's missing her wallet and her ticket. Krystal learns that Tad has been helping Jesse, and then tries to talk about it to Angie. Jesse buys a one-way ticket to Toronto, but when he falls asleep, Tad changes his destination. Ryan is angry at Annie for not telling him that Erin was murdered. Amanda questions Babe about J.R. Greenlee asks Aidan if he's noticed anything different about Kendall lately. Erica asks Kendall if she's pregnant, and Kendall confides in her about how she slept with Aidan. J.R. learns that Adam rejected the hospital's offer to be a donor for Richie in his name, and then shows Adam the ring that was bugged. Ryan is shocked to find out that Cambias isn't the workplace he used to know.moreless
  • Ep. #9808
    Ep. #9808
    Episode 28
    Angie seeks comfort at the Martin household, where Tad does his best to hide Jesse. Angie reminisces about her past with Jesse, as he overhears her talking and reminisces about them too. Krystal invites Angie to be their house guest, and then accidentally locks Jesse in the basement. Annie fantasizes about Ryan. Later, they go out on a date, but he can't stop talking about Spike. Erica completes her interview with Samuel Woods. Kendall manages to hide the pregnancy test from Zach.moreless
  • Ep. #9807
    Ep. #9807
    Episode 27
    Erica is furious to learn that her bank accounts have been frozen. Pam surprises her by bringing Samuel Woods for an interview. Angie and Frankie discuss about the possibility of Jesse still being alive, but Angie quickly dismisses the idea, although she has suspicions. Tad urges Jesse to stay at his place, but Jesse is keen on leaving. Joe releases Greenlee from the hospital, and she happily plans a future with Aidan. Zach surprises Kendall at her book singing in Chicago and immediately notices something weird is going on. Kendall accidentally drops the pregnancy test out of her purse. Krystal confides in Babe about Tad's strange behavior. Richie tells Babe about the donor refusing to help Richie. Babe asks Krystal to help her break into Joe's office and find out who the donor match is. Adam isn't happy to learn that J.R. lost the ring he gave him. Colby gives J.R. the real ring that she found at The Comeback, and J.R. realizes that there is a microphone in it. Krystal and Babe break into Joe's office and learn that J.R. is a possible donor for Richie.moreless
  • Ep. #9806
    Ep. #9806
    Episode 26
    Angie faints when she sees Jesse at the cemetery, and when the medics arrive Jesse hides. At the hospital, Angie claims that Jesse is alive, but Joe doesn't believe her. Joe tells Tad about the offer he made for Angie to stay at PHV. Jesse informs Tad about seeing Angie, and Tad asks him to stay in town. Zach asks Ryan to talk to his wife, but he makes yet another stupid comment, so Annie leaves. Ryan holds Spike and talks to him, although Zach reminds him that Spike can't hear him. Ryan apologizes to Annie. Kendall worries that she might be pregnant. Aidan returns to the hospital and surprises Greenlee.moreless
  • Ep. #9805
    Ep. #9805
    Episode 25
    Angie reminisces about her past with Jesse, and remembers that today would be Jesse's birthday. Joe asks Angie to come work for the hospital full-time, but she says she can't. Jesse quickly escapes from the hospital before anyone can see him, and he runs to the cemetery. Angie decides to go to the cemetery. Zach tries to cheer up Annie with a pillow fight. Ryan and Greenlee reminisce about the old times, and then Ryan seeks answers from Greenlee. She suggests he should give Annie a chance. Aidan tells Kendall that he's working on a case. They soon begin talking about their night, and Kendall is frightened that someone might overhear.moreless
  • Ep. #9804
    Ep. #9804
    Episode 24
    Annie does her best to spark Ryan's memory about the love they share, but he hurts her by saying that he feels nothing for her. Jesse reminisces about the past and promises himself that he won't put his family in danger. Zach tries to make Kendall relax, but she can't seem to stop thinking about Ryan's memory loss. Frankie is intrigued when Tad and Opal tell him stories about Jesse. Tad promises to Jesse, over the phone, that he won't revel his secret. Greenlee is grateful for being alive, and she makes plans for a future with Aidan. Tad asks Aidan to help him investigate a case. Greenlee calls Ryan to lunch. Aidan and Kendall are surprised when they find themselves on the same flight to New York. Jesse is a victim of a fight between an unknown man and a woman. Angie overhears the trauma call.moreless
  • Ep. #9803
    Ep. #9803
    Episode 23
    Adam sells a riverfront condo to Erica. Val informs Erica that her account has been frozen by the IRS. J.R. and Krystal discuss about Kate. Adam continues spying on his son. Krystal realizes that Babe is torn between J.R. and Richie. Little A accidentally drop Adam's ring in a hole at The Comeback. Annie tells Richie about Ryan's memory loss. Richie is about to leave to Mexico when he learns that a donor was found for him in Pine Valley. Ryan continues tries to get somewhere with Kendall, and Annie catches them hugging on the rooftop. She tells Ryan that it doesn't matter because he will eventually remember her. Greenlee and Zach discuss about Kendall.moreless
  • Ep. #9802
    Ep. #9802
    Episode 22
    Ryan and Annie talk to Kendall and Zach about Ryan's amnesia and all the changes that happened during the time. Ryan is hurt to see how close Kendall and Zach are, and he expresses that he loves Kendall. Angie and Greenlee talk about life. Kendall's editor Kelly urges Amanda to call Kendall to the book singing event at conFusion, and Greenlee urges Kendall to attend the event. Greenlee tells Zach that she knows that everyone is hiding something from her. Aidan tells Zach that he'll keep an eye on Ryan. Frankie wants Angie to tell him about how Jesse died. Tad wants answers from Jesse, but he won't say what actually happened to him. Tad covers for Jesse when Angie almost catches them. Ryan approaches Kendall.moreless
  • Ep. #9801
    Ep. #9801
    Episode 21
    Kendall doesn't know how to deal with a lost Ryan, who is shocked to find out that Kendall married Zach. Angie admits to Jack that Greenlee might die. Aidan tells Angie that he'd like to get injected with the poison so the doctors could experiment on him, but his friends quickly reject the idea. Annie confides in Zach. Erica and Jack bond. Zach informs Kendall about Ryan's memory loss. Jesse walks up to Tad.moreless
  • Ep. #9800
    Ep. #9800
    Episode 20
    A shocked Annie realizes that Ryan forgot the previous four years of his life. Kendall, Zach, Aidan and Jack watch as Angie and Joe try to stabilize Greenlee, who then has an out-of-body experience and fights for her life while seeing her loved ones around her, encouraging her to fight. Tad visits Frankie and talks to him about his father. He then suddenly sees Jesse, who quickly hides, as Tad rushes to get him. Ryan and Annie consult with Joe about Ryan's memory loss. J.R. apologizes to Babe. Stuart advises Adam to stop eavesdropping on J.R. and get the courage to confront his son, but Adam refuses to do so.moreless
  • Ep. #9799
    Ep. #9799
    Episode 19
    Adam learns about Krystal's and J.R.'s agreement and angrily burns Kate's adoption record in the fireplace. Sam Woods phones to Erica saying that he isn't interesting in being on her show, and Erica immediately asks Pam to book him. Greenlee decides to take a chance and try a new treatment although Angie warns her that it's a long shot. Jesse visits Frankie again and almost runs into Angie. The following morning, Angie is surprised when the treatment doesn't any good to Greenlee. Erica and Jack wake up next to each other. Richie is surprised to learn that Emma can't test to be a donor for him. Annie is shocked when Ryan doesn't remember her and Emma at all.moreless
  • Ep. #9798
    Ep. #9798
    Episode 18
    The doctors work on Frankie's case, as Angie fears for her son's life. Julia wonders why Greenlee and Frankie are having different reactions to the illness. Zach, Aidan, Jack and others support Greenlee, as her condition takes a turn for the worse. Joe comforts Angie. Amanda questions Babe about Richie. Kendall meets with the book publisher.moreless
  • Ep. #9797
    Ep. #9797
    Episode 17
    Jack is grateful to Erica for donating blood for Greenlee and Frankie, and they kiss. Pam tries to convince Erica to get Samuel Woods to guest on her show. Ryan visits Greenlee at the hospital. Kendall is surprised when Ryan doesn't recall who Annie is. Joe and Angie finally inject the serum to Frankie's blood, and he has a bad reaction to it by daydreaming of Jesse's return home. Richie puts a weird idea in Emma's head, and both Annie and Ryan are appalled by it. Babe and Krystal give their blood at the hospital. Babe is convinced that J.R. is making a big mistake by moving back to Adam's mansion, but Krystal fills her in on her request. Adam gives J.R. a high-priced ring, and later listens to J.R. and Krystal's phone conversation.moreless
  • Ep. #9796
    Ep. #9796
    Episode 16
    J.R. tries to break in Adam's safe but he has to cover for himself when Adam catches him snooping around. When he assures himself that Adam doesn't suspect anything J.R. returns to the safe, unaware that Adam is watching him from the next room. Annie is worried when Ryan forgets who Emma is. Ryan later comforts Emma who had a bad dream. Annie finds out that she is not a donor match for Richie. Richie continues trying to seduce Babe, but she wants to keep things on a friendly level. Annie informs Richie about the test results. Joe tells Zach that the virus that infected Greenlee and Frankie is mutating and that it can't be stopped. Kendall calls the people of Pine Valley to donate blood for Greenlee and Frankie. Greenlee is having trouble breathing, and later suffers a seizure. Kendall comforts Greenlee and they reminisce about the moments they spent together. Jesse apologizes to a sedated Frankie for leaving when he was a kid. Frankie is convinced that he had seen his father, but Angie thinks he's only hallucinating. Joe warns Angie about the conflict of interest concerning the treatment for Frankie.moreless
  • Ep. #9795
    Ep. #9795
    Episode 15
    Ryan snaps at Richie for convincing Annie to test as a possible donor match. Annie worries about Ryan's constant changes of heart and convinced him to go see a doctor. Babe and Amanda call a truce. Richie continues trying to win over Babe. Opal visits Frankie. Joe, Julia, Zach, Aidan, Angie and Kendall reunite at the hospital to take care of Greenlee, who is having serious health problems. Erica wants to know about Jack's relationship with Julia, but he claims they are only friends, and Erica doesn't believe him. He kisses her, but she backs away. Jesse suddenly arrives to Frankie's room.moreless
  • Ep. #9794
    Ep. #9794
    Episode 14
    Zach tells Julia that his health is perfect and that he isn't in danger of a disease from the bomb shelter. Greenlee and Kendall laugh after realizing how crazy Kendall's reaction was, and they share a drink. Julia arrives to get Greenlee back to the hospital, but she refuses to do so, until she can't seem to breathe. Zach joins Angie and Aidan in researching the woods area. Aidan learns that Sylvester was found dead. J.R. goes through with Krystal's plea to get closer to Adam so he'd be able to learn where Kate is. Ryan confides in Josh about trying to change his life. Annie goes through with the medical test that will show if she's a donor match for Richie. Ryan tries to stop her, but she decides to finish it. Krystal and Tad discuss about Adam and J.R. Krystal doesn't say anything about Kate.moreless
  • Ep. #9793
    Ep. #9793
    Episode 13
    Annie wants Richie to leave town for good if she is a match for a marrow transplant. Frankie questions Angie about his sister. Aidan and Greenlee have a small fight, but then Aidan takes Greenlee to the hospital to talk to Angie about Greenlee's treatment. Greenlee worries that she might end up like Frankie. She is forced to stay in the hospital, but as soon as she's left alone, Greenlee sneaks out. Ryan asks Zach to go to Africa with him for three months, but Zach refuses the idea. Aidan informs Zach that he needs to get tested to see if he got infected while being in the bomb shelter. Jack accidentally co-hosts Erica's show and they seem to be finally getting along again. Kendall freaks when she can't find her book, and Amanda and Babe help her look for it. She is shocked when a publisher appears at Fusion and offers to publish her book. Kendall confronts Greenlee.moreless
  • Ep. #9792
    Ep. #9792
    Episode 12
    Kendall keeps ranting about the possibility of Greenlee and Zach sleeping together in the bomb shelter and she won't listen to Aidan, who claims that nothing could have happened. Greenlee and Zach bond while talking about the time they spent in the bomb shelter, and then they return back to their loved ones. Colby is disappointed after being dragged into yet another of Adam's plots. He promises not to use her anymore and they make up. Krystal asks J.R. to move back into Adam's mansion so he'd be able to get info on Kate, and J.R., although reluctantly, agrees to help her. Angie catches up with Frankie, but their reunion is short-lived when Frankie's condition takes a turn for the worse. Angie and Julia discuss the rare medical case.moreless
  • Ep. #9791
    Ep. #9791
    Episode 11
    At the stables, Annie and Ryan joke about Ryan's name slip. Just as Richie is about to take Emma away, Annie informs Richie that she will get tested for the transplant, and a satisfied Richie walks away from Emma. Aidan pulls Zach away from Adam, who then collapses. Quentin is determined to leave the hospital, but his condition gets worse. Angie tends to Adam, and Tad fills Angie on what happened while she was gone. Angie is shocked to realize that Quentin is actually her son Frankie. Krystal tries to reason with Adam, without a success. Dre and Colby agree that their kiss was just a friendly gesture. Kendall is worried that Greenlee and Zach might have slept together in the shelter. Greenlee finds Zach and manages to calm him down.moreless
  • Ep. #9790
    Ep. #9790
    Episode 10
    Annie and Ryan fly around Pine Valley and land at the stables, where Annie congratulates Ryan a happy birthday and then he thanks her by calling her Kendall. Julia is puzzled when Opal recognizes Quentin as a familiar face, but he claims Opal confused him with someone else. Colby is upset to realize that she shouldn't have went along with her father's plan. Zach offers J.R. a job to help him find the person who hit him with a car. Adam tries to convince Krystal to marry him, but Krystal is determined to prove her love for Tad. Adam's minister arrives and Tad and Krystal renew their vows in front of their family and friends. Dre and Colby bond over the mistakes their parents did, and they kiss. Zach angrily confronts Adam for using Hannah. Krystal and Tad are surprised when Angie Hubbard arrives.moreless
  • Ep. #9789
    Ep. #9789
    Episode 9
    Richie tries to manipulate Annie. Ryan's odd behavior continues to alarm Annie. Greenlee and Zach become closer while talking about Hannah and the bomb shelter experience. Greenlee takes an interest in Kendall's book. Babe wonders if J.R. leased the condo next to hers to prevent her from getting closer with Richie. They fight, but Krystal and Tad interrupt them, and then advise them separately to apologize. Kendall is surprised by Ryan's behavior. Palmer is alarmed when he hears Adam asking Erica to marry him again, and Erica convinces Palmer that she doesn't have any intention in doing so. The surprise party for Krystal and Tad continues as Adam follows an angry Krystal and then locks everyone else in the dining room.moreless
  • Ep. #9788
    Ep. #9788
    Episode 8
    Aidan finds out that Quentin is having health problems and he is forced to knock him out so he'd go to the hospital. Colby tells Dre that the private investigators seem to have left and that Dre can come out of hiding. Sean tells Colby that he slept with Hannah. J.R. confronts Sean about it. Annie, Amanda and Babe arrange a party for Greenlee. Amanda tries to talk to Babe, but Babe refuses to listen to her. Ava tells Amanda that she and Jonathan broke up. Kendall continues to feel guilty about sleeping with Aidan when she thought Zach was dead. Josh visits Ryan. J.R. leases a condo next to Babe's. Richie is confused when Ryan acts different around him. Kendall is surprised when Ryan kisses her. Richie urges Annie to help him out.moreless
  • Ep. #9787
    Ep. #9787
    Episode 7
    Adam asks Colby to help him plan a wedding reception for Krystal and Tad, and he assures her that he only wants to bury the hatchet and move on with his life. Krystal is reluctant to go on a real honeymoon with Tad, but she later surprises him in a Hawaiian costume and suggests they should start doing what married people do, but Colby interrupts them. Erica rants to her masseur about her love problems. Zach is having hard time dealing with losing Hannah. Kendall comforts him and they make love. Greenlee confides in Aidan about Leo and they return to the apartment, and then make love.moreless
  • Ep. #9786
    Ep. #9786
    Episode 6
    Greenlee and Kendall arrive at the Falls just as Hannah slips, but Zach manages to catch her hand. The girls, along with Aidan and Zach, urge Hannah to hold on, but Hannah intentionally lets go of Zach's hand. The police arrives and the search team starts looking for Hannah's body. Zach has to deal with yet another loss, and Greenlee reminisces about the pain she felt when she lost Leo. Erica and Jack argue while being locked in the closet, but Julia comes to their rescue. Erica doesn't hide her animosity against Julia or her family. Richie plays the role of victim in front of Babe again, while a jealous J.R. takes care of Little A. Ryan continues surprising Annie with his odd behavior, as they make love on the balcony and then discuss future plans.moreless
  • Ep. #9785
    Ep. #9785
    Episode 5
    Ryan continues acting weird even when he is released from the hospital. Richie manages to charm the doctors into believing that he is cured and that he can continue living his life normally. He learns that Dr. Chambers was murdered in prison, and later thanks his friend for offing the doc. Babe is stunned when J.R. asks for a shot at a future with her, and then she agrees to start as friends and then see where the future leads them. Richie enters Babe's apartment just and finds J.R. wearing nothing but a towel. Kendall, Erica, Greenlee and Jack worry as Aidan leaves to get Zach. Sean tells Jack about his hookup with Hannah. Kendall locks Erica and Jack together in a closet. Greenlee confides in Kendall about how Aidan is drifting away from her. Zach finds Hannah and they have a touching conversation, as Aidan arrives there too. Hannah tells Zach about how Alexander used her and how she always hoped that someday Zach will save her, but now it's all lost. Greenlee and Kendall arrive just as Hannah slips over the edge of the rocks.moreless
  • Ep. #9784
    Ep. #9784
    Episode 4
    Colby and Dre bond while talking about their parents. Babe and J.R. spend quality time with Little A as a family, and Babe agrees to be J.R.'s friend again. Sean is shocked to find out who Hannah actually is when he turns on the TV. Erica suspects that there might be something going on between Kendall and Aidan, but Kendall convinces her that it's nothing. Zach informs Aidan that he's meeting Hannah. Jack worries about Greenlee's health as Joe makes a check-up. She then leaves to the Slater house with Jack. Sean informs Jack about spending the night with Hannah, and Aidan admits that Zach went to meet her. Zach hikes to the top of Miller's Falls, as Hannah waits for him on the top.moreless
  • Ep. #9783
    Ep. #9783
    Episode 3
    Aidan and Kendall are still having hard time being around each other considering what happened between them. Ryan dances with Erica in his hospital room. He notices the tension between Erica and Julia, and Julia explains that it's because of Jack. Richie admits to Annie that he intended to frame her for murder on the day she visited him at the psych ward, and then he asks for a second chance, but Annie refuses. Jack and Greenlee talk about Greenlee's illness and Jack's love life while talking a walk out in the park. Greenlee's illness takes a turn for worse when she has a dizzy spell followed by hearing problems. Zach confronts Adam about Hannah's whereabouts, but Adam has no idea about it. Hannah calls Zach and asks for a meeting.moreless
  • Ep. #9782
    Ep. #9782
    Episode 2
    J.R. tells Tad that he is seriously considering Adam's offer, although he promised himself that he won't. Ryan starts acting weird at the hospital. He wants out to be with Annie, but Julia doesn't allow it. Krystal makes Babe realize what is the actual problem in her love life. J.R. arrives at Babe's and asks to spend the night with her and their child. Dre shares a story about his family with Colby. Hannah manages to escape from Josh's place in time before Zach and Kendall burst inside. Hannah runs into Sean, seduces him, and they leave together.moreless
  • Ep. #9781
    Ep. #9781
    Episode 1
    Ryan is rushed to the hospital after being shot by Hannah. Aidan finds the rifle that Hannah used, but has no idea who shot Ryan. Richie and Annie are surprised when the doctor tells them that there might be a chance to save Richie's life. Babe comforts Richie. Joe informs Ryan's friends that Ryan will be okay. Hannah surprises John by confessing that she was working as a double agent, secretly stealing for Adam. She knocks him out and ties him to a chair. When he regains consciousness, he tries to reason with her, but she continues rambling on about how she plans to kill both Zach and Josh at the same time. Kendall and Zach arrive in front of Josh's door.moreless