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    • The Wild Adventures of Ty Sawyer
      A year of wild adventures, heart felt stories and breathtaking photographs from Ty Sawyer's trek around the globe in season one of Another Shade of Blue. Ty's first season adventures include paddle boarding, deep sea fishing, bungee jumping, crocodile releases, Mayan ruin exploration, diving with manta rays and sharks. All in a days work for photojournalist, Ty Sawyer in search of Another Shade of Blue.moreless
    • Maui Jim Sunglass Mash-Up
      Maui Jim sunglasses give new meaning to 'shades' in this quick mash-up from Travel/Adventure Series, Another Shade Of Blue with Ty Sawyer.
    • Belize
      Episode 13
      Crocodile rescues, shark feeding and "Chicken Bingo" are just a few of the adventures that we find Ty experiencing in the adventure-laden country of Belize on Another Shade of Blue with Ty Sawyer. From ancient Maya pyramids to forbidding Maya caves where Ty discovers sites where secret bloodletting rituals took place, Belize is a country crammed with experiences. The Maya lived in Belize for thousands of years and their culture and heritage is reflected in centuries old ruins such as Xunantunich, where Ty photographs the dizzying vistas from high atop the pyramid of El Castillo, once the private platform of Maya kings. Ty flies to an island off the coast of Belize, Ambergris Caye, and he meet's a couple devoted to saving the nearly extinct species of the American Crocodile. All in a day's work for Ty Sawyer.moreless
    • Puerto Rico
      Puerto Rico
      Episode 12
      Ancient rainforests, secret adventures, a vibrant culture, incredible food, music, romance, and people whose unspoken motto must be to enjoy as much of life as possible: this is Puerto Rico. Ty explores the blue-cobbled streets of Old San Juan, where every door, fort, building and part have a story to tell. He finds a local musician in a shop who shares the dream like music played on his enchanting psaltery, an instrument straight from biblical time. Ty shares a dinner with a native Puerto Rican restaurateur who serves stunning cuisine that is a tangy blend of the island's cultures. Then, Ty paddle-board surfs with friend Carson, famed surfer and ex-pat who has made Puerto Rico his home for the last twenty years. Then he checks off a dream dive on the WWII wreck of the sister plane of the Enola Gay, a nearly intact B-29 that crashed and sank in a training exercise nearly 50-years ago. Then Ty goes primal, following the sound of falling water in the rainforest where he finds and photographs a water nymph he finds playing in one of the pools.moreless
    • Cabo San Lucas
      Cabo San Lucas
      Episode 11
      Sure, Cabo San Lucas is full of timeshares, uninhibited beach bars, and a renowned nightlife. But, there's another side and that's exactly where Another Shade of Blue with Ty Sawyer heads. Ty checks his fear at the door for Cabo's Wild Canyon Adventure. The action never stops in this episode. From bungee-jumping to zip-lining to ATV adventures on the beautiful shores of the Pacific Ocean, Ty cranks up the adrenaline. To top it off, Ty gets to drive the famous Baja 1000 race with Wide Open Racing. He also hikes through the Cabo desert to find the only running waterfall in all of Baja and photographs two daring subjects as they jump from the rocks into the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. To try to come down from his action high, Ty checks-in at the Baja Brewing Company and learns what it takes to make, drink, enjoy and drink the peninsula's most famous beer, Baja Brew.moreless
    • Grand Cayman - Excerpt
      In this exciting excerpt of Another Shade of Blue, Ty's Grand Cayman adventures include a visit with Nancy Easterbrook where he learns about her eight year endeavor to get a U.S. naval submarine rescue ship, the Kittiwake, sunk. The Kittiwake artificial reef has become a premier dive destination. Grand Cayman is one of Ty's favorite islands to visit and our viewers will see the true beauty of this tropical paradise located in the Caribbean.moreless
    • Cozumel
      Episode 9
      Escape to an ancient Mayan island with aquamarine waters and sapphire blue skies. Cozumel Island, Mexico, is Ty's next stop on his travels around the globe with Another Shade of Blue. Ty finds the heart of Cozumel in the jungle as he partakes in an ancient Mayan ritual at a sweat lodge. He also judges an underwater photography contest that people all around the world take part in because Cozumel is renowned for it's gin clear water and breathtaking coral reefs. Lastly, Ty meets up with a native islander who is an avid wind surfer, restaurateur, and all around renaissance man to discover the beauty and charm of the real Cozumel.moreless
    • Guy Harvey
      Guy Harvey
      Episode 8
      On this episode Ty spends time on Grand Cayman with Guy Harvey. Guy Harvey is an artist, fisherman, lifelong adventurer, scientist, writer, environmental guardian of the sea, father and renaissance man. Ty fishes with Guy Harvey, photographs the rays that Guy Harvey has been studying for more than two decades and attends the movie opening of Mysteries of the Grouper Moon, a movie Guy Harvey produced.moreless
    • Grand Cayman
      Grand Cayman
      Episode 7
      Cobalt blue waters, lionfish hunting and a three chef cook-off are featured in this exciting episode of Another Shade of Blue. Ty's Grand Cayman adventures include a visit with Nancy Easterbrook where he learns about her eight year endeavor to get a U.S. navel submarine rescue ship, the Kittiwake, sunk. The Kittiwake artificial reef has become a premier dive destination. Grand Cayman is one of Ty's favorite islands to visit and our viewers will see the true beauty of this tropical paradise located in the Caribbean.moreless
    • Southern California
      Join Another Shade of Blue with Ty Sawyer in Southern California as Ty discovers a hidden gem, the Temecula wine country, set halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. Ty takes a breathtaking balloon flight over the vineyards and speaks with local winemakers about the history of wine making in Southern California. Ty meets up with the Scuba Diver Girls in San Diego and photographs the women with a group of seven gilled sharks in La Jolla Cove, a rare event and quite breathtaking. Ty interviews former Olympian Corran Addison of Imagine Surf and learns the basics of stand-up paddle boarding in Dana Point, Ca. A beautiful blue episode, please come join Ty as he discovers Another Shade of Blue in Southern California!moreless
    • Catalina Island
      Catalina Island
      Episode 5
      Join Ty Sawyer on assignment on Another Shade of Blue as he visit's Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California. Buffalo chases, menacing creatures growing in the ocean and underwater metal detecting while diving for treasure, all in a week's work for our host, photographer and writer, Ty Sawyer.
    • Rangiroa and Huahine
      Ty's adventures on the islands of Rangiroa and Huahine in French Polynesia starts on Huahine, where he tours the island first by boat, then by horse and finally on foot where he visits some of the largest ancient archeological sites in all Polynesia. Next stop is Rangiroa. On this archipelago of innumerable islands he will dive Tiputa pass where the current pushes you along at five knots as you watch the ocean floor zoom underneath you. He will also get into the black pearl culture while in the Tuamotu Islands. We'll dive right on the farm, pick our own pearl oysters, and see what we get. Ty ends this episode on his own luxurious private island called Motu Teta.moreless
    • Tahiti and Moorea
      Join Ty as he leaves the confines of the Tahitian capital city of Papeete behind to discover the Tahitian jungle that enshrouds the primordial Pampenoo Valley. Then he is off diving in crystal blue waters for a photo shoot on a sunken PBY seaplane. Next up is a short ferry ride to Moorea where we discover hidden pineapple fields by ATV, dive with sharks and rays and meet famed tattoo artist, James Samuela.moreless
    • The Florida Keys
      The Florida Keys
      Episode 2
      The Florida Keys beckons the Another Shade of Blue crew with its very own list of legends. Ty dives off the Islamorada Key with the artist Wyland to gather inspiration for his unique ocean inspired art. Next Ty visits Key West to tour the home of another Keys legend, Ernest Hemingway where Ty gains his own inspiration from Papa's original typewriter. Ty later visits the Mel Fisher Museum to meet the great treasure hunter's grandson, Sean, who tells the tales of how his family found one of the largest Spanish treasures in history. Lastly we meet the man, Joe Weatherby, who spent 13 years to bring a legend to the keys, The Vandenberg underwater wreck.moreless
    • The Big Island
      The Big Island
      Episode 1
      Join travel writer and photographer Ty Sawyer as he slips beneath the surface of the sea at night for a graceful encounter with the majestic manta ray. Then it's off into the highlands for a six wheel drive Pinztrek adventure to find the Big Island's hidden waterfalls and taro fields. Next Ty visits a coffee plantation with 83 year young Mama Lily Kong. Lastly we meet Grammy award winning slack key guitarist John Keawe and Dave Gomes the man who creates the guitars that John uses for his traditional island style.moreless