Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Nov 21, 2004 on Netflix



  • Trivia

    • The poster that drops off the wall and Gob says to "just leave it" carries the slogan 'never give up'.

    • Buster comments that he used to have a shirt just like the one the child is wearing, and the narrator said that it was Buster's. In fact, Buster wore that shirt in the episode "Staff Infection".

    • During the silent film, one of the Mexicans said "Usted baila como un hombre que vive como mujer" and it was translated with subtitles as "You dance like a homosexual", but the correct translation would be "You dance like a man who lives like a woman".

    • In the shot when Lindsay and George Michael are driving off, followed by Ice, the shot was flipped. The license plate is mirrored, as is the church in the background.

    • Foreshadowing upcoming episodes:
      When Buster sees his hand chair at Lupe's house, he says "I never thought I'd miss a hand this much" foreshadowing his loss of his hand.

    • Lupe says "Ay, ahora tengo que cuidar para retardo". This is translated on the screen as "So now I must take care of Buster", but actually means "So now I must take care of the retard."
      But, interestingly, the word "retardo" does not exist in Spanish (you use "retrasado" or "débil"), so it must have been put there by the writers as a joke.

    • When Michael is telling Lindsay that Ice is actually a bounty hunter, there are two Mexicans on the steps behind them who keep disappearing and reappearing depending on the shot.

  • Quotes

    • Buster: (in the trunk of the car) Mother, when you see this videotape, you will know that I left. Not out of cowardice, but out of -- (big yawn) Man, it's tired in here. (falls asleep)

    • Michael: Ann's here?
      George Michael: Yeah, I invited her. You said you wanted to spend some time with her. You said I was being an Ann-Hog.
      Michael: Ann-Hog's coming?

    • Buster: Make love in your own hand, mother!

    • George Michael: Way to plant, Ann.
      Michael: George Michael, why don't you and Plant just wait in the stair-car?

    • Gob: Show tonight?
      Tobias: Well, I won't know officially until 8:01. But I figured if I Blue myself early, I'd be nice and relaxed for a 9:00 dinner reservation.

    • Tobias: Hey...who wants to go to the hospital?

    • Lindsay: What are you doing? That's not my father!
      Ice: According to my photograph, it is. (holds up blue-print of George Sr. face)
      Tobias: (painted blue) It's an honest mistake...also, I think your knee is on my heart.

    • Tobias: I figured if I blue myself early I'd be nice and relaxed for a nine o'clock dinner reservation.

    • Lucille: (presenting Buster with a gift) A camcorder. That's so you can videotape it when they put you in a naked pyramid and point to your Charlie Browns.
      Buster: I ought to point to Uncle Oscar's Charlie Browns next time you're on top of him, Mother.
      Lucille: You see how he treats me just because he thinks I'm having an affair with the boy's uncle?

    • Tobias: You know, first of all, we are doing this for her, okay, because neither one of us wants to get divorced. And second-of-ly, I know you're the big marriage expert. Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. Your wife is dead! (short pause) I'm sorry. That was 100% inappropriate, and I do apologize profusely. I'm ... oh.

    • Michael: We have a private eye, huh?
      Lucille: Oh, I hired him a hundred years ago to find out if your father was cheating on me. He never did find anything.
      Michael: Well, he can't be very good then.

  • Notes

    • Judy Greer (Kitty") received the "and" credit, and she had no lines.

    • The Mexicans in the 1927 silent movie are Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Tony Hale dressed up as Mexicans. Tony is playing the piano. Will is doing the chicken dance. Jason is insulting Will for doing his chicken dance.

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