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Ask Dan and Jennifer - Sex, Love, and Dating gives you answers to questions you have probably thought about but never asked. Whether you're looking for sex tips to amp up your love life, such as learning how to give yourself multiple orgasms, give your girl an incredible organism, or using blow job tips to turn your man's legs to jelly, Dan and Jennifer stand ready to give you the answers and knowledge you seek. Secrets and tips to improve your dating life or your love life flow freely in select episodes as well.

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AIRED ON 9/16/2013

Season 2013 : Episode 09.16.13

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  • gee whiz

    although you are the second most caring sex site there is , and I refer people constantly to your site, you have a few normal misunderstandings and a few, not so, it is ok. No one learns anything without mistakes. Mistakes don`t make you wrong, they make you human, and in the process of learning. And learning is not so bad. First of all blow jobs are not about sexual pleasure, but about sexual pleasure through dominance first, visual second, you don`t have to do anything third. there are 4 elements in sexuality, dominance, submission, to watch and be watched, within 80% of our culture. Blow jobs do not empower the thing at your knees. Just because some women , many, get a chemical snap high from playing the role of submissive, does not mean we all do. What does a woman feel when tied up and forced in to certain sex feel, powerful, but it is an illusion. It s not the truth, he towers over you, you are the size of a child or dog, you are in prayer or worship to a god, you are less than half the person he is, yeah, all that is going though his mind, and all that is what feeds male ego at your expense feels like, WHY CAN`T WE TALK ABOUT THIS?!!!!!! THE N@#$%&***R IS NOT IN CONTROL. THE MALE IS. WHY NOT? how about getting women of their feet and stimulating while doing Take some of the dominance out of it. And I should fellate men just for them? Gee whiz, I do 80% of the house work, in a working family, with no thanks, A man must dummy down for his boss, a woman must dummy down for her boss, all male co-workers, and then her husband. you think that does not take it`s toll? I get it, your wife relishes the role of absolute submissive. Should the rest of us?. What was the civil rights movement about any way. Do you believe in civil rights? And the constant ideal of sex toys, once your body gets used to them , you can `t orgasm as well without them. TRUTH where is that? The sexes are not equal in sex. Women are just different in sex, we did not design it that way. Men can come without a blow job just as good in the pussy. Women can not. You review blow job books constantly. When have you reviewed she comes first? huh? Every cunnilingus site has nothing to say except lead into fellatio, is that equal? When men can come in the hand, pussy, ass as good? And BDSM, is addicting, as the human body gets used too a certain amount of pain, and it requires more of the same and more intensity to fulfill this, where is the warning for that? The same as sex toys, if I am supposed please myself in fellatio with a sex toy, why should I go down on you? Why don`t we hook men up to a stupid blow job machine(which looks like a cross to a Martian space bong ,and a milking machine) and then sit on their face? Is that right? Ask why you need a blow job so bad. Where is that? No , no woman is in charge of a blow job, if you get off on playing submissive, you should do it! But do it with your eyes open, so you can decide how submissive you will be before, during and after openly discuss this without bullshit. And I should fellate men for their purposes only, your words, should men eat pussy for women`s purposes only?, that is not on your site. how often and when should women fellate men for their purposes only ? Should I get anything back? Deep throat, the ultimate victory over women. Why did that get left out? And it is only a 2 in difficulty? Not even. For 2/3rd of women this is very difficult. it is the ultimate dominance over women. Yet you state , All dominance over women is not degrading, why , by golly, yes it is, you and your wife have no right to decide for all women of all colors what is or is not degrading, if you get off on playing the role of submissive, you should do it. But being submissive has nothing to do with equality, nothing what so ever. FACT : WHEN WHITE MEN DOMINATE BLACKS IS THAT DEDGRADING, WHY YES IT IS, FACT:WHEN CHRISTIANS DOMINATE NATIVE AMERICANS IS THAT DEGRADING?, WHY YES IT IS, TOTALLY, WHEN MEN DOMINATE WOMEN IN A BLOW JOB DEGRADING, WHY YES IT IS, IF YOU LOVE TO BE DEGRADED , YOU SHOULD DO IT. BUT NOT WITHOUT TOTAL TRUTH OF IT. YOU SHOULD DO IT. BUT NOT WITHOUT THE TRUTH OF IT, BLOW JOBS EXISTS TO FEED MALE EGO, IF YOU GET HIGH OFF OF IT YOU SHOULD DO IT. BUT SOME OF US ARE NOT SUCH GOOD N@#$%%%RS , WE ARE NOT. YOU SHOULD NOT BE THE ONE`S TO DECIDE WHAT IS DEGRADING TO AN ENTIRE SEX, YOU DECIDED FOR US, YES THE WOMAN IS TOTAL SUBMISSION TO THE MALE, AND THIS IS NOT DEDGRADING, WHY YES IT IS, BUT SOME WOMEN ,MANY WOMEN LOVE TO BE DEGRADED, LET THEM HAVE THIS, YOU, DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE FOR ALL WOMEN, AND ALL RACES WHAT IS DEGRADING CONCEARNING DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION. NOR DO YOU, OR ANY OTHER SEX SITE HAVE THE RITE TO SAY, OR LIE ABOUT THE DEGRADING THINGS WE GO THROUGH TO PLEASE MEN. WHY NOT TELL THE TRUTH, IF YOU LOVE TO BE DOMINATED GO FOR IT. BUT IF NOT HAVE SOME SYMPATHY, AS ONE IN 3 WOMEN ARE MOLESTED, AND ONE IN 4 IS ABUSED, AND FELLATIO 101, IS WHEN ABUSED , THE FIRAT THING YOU LEARN IS TO GIVE BLOW JOBS. THAT IS NOT DEGRADING? WHY SHOULD E YOU TO DECIDE WHAT IS , OR IS NOT DEGRADING, OCCORDING TO HOW JENNIFER FEELS ABOUT THINGS? MAYBE SEX HURTS, AND SEX HURTS TO THOSE OF US WHO ARE SICK OF BEING DOMIANTED.moreless

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