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  • Season 1
    • 0.0
      As the doctors work to stabilize Eugenes condition, Patrick confronts Suli about the administration of the hospital. The time for secrets has ended. The time for answers has arrived.
    • 12/20/10
      An old man who thinks that he is only 15 years-old is admitted to the hospital after driving his car into a crowd of people. Patrick continues his investigation of the asylum, uncovering information that was never meant to be found.
    • 12/16/10
      Suli refuses to listen to Patrick's treatment suggestions, but Jessica's condition continues to worsen. Patrick explores the hospital and digs deeper into the asylum's past.
    • 12/15/10
      The staff treats a girl suffering from Cotard delusion. She believes that she is no longer alive and has convinced her boyfriend to kill himself. Patrick confronts Suli again to request a meeting with the head of the hospital, Dr. Greenwood.
    • 12/10/10
      Marvin takes a turn for the worse as the doctors struggle to find an effective treatment method. Their theories come into question when Marvin's wife arrives and insists upon seeing her husband. Meanwhile, Suli looks for more information about their visitor from the Department of Mental Health.
    • 12/10/10
      Welcome to St. Dympna Hospital for the Criminally Insane. While diagnosing their latest patient, the staff is paid a visit by Patrick Aubert, a Deputy Director from the Department of Mental Health. Patrick investigates allegations of violence at the asylum and challenges the practices of the doctors.
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