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Balls Deep

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Balls Deep is a new documentary series that follows Baby Balls (Thomas Morton) into the darkest and most secretive places on earth. To find the real stories and look through the eyes of the people who live them, Baby Balls suits up and sets out to immerse himself in their worlds. The harrowing stories of children, forced to live in the sewers of Columbia or face extermination, are one of the first tours you will take. Other episodes take you into the life of the gay, underground network of Leathermen and a backstage look at the daily training of ultimate fighters. Each episode offers a blatant reality, with uncensored commentary, that shows you exactly what is going on in your world. There is no fluff; you see and feel the emotions these people experience in their lives. There is finally a voice for those who have never been heard. It will leave you impressed with the dedication of your guide and amazed at the discoveries unveiled.


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AIRED ON 11/19/2007

Season 2007 : Episode 20071119


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quirky characters, observational humor, fantastic adventure, for nerds, investigative journalism