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Bartukolar, the parody of monsters movies from the '60s, is all about a weird creature living deep inside a cave. The series revolves around Bartukolar, the monster itself, and its three guests: a stoner, a vegan and a Christian God-Loving girl. The interaction among the inmates and their struggle not to be eaten by the monster create many funny incidents and situations, with the monster playing the part of the typical evil creature from the deeps. That's who Bartukolar is: a sadist monster who enjoys both the possibility of eating any of his guests and their struggle to get free. A parody of the pointless cruelty of creatures in '60s and '70s horror movies, hosted at, Bartukolar is for sure a great player in the game of parodies, an evergreen genre that still finds many fans around the globe. The length of episodes (all about 5 minutes) makes the series even more enjoyable. A must see for lovers of '60s horror movies.moreless

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AIRED ON 10/28/2008

Season 1 : Episode 2

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Comedy, Suspense


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