Batman Adventures: Mad Love Motion Comics

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  • Season 1
    • Batman has been captured by the hazardous Harley Quinn. Chained and dangling over a tank of ravenous piranhas, how on Earth can the Dark Knight escape certain death?! / The pulse-pounding conclusion of "Mad Love." The Joker arrives on the scene of Harley's greatest triumph -- the capture of the Dark Knight! But how will the killer clown react when he finds that his girlfriend was able to succeed where he has always failed?moreless
    • A shocking look at the origins of Harley Quinn, as the young Arkham Asylum therapist becomes enamored with a pernicious patient known only as "the Joker." / Continuing the story of Harley Quinn's descent into crime and madness, the young therapist gives up her promising career for her chance to run amok with the Joker. / Eager to get back in the Joker's good graces, Harley Quinn searches his myriad of plans for the ultimate revenge on Batman.moreless
    • 6/1/08
      The joke's on Commissioner Gordon when he arrives for his annual dental check-up, only to find the nefarious Joker scrubbing up! Can Batman save the good police commissioner from receiving a "killer smile?" / As Batman delves into the background of the Joker's sinister significant other, Harley Quinn finds that love can sometimes be a battlefield when one's Romeo is the Clown Prince of Crime!moreless