Battle Pope

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Battle Pope

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Battle Pope is a comedy web series based on the Battle Pope comic by Robert Kirkman, author of famous comics 'Invincible' and The Walking Dead. In the fictional future, Judgment Day has arrived and the gates of hell have opened, allowing demons to terrorize people on Earth. God chose one sinner, a drunk and womanizer, to help the people of Earth and become The Battle Pope. His job is to make sure Demons obey the law; if they step out of line or break the law, he sends them back to hell the only way he knows how: extreme violence. All the while he is still able to throw in some trademark funny catchphrases while fighting. He's still a drunk and a womanizer, but his child-like roommate Jesus, who God has sent to help out Battle Pope, usually interferes with his sexual exploits to comic effect. Watch as Battle Pope fights legions of demons with to get their revenge on this web series from Spike TV.


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AIRED ON 4/17/2008

Season 1 : Episode 8

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Adult, Parody & Spoof, Politics, Satire, extraordinary situations