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Beer Nutz

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Beer Nutz is a web video series hosted by Eric Gagnon and Kirt Kingzett, two die-hard beer fanatics who travel the country and beyond on the search for the very best brews, breweries, and pubs in the most celebrated beer cities. In each episode, Eric and Kirt travel to a new destination that's known for producing fine beers as well as being home to a vibrant and enthusiastic beer-drinking community. They then meet with some of the city's biggest beer nuts, who give viewers a glimpse of how they make these famous beers and where visitors should go to enjoy them. Beer is quite possibly the world's oldest alcoholic beverage and most definitely the world's most widely consumed. In recent years, craft breweries have begun operating all over the United States, producing flavorful and unique brews that are far from ordinary. Beer Nutz is a fun and informative series that's perfect for beer fans everywhere.

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AIRED ON 8/2/2006

Season 1 : Episode 8

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frat guy humor, low brow humor, Beer, eating locally, eating cheap