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Behind The Scenes With S.A. Fashionista

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Behind The Scenes With S.A. Fashionista is a web show fashion magazine presenting audiences with the new styles coming out of the nation's Midwest. 210TV productions sends fashion stylist Gina Garcia behind the scenes of the hidden fashion world in San Antonio, Texas. Each webisode takes audiences behind the runway and up close with fashion designers and supermodels as Gina gets exclusive interviews from important professionals in the industry. The web series hits designer Francesco Scognamiglio's runway at the Alice in Wonderland Fashion Extravaganza, showing his new fall and winter lineups. Summer wear enters the web show when Gina goes behind the scenes during a LollieRocks Bikini photo shoot. Viewers can watch an exclusive interview with San Antonio's Karen Carrie Harrel, who designed the original bikiniwear for the average Midwestern girl. The annual Isla Moda fashion show, in the noble Palomino district of downtown San Antonio, plays in the video series as S.A. Fashionista takes a look at a typical Midwest supermodel and compares her to her colleagues modeling in New York. Kids fashion also comes into focus when Gina heads to the Cabo Tropical Barbie Fashion Show, showing viewers how adolescent models transform into the beautiful figures walking down the runway.


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