Benny: Escaped Convict

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Benny: Escaped Convict

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Benny: Escaped Convict is a series of short animated videos featuring the misadventures of a walking, talking, short tailed weasel named Benny (Robert Beckwith). He has recently escaped confinement from within Tomahawk Valley prison. As one would imagine, after eight years behind bars Benny is more than ready for some fun. Each episode showcases a particular adventure as Benny explores the world he had left behind. However, one should not be misled by his cute and fuzzy appearance. Benny is as crude as any other escaped felon. While he might be filled with a sense of adventure, his quips and observations about the world are meant for a mature audience. In addition to the normal episodes, Benny occasionally ventures into one shot skits. These mini-episodes include Benny starring in a PSA to warn people about the unintended consequences of premarital sex, and a roast of comedian Bob Saget. The series is created by Nye Warburton, Ryan Levin, Jennifer Remington, Anna Wilborn and Nate Cartier.


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AIRED ON 8/12/2008

Season 1 : Episode 5

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