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Episode 20100224

Beyond Reality - American Idol Season 9 Recap 2/23/10


Full Episode: Beyond Reality - American Idol Season 9 Recap 2/23/10 (7:32)

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American Idol Season 9 - Its the 1st live performance show. The top 12 girls perform - Judges - Ellen, Randy, Kara, Simon. Follow your favorite contestants on twitter & facebook! Paige Miles - Its All Right Now. Ashley Rodriguez - Happy. Janell Wheeler - What About Love. Lilly Scott - Fixing a Hole. Katelyn Epperly - Oh Darling. Haeley Vaughn - I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Lacey Brown - Landslide. Michelle Delamour - Falling. Didi Benami - The Way I Am. Siobhan Magnus - Wicked Game. Crystal Bowersox - Hand in my Pocket. Katie Stevens - Feelin Good. Tomorrow - The top 12 guys perform. Thursday - 2 guys & 2 girls are going home!moreless
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