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Episode 20100224

Beyond Reality - The Bachelor - The Ladies Tell All Recap 2/22/10

Full Episode: Beyond Reality - The Bachelor - The Ladies Tell All Recap 2/22/10 (8:18)

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Beyond Reality - The Bachelor Recap 2/22/10 On the Wings of Love - The ladies tell all. Its time to get all the dirt from the season. Chris Harrison & Jake discuss some of the more sensational moments of the season. We revisit some of the past bachelors & bachelorettes at sexy reunions. Some of the guys & girls do some charity work as well. Chris Harrison brings out the ladies & they talk smack about some of the weird girls. Everyone then tells their stories about Rozlyn & the producer. They briefly chat with Gia, Michelle & Allie before they release Rozlyn. Rozlyn & Chris trade accusations & digs. Jake comes out and does very little explaining. They screen a short blooper reel & then revisit the final 2. Its Vienna vs Tenly. You wont be disappointed if youre expecting Jake to cry on a rail next week. Next week - its the finale & the reveal of the new Dancing With the Stars Cast.moreless
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